6 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Build Six Pack Abs

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Today, almost everyone you know does yoga. And why not, it is one of the most relaxing and refreshing ways to keeping in shape. Are you aware of the magic of yoga for six pack abs? Yoga is for everything, and yoga for six pack abs is a reality. In fact, three-five weeks of dedicated practice will turn you into a believer. So, what poses you should perform to get those six-pack abs? Read on and find out.

Below given are the powerful yoga six pack exercises:

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

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The beginning of most yoga routines, Tadasana is a popular pose. Even if this is essentially a warm up pose, which has various health benefits, and can help tone your abs.


  1. Begin by standing in the middle of your yoga mat.
  2. Bring your feet together and keep your heels one inch apart.
  3. Flatten your soles.
  4. Your hands should be at the sides of the body.
  5. Fix your gaze forward.
  6. Remain in this position for 3-5 minutes.
  7. Rest and repeat (1).

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2. Down Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana):

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This asana has many health benefits, including toning your legs, strengthening the spine and giving you rock hard abs.


  1. Get down on your knees.
  2. Bend forward and place your hands under your shoulders.
  3. Keep your toes pointed inward and raise your hips.
  4. Your heels should be raised from the ground.
  5. Keep holding this position until you feel a stretch in your hips.
  6. Rest and repeat (2).

3. Warrior Pose Or Virabhadrasana:

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The warrior pose or virabhadrasana is an important pose for improving core strength. It also helps you get toned legs. This workout is effective for the body, as your hips and core are exercised at the same time.


  1. Place your right foot in front and bend the knee.
  2. Turn the left foot 90 degrees to your right leg.
  3. Raise your arms by the sides, so that they are parallel to the floor.
  4. Gaze ahead and remain in the position for 60 seconds.
  5. Repeat (3).

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4. Plow Pose (Halasana):

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Halasana stimulates the digestive system, boosts appetite and helps you overcome constipation. The pose also helps tone your abdominal muscles, shoulders, back and legs.


  1. Lie down on your back (you can use a yoga mat, or a carpet).
  2. Raise your legs so that they are above your stomach.
  3. Proceed to bend your legs towards your head and keep going until they fold over your head and your toes are placed just beyond the shoulder.
  4. Remain in this position for around 20-25 seconds.
  5. Rest and repeat (4).

5. Child’s Pose (Balasana):

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Another great asana for toning your abs, the child’s pose or Balasana has many health benefits. It helps promote digestion; eases bloating and constipation. It is also quite essential for strengthening the back.


  1. Get down on your knees.
  2. Keep your spine erect.
  3. Raise your arms.
  4. Proceed to bend forward at the torso so that your chest touches your thighs.
  5. Keep bending forward until your forehead is in contact with the ground.
  6. Hold this position for around 15-20 seconds (5).

6. Plank Pose:

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The plank pose isn’t a yoga pose, but has been adapted as one because of its immense benefits. This is the best low-impact exercise for toning your abs. It also helps rejuvenate your body.


  1. Begin by getting into push up position, arms under the shoulders and legs straight.
  2. Tense and tighten your abdomen, thigh and posterior muscles.
  3. Raise your legs on your toes and hold this position for around 45-60 seconds.
  4. Rest and repeat once.

Check out this video on how to perform the Plank Pose.

Try these yoga six pack abs exercises and get that incredible body soon. Tell us about your progress here. Go ahead, inspire others to try this wonderful routine.

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