30 Wonderful Purple Hair Color Ideas

by Anjali Sayee

Purple is the color of feminity and royalty. It is one color that any woman would love to sport. Whether you like rock n’ roll or prefer lying in a meadow and reading your favorite novel, there is a shade of purple for everyone.

So get behind the trending purple hair craze now! Scroll down to find out what you need to consider before picking a shade of purple for your hair.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Purple For Your Hair

  • Keep Your Skin Tone In Mind: When choosing a hair color, make sure you keep your surface skin tone and undertone in mind. If you have a warm undertone, opt for golden hues of purple. If you have a cool undertone, go for darker or more intense shades of purple.
  • Keep Your Daily Wear In Mind: The clothes you wear should look good with the shade of purple you choose. Figure out if you wear more warm, cold, or neutral colors and pick a purple accordingly.
    Don’t Forget Makeup: If you spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror, making sure your face looks perfect, it is important that you read this. Imagine spending all that time doing your makeup only to realize that it doesn’t match your new lilac hair!
  • Figure Out What You Want: Do you want a complete hair color change? Or are you just looking for some playful streaks? Maybe some face-framing highlights? Do you want to get on the two-toned look bandwagon? Or is a dimensional purple look what you are aiming for? Make sure you check out all your options, so you pick the best shade for you!
  • Consider The Amount Of Maintenance You’ll Need: Think about whether you want to spend a lot of time on maintaining that fresh purple shade. You may have to keep recoloring your hair as frequently as every three weeks. If you are not up for it, consider just getting some streaks.

Here are a few popular purple hair dyes options you can check out if you are planning on coloring your hair at home!

Now, let’s take a look at the trending ways that purple hair is being styled right now. Keep scrolling!

30 Wonderful Purple Hair Color Ideas

1. Deep Lilac


Kylie Jenner rocked this lilac hair at the MET gala this year. While she did remind all of us of one of the step-sisters from Cinderella, she totally owned the look. This deep lilac looks blended and natural and is perfect for winter.

2. Light Purple With Blue Highlights


Purple and blue are a pair to be reckoned with. If you have colored your hair a nice light purple, here’s one way you can jazz it up. Add some bright blue highlights at the ends to bring out the purple. Don’t use a very bright blue as it can look tacky. Opt for a more subtle blend.

3. Pastel Lilac


Pastel purple has taken the world by storm, from hair to interior decor and more. This pastel shade suits all skin tones and looks great in summer and fall. The light tips help in framing your face and highlighting your facial features. They also soften your face shape.

4. Intense Light Purple


Looking for a drastic makeover this year? Go the Keke Palmer way! Get a buzz cut and color it purple. But I must warn you – as cool as this hairstyle looks, it comes with a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to get your hair redone very frequently to prevent your roots from growing out. I wouldn’t advise anyone with wide cheeks or a large forehead to go for this hairstyle as it can make your face look larger.

5. Blonde Purple Ombre


If you want an edgy look, go for these platinum highlights with purple ends. The platinum highlights contrast beautifully against the vibrant purple shade. This color combination works well with cool undertones.

6. Shock Meadow Purple


Purple blended with hints of pink and lavender creates this stunning color palette. If you have a wide face, the dark roots will make your face appear longer and slimmer. These colors will make green, blue, and hazel eyes pop.

7. Super Bright Purple


This is one way to really jazz up your look. The bright purple here is accentuated with some lavender highlights. If you have hazel eyes, this color blend is sure to bring out the golden flecks in them. This hair color goes well with neutral-toned skin and works with all surface skin tones.

8. Dark Purple


Katy Perry is the queen when it comes to hair colors! In this hair look, partial highlights are done on only one layer of hair, which help with framing her face. These highlights add texture and shine to your hair.

9. Unicorn Purple


Unicorns are said to be the life of the party. This is because the color purple makes people think of happy and bright things. This look is perfect for brunettes with cool undertones.

10. Purple To White Ombre


Keeping the top of your hair brown, get a blonde ombre that matches the hue of your undertone. To add intensity to this ombre, color it purple and lighten it as you reach the ends. If you have a square or diamond face shape, this color blend will soften those sharp facial outlines.

11. Rose Purple


I love this hair color! It is a rosy mix that has a reddish-purple hue. Pair these highlights with light brown highlights to add some dimension and texture to your brown locks. Style your hair in waves to make it look flowy.

12. Bright Purple Highlights


Bright purple symbolizes celebration and is often used to portray a rebel. Take that extravagance to your hair with these stunning twirls of bright purple highlights. Style your hair in curls to finish off the look.

13. Deep Plum Purple


Deep plum purple – the color that has every woman in the world asking for more. Keep your roots dark and color your brunette locks this deep plum shade. Get ready to make some serious heads turn!

14. Vampiric Purple


If you have cool-toned skin and are looking for a costume this Halloween, look no further. This stunning vampiric purple will make you look like a modern vampire.

15. Pale Lilac


These pale lilac highlights look stunning. Usually, dark means dull, but these lilac highlights are bright. They go well with medium brown hair with dark roots and also with blonde locks.

16. Deep Pinkish Purple


When you have light brown hair, adding some purple and pink to the mix can give you a whole new hair color like this surreal blend. While dyeing your hair, make sure you blend the dye evenly. This will make the hair change seem more natural.

17. Brown And Deep Lavender


If you have deep brown hair, highlight it with an intense lavender shade. This will give your hair more texture while also showcasing your natural brunette locks. Opt for a balayage look as it will blend the highlights with your natural hair seamlessly.

18. Burgundy Purple


This is the perfect teen rebel blend a girl can get. Bright pink and intense purple blend to create a candy mix that looks incredible in the sun. It is the perfect hair look for those summer holiday vacays you have planned.

19. Light And Dark Purple Highlights


Leave your roots dark, and add some light and dark purple highlights all over your hair. The dark roots will elongate your face while the light and dark highlights will accentuate your eye color and soften your face shape. Remember to match the highlights to your skin’s undertone to get the best out of them.

20. Wild Purple


Heavy but muted purple highlights can add oodles of texture to your hair. This means that they can make your hair look thicker than it is. This is the best hair look for fall and winter.

21. Shocking Lilac Ombre


Blonde at the top that fades into a light lilac at the bottom – this ombre is another perfect summer hair color mix. The sun rays will reflect off this color combination well to give you many Instagram-worthy pictures.

22. Rose’ Purple


I have a friend who recently got a brown ombre done. Over time, she felt it was too plain and needed just a dash of spice. Her hairstylist suggested adding some purple to her ends to take the look up a notch. If you to jazz up your plain brown hair, go for this color look. It will not disappoint!

23. Glossy Purple


Transitioning to purple is no joke, especially if you’ve never colored your hair before. Keep in mind that not all shades of purple suit everyone. I cannot stress this enough: talk to a hairstylist before taking the plunge. They will guide you in picking the best purple shade according to your skin and hair color.

24. Muted Purple


If you have dark hair, lighten it with some muted purple highlights. Add a nice purple touch to add gloss to your tresses, and you’ve got one stellar hair color blend. Looks pretty wild, doesn’t it?

25. Dirty Blonde Purple


You don’t need to bleach your light brown locks to acquire this color blend. All you need are some lavender highlights and hints of dirty blonde. Keep your roots dark to make the colors blend better and use cool tones to give it that metallic feel.

26. Rebel Purple


Be a rebel and go for an all out contrast. An electric purple will blend well with brown locks. If you have blonde hair, you will need to go a bit lighter. The highlights frame your face beautifully.

27. Blue And Purple Highlights


Honey blonde hair with blue and purple highlights looks divine! If you are petrified of coloring your hair but want to try something new, opt for partial highlights. Contrasts always grab attention, so go for a purple and blue blend that merge in places to create pink.

28. Glossy Deep Lavender


There is a reason purple is the color of royalty. It is because it looks stylish and stunning. Keep your roots your natural hair shade and gradually blend it into purple. To create a dimensional effect, keep your ends choppy and light.

29. Deep Dark Plum


This hair color mix is to die for. It has got the perfect amount of black and plum. The colors have been blended so naturally that her hair looks like a curtain. It’s perfect!

30. Deep Ashy Purple


Step aside ash blonde, brunettes are ecstatic about this deep ashy purple trend. Straight hair works beautifully with this color. Notice how you see black hair at the front? It helps in framing your face.

Now that you know some great ways to style your purple hair, here’s how you can take care of your hair once you color it.

Hair Maintenance For Purple Hair

  • Oil your hair often. Colored hair needs heavy maintenance, so give it all the nourishment it needs.
  • Use a color protect shampoo to prevent your hair color from fading quickly.
  • Consider using a deep conditioner once every week to nourish your hair right from the roots.
  • Use a protein-based hair mask once every two weeks to restore all the nutrients you lost when coloring and bleaching your hair.
  • Oil your hair after you return from the salon. Do it gently because your hair will be fragile at this point. After that, keep oiling your hair on a weekly basis.
  • When you first color your hair, don’t style it in tight hairstyles. Allow it to hang loose to avoid breakage. Also, keep your hair protected at night if you have curly hair. Follow the pineapple method to maintain the definition of your curls.

Are you ready to take the purple plunge? Which of these purple color styles would you like to try? Comment below to let us know!

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