52 Best Funky Hairstyles For Girls To Try In 2024

Because funky hairdos make you look unique and stylish with a great fashion sense.

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If you are all for hyper styles and avant-garde looks, these funky hairstyles for girls are going to hone your daring and baddie personality. Not everybody has the guts to add an edge to their hair experiments, so if you are game for some fashion-forward hairdos, you are at the right place. Find all the inspiration you need here and add your own creative twists to them.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Figure out your personal style and the exact look you are going for before committing to any funky hairstyle.
  • The use of chemical products is a necessity for pulling off a funky look. Make sure to allow your hair to breathe and regain its lost moisture by doing weekly hot oil treatments.
  • If you are coloring your hair a bright color, use sulfate- and paraben-free products and color-safe shampoo to prevent the color from fading too quickly.

So, scroll through these vibrant hairstyles and exhibit your uniqueness. Not for the faint-hearted!

In This Article

1. Tousled Pixie

Tousled Pixie
Image: Shutterstock

Stand out in the crowd with this deep, side-parted tousled pixie. The dark roots of this pixie contrast beautifully with the blonde ends. You can do accent braids on one side and finish off by spritzing texturizing spray for a spunky look.

2. Finger Waves

Finger Waves
Image: Shutterstock

Add a vintage edge to your funky look with the help of finger waves. You can amp up this camp hairstyle by pairing it with a flapper dress and bold red lips. Use a lightweight gel to hold the style in place.

Ari Bliss, a blogger, shares her experience of styling her hair in finger waves. She has extremely short hair as a result of shaving, and she has taken to styling it out in different ways. She writes, “Growing up, I used to always straighten my hair because I was insecure about my curls (i).” She continues, “I use finger waves as a way to express myself and the fondness I have with my background.”

3. Crazy Buzz Cut

Funky buzz cut hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Go crazy this year with this bizarre buzz haircut. Your entire head should be covered with very short hair, which is absolutely next to a clean shaved head.

4. Flying Ponytail Braid

Flying ponytail braid funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

A stiff wavy ponytail braid like this can help you get all the attention instantly. Give the base of the braid a significant lift and keep texturizing it as you go for an unusual flying effect.

5. Highlighted Wispy Bob

Funky highlighted wispy bob hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Learn how to get a chic boho look with your short bob haircut. Here, the thin wavy and wispy layers are made to look stunning with those random highlights.

Curly hair expert and owner of Royal Locks Curl Care, Casey Simmons says, “Using a small amount of leave-in conditioner on the ends of hair will keep this style looking healthy and playful, rather than wild and unkempt. After distributing evenly, give the ends of small sections a pinch with the leave-in conditioner. To have more definition, combine a small amount of curl cream with your leave-in. This product isn’t just for curly hair, it will help style textured and wavy hair as well. Your look will be frizz free and fun.”

6. Tied Purple Hair With Shaved Sides

Funky tied purple hair with shaved sides hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Here comes an interesting funky haircut for girls! Shave off both sides of your head and get the short center-top hair dyed deep purple. Tying it with an elastic band will make the style funkier.

7. Vibrant Multicolored Textured Locks

Vibrant multicolored textured funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

The vibrancy of this short multicolored bob will make you stand apart from others. If you are a person with funny bones, this textured hairstyle is what you would love to sport.

8. Airy and Volumized Top Hair

Airy and voluminous top funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Here is a true punk look for girls, which features only top hair as the rest of the head is almost shaved. Tease up the hair a lot to add volume and spritz hairspray to maintain the airy flair.

9. Tight Voluptuous Copper-Red Curls

Funky tight voluptuous copper red curls hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

From super tight curls to extreme volume to bright copper-red shade, each and everything has perked up the appearance of this shoulder-length layered bob and given it a rockstar look.

10. Random Bold Spikes

Funky bold spikes hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Here comes one of the best short funky hairstyles for girls whose style statement is ‘bold and beautiful’! Keep both sides of your head shaved and cover the remaining area with random blonde spikes.

11. Super High Pompadour With Highlights

Funky high pompadour with highlights hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Add some height to the top-front of your head with this wild super-high pompadour. Beautiful highlights and ultimate smooth finish will make the look eye-catching.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Alternatively, you can hold a long-lasting super high pompadour by applying moldable hair wax. It offers added texture to your hair and gives it a voluminous look.

12. Sleek and Sharp Ultra-Stylish Hair

Sleek and sharp ultra-stylish funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Now, this is an ultra-stylish hairstyle that you should never ever try at your home. Only a pro can create that perfect top roll and those sharp hair blades on sleek smooth beautiful tresses.

13. Sparkling Ombre Waves

Sparkling ombre waves funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Look sizzling hot in this atypical ombre waves and snatch the attention of all fashion-lovers. The sexy beachy effect has made the long waves even more sensual.

14. Messy Stray Layers With Volume

Funky messy stray layers hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Ask your stylist to layer your thick straight hair in no specific pattern. Then, tease up the layers to create a messy voluminous and absolutely strange look.

15. Mysterious Long Hair

Mysterious long funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Here comes another funky hairstyle for girls with long hair. This weird and mysterious look can be a good choice for your next Halloween party. In fact, you can wear it anytime, if you want a real funky look. And don’t forget a loud makeup to match the hairstyle up.

16. Asymmetric Coily Bob With Blue Highlights

Funky asymmetric coily bob hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

A coily bob with an asymmetric shape is not very common around us. Here, the jet black coils are spiced up with a wide layer of deep blue highlights.

17. Upside Down Triangular Purple Braid With Folded Ends

Funky upside down triangular purple braid hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Not everyone can dare to try this freaky purple hairstyle in which the hair at the back is maintained in the shape of a triangle, while the rest of the head is shaved completely. You just need to make the braid upside down and clip the folded ends at the crown. So, ready for it?

18. Gigantic Mohawk With Extra Volume

Gigantic mohawk funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This is a platinum blonde Mohawk hair, which is significantly different from other similar styles. Get it volumized as much as possible to come up with this eccentric look and you are ready to rock!

19. Fringed Waves to Rolled Back Top

Fringed waves funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Get your platinum blonde hair fringed and roll the top of the waves back to one side. Volumize it intensely and add deep as well as cobalt blue highlights to it. Quite unconventional!

20. Colorful High Twisted Hair With Thick Layers

Colorful high twisted funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Get playful with your hair by choosing the bright shades of yellow, pink and silver for it. Twist, fold and clip the painted locks in such a manner that it turns into a high effervescent hairdo.

21. Sleek Hair With Bold Bang

Sleek with bold bangs funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

A deep side part and a deep side bang are two key points of this flunky hairstyle. The entire top hair is transformed into a wide layered side bang, while the rest is slicked back and made into a high pony.

22. Afro-Textured Twisted Hair

Funky afro textured twisted hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This gonzo look suits the Afro-textured hair the best. Create multiple parts throughout the head, twist up the hair in each section and secure them by folding as well as tying separately.

23. Layered Tomboyish Hair

Layered tomboyish funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This is basically a shoulder-length bob haircut with random layers. Add texture to them for creating a wispy flair and enjoy your cool punk look totally.

24. Puffy Twisted Bun With Pink Bottom

Puffy twisted bun funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

The dash of deep pink at the nape of the neck has made this platinum blonde hair look outstanding. Add a pouf and twist up the top hair into a semi-high bun in order to show off the gorgeous color.

25. Bun Hairdo With Massive Pouf

Bun with massive pouf funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Let your pouf be the matter of talk for others. All you need to do is create a massive pouf at the top-front of your head by teasing the hair up intensely and turn the rest of the hair into a bun at the back.

26. Semi-Circular Rolled Back Voluminous Hair

Funky semi-circular rolled back hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This mystifying hairstyle is a right pick for girls with curly hair. Here, the voluminous top-front section is rolled back in such a manner that a semi-circle is formed. Finally, give the hair a smooth finish.

27. Super High and Super Curly Beehive

Funky super curly beehive for girls
Image: S : Getty

Replace your polished beehive with this kinky and coily one. The texture of the hair, the height of the bun, and the headband – altogether have made it a fun hairstyle to try out.

28. Messy Wide Bob With Additional Volume

Funky messy white bob for girls
Image: S : Getty

This shoulder-length bob is quite different from its other similar counterparts. You need to volumize both sides to come up with a wider hairstyle and give it a tangled finish for a crazy wild look.

29. Voluminous Coils Rolled Back to One Side

Funky voluminous coils rolled back hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Create a deep side part and let your sexy highlighted ringlets roll back to the other side of the head. An ideal choice for a night party!

30. High Colorful Braided Side Ponytail

Funky colorful braided side ponytail hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Show off your love for blue with this mischievous ponytail hairstyle. It is a high side ponytail on a cobalt blue hair with purple and electric blue highlights as well as a braided wraparound.

31. Oversized Side Hairdo With Waves and Fringes

Funky hairdo with waves and fringes for girls
Image: S : Getty

This enormous golden blonde side hairdo is quite difficult to pull off, unless and until you have an obsession for hairstyles. Do give it a try if you truly feel that you can handle it properly.

32. Half-n-half Bob With Double Buns

Half-n-half bob funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

What can be funkier than this outlandish shoulder-length bob hairstyle? The blue-black color combo, the bun pigtails and the rounded fringes have made it absolutely weird!

33. Long Wavy Dreadlocks

Funky long wavy dreadlocks hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This African hairstyle should be sported only if you have curly or bushy locks. Make sure that you give the ends of each matted coil of hair a rounded shape so that they don’t get messy.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can use a good quality sheen spray on your dreadlocks to achieve a shiny look for any event. Repeat the application thrice a week to maximize the shiny effect.

34. Puffy Slicked Back Bob With Blue Highlights

Puffy slicked back bob funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This smart and sexy boyish bob features a thin blue highlighted section at the puffy top, which takes the slicked back platinum blonde hair to a whole new dimension.

35. Bulky Layered Hair With Wispy Points

Bulky layered funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Create your own style statement with this extensive jet black hair with ultimate volume and wispy points. A true funky look – we must say!

36. Deep Pink Asymmetric Bob With Fringes

Funky deep pink asymmetric bob hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

If you don’t mind coloring your hair deep bright pink, this will be your ideal choice for a cool funky look. Get your vibrant locks cut asymmetrically and fringed randomly and adorn it with a nice headband.

37. Reverse Ombre Hair With Messy Curls

Reverse ombre funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Now, here is a reverse ombre hair that is not at all seen too frequently. Jazz up the funky look with messy textured curls and long side-swept bangs.

38. Fiery Voluminous Mohawk With Straight Ends

Funky fiery voluminous mohawk for girls
Image: S : Getty

If you have guts to wear this fiery copper-red Mohawk hairstyle, you are surely going to be a trendsetter. Tremendous volume and nearly straight ends are two biggest features of this hairdo.

39. Reverse Mohawk Dreadlocks

Funky reverse mohawk dreadlocks hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

You know about Mohawk. You know about dreadlocks too. Now, combine these two and reverse the position of the hair to come up with this rocking look.

40. Dual-Toned Fringed Ponytail

Funky dual-toned fringed ponytail for girls
Image: S : Getty

This is an auburn red high ponytail with curly ends, which is spiced up with long peach front fringes. The touch of auburn red to the sides of the fringes has made the look even edgier.

41. Side-Parted Rounded Cobalt Blue Bob

Side-parted rounded cobalt blue funky bob hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

A simple glossy cobalt blue bob can change your look completely. Give the ends a rounded shape and let them embrace your facial structure beautifully.

42. Long Polished Multi-Braided Ponytail

Funky multi-braided ponytail hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Add shine to your long sleek hair and create numerous neat braids all over the head. Take them altogether and tie up at the nape of the neck with an elastic band. Super funky, no?

43. Unique Braided Bun With Two Shades

Unique braided bun funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

This is one expressive hairstyle to flaunt for those who have a larger-than-life personality. Braid up the hair in thin sections starting from your hairline up to the ends. Color the braids light purple and light pink () alternatively and then, turn them into a single low bun. A totally bizarre, but impressive look!

44. Pink and Blue Long Waves With Hat

Pink and blue long waves funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Start painting your long waves lively deep pink and merge it with dazzling electric blue as you go down gradually. A hat will complement this trendy look perfectly.

45. Layered Bushy Bob With Headband

Funky layered bushy bob hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

A bushy bob always signifies a cool, casual and rocking hairstyle. Here, the layered shoulder-length bob is beautified with a multicolored bandana.

46. Blonde Waves With Touch of Black

Blonde waves funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Here is another two-toned hairstyle in which the front fringes and a certain part of the side hair is colored jet black, while the rest of the wavy locks are left platinum blonde. Did you love the weird look?

47. Boyish Bob With Intense Messy Finish

Funky boyish bob hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Perk up your tomboyish look by taking inspiration from this punk ‘Jo Calderone’ version of Lady Gaga. A short bob haircut and random messy curls are enough to alter your look.

48. Huge Reddish-Brown Top-Front Bun

Funky top front bun hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

The dark reddish brown shade has made this bun hairstyle stunning. You just need to gather all your wavy locks into a massive bun at the top-front of your head and texturize it nicely.

49. Side Half Hairdo With Mini Bouffant and Highlights

Side half funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Extreme volume, light purple shade, rolled sides, and a huge flowery bun have turned this golden blonde hairdo into an innovative one. Do give it a try for a funky look.

50. Large Twisted and Braided Top Knot:

Funky twisted and braided topknot for girls
Image: S : Getty

Create abundant braids all over your head by taking the deep burgundy hair in very small sections. Then, twist them up altogether into a hefty topknot and enjoy your offbeat look.

51. Long Dual-Toned Waves With Rounded Fringes

Long dual toned funky hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Look highly unconventional by dying half of your long light golden blonde hair vivid deep blue. It should include half of your rounded fringes, wavy locks, and a certain sections of the bottom of the other side too.

52. Voluminous Straight Mohawk With Straight Fringes

Funky voluminous straight mohawk hairstyle for girls
Image: S : Getty

Add extreme volume to your jet black Mohawk hair and straighten up the hair as well as the front fringes nicely. It should give a sharp spiky flair and make you look absolutely funky.

Infographic: 6 Coolest Funky Hairstyles For Girls

The funky hairstyles shared in the article are undoubtedly unconventional and bold. These avant-garde hairstyles suit all face shapes and can be tweaked easily to make them work for you. However, among all, we have our hearts set on a few of them. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

6 coolest funky hairstyles for girls (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Some of the funky hairstyles for girls mentioned in this article are the best way to show off your unique personality. These hairstyles allow you to experiment with different and larger-than-life looks. If you love something short or daring, you can go for the buzzcut or a short wispy bob with highlights. If colorful and vibrant looks are more your style, opt for pink and blue waves, fiery mohawk, or copper-red curls for a rockstar look. What are you waiting for? Go and get your favorite funky hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any funky hairstyles that are easier to maintain?

Crazy buzz cuts, tied purple hair with shaved sides, random bold spikes, and high colorful braided side ponytails are some of the funky hairstyles to maintain without much hassle. You can go with unruly pixie, tomboyish cuts, or even crazy braids. The fun part of funky hair is that you do not have to worry about them that much.

How can I add color to my funky hairstyle without damaging my hair?

Opt to get your funk hairstyle colored at a salon by a professional. If you are coloring your own hair make sure to buy a good quality and well-known brand box dye kit and follow the instructions carefully. Avoid shampooing too often in order to avoid recoloring frequently. Use products made for color-treated hair.

How can I create an edgy look with a funky hairstyle?

Vibrant hair colors can be a great choice to make your funky hair look more eccentric. Funky hairstyles challenge stereotypes and create a bold and brave aura around you. Asymmetry is the soul of funky hairstyles and pairing it with fresh colors would make you look fierce and edgy.

Are there any easy ways to change a boring hairstyle into a funky one?

Play around with your hair length, bangs, hairstyle, colors, and layers. Change your parting or use heat styling to make your normal hair look interesting. High pony, cornrows, and quirky side bangs can be your style if you want funky but are not too sure about it.

Key Takeaways

  • Funky hairstyles for girls with short hair include tousled pixie, crazy buzz cut, highlighted wispy bob, and random bold spikes.
  • Edgy hairstyles that are ideal for girls with medium-length hair include finger waves, flying ponytail braids, and reverse ombre hair with messy curls.
  • Cool funky hairstyles that would look great on girls with long hair include mysterious long hair and long dual-toned waves with rounded fringes.

funky hairstyles for girls

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Want to experiment with your hairstyle? Check out this video to learn all about funky hairstyles and pick the right one for you. Get creative and have fun with your look!

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