Pranks To Do On Friends: Awesome Ideas To Try

Written by Sushmita Barman

Who doesn’t enjoy pulling a prank on friends? They are fun, right? Always! And most importantly, you can talk about those pranks done on your folks for the rest of your life in get-togethers and add more laughter to the events. We have some tips on how to do pranks on friends that are both harmless yet fun! But always remember that these pranks shouldn’t get diabolical and hurt others’ feelings. This may affect your relationship with your friend if it gets ugly. So, check out our list of awesome pranks to do on friends below and run the show ASAP!

Pranks To Do On Your Friends

You can plan these pranks at school, try some over the phone or text, and of course. Although yes, let’s not miss out on our dear April Fool’s day still. Okay, now read on to find the right inspo!

Funny Pranks To Do On Your Pals

The toilet paper prank is the most simple prank that you can try. You can tie the paper roll to your friend’s bag and let them walk around a bit! Also, here is another idea! If you have an empty chip can, you can put a balloon filled with water. Make sure you close the lid airtight. You can give this to your friend, and the moment they open it, the water will burst out of the can! You may have to watch it from a distance as you don’t want to get drenched in that water, do you?!

Pranks To Try On Friends At Home

Now, let us plan some easy pranks to do at home with your friends. Cool? Great! See, a home is a place where you have access to numerous things and where you can have the most fun without worrying the least. Some of the basic pranks can be more effective if you have some origami skills actually. Cut out papers to make some shapes, let’s say, insects or worms, or to be easier, you can just soak the paper in water to make it look like dirt or rotten waste. This art of yours can be placed on the prized possessions of your friends like their favorite bag, or a pair of sneakers, and the like.

Another fun prank that can be pulled out at home is by putting some plastic forks on the bed or couch in a pointing manner so when your friends sit on it, you can watch them flip for a moment! Also, make sure you do not use steel or metal forks because you do not wanna hurt them too badly, right?

Good Pranks To Do On Friends While Sleeping

Want some easy pranks to do on friends? That time when these folks are sleeping is the best. Now, classic old-time pranks like blowing a horn and the like are much outdated, and it’s high time for us to move past it. We have some updated ideas to prank your friends while they are sleeping. How about a hidden alarm? Get a new clock so that your friend is not familiar with the sound. Ensure the time is set to any odd hours so that the sound will give them a good scare. Hide it somewhere out of reach, and they won’t be able to locate the alarm or grab it soon enough to go back to sleep.

And if you want some simple pranks to do on friends who are asleep, put some whipped cream or colors in their hands. As a general tendency, we all scratch and rub our faces while we sleep. This prank can come as a shock when they wake up and see themselves in the mirror in the morning.

Pranks To Do On Friends At School

Your school is a place where most of your fun happens, and all of your mischievous ideas can be planned with your gang. One prank that can easily freak out your friend is pretending that they missed a deadline for an assignment. This would work better if you could pick up the name of the strictest teacher’s subject.

Here’s one more idea that you can try at the start of your new semester or a year! Tell your friends a few days prior to the reopening that you are going to switch schools. Come up with enough explanation to validate the statement. This is where you can even blame it on your parents! Your acting skills can come in handy for this scene! Tell them how hard it is for you to move away from them and pick your favorite moments at school to create a nostalgic mood and make them believe. Now, we know who will be surprised to see you on your first day. Your friend is not gonna forget this first day for sure!

What is more, for an easy prank to do on your friends at school, you can use clear nail polish on a pencil and lend it to your friends when they are in need. You will see that it does not work when covered in polish. To regain the use, you can sharpen it. This is another opportunity for you to annoy your friends. You can spread some hot glue or nail polish between the blade of the sharpener so that it becomes blunt. Lending this sharpener soon after the pencil incident is more than enough to keep your friends frustrated for some time.

Texting Pranks To Do On Your Mate

Pranks to do on your friends over text are the easiest yet fun-filled! Simply text your friends saying that you got back with your ex! In case you are in a relationship, you can choose to say that you broke up! This is certainly gonna give them a minor shock! Be ready with a story to substantiate your news too! They are definitely gonna try and call you upon hearing this. If you are going with the getting back with your ex story, you can tell them that you are with your ex now and cannot talk, which will annoy them even more. You can even prolong this prank for a couple of days for added effect if you are not gonna meet them soon.

April Fools Pranks To Try On Friends

Pranks for April fools are the toughest, as your friends would be expecting them anyways. But we can still try, can’t we?

How about sending them a surprise parcel? The point to note here is to have the packaging of something popular or something your friend mentioned before and fill it with anything that weighs like what they expect. It can be even some fruits or veggies. This way, they will get easily excited at the parcel but get pranked when they open it! It gets much more fun if you leave the parcel without a trace of the address from which it is sent.

Oh, and you can also try printing some fake currency that isn’t very recognizable at first and leave it on your friend’s desk or car or even on the floor. Leave three or four notes in a scattered manner to make it look like the notes accidentally fell off your wallet. You can print funny messages on the other side of the notes and fold them. See your friend getting over-excited for nothing!

Pranks To Try On Friends On The Phone

One good easy prank to do on friends through the phone is switching your phone itself. If you and your friend have got a similar model, swap your phone with them. Make sure you replace your wallpaper with that friend’s so that you don’t throw yourselves under the bus right away. Let’s see how long it takes for them to figure out what’s happening. Keeping a calm face while they are trying to get to the bottom of the issue is totally on you.

And then a very less wicked prank is to change the victim’s ringtone into something embarrassing. This can be super fun in public, especially in places like a theatre or a cinema hall where people are generally silent. You can pull the trigger by giving these friends a call when there is an opportunity to mortify them the most.

With that, we hope we have got you covered on pretty much all the types of pranks you may wanna try. Have fun with these ideas, and please, please, please always make sure you don’t do anything wicked which may offend your friend or anything that can hurt them both physically or emotionally. Other than that, you are good to go and have some fun!

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