Top 10 Prison Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Prison Tattoo Designs February 13, 2018

Prison in western countries has been a treasure trove of unique tattoo art for a long time now. In recent times, prison tattoos have come under the scanner of mainstream tattoo artists and is enjoying much popularity among clients with an affinity to the bad boy image. If you are looking for macho tattoo art, then these top ten prison tattoos is where your search ends at.

Top Ten Prison Tattoos:

1. “Gott Mitt Uns” Russian Prison Tattoo:

These tattoos are an integral part of the identity of Russia’s prisoners. “Gott mitt uns” simply means “god be with us”, while the iron cross below the Adam’s apple is a controversial Nazi symbol. Prison tattoos in many cases, can come across as random designs and motifs across the chest and forearms. However, these Russian prison tattoos have the ability to hold personal significance.

2. Diabolical Prison Tattoo:

It’s not uncommon for prison tattoos to be diabolical in nature. This heavily tattooed death row prisoner, from The United States is a terrifying example of diabolical tattoo art. Not very easy to replicate, this heavily tattooed body comes with its fair share of pain as well.

3. Russian Prison Tattoo:

This Russian prison tattoo has religious connotations that are very hard to ignore. Make a note of the cross in the background and a dagger being plunged in to the head of what looks like Satan. Ironic yet true most Russian or Mexican criminals are also hardcore catholics, which greatly influences the tattoo art they exhibit on their bodies.

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4. American Prison Tattoo:

These tattoos on the body of an imprisoned American criminal stand out for their macabre nature. Make a note of the Nazi swastika, just below the Adam apple which perhaps signifies racist ideologies. Also look closely at the forearm tattoos, which seems almost random but in most cases do hold personal significance for the person on whose skin such tattoos are inscribed.

5. Five Point Crown Prison Tattoo:

This prison tattoo featuring a five point crown is not just an ordinary tattoo but instead signifies the Latin Kings gang from Columbia. As is always the case with prison tattoos, every tattoo has a story behind it. Most prison tattoos are inscribed in prison itself with just needles and poor ink.

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6. Prison Wrists Tattoos:

This is the perfect example of how prison tattoos may seem random or even non-sensical to the inexperienced eye. Take a close look at what seems like random splashes of color and you will notice common motifs like a star or a thumbs up sign.

7. “Mi Vida Loca” Prison Tattoo:

These three dots commonly found on the hands or near the eyes is just not some random tattoo scarring but instead means “Mi Vida Loca” in Spanish or “My crazy Life” in English. These three dots depict a story of deprivation, hopelessness and a life filled with violence and crime.

8. Humorous Russian Tattoo:

Not all prison tattoos are grim or diabolical in nature and this tattoo is the perfect example of that. This tattoo represents the camaraderie between prisoners that is complex yet essential considering they are forced to cohabit together for a large part of their lifetimes in most cases.

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9. Teardrop Prison Tattoo:

A common prison tattoo would be teardrops inscribed at the corner of the eyes. Teardrop tattoos do have varying significance, in some places a teardrop tattoo could mean a long prison sentence and in other places it could mean that the person committed a murder.

10. Mexican Prison Tattoo:

A Mexican prisoner is known to be deeply religious and with a strong belief in the occult and this tattoo reflects that. This tattoo is apparently inspired by Aztec art, which does have a strong influence on modern day Mexican culture.

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Hope this article on Top 10 prison tattoos was interesting. Pick your favourite pattern and define your identity with this interesting body art. Make sure you send us your valuable views.

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