Amazing Questions to Ask Your Grandparents To Bond Better

Written by Sushmita Barman

With the holiday season around the corner, we finally get to have some good old family get-togethers. Only around this time do we get to interact with our extended families and members of all generations, from our kid cousins to our grandparents, under one roof. From almost bedazzling the venue to preparing mouth-watering delicacies, also adorning ourselves with beautiful clothes and accessories, we do it all. However, the generation gap that exists between the grandparents and the grandkids, can sometimes lead to awkwardness.

Nevertheless, these moments must be seized to have some questions to ask your grandparents, given that these rendezvous are the best opportunities for the kith and kins to strengthen their bonds, cherish the good old times and better learn about the family tree and family traditions. Also, always remember, your grandparents are a treasure trove of knowledge. So these questions for grandparents could encompass family history, traditions, trials and tribulations of the times they witnessed and the contrast between their times and the current era, and more.

Although it is important to note that children may feel shy at times to strike a conversation with their grandparents. In this case, parents must encourage them to go ahead and ask questions, depending upon the age of the children. So, if you are a grandchild yourself, or a parent, then below mentioned questions to ask your grandparents are the kind you can get inspired from. Happy reading and borrowing their wisdom!

77 Interesting Questions to Ask Your Grandparents

So, to make it easier to pick the questions you like based on your suitability, we have categorized the questions to ask grandparents accordingly. Let us read them now:

Questions To Ask Your Grandparents About Family History

  •  Where do we originally come from?
  •  Would you please tell us about our ancestors?
  •  What was our ancestral home like?
  •  How did we get our surname?
  •  Did our great grandparents participate in old wars?
  •  Do we have a symbol that is significant to our clan?
  •  Where were our ancestors buried?
  •  What did our ancestors look like?
  •  Did our ancestors speak any language that is different from ours?
  •  What other languages did your grandparents speak?
  •  What are the most common occupations our ancestors were involved in?

Questions To Ask Your Grandparents About Their Life

  •  Do you have a different birth name?
  •  Who gave your official name, and what does it mean?
  •  What significance does your nickname hold?
  •  Where did you study?
  •  What was your academic life like?
  •  How was teaching like, back in your times?
  •  What kind of technology did you use extensively at your young phase?
  •  Who were your friends during your growing age?’•
  •  Were you the kind of person who would annoy your siblings too?
  •  What was my mom/dad like during childhood?
  •  Did you have a best friend? If you did, what made them the best?
  •  What kind of sports did you play during your childhood?
  •  What places have you visited in your life, and which ones did you love the most among them?
  •  How did you spend your summer and winter vacations?
  •  What was your favorite sport?
  •  Did you have a favorite subject in school? If yes, what was it and why?
  •  What were your hobbies as a child?
  •  What kind of food preparations were done during the holiday season before?

Generic Questions To Ask Your Grandmother

  •  What was life like as a woman of your era?
  •  What were the fun activities you did as a girl?
  •  Did you come across any difficulties while growing up as a female of your time?
  •  What kind of professions did women in your days take up?

Generic Questions To Ask Your Grandfather

  •  How would you describe the notion of toxic masculinity during your times?
  •  What were the kinds of jobs that men used to take at your times?
  •  Were those days simpler for men?
  •  What were the trials and tribulations faced by men of your generation?

Comparison Questions To Ask Your Grandparents

So it is natural to feel an inclination towards comparing the old times with the present day. And having your grandparents around makes it easier for you to build a much more informed comparison because of the first-hand information you can obtain from them. These comparisons that allow you to find both differences and similarities between the two generations always come in handy while dealing with life and making intelligent decisions. Also, they provide you the ability to gain a different perspective towards life’s uncountable matters, which is extremely important. Therefore, with that vein in mind, we have crafted a few good questions to ask your grandparents concerning this comparison. Let’s dive into it and gain those necessary insights from them.

  •  Do you think technology, along with making life simpler, has also brought some harmful disruptions to society, unlike your times?
  •  Do you think that the present generation is less hardworking than people of your days?
  •  Despite the nutritional values known better today due to the rigorous research and development, do you think we still lack in eating healthy food, unlike the old days?
  •  How is the present-day childhood different from the one that your generation lived?
  •  Do you think that people are more independent than the older generation?
  •  Do you think that we have more opportunities in life than you did back in your times?
  •  Would you support today’s digital revolution or the yesteryears’ idea of living with nature closely?
  •  How does the domain of music differ from the music of your days?
  •  How would you describe the differences or similarities between the art of your times and ours?
  •  Do you think science is evolving at a faster rate than before?
  •  Were the people of your times much more confident following their dreams and aspirations, or is it the generation today?
  •  Do you think children these days are less affectionate towards people than the children of your time? If yes, then why?
  •  Do you think that women of our times are much more vocal about their needs than the women of your generation? Would you please state the reasons behind your answer too?
  •  What do you think is the reason behind people suffering from more and more psychological illnesses compared to folks of your time?
  •  Do you think our lifestyle has become easier or more complicated with the advent of innovative technologies than ever?
  •  If given the opportunity, would you like to live the kind of life I lived in the modern era, or would you prefer your era itself?
  •  Do you think our education system is striving more than before?
  •  Why do you think we are so dependent on gadgets while you grew up easily without them?
  •  Do you think most relationships today are futile compared to the ones in your era?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Grandparents

Funny Questions To Ask Your Grandparents


Well, now let us lighten the mood. You don’t wanna bombard your dear grandparents with endless serious questions, do you? Of course, you don’t. You are getting together to celebrate something and having the greatest of times, especially with them. So why not make merry by asking some extremely fun questions to them, especially something that takes them down the memory and makes them laugh hard? Cool! Let’s get on with it then. Below are some of the best questions to ask your grandparents that will tickle their funny bone big time. And what’s better than the sight of their adorable laughing faces?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Grandma:

  •  What kind of mischievous activities were you known for in the family?
  •  Were you too hesitant to eat healthy food like me?
  •  What was your wedding like?
  •  Was it a love marriage with my grandfather?
  •  Who proposed first?
  •  How was dating like, back in your days?
  •  Did you have a “bridezilla” moment at your wedding?
  •  How did you communicate with grandpa while you both were dating?
  •  If it was an arranged marriage with granddad, how was the initial phase of living with a stranger?
  •  Was my grandpa like that knight in shining armor for you?
  •  Was granddad romantic?
  •  What is the most annoying thing about grandpa?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Grandma:

  •  Were you a naughty child?
  •  How did you annoy your parents?
  •  Who made the first move while you were dating granny?
  •  Was dating granny peaceful or challenging?
  •  Did you have to chase granny for a long period of time in college?
  •  What is that one thing about granny that annoys you?
  •  How do you make grandma angry purposefully?
  •  Would you let granny know about anything funny today that you never told her before, fearing she would be mad at you? (Answer at your own risk)
  •  Did you experience cold feet at your wedding?

So, you see? With these questions in place, you can turn a family gathering into a fun learning and bonding opportunity. Hence, do cut that holiday cake, eat, drink and make merry, but also sit down with your folks and play with some of those aforementioned questions. This will not only add a new charm to the event but also make it merrier than ever. So, have fun posing questions to your grandparents!

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