19 Ways To Wear A Pleated Skirt

Chic, glamorous, and fashionable combos to rock this skirt that never goes out of style.

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Pleated skirt outfits make the best blend of both sophistication and street style. This makes the skirts highly desired by many fashion enthusiasts. So, if you are up for rocking some pleated skirts and making a statement, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you how. Now without further ado, scroll down and give this piece a read. Come on!

Ace The Look
  • Fabric: Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics or synthetic materials like polyester for a pleated skirt as they require less maintenance.
  • Length: If you have a long torso and short legs, choose a pleated maxi skirt to make your legs appear longer. If you have long legs, opt for a midi skirt.
  • Paperclip Method: When ironing a skirt with knife pleats, fasten a paperclip to each pleat to avoid ironing the garment in the wrong direction.
  • Storage: Use a hanger with clips that do not dent the fabric to hang your ironed pleated skirt. Avoid folding it.

Different Ways To Wear A Pleated Skirt

1. Black And White Pleated Skirt

Add a little yin to your yang with this black and white pleated skirt. Pair the pleated skirt with a top in a bold color like red, coral, or yellow to break the monotone look of this outfit. Finish it off with black pumps.

2. Metallic Pleated Skirt

Metallic pleated skirt
Image: Shutterstock

Flaunt your street smart side with a metallic pleated skirt and compensate for your book smart side with a chic white blouse. Tuck it in, put your hair up in a bun, and throw on a leather tote and pointed heels to ace this look.

3. Pleated Skirt And Crop Top

Get ready to party in this pleated peach skirt and sequin crop top with embellishments. If you lean towards minimalist style, this outfit screams just that, without making you look too boring. Give it a spin with a neon-colored top and pumps to stand out.

4. Red Pleated Skirt

Pair this edgy red pleated skirt with a black noodle strap top or a dressy camisole. Wedges, beachy waves, hoops, and a crossbody bag create a gorgeous flow in this outfit.

Boitumelo Mankuroane, a YouTuber, dresses red pleated skirt with a white top, black belt, and nude heels to create a semi-formal look. “The colors complement each other and the combination is good (i).”

5. Gold Pleated Skirt

Gold pleated skirt
Image: Shutterstock

On days you wake up thinking, “Let’s go all out or nothing,” this look comes handy. Get party-ready with these separates and embrace being out of the box. Tuck a turtleneck T-shirt into a gold pleated skirt, throw on an oversized coat or shrug, purple booties, and wear some red lipstick to complete this look.

6. Formal Pleated Skirt

Bored of wearing formal pants and structured skirts all the time? Box-pleated skirts are here to break the monotony. Box pleats add definition to your outfit without making it look overly casual. Pair it with a crisp white or pastel shirt, nude pumps, and a leather bag to rock your workplace look. For a more casual look, add a scarf to your hairstyle.

7. Pleated Floral Midi Skirt

In the mood for something retro, vintage, or old-school? A floral pleated skirt matches the mood. Go with a neutral colored top (like black) to keep the skirt in the spotlight. Keep it simple, tuck it in, and finish off with a tight bun. Wear neutral makeup, but use a bronzer to highlight your face. Kitten heels or ankle strap sandals are the ideal choice of shoes here.

8. Pleated Maxi Skirt

Pleated maxi skirt
Image: Shutterstock

Fan of maxi skirts? They look easy-breezy in summer and feel as comfortable as they look. You can keep it simple with a white tank or crop top or add layers like a chambray shirt tied at the waist. Wear Converse shoes to finish the look. Either way, having one of these in your closet is a must.

9. Pleated Mini Skirt

Can it get any more elegant, classy, and suave than this? A pleated mini skirt with an oversized turtleneck sweater, over-the-knee boots, a large clutch, a low bun, red lipstick, neutral makeup, and no accessories. Please try this!

protip_icon Trivia
Supermodel Bella Hadid paired a pleated Tennis mini skirt with a cottage-core-inspired top and elegant PVC heels during the 2022 Cannes festival.

10. Dramatic Pleated Skirt

Dramatic pleated skirt
Image: Shutterstock

Have to attend a fancy party? Pick a designer ball gown style pleated skirt that balloons out to create a beautiful silhouette and spruce it up further without being too over the top. Choose a halter neck silk blouse, tuck it in, and add a thick waist belt to balance it out. Sport peep-toes and a big clutch to go with the look. Feel like a fashionista model on a runway.

protip_icon Trivia
In her famous subway-grate wardrobe malfunction, Marilyn Monroe wore an ivory pleated halter dress designed by William Travilla.

11. Plus Size Pleated Skirt

If you feel conscious wearing long pleated skirts, go for a knee-length box-pleat skirt. Prints like polka dots are evergreen, look trendy, and go great even with plain tops. This is a chic and fun outfit for a lunch date or shopping.

12. Royal Blue Tiered Pleated Skirt

Look regal and elegant in this royal blue tiered pleated skirt. It is a great choice for weddings. Keep it simple with a simple black tank top, or spruce it up with a pastel sequin top with brown lipstick, oversized tan glasses, hair up in a bun, and sky-high heels.

13. Pleated Skirt And Blazer

When your office dress code is blurry, you can play around in that gray area in a way that no one can say ‘no’ to. Go for a blazer and pleated skirt modern combination. Let everything else be simple and muted.

14. Pleated Skirt And Denim Jacket

Denim jacket and pleated skirt? Why not? This outfit blends a dainty pleated polka skirt with a funky denim jacket and throws in Converse shoes too. Style your hair in a half bun and put on some big loops.

15. Pleated Skirt With Hoodie

Opposites attract and rightfully so when it comes to outfits like these. Marry this ultra-feminine blush pleated skirt with an overly casual hoodie. Accessorize the outfit with elegant and minimalist jewelry like a thin bracelet or watch to match your mood.

16. Pleated Skirt Monochrome Look

A monochrome look with a pleated skirt, anyone? Go all out with black if you are not sure about how to deal with other colors. It stands out and is sartorially approved too.

17. Pleated Skirt And White Shoes

Look all cool, composed, and chic by pairing your pleated skirt with a crisp white shirt and chunky sneakers.

18. Sweater With Pleated Skirt

A sweater paired with a pleated skirt
Image: Shutterstock

Tuck the sweater in for a polished look and add heels or flats. You can layer a blouse or shirt under the sweater for added flair. Wear this with a mid-length pleated skirt, and add a belt as an accessory to define your waist. In addition, you can experiment with different colors between your skirt and sweater.

19. Midi Dress With Pleated Skirt

A midi dress with a pleated skirt
Image: Shutterstock

Opt for a structured cardigan or blazer and pair it with loafers or low-heeled heels. Wear a denim jacket and white sneakers with your midi dress for a relaxed yet stylish look. You can add some accessories such as a statement necklace, belt, or a cross body bag to elevate your look.

Infographic: Pleated Skirt Facts

One can never go wrong with pleated skirts. You will look nothing less than fabulous if you style them the right way. Furthermore, these gorgeous skirts go well with any fabric, texture, and pattern. This means you can own just one of these pieces and rock different looks every day. But as you wear them, wouldn’t it help to know more about the pleating technique?

Check our infographic and widen your knowledge of pleats.

pleated skirt facts (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Pleated skirts are a little different from denim or short skirts that may be worn every day. They look gorgeous and vibrant and make you look dressed up without putting in much effort and are always in trend. You can, however, make it look like a basic outfit with careful styling. The pleated skirt outfits shared in this article can give you styling inspiration for different occasions. As a versatile and beautiful piece of garment, it is something you should have in your closet since it is useful all through the year – summer, fall, winter, and spring. Especially when you don’t feel like getting dressed up but still have to go somewhere looking well put together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pleats make you look bigger?

Pleats at the waist and hips can accentuate the area and make you look heavier than you are.

Can you wear a pleated skirt with a tummy?

Knife-pleated skirts are great for covering a tummy.

Can adults wear pleated skirts?

Yes, people of all ages can wear pleated skirts. You can find different pleat designs to suit your preference.

Is a pleated skirt a classic?

Yes, pleated skirts are considered classic fashion pieces. They first became popular in the ‘50s and still continue to be stylish.

Key Takeaways

  • Your pleated skirt can be dressed up or down with different styling techniques. It can be paired with a crop top for a casual and carefree look.
  • A sweatshirt or hoodie with a pleated skirt gives a cozy look.
  • Pairing sneakers with pleated skirts can make the outfit cooler.
  • You can also put on a blazer and heels with your pleated skirt for a chic and sophisticated look.
pleated skirt outfits

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Get creative tips on how to don pleated skirts and look chic at all times. Check out the video below to learn how to style pleated skirts for any occasion.

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