16 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring One

Because being curious is the way to zero in on the right photographer for your big day.

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The wedding day is special for every couple, and pictures captured on the big day create memories for a lifetime. But how can you select the best photographer among the billion around? Here is a tip! Knowing what questions to ask your wedding photographer can help you gauge their experience and find out how equipped they are to make your big day picture-perfect. This article lists some important questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before hiring one. Scroll down to know what they are!

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer requires extensive research. You can ask your friends and browse through social media platforms to shortlist a few. However, different photographers have different specialties and techniques of photography. Here are some questions that will give you an insight into them and help you let them know your expectations and what you desire to cover altogether.

1. How Many Years Of Photography Experience Do You Have?

This question helps you get an idea of the kind of exposure your photographer has had as an artist. You may want to experiment with some creative techniques that traditional wedding photographers may not be equipped in or very insightful about. So, if you have any unique requests, asking about their prior work can help you figure out if they are suitable for you.

2. What Is Your Backup Plan In Case Of Weather Issues?

Ask how the photographer handles unexpected weather changes during outdoor weddings. Knowing they have a contingency plan ensures that your photos will still turn out great, regardless of the weather.

3. What Is Your Availability On My Wedding Date? And Are Travel Costs Included In Your Package?

Your initial questions should be related to the availability of the photographer. It includes their availability on your required dates as well as their willingness to travel to various locations or even far-off destinations. The number of days, events, and travel costs impact the cost of the photography package, in turn impacting your overall wedding budget.

4. What Is Your General Style Of Photography?

With technical details dealt with, get a bit formal and try to understand the photographer’s style. Let them know if you have a genre of interest. Ask about the fashion tinge and the influence of fine art they can inculcate in the photography.

5. How Many Weddings Have You Covered As A Photographer?

This question helps you find out how specialized the wedding photographer is. Remember that artistic or still photography is way different from wedding photography. You can shortlist them if they excel in the wedding style.

protip_icon Pro Tip
The phenomenon of wedding photography can be traced back to the 19th century, where the size of the equipment limited couples from being able to have photographers at the wedding, and they would only have a few photos or a single portrait taken at a studio, dressed in all their finery.

6. Do You Often Follow A Similar Photography Style As Mine For Weddings?

This question helps you perceive how experienced the photographer is. The photographer may have been in the field for many years, but what matters the most is the number of weddings they have covered. Years cannot gauge experience. If the photographer has shot 30 weddings in the last 10 years, look for better alternatives.

Photography style you follow for weddings
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7. Did You Ever Shoot At Our Venue? What Have Been Your Venues In The Past?

The venue may impact the quality of photography. You may desire a unique backdrop, which the photographer is not comfortable with. In that case, your memories will be shaky. Ask the photographer if they ever shot at your selected venue. For instance, you have planned a beach wedding, and the photographer is more comfortable with a ballroom wedding, think again! The brightness or elegance will not reflect in any of the photos as the photographer is not a pro at beach weddings. Also, ask them about their past venue experiences to understand their level of photography.

8. Do You Have Any Assistance?

This question also helps you understand a fraction of his experience. An experienced photographer will usually have a second shooter and someone to assist him. Positioning the angles during the shoot often becomes tedious if the photographer is handling everything alone. Carrying equipment and preparing backdrops and portraits/frames require assistance, which the main photographer must have. So, find out if the photographer has any assistance. You should also find out who their head is.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Many wedding photographers take on a limited number of weddings before closing down for the year. So, start looking for one a year before the wedding to make sure you are able to hire your favorite photographer.

9. Can We See Some Pictures From Your Wedding Gallery?

Your wedding will be described through your pictures years later, so it needs to be thoughtful. Check the past work of your wedding photographer. Viewing a full wedding gallery will be the best option. You can also check their social media posts, but they obviously contain only the best shots. So, checking a full wedding album gives you a clear idea about the editing and working style of the photographer. The pictures and videos of the events will also give you a sneak peek into the essentials.

Asking photographers to show their sample wedding albums
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10. Are There Any Reviews On Social Posts That We Can Go Through?

Going through social post reviews helps you get a clear idea about their work status from the previous clients. However, you cannot solely depend on the reviews as they might be fabricated. Consider other factors as well. Google the photographer and check the services and if the customers were satisfied.

11. How Is It Like To Work With You On The Big Day?

Your photographer can be one of your VIP wedding guests who will be capturing magic on your special day. Check if your preferences and energy match and it will be okay to work with the individual. After all, you will be looking at them all day posing for photos. So, it is important that you feel comfortable with the photographer.

12. Can We Request Specific Shots?

You have been planning your wedding for quite some time, and the chances are that you have shortlisted various poses and shots for the grand day. Ask the photographer whether you are free to request specific shots. It should not happen that your family and you are posing according to the photographer and cannot personalize your own shots. Also, check if your photographer is a pro at shooting candid images.

Requesting wedding photographer for specific shots
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13. What Makes Your Photography Unique?

This is a very important question to ask your wedding photographer before finalizing one. Ask what makes their style and editing unique. What are some of the techniques the person follows that are different from the other photographers? Check their confidence levels.

14. Did You Have Any Unhappy Customers In The Wedding Field?

It is necessary to know the photographer’s loopholes as well. Only discussing the pros and ignoring the cons will not help. Ask about the photographer’s portfolio in detail and if they have had unhappy clients in the past. If yes, ask what it was about. If it is a ‘no’, cross-check with social posts. Also, ask the photographer what they did to resolve the issue. The opinions of clients definitely vary, but the technique of solving the issue can give you a clear idea about how the photographer deals with shortcomings.

15. What Does Your Wedding Package Include?

It is now time to talk about the package. Pricing plays a key role in choosing a wedding photographer. Go through a few other options before confirming one. Do not go for an overhyped photographer. Even if the package is much higher than another photographer, check the necessary details to review it. Check whether the wedding package includes travel costs, wedding albums, videography, and prints. Also, find out if the package includes a pre-wedding shoot. Check the efficiency of the other assistants and lensmen if the photographer works with a team. Lastly, ask how many hours they are ready to allot to the wedding.

16. What Will Be The Exact Time To Receive The Photos?

It is very common for family and friends to be excited to go through the wedding photos and videos. Ask about the exact time when you can receive the pictures — both soft copy and album. Ask for additional details if you want watermarks removed in a few pictures or need ultra HD pictures. Also, demand for teasers before releasing the entire album to build curiosity.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of wedding photography. A photographer is responsible for more than just holding an expensive camera and clicking away. These are memories of your special day that we are talking about. If you are not familiar with how wedding photography works, you may end up with the short end of the stick. Therefore, be thorough in your research and do not hesitate to use this list of questions to ask your wedding photographer. If their replies satisfy you, go ahead. Remember to ask for a contract and detailed receipts. Also, make sure to check cancellation and refund policies. Once you are sure that your requirements will be met, you can move forward with the photographer to capture your big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tip your photographer?

When you go for a whole wedding photography package, you may not need to tip additionally. However, if you see your photographer put in extra efforts for your special moments, you may chose to tip him as a token of appreciation.

How do you talk to a photographer?

While your interaction should be formal and polite, you can ease up the air a bit by sharing your expectations cordially. This would help avoid unnecessary glitches and awkward moments on your special day.

Key Takeaways

  • Few key questions can help you gauge the efficiency and expertise of your wedding photographer.
  • Knowing about their style and experience of photography is important in deciding if they fit your wedding theme and plans.
  • Online reviews and their capability to handle and accommodate last minute changes is crucial in zeroing upn the perfect wedding photographer for your big day.

Know the major questions to ask your wedding photographer before hiring in this video. From style preferences to pricing details, ensure you get the ideal person for capturing your special day.

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