21 Pretty Purple Highlights Ideas For Dark Hair

Level up your hairstyle game with ideas of some bold, regal, and bossy looks.

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The color purple symbolizes royalty and power, rightfully so! If you have seen purple skies at night, you know how stunning that combination is. In this article, we have listed the best purple highlight ideas for dark hair (because while some might want to paint those skies, we immediately wanted to paint our hair)! Purple is versatile with many shades like lavender, lilac, and plum. You can find a tone to make you feel like a queen, warrior, forest nymph, emo, and any other personality. And adding purple highlights to your dark hair makes it look thicker by adding more depth, texture, and dimension. So, to give you a brainwave of inspiration, here are the best ways you can add purple highlights to your dark locks.

But before that, tickle your DIY fanaticism with a tutorial on how you can add purple highlights to your dark tresses. Scroll down now to check it out!

protip_icon Quick Hair Color Guide: Purple Highlights

How To Choose A Shade: Go for lavender or lilac if you have a cool undertone and magenta, popping purple, or pink if you have a warm undertone.

Level Of Maintenance: High

Suitable For: All skin tones and hair types

Looks Best With: Goth makeup and Korean glass skin look with smokey eyes and nude lip combo

How To Add Purple Highlights On Your Dark Hair

What You Need

  • Hair brush
  • Towel
  • Bleach
  • Volume 40 developer
  • Red gold corrector
  • Purple shampoo
  • Purple hair color
  • Tint brush
  • Gloves
  • Bowl
  • Aluminum foil
  • Deep conditioner

Note: Please be careful when using a Volume 40 developer as it is very strong. Keep checking your hair to make sure it doesn’t weaken too much or break away. After applying bleach, if your scalp burns, wash off the bleach immediately. It is recommended to perform a strand test to check hair health. Drop a few strands of hair in a glass of water. If the strands float, your hair is healthy enough to bleach. But if the strands sink, your hair is weak and shouldn’t be bleached.

What To Do

  1. Start by brushing your hair and draping a towel around your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes.
  2. Put on your gloves.
  3. Mix your bleach, developer, and red gold corrector in a bowl using your tint brush. Check the instructions on all boxes to figure out how much of each product to use and in what proportion.
  4. Separate the section of hair you want to highlight and place it on a strip of aluminum foil.
  5. Use the tint brush to apply bleach to a section of hair from the root to the tip.
  6. Place another aluminum foil on top of this section of hair and fold it at the bottom. This will trap the heat and help develop your bleach faster.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 5 on all the sections of hair that you want to highlight.
  8. After 15 minutes, remove the bleach from a small section of hair to check if your hair has lightened. If it hasn’t, leave it on for a while longer. But make sure you don’t leave it on for more than 45 minutes as it can seriously damage your hair.
  9. Wash off your bleach and shampoo it with a purple shampoo to tone down any brassiness.
  10. After your hair has dried, apply the purple hair color to your bleached sections of hair with the help of your tinted brush. Leave it on for the duration indicated on the box.
  11. Wash off the color until the water runs clear and then condition it.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Purple highlights may fade quickly. Therefore, use a mild sulfate-free and color protective shampoo to prevent fading. Also, avoid frequent hair washing.

Now that you know how to highlight your hair purple, let’s look at all the cool ways that you can style it!

21 Brilliant Ways To Style Purple Highlights In Your Dark Hair

1. Peacock Highlights

Peacock highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @amburscissorhands

Who hasn’t admired the beauty of a peacock’s gorgeous blue and purple feathers? You could recreate their regal look on your hair by going for these dark purple and burgundy highlights on your black hair. This subtle look also works well if you like to keep things low-key and need to look professional.

2. Electric Purple Highlights On Chocolate Brown Hair

Electric purple highlight ideas for chocolate brown hair
Image: Instagram

No combination creates a more beautiful hair color than one that makes use of both warm and cool tones. This hair look, for example, expertly uses cool-toned electric purple highlights on a warm chocolate brown base to create a stunning contrast of colors and tones. Sport this look if you’re a twenty-something on a quest to “find yourself.”

3. Violet Highlights With Red Streaks

Violet highlights with red streaks for dark hair
Image: Instagram @rachelxfernschild

The beauty of having long straight hair is that any color you dye it in really stands out. Highlight your hair with a bright purple shade to go for a futuristic ultraviolet look. Accentuate the violet highlights with a few streaks of brassy red to add some dimension and to take the cool factor of this look to a whole new level.

4. All Over Purple Highlights On Curly Bob

All over purple highlights ideas for curly bob dark hair
Image: Instagram @nicollelovescurls

A common complaint I hear from my curly haired gals is that any kind of color job won’t look good on them. Well, you’re wrong, sistah! You can look super funky and fresh with some purple highlights all over your sandy brown curls. You could also throw in a couple of blonde highlights to add some brightness to your look.

5. Lilac Highlights On Dark Ginger Hair

Lilac highlight ideas for dark ginger hair
Image: Instagram @hairmnl

When it comes to highlighting your hair with a bright color, it can be pretty tricky if you are a redhead. But one color that looks great with dark ginger hair is lilac. Highlight your tresses with this soft purple shade to look like a weirdly edgy candy cane princess. Blowdry your hair to get soft rounded edges to finish off the look.

6. Deep Purple Balayage On Jet Black Hair

Deep purple balayage ideas for jet black hair
Image: Instagram @hairbyalannap

A huge perk of having jet black hair is that you can highlight it with literally any color and it will look awesome. Go for some deep purple balayage highlights on your black hair to create a totally sexy and mysterious hair look.

protip_icon Trivia
Purple highlights are popular among many celebrities. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are some well-known personalities to have tried purple highlights on their dark hair.

7. Subtle Purple Highlights

Subtle purple highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @alfredojordan94

You know, this may sound weird, but you can actually tell a lot about a someone’s personality by looking at the kind of hair color they go for. People who are more introverted usually go for dark highlights that almost match their base color. These super dark purple highlights on black hair have a subtle and tinted effect when you’re indoors but burst to life when you’re out in the sun.

8. Sunset Purple Highlights

Sunset purple highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @colormecait

Have you ever looked at the sky at dusk? When the sun is setting and the sky is enveloped in gorgeous shades of purple, orange, and blue. Recreate that alluring look on your dark brown hair with some bold purple highlights and subtle blonde streaks. And be prepared to make some heads turn.

9. Subtle Blonde And Purple Highlights

Subtle blonde and purple highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram

Going for a purple, pastel pink and blonde highlight look on your dark brown hair may sound like a disaster, but trust me when I say this – it works, and looks absolutely beautiful. Combine these gorgeous colors to create a hair look that’s not too over the top but will definitely have people looking at your hair in wonderment when you pass them by.

10. Shaded Purple And Magenta Highlights

Shaded purple and magenta highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @kris_you_up

If you’re a punk rock princess at heart and want to show it to the entire world, here’s a hair look you just can’t miss. These super cool highlights start off purple at the top and slowly turn into a bright magenta that takes this bold look to a whole new level. Style this awesome color job in some big curls to rock this look.

11. Popping Purple And Pink Highlights

Popping purple and pink highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @nancyblanchardcolorist

You may think purple and pink together could be an overdose of colors, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Dark brown hair works as a brilliant base for these dark purple and bright pink highlights, which come together to create what I can only call a ‘masterpiece.’

12. Purple Hidden Highlights

Purple hidden highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @bladerunnerhair

Not everyone likes going all out with their hair color. Some people prefer to keep their hair looks lowkey. If you are one of those people but still want to experiment with some funky highlights, try out this adorable look. Go for some purple highlights on sections picked up from underneath your top hair. These hidden highlights have a peek-a-boo effect that allows you to sport them even in professional environments.

13.Metallic Purple Highlights On Curly Black Hair

Metallic purple highlight ideas for curly black hair
Image: Instagram @nikkipophair

Now here’s another highlight look that looks great on naturally curly hair. These metallic purple highlights shimmer against naturally black hair and make you look like a total rockstar who doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of her. Style these highlights in a wet hair look to make them look ultra glossy and cool.

14. Purple And Auburn Highlights

Purple and auburn highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @hairstylist_ashmarie

Feeling extra wild and want to do something extra cool with your hair? Boy, do I have a gorgeous look for you then! Rich shades of auburn and purple highlights come together beautifully to complement the dark chocolate base of this look. Pair this look with some big, glossy curls to create a style that’s one for the ages.

15. Lavender Balayage Highlights

Lavender balayage highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @theplatinumgiraffe

Lavender tea, lavender candles, lavender perfumes…we girls sure do love to have lavender in everything we can get our hands on. Why not extend it to our hair as well? These stunning lavender highlights done up in a balayage style on dusty brown hair looks flirty, feminine, and so pretty. No one will be able to keep their eyes off of you.

16. Mauve All Over Highlights

Mauve all over highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @nikkipophair

Have a day job that doesn’t allow you to have funky colored hair? (Really sucks if you do.) Well, then you just need to pick a color that does not scream for attention. In this case, you could go for an understated shade of mauve to highlight your dark coffee brown tresses.

17. Lowkey Amethyst Highlights

Lowkey amethyst highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @avonlashstudio

Jeweled toned highlights have a beauty of their own that is unmatched by any other hair look. These lowkey amethyst highlights are great for anyone who wants to go for a bright pop of color on their hair but does not want to compromise on sophistication. They look especially great on a straight short bob.

18. Purple And Pink Ombre Highlights

Purple and pink ombre highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @ebrown1138

You can roam the world and cross the seven seas but you’ll never find a hair look as breathtaking as this one. The beauty of ombre highlights is taken to a whole new level with the help of these stunningly bright purple and pink shades that look like they came straight out of a painter’s imagination. Pair this look with a long bob done up in low curls to accentuate the beauty of this color job.

19. Understated Purple Highlights

Understated purple highlights for dark hair
Image: Instagram @beautybythebeastllc

A lot of women shy away from any kind of color job when they have a short bob because they think it won’t look any good. But that really is not the case! The only thing you need to keep in mind when you have a short bob is to keep things low-key with the color. You could, for instance, go for these really subtle and understated purple highlights done on just a few sections of hair to create a sophisticated hair look.

20. Ultraviolet Highlights On Jet Black Hair

Ultraviolet highlight ideas for jet black hair
Image: Instagram @red_ivy1211

Fulfill the dreams of your high school self and embrace your inner goth with this ultraviolet hair look. These bright purple highlights create a stunning contrast and stand out beautifully on jet black hair. Style this look in some loose big barrel curls to make your dual toned hair look like something straight out of a fairytale.

21. Dirty Blonde Purple Hair

Dirty blonde purple hair color
Image: Shutterstock

The dirty blonde and purple hair color fusion creates a captivating and dynamic look. This style typically involves blending tones of ashy or muted blonde with vibrant shades of purple. The dirty blonde serves as a base, offering depth and dimension, while the purple hues, which can range from deep plum to lavender, are strategically incorporated as highlights, balayage, or ombre effects. This combination has the natural warmth of the dirty blonde with the bold and playful nature of purple tones, resulting in a unique, eye-catching appearance that exudes confidence and individuality, perfect for those seeking a bold yet sophisticated hair statement.

Infographic: 5 Stunning Purple Highlights References For Dark Tresses

If you are one of those who wishes to revamp their appearance with some highlights but aren’t keen on vivid blonde highlights, we have something for you. Purple highlights are best suitable for dark locks and make you look elegant and poised. Check out the infographic below and bookmark these 5 stunning purple highlights references for your upcoming salon visit.

5 stunning purple highlights references for dark tresses (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

No matter the season, occasion, or mood, purple highlights on dark hair are always a hit! And with over 15 amazing purple highlight ideas for dark hair to choose from, your tresses will never be mediocre again and look chic and glamorous! From fabulous peacocks to subtle ultraviolet highlights, these purple tones will breathe life into your dark tresses. So, scroll up and pursue through the different shades to pick your favorite. Then head over to the salon, or try it yourself, to achieve your chosen shade. We guarantee your hair will never be boring again! It’s time to flaunt your hair game and make a fashion statement with these vibrant hairstyles! It will be the starlet garnering attention everywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do purple highlights fade fast?

Yes, purple highlights tend to fade away faster. So you should be clear that you like the shade as it is and when it gets a bit lighter as well. Proper aftercare would ensure that the color lasts longer.

Why did my purple hair turn green?

Violet or purple hair dyes can turn green on oxidization. If you bleach your hair, apply any other permanent hair color, or use a hair color remover, the purple hair tint can turn green.

What color cancels out purple in hair?

Gold or yellow-color toners can cancel out purple shade in the hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Purple highlights add depth and dimension to dark hair and give your head of hair the appearance of thicker locks.
  • Do not leave the bleach on your hair longer than 45 minutes to prevent hair damage.
  • Add a red gold corrector to the bleach to avoid unwanted red or gold tones.
  • You can pair purple highlights with blue, red, blonde, or magenta streaks for a dynamic look.
Purple Highlights Ideas For Dark Hair

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

In this inspiring video, embark on a journey of pretty purple highlights and balayage ideas for blonde, brunette, and red hair. Discover trendy options to add a vibrant touch of purple to your locks.

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