23 Reasons Ponytails Are The Best Hairstyle Ever

It is super easy to do, but that is not the only reason why a ponytail is the best hairstyle.

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When you think about it, the ponytail had to have been inspired by the tail of a horse. Right? But whatever the inspiration, it is hard to deny that ponytails are the best hairstyle. Heading out to the office, try a sleek low ponytail. If you need to go to a party, try a messy ponytail. Also, you can try a high ponytail if you have a first date. There is a ponytail for every occasion, event, mood, and personality!

The history of the ponytail may be traced to Ancient Greece thanks to records of images of women with ponytails in artifacts and works of ancient Greek literature. As a result, it is most likely that this hairstyle originated in Ancient Greece before being adopted by other peoples and places.

Keep reading to check out 23 impressive ponytail styles that will have you swearing by the look! Scroll down to get your pony groove on!

Before You Get Started
  • Super tight ponytails can strain the hair roots and cause hair fall.
  • Ponytail positioning matters. High ponytails have an elongating effect, best for round face shapes.
  • If you have fine or textured hair, use volumizers and hairsprays. You can also use extensions if you wish to have a long ponytail.
  • If you have thin hair, tease the ponytail for a fuller look. Also, hair fiber powder may help to cover the scalp.

1. What’s better than a style that flaunts your glossy, voluminous curls?

voluminous curls

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If you think your natural curls are not perfect for a ponytail, think again. This style adds a hint of chicness to your regular look.

2. Why not let your inner child out?

ponytails look is perfect

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The two ponytails look is perfect for a summer picnic to enjoy time with your loved ones. It also gives you a chance to add a playful vibe to your everyday look.

3. The ponytail is often cited as a very neat hairstyle that is most suitable for working women who don’t find enough time to try different hairstyles.

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All you need to do is pull your hair behind neatly and tie it with an elastic band. You’re ready to step out!

4. The ponytail was once regarded as a royal hairstyle. It was worn mostly by queens and princesses of European kingdoms.

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Ponytails have evolved over the ages and they have gone from high on the head to low over the neck, from super tight to super loose, and even on the sides.

5. They keep hair out of your face – the most important reason!

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The most irritating thing while you are working or in between something serious is the hair that falls right over your forehead and your face. A ponytail prevents hair from falling all over your face.

6. Straight or curly hair? It doesn’t matter to ponytails!

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The ponytail suits any hair type perfectly, whether it is curly, silky, short, long or medium-length!

7. The ponytail is the perfect hair savior for lopped locks! When you have a pony, you need not fear!

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8. No need to play it safe with the perfect style. Use your own creativity to style your ponytail. Fancy, right?

Image: Instagram

A low ponytail is probably the simplest of all ponytail styles. It gives you a sleek, refined, and sexy look when compared to the classic librarian bun.

9. Tried almost every hairstyle for special occasions? Add a high pony this time!

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10. Want to look pretty? Just whip it out!

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11. It’s classy and elegant!

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A ponytail gives you a classic and elegant look, and you can wear it almost everywhere.

12. It comes with a number of modern twists and turns!

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13. Want to grow your stylish, wispy bangs? A ponytail will always support you!

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14. A ponytail lets you wear your old ribbon again without any hesitation!

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15. Get a double tie or even triple  tie this season.

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16. Want to have some fun with your pony? Why not just hook a bobby pin in it and make your ponytail look more attractive?

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17. Because anything goes perfectly with a ponytail, why not throw some color in there? Umm pink color, what say?

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18. Don’t ever think that you need to give up your braids if you wish to get a ponytail. The pony loves to play nice with almost all the styles. Try the braided ponytail!

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19. Going through a bad hair day? Add a bump and more bumps with a bubble ponytail!

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20. The most important thing – ponytail doesn’t discriminate between genders! Anyone and everyone can sport this.

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It’s a unisex thing!

21. Or else, you can just stick with a fairytale princess!

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22. You can accessorize it with anything and everything!

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Accessorize your ponytail using a hair band, hair pins, hair gear, or line it with silk and crystals, or how about a glittering organza butterfly?

23. Ponytail is a season-friendly hairstyle!

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Whether it’s summer, autumn, or winter, you can always rock by sporting a simple ponytail!

Licenced cosmetologist, Tuera Jacobs chimes in, “Gone are the days of wishing your ponytail was fuller or longer! Just visit your local beauty supply store and instantly, you can achieve the ponytail of your dreams with a drawstring or wrap around ponytail that is not only affordable, but also easy to put on.”

Did You Know?
The first Barbie doll by Mattel, which helped popularize this hairstyle, and movie actresses such as Sandra Dee, who donned it in films like Gidget, were both major contributors to the ponytail’s spread in Western and European culture.

Many of us consider ponytails the best hairstyle. This is because they are easy to style and are suitable for the office or even parties. Ponytails are easy to style; they keep hair out of the face, can be done on any hair type, can be your savior on a bad hair day, can be accessorized with anything, is a season-friendly hairstyle, and is also suitable for special occasions. There are many more reasons to consider the ponytail as the best hairstyle. Try a ponytail to flaunt your lovely tresses perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a ponytail look good on a chubby face?

Yes, a ponytail is suitable for a chubby face. A high ponytail will balance the roundness around the cheeks and make your face look slimmer.

When did ponytails become fashionable?

Model Brigitte Bardot is believed to have popularized ponytails. She ensured that ponytails were not only fashionable but sophisticated too.

Do ponytails make you look younger?

Yes, they may. Your facial features tighten and are accentuated as you pull your hair back into a ponytail, giving a toned look.

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