Top 15 Raven Tattoo Designs

Top 15 Raven Tattoo Designs November 2, 2017

When we think about an unique and interesting tattoo theme, one that strikes our mind is the raven tattoo theme. Popular among both men and women, this tattoo illustrates the traits and attributes of the raven.

Mostly, ravens are always seen as ill omen, the carriers of the dead and the lost souls. These birds are believed to be the connection between life and death. Many cultures have always associated ravens with bad luck and eerie, but not to forget, raven is also the national bird of Yukon.

Raven tattoos are so captivating that one would surely love to explore more about them, when once they get introduced.

So today let’s see some interesting raven tattoo designs.

1. Key Raven Tattoo:

This tattoo design shows the raven with a key in its beak. The vintage frame adds to the mystery. The claws are well perched. This is really classy and one would surely want to have it done.

2. Lock Raven Tattoo:

Here we see the raven with the flowers, thus softening the cruelty usually associated with the bird. The flowers are blooming from the bird, showing that the bird is capable of positivity too.

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3. Flying Raven Tattoo:

A group of ravens in this tattoo, one flying away, one flying towards and the star far away. This is a lovely tattoo as it has some interesting elements in it.

4. Single Raven Tattoo:

This tattoo describes the raven in the best way with the plumage, the eyes, the beak and the coloring. The bird seems at peace.

5. Angry Raven Tattoo:

This is an angry looking raven here, and has a heart of many flowers. With its dark background and secret life, this raven seems to be plotting. The detailing is fantastic and we can also see extra work in the sides.

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6. Lovely Raven Tattoo:

This is a very simple tattoo but fab as the ravens ‘fly’ from one wrist to the other.

7. Raven With Flowers:

The red flowers give this a very vintage look where the two birds seem to be aloof to the world and that is well shown here. The detailing is lovely and the color gradient comprising black and grey is lovely.

8. Raven Holding A Skull Tattoo:

Here, the true evil of a raven is shown very well. The skill in the claws symbolizes its true nature. The raven seems to be aggressive and busy in its work. The red detailing adds to the eerie feel.

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9. Raven With Feathers:

This raven tattoo is probably perfect for the girls out there. They are coming out of the feather and are flying away as they come. This is what makes it amazing and interesting.

10. Witch Raven Tattoo:

This is one of the popular tattoos for raven .In this tattoo the witch’s hair giving away to the birds. Witches are considered fishy and so are ravens, so this combination makes it even more mysterious.

11. Swarm Of Ravens Tattoo:

This is a very simple and unique raven tattoo. This flight of birds tattoo is unisex.

12. Raven With Alphabet Tattoo:

How would you like a raven face with an initial? This tattoo is for those of who would like to have a customized raven.

13. Flock Of Raven Tattoo:

This tattoo of many ravens is a popular one, thanks to its gory details. The beaks, the bloodshed, the flying away all combined into one.

14. Blue Raven Tattoo:

This is a pretty adorable raven though the mouth looks fierce. The blue color is a different take on what is usually black and shades of black, grey and red.

15. Consider The Raven Tattoo:

This is also one of the very popular tattoos for the raven concept. It has the words CONSIDER THE RAVENS. The red, black and grey add up to the beauty of it. The ribbons around are also making it seem very gory. The detailing around is adding to the marvel and awe of the bird.

Which is the raven tattoo that you would probably get? What does a raven symbolize to you? Shoot a comment and let us know!

Stay gorgeous!

Research your idea and find sufficient tattoo designs to shape it well.