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Makeup continues to be a woman’s best friend for ages now. It requires intelligence to choose the correct makeup kit, when styling at home. A modern woman depicts beauty, grace, boldness and confidence. The correct makeup kit is one that best incorporates all these four aspects of a woman’s personality.

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10 Best Makeup Kits In India:

Explore the 10 best makeup kits in India, lined up exclusively for you by your styling expert, StyleCraze!

1. TYA Makeup Kit

Use the TYA Makeup Kit to enhance your daily look or create striking looks for any occasion. It includes 2 shades of compact powder, 2 puffs, 5 makeup brushes, 24 eyeshadows, 4 lip colors, and 3 blush shades. The eyeshadows are rich, vibrant, and highly pigmented. In addition, they are sweatproof, waterproof, and make your eyes look elegant. The set also includes a built-in mirror for a convenient application while you are traveling.

2. Makeup Kit By Miss Claire:

Miss Claire is an underrated high value makeup kit that offers a professional touch-up. This makeup kit offers an array of eye shadows, lip shades, blush palettes, compact shades and makeup brushes. Get color drenched with the bold and attractive colors offered by this super-fine makeup kit.

3. Sheer Indulgence Makeup Kit By Lakme:

No one can ignore the makeup giant Lakme, when it comes to branded Indian cosmetics. This kit features the following – Lakme Green Tea Extract Face Wash (100 grams), Lakme Youth Infinity Day Crème (50 grams), Forever Silk Eye liner, 2 nail colors, 1 nail paint remover, 1 Lakme Satin Kajal, 1 Perfect Radiance Compact, 2 lip glosses, 2 lip colors, 1 Lakme Absolute Foundation and 1 Lakme Silk Route Eye Color. This makeup kit by Lakme is your ultimate professional makeup kit that offers the benefits of skin care as well.

4. G2651 Cameleon Makeup Kit:

The G2651 Cameleon Makeup Kit is worth a mention when talking about the best professional makeup kits in India. It features 26 eye shadows alongside 6 lipsticks, 1 eye pencil, 2 compacts (face powders), 6 blushes and 4 makeup brushes. The shadows are silky soft and offer a seamless matte finish that lasts all day.

5. Makeup Kit By VOV:

Wish to look younger, hot and happening? Then, this makeup kit from VOV seems to be your ultimate rescue. It offers brand value alongside a taste of girly feminism. It features 9 eye shadows, 3 blush shades and 1 brush applicator.

6. Volo All In One Makeup Kit

This holiday exclusive makeup kit is perfect for a beginner. It includes a compact powder, 3 shades of lipstick, an eyeliner, a kajal, a CC cream, an eye shadow kit, and an attractive pouch. The pen eyeliner included in the kit is waterproof, smudge-proof, highly pigmented, and long-lasting. It has all the essentials to create an everyday look without being too complex.

7. ADS Colour Series Crystal Makeup Kit

The ADS Colour Series Crystal Makeup Kit comes well packed in an attractive design. The kit includes 2 blushers, 14 eyeshadow, 2 compact powders, and 6 lip colors. It also contains 2 tiny brushes and a built-in mirror for convenient application on the go.

8. Mega Mix And Go Palette By Avon:

The Indian fashion giant, Avon includes this professional makeup kit in its luxurious range of makeup kits for Asian beauties. The Mega Mix and Go Palette features 9 exclusive and sparkling lip glosses, 24 dreamy eye shadows, 2 blushes and 2 highlighters. The brand offers exclusive, high-quality makeup applicators for the eyes, lips and cheeks as well.

9. MATT LOOK Makeup Kit

The Matt Look Makeup Kit is an all-in-one kit that is sure to satisfy the makeup freaks. It offers 12 shades of lip gloss, 3 blushers, 60 eyeshadow shades, 3 face powders, and a built-in mirror. This kit also includes two dual-sided brushes for convenient application. All the shades blend well to provide a perfect professional look.

10. ADS Makeup Kit

This affordable makeup kit by ADS includes varied eyeshadow shades, blushers, lip colors, and a compact powder. The kit comes along with a waterproof sketch-pen type eyeliner, which offers precise application. Enhance your look with this easy-to-use, stylish makeup kit which also makes for an ideal gifting choice.

These makeup kits can help you in attaining a flawless finish and an endless glow. Makeup brings to life your hidden beauty. You need to explore the suitable products for your face.

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That was our list of the bestselling makeup kits available in India. Now, the next logical step is to check our buying guide to choose the best makeup kit according to your requirement.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Professional Makeup Kit

  • Number And Types Of Makeup Products Included

We have included many excellent makeup kits in the list above. Make sure you have all the items covered in the kit that you choose. Different kits contain different types and number of items. Choose one according to your preference.

  • Ingredient List

Check if the products contain any harmful ingredients like silica, chalk, or strong artificial fragrances. Make your skin a priority and ensure the kit does not contain any allergens that can harm your skin.

  • Brand And Price

There are many Indian and international brand included in our list, and they are all priced differently. The quality of the ingredients and country of origin often determine the price of a makeup kit. Therefore, choose as per your liking and budget.

Professional makeup artist and beauty expert J. Pana says, “Makeup kits are a great choice for anyone desiring portability. These budget-friendly options can also assist someone wanting to transition their daytime look into a nighttime look. For a few hacks, you can actually use the powders or lipsticks all over the face. For example, I often use the lipsticks as a cream blush for a dewy, glowing look. Another example is that the eye shadows can be used as a top eyeliner provided that you have a dampened eyeliner brush. If you ever get scared of sporting more vibrant colors, try them as top eyeliner first.”

Feeling inspired by the colorful range of professional makeup kits in India? Have you personalized your favorite makeup brand? Do share your feedback in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential tools and brushes found in a professional makeup kit?

A professional makeup kit may include essential tools and brushes like beauty blenders, powder brush, angled brush for contouring, fan brush for highlighting, angled or dome-shaped brush for blush, eyeshadow, and eyebrow application.

Are professional makeup kits suitable for both beginners and experienced makeup artists?

Yes, professional makeup kits are made to suit the needs of both beginners and experienced makeup artists. Check to see if the kit includes your preferred tools and products so you can select the best one for your needs.

How do professional makeup kits differ in terms of quality and performance compared to individual makeup products?

Makeup products may have different formulations to suit different skin types, whereas professional makeup kits bring all the necessary items in one place and are travel-friendly. They have high quality, durable formulations and diverse options to suit different skin preferences.

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