8 Poems About Daughters To Express Your Sentiments

Written by Harini Natarajan

A daughter is like a ray of sunshine that can warm your heart with joy and happiness. Whether your precious daughter is a 5-year-old or a 45-year-old, she is never too old to be told how much you love and cherish her presence in your life. Poems about daughters are a wonderful way to express what she means to you.

These poems can help you communicate your sentiments in a heart-warming manner. You do not even have to wait for any special occasion to share a poem with your daughter. Here are some of the most loving poems about daughters that you can share with her to make her feel special on any day or to express your emotions.

Poems About Daughters

Poetry for a daughter can enable you to express a wide range of emotions. They can become your means to communicate the things that you may not be able to express otherwise. You can share these poems to express the cheerfulness of your daughter, praise her loving disposition, or encourage her to pursue her dreams. Let us take a look at some of the poems that can convey your affection, hope, encouragement, or other emotions for your daughter, regardless of whether you are her mother or father.

1. My Daughter A Wingless Angel By Toni Kane

You can send this poem to your daughter to compliment her and express your pride in her. After all, she is no less than an angel without wings in your life.

An angel sent from heaven
For me she left her wings –
I wonder if she knows how
much joy to me she brings.

She illuminates all my days
with her charm and smile –
She helps me gain perception
on only things worthwhile.

Her flawless face, lights up a room
she’s so gentle, soft and sweet –
Delicate and delightful
the nicest girl you’ll meet.

She tries her very best to
always do what’s right –
Her caring gentle nature
to watch is a delight.

When she sees someone suffering
she goes straight to their aide –
She will do all she can to help
that’s just how she was made.

She makes me proud in all she does
so much happiness she brings –
She’s my Daughter, she’s my angel
sent to earth, without her wings.

2. Daughter’s Day By Robert Longley

Aptly titled Daughter’s Day, this poem is about daughters making a mark on the world. It is about exploring opportunities and standing out in a crowd.

How could they be more different
Or maybe they’re the same
They go in different directions
But for now, they share a name

The passions shared are many
But each is so unique
They stand for what they believe in
And aren’t afraid to speak

The road is wide and open
The future bright and clear
So many opportunities
In days now drawing near

I try not to compare them
Because each does stand apart
I simply try to love them
And hold them in my heart

3. Letter To My Daughter By Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Now that your daughter is all grown-up and about to make her own way in the world, you may want to tell her that you love her and will always be there for her. This poem captures the same emotion.

When I first held you in my arms,
You were so perfect and so small.
You are a full-grown woman now;
And I am proud, oh how!

I saw you change throughout the years,
With awe and fascination.
To think that you will soon leave home-
It’s a strange sensation.

No matter where you may end up,
Close to home or far away,
Know that I will always pray
For your happiness and luck.

I pray your dreams may all come true.
I pray you may be happy.
I pray your heartaches may be few
And your blessings many.

When you need some good advice
Or just a listening ear,
Dad and I will always make time
For your problems to hear.

You are talented, beautiful, and bright;
I know you will do well in life.
You’ve got what it takes to succeed,
And God will help you when in need.

One last thing I want to say:
No matter your age,
No matter where you go,
No matter what you do,
You are my girl,
And I will always love you!

4. My Little Daughter And Me By Marian Wheaton

This is a heartfelt poem about sharing a simple memory with your daughter. In essence, this poem is about holding her memories close to your heart even when life changes its course.

We lay on the ground in the tall green grass
And looked at the blue, blue sky.
We watched the drifting of snowy clouds
My little daughter and I
Then I noticed a shape like a fleecy lamb
Among the mounds of white
I pointed it out to her searching eye
And heard her cry of delight.
Soon she was seeing many forms
In the clouds up over her head
A kitten, an angel, a ghost, a tree
A child and a funny shaped bed
Her imagination knew no bounds
And the discovery became a game
As the clouds drifted and shifted away
No shape remained the same
So life will change her path and mine
But always that memory will be
Clearly etched of that happy day
For my little daughter and me

Poems About Fathers And Daughters

Fathers and daughters share a special relationship that is woven by unseen strings of love and trust. For a daughter, her father is her role model and protector. These poems from dads to daughters express some of the emotions felt in a father-daughter bond.

1. She’s Not A Baby Anymore! By Will Means

As a daughter grows up, her father has to confront the pain of giving her away in marriage. But, she always remains a little girl to her father. This piece of poetry about a daughter highlights the same.

She’s not a baby anymore.
It’s a happy kind of sad
When baby girl turns to daughter
And Da-Da turns to Dad.

She’s not a baby anymore
When her highchair becomes a stool,
The car seat, crib, and stroller
Find her heading off to school.

She’s not a baby anymore
As her baby talk fades away,
And she reads, and writes, and reasons,
While she plans her wedding day.

She’s not a baby anymore,
But there’s something she doesn’t know.
She’ll always be my baby
‘Cause her Daddy loves her so!

She’s not a baby anymore
As I walk her down the aisle.
It seems like only yesterday
When I got that new-dad smile.

She’s not a baby anymore
As I soon give her away,
But she’ll always be my baby,
‘Cause in my heart she’ll stay!

2. A Daughter Through The Eyes Of A Father By Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

A daughter fills up her father’s heart from the moment she is born, and this feeling always remains with him. The father-daughter poem below is an expression of this feeling.

A daughter is beauty at its finest.
Heart of an angel, soul so pure, and sweet.
Daughters are one of God’s most precious gifts that he has bestowed upon the world.
Angels in Heaven do not compare to thine beauty, and grace my ever so beautiful, and lovely daughter.
Seeing you at birth brought more joy to me
than all the money in the world could ever do.
You are morning, bright, and shining,
you are noon, you reside at the highest point in my heart,
you are the dew kissed night.
You are my daughter, heart, and soul.

Poems About Mothers And Daughters

A mother may not always indulge a daughter the way a father does. But, that does not mean she loves her any less. A daughter is an infinite source of joy for a mother as well. These poems for daughters from moms are beautiful expressions of the love and concern a mother carries in her heart for her little girl.

1. A Daughter By Mary Pickering

When a mother gives birth to a daughter, she wants to raise her in her image. This lovely poem talks about the wish of a mother who wants to have a daughter who will one day be just like her.

All mothers need a daughter
someone like her to be
To dress her up and take her out
for all the world to see.

To brush her hair so shiny
the pretty bows to tie
To teach her how to clean her room
and how to bake a pie.

Then one day when she’s older
and finds her love so true
She never will forget the many
things she learned from you.

Someday she’ll have her children
my wish for her would be
To have a lovely daughter
one who is just like she!

2. Mother To Daughter By Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar

Sometimes, distance may seem to weaken the bond between a mother and her daughter. But, the bond of the umbilical cord is so strong that concern for her daughter never leaves a mother. This poem expresses that feeling.

As an infant in my arms,
As a baby on my shoulder,
As a child on my laps,
As a kid held by my hand,
As a girl kept in my care,
As a spinster in my guard,
As a bride with my concern,
As a mother kept in focus,
You have drifted away from me.
Distance extends.
Relation fades.
Umbilical cord reminds
You are a part of me.
My concern for you remains.

A daughter is a precious gift for both a mother and a father. Every parent may not have the same relationship with their daughter. But for every parent, the love for a daughter never diminishes. When you are unable to express your emotions to her, poems can be a fine way to reach out to her. The poems above have been curated keeping in mind the various emotions that parents feel for their daughters. Hope they serve as a voice for your sentiments as well!

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