13 Funny And Cute Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

“Love is patient, love is kind. Prank your boyfriend all the time.”

Okay, we may have tweaked that a bit, but pranks are fun! Playing pranks on your boyfriend sprinkles a touch of humor into your life and keeps your relationship alive. However, you should keep in mind that these pranks are only meant for some harmless fun. Therefore, it’s important to draw a line between harmful sadism and non-toxic fun.

When it comes to pranks to do on your boyfriend, the list is endless. To help you have some fun, we have listed out some of the best pranks you can play on them. Check them out below!

Good Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend In Person

  1. Is your boyfriend tech-savvy or possessive about his gadgets? Well, we have a prank for you. Get some clear water glue, mold it into a water-like shape, and allow it to dry. Now, place it on his favorite gadget and put a glass of water next to it to make it look like someone spilled water on it. Get ready to enjoy his freak-out reaction and have fun!
  1. A good prank to play on your boyfriend is to sew the leg holes of his boxers shut. When he tries to get dressed the next morning, watch him struggle to put on his underwear! A bit of advice – don’t do this with his favorite pair of boxers. Otherwise, this silly fun can turn into a massive fight. You don’t want that, right?
  1. Fill up a pair of his shoes with shaving foam, shower gel, or anything squishy (and that will not hurt your boyfriend’s feet). Watch his reaction as he puts on a shoe and freaks out when he finds something squishy in it! Just make sure you do it with an old, inexpensive pair of shoes that he does not particularly care for.

Best Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text

  1. Turn on your boyfriend by sending some naughty messages. When he is on fire, ask him if he would like to see some sexy nude pictures. If he says yes, send pictures of “nude” lipsticks shades. This is a funny little prank you can play on your boyfriend over text.
  1. Text him that his parents called you to discuss marriage. This will confuse him, and he will wonder why they approached you without informing him. Simply cook more and more stories, but don’t answer the phone if he calls you. This will automatically make him nervous, especially if he hasn’t informed his parents about your relationship. However, make sure he does not actually call up his parents and confront them as this has the potential to cause some problems.
  1. A funny prank to pull on your boyfriend over text is to send him texts from an unknown number pretending to be your mother. Ask him about his future plans with her daughter and if he is serious about this relationship. Keep asking the uncomfortable questions and behave like a curious mother to freak him out.

Cute Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend

  1. Are you a fashionista who loves trying out different outfits? If yes, this is a cute prank to pull on your boyfriend. Change your attire every 30 minutes and act totally normal. Continue doing this until he starts noticing the same. Make your outfits as outlandish as possible to grab his attention and have fun!
  1. Borrow your boyfriend’s car to run some errands, then park it in its usual place. Then, text him to apologize for denting it. Let him go crazy inspecting his car and trying to find a dent that doesn’t exist. But before using this funny prank idea, make sure there are no actual dents on his car. Otherwise, you’ll get blamed for it.
  1. Storm into your boyfriend’s room and start yelling at him, “Who gave you the right?!” When he tries to ask you what’s going on, just keep yelling vague things at him like, “You have no right!” and “How dare you?!” Keep doing this for a couple of minutes, until he finally asks, “The right to what?!” Give him a cute smile and say, “The right to look this cute.”

Food Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

  1. Who doesn’t love a chilled glass of Coke after a long day? If your boyfriend loves the same, it’s time to play a prank on him. Just fill a glass with 7-Up or Sprite and add soy sauce to make it look like Coke. This is the perfect drink to serve your guy to wake him up after a long, tiring day.
  1. One of the best food pranks to do on your boyfriend is to get a filled doughnut from the store and replace the filling with mayonnaise. Watch him take a bite and spit it out in disgust!
  1. Here’s a good prank to do on your boyfriend. Coat a hard-boiled egg with chocolate and wrap it in a Kinder Joy wrapper. He will gladly take a bite expecting the rich taste of chocolate but will get the runny egg gooeyness. To balance out the situation, keep his favorite chocolate handy.

The “Serious Discussion” Prank

This is one of the best and most harmless pranks you can play on your boyfriend. Tell your boyfriend that you need his advice on some very serious issue. Convince him that whatever you are going to discuss is very important, and you cannot do anything without his suggestion. Build up the drama by acting like it is a life-changing decision. When he agrees to help you out, ask which lipstick shade you should apply or which heels you should wear to an upcoming party.

Couples who have fun together, stay together. Pranking can be fun and enjoyable if both partners have a sense of humor. Keep in mind that you should only play pranks that make him laugh and create memorable moments to cherish. Don’t do anything that will hurt him or lead to unnecessary fuss. Sharing a good laugh is the best way to create some cutesy moments and show him a different side of your personality.


What is a funny couple’s prank?

A funny prank to do on your boyfriend is to hide in his closet and jump out when he opens it to scare him.

What is a good April Fools prank to play on your boyfriend?

One of the best April Fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend is to put shaving cream on his hand while he is sleeping and wake him up by tickling his face with a feather. When he rubs his face to stop the tickling, he will end up with shaving cream all over it!

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