12 Best Qualities Of A Good Man That Make Him Desirable

Watch out! He might be your Mr. Perfect if he ticks all these boxes!

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What makes a man beautiful is not just his outward appearance but what’s inside too. No, not his organs, but his ideal man characteristics! Most of us have a checklist for what the good qualities in a man should be, don’t we? And let’s be honest – that checklist keeps us from straying towards all the black sheep. For those who have no clue what this checklist is, here’s some help. A few good qualities in a person can immediately let you know if a man has a golden heart and that he is not just a pretty face. Sure, a good-looking man makes for great eye candy, but what happens when you can’t have a full-fledged conversation with him about the things you like? Or what if he is just plain bad – an abusive man who yells and screams or is excessively possessive?

Keep reading to check out our guide for what 10 qualities of a good person to look for in a man that makes him stand a whole football field above the others!

What Defines A Good Man?

Saying you want to be with a ‘good man’ is an ambiguous statement. People may mistake you to be too naive – as nothing can be as black and white like good and bad. What a woman means when she wants to be with a good man is that they have an inherent connection with each other from the get-go – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let’s have a closer look at the essential qualities of a good man and what we mean by them.

Qualities To Look For In A Good Man

1. Has Self-Confidence

Having self-confidence is a quality of a good man
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A man who has self-confidence is not dependent, knows what his wants are and does not worry about what others might think about him. He is assertive and gets what he wants. Not just that, he knows what he deserves and does not settle for anything less. Such men are rare and inherently attractive to women who have confidence and assertiveness at the same level. This is always a great quality to look for in a man as it reflects your own understanding of your values and worth.

2. Is A Good Listener

This is one of the classic qualities everyone says you must always look for in a man. Many times, in the rush of a new relationship, we tend to forget the importance of listening. It is essential that the man you start to get close with is a good listener who also empathizes with your emotions and experiences. When he does this, it shows that he cares about you deeply and wants to make you feel better when you share your feelings with him.

Charlie, a blogger, explained the qualities she looked for in a partner. She wrote how a compassionate, intelligent, and confident man is the perfect choice for her. She also wrote, “Someone who listens when you talk, who turns their phone off while your on a date (this is one of my personally biggest reason to black X someone), someone who exercises manners. Being polite and well-mannered has become so rare it’s mistaken for flirting (i).”

3. Is Courteous Towards Everyone

Being courteous is a quality of a good man
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How he treats others, especially those who serve him, is a great way to gauge how he is as a person. A simple way to test this theory out is by observing how he treats the waiter when you are on a date. A good and caring man will always be polite and patient towards the service staff, even if the service is subpar. But an intolerant man will start to get angry and fussy about the whole situation. When he does this, ladies, it is a red flag.

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Courteous and polite people aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes or appear vulnerable. They are patient and good listeners.

4. Is Ambitious

In a constant drive to improve our lives, we start venturing out and start looking for things that will make ourselves and our lives better. A relationship works in the same way. When you are looking for a man, always look for someone who will make you a better person – mentally, emotionally, and physically. But this is not enough. A desirable man is one who constantly tries to improve his own life first, be it his career or his fitness goals. He is ambitious, and he is also encouraging when it comes to your personal goals to make your relationship successful.

5. Is Open-Minded

Being open-minded is a quality of a good man
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Many times, women tend to brush off certain characteristics of men with outdated affirmations, such as “men will be men.” Such toxic affirmations need to stop! The world is progressing, and with it, us women are finding our way to a better future.

If a man is not open-minded, humble, and encouraging about your progress and life choices, it is obvious that he does not respect your opinions completely. You can always try to make a place in his heart and earn his respect, but if he has an outdated mindset, and lacks integrity, there isn’t much you can do except leave him. Trying to prove to someone that your work and wishes are valuable is not something you must be focusing on if you want to take things further with them.

6. Makes You His Priority

A man will be as desirable to you as you are to him. When he has feelings for you, it is important that he shows it by making you and your feelings his priority. When you become his priority, it gives you a sense of comfort and security to take things further and fully invest yourself in the relationship, as this shows he is willing to do the same. If he is the kind of person who dismisses your concerns and cancels on you from time to time without any reasonable explanation, you deserve someone way better.

7. Shares Everything With You

Sharing everything is a quality of a good man
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When a man wants you to be a part of his life, he starts to share his ideas, dreams, and experiences with you. He is communicative and not afraid to be emotionally vulnerable in front of you. This shows that he has a heart that feels deeply. Not just that, when he shares his weaknesses with you, it shows that he wants to maintain honesty and transparency in the relationship and is not afraid to own them, which instantly makes him a very desirable man.

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A good man will also support you to open up to him and make you feel comfortable. He will let you take the lead in sharing information and won’t force you.

8. Is Well-Informed

Ain’t nobody wants a man who is unaware of the progressive world we live in. Old-fashioned men who think women should be submissive and obedient still exist, and women must stay away from such men at all costs. A man who is well-informed of the injustices our ancestors endured to make our society as it is today is not only knowledgeable but also assertive to make the world a better place. Look for how well-informed he is, ladies. After all, he just might be the father of your children!

9. Stands Up For You When Required

Standing up for you is a quality of a good man
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There may come a time when the people closest to you start to go behind your back or put you in a negative light. Such situations can be extremely draining and may happen when you least expect them to. During these testing times, it is important that your man is courageous, generous towards you, forgiving, is beside you to support you emotionally when required, and is even willing to stand up for you to the people who are against you.

10. Commits To His Word

A man who sticks to his words, is dependable, and does not commit to things when he is unsure about his engagements is a keeper. He is calm, composed, and aware of the impact his words have on you. Such guys are clear with their intentions, try to build loyalty in the relationship, and are not willing to make you unhappy by giving you false hopes and making promises they cannot keep. Instead, when they create a plan with you, they ensure to make it at a time when they can fully invest the entire time in you and only you.

11. Responsible Demeanor

A responsible man is conscientious and reliable. He’s good at showing up and doing what needs to be done. He is reliable in keeping promises, meeting deadlines, and honoring commitments. He’s also honest and open about his mistakes, takes responsibility for them, and learns from them. A man like this is disciplined towards himself, takes steps to address challenges, and is very clear about his priorities.

12. Wise Counsel

You know he is wise when he has the ability to offer thoughtful, sound, and informed advice to you without any judgment. He draws upon his knowledge and experiences to provide advice without belittling your journey. Not only is he able to offer guidance and support, he is also kind, empathetic, and a great listener. He is willing to learn from others and is not afraid to admit when he makes a mistake.

Infographic: 5 Traits That Make A Man Desirable

There is more to a man than just his looks. The way he carries himself and talks to other people lets you know whether you want to pursue something deeper with him or not. Before stepping into a relationship, check out the infographic below for the top 5 traits of a good man.

top 5 traits that make a man desirable(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Various physical, emotional, and social qualities can define a good man, and they can hold different values for different people. However, some basic qualities include being a good listener, being open-minded, responsible, and staying true to their words. In addition, a good man ensures that they are respectful toward everyone, do not hide important things, are empathetic, are supportive of their partner, compassionate, and stand up for their partner when required. Finally, a good man will do everything to make you feel safe, secure, wanted, and loved. If you find a loving, selfless man with the qualities mentioned above, you may have just hit the jackpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high-quality man?

The characteristics of a high-quality man include reliability, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and trustworthiness.

What is a perfect man according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, a man who upholds righteousness, honors his faith, is capable of unconditional love, and possesses gentleness is ideal and perfect.

What makes a true man?

The essence of a man is reflected in his core values, a sense of self, intellect, ability to hold his own in any situation, and the maturity with which he handles relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Men’s attitude and personality greatly influence their attractiveness.
  • There may be specific criteria for finding true love, but the most desirable men share a few personality traits.
  • Many people view men who are confident, ambitious, and dedicated as desirable.
  • A man is most attractive when he stands up for you.
12 Best Qualities Of A Good Man That Make Him Desirable

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Discover the top ten qualities of a good man, from honesty and loyalty to kindness and respect. Find out what makes a great husband or boyfriend in the video below.

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