7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Wooden Hair Brush

Written by Arshiya Syeda

We all crave long, thick hair. But, its upkeep is far from easy. Forget using a hair brush that glides through your hair – many of us can hardly find a comb that does not yank all our tresses out!

But, you can detangle those pesky knots easily without pulling on your lovely locks by switching to a wooden hair brush. Wood brushes are gentle on your hair and cause zero static and frizz. On top of that, all wooden hair brushes are eco-friendly. But, before we explain its benefits of using a wooden hair brush, let us find out what a wooden hair brush is.

What Is A Wooden Hair Brush?

A wooden hair brush or comb, as the name suggests, is a sustainable and reusable hair-styling tool. The brush can be made from different kinds of woods, including bamboo, neem, sandalwood, or sheesham.

A wide variety of brushes and combs are marketed as wooden. But when you look at it a bit closer, it may just be a regular hair brush with a wooden handle. Some cheap wooden hair brushes may have plastic bristles where only the tips are made of wood. These are not exactly wooden brushes.

You should use a wooden hair brush with natural bristles made of 100% wood, regardless of your hair type or length. Most wooden combs come without varnish and paint coating on them, making them the best alternative to plastic or metal brushes.

The benefits of a wood brush are unmatched when compared with plastic or metal combs. We deep-dive into seven of these merits below.

Top 7 Benefits Of Using A Wooden Hair Brush

1. Thick Hair And A Healthy Scalp

When you comb your hair using a wooden brush, you gently massage your scalp, leading to better blood circulation. This makes your hair thicker (1). The knobs on the end of wooden hair brushes also remove scalp build-up and promote follicle health. Since wooden bristles are not harsh on the scalp, they do not bruise or scrape the skin.

2. Promotes Hair Growth

According to research, around 30 million women in the USA alone suffer from hair loss due to alopecia (2). While alopecia requires immediate medical treatment, using a wooden hair brush may provide some relief. Wooden combs and brushes enhance blood flow to the scalp, resulting in better conditioning of the hair follicles. Wooden combs also unclog the impurities in hair follicles, allowing hair to grow. However, further scientific research is required to prove this claim.

3. Prevents Allergic Reactions

Plastic or metal combs can cause irritation or allergic reactions on the scalp. But a wooden comb is made of natural wood, which is less likely to cause any side effects or itchiness on the scalp.

4. Prevents Breakage

Another downside of plastic combs is that they create static. Static charge makes the hair brittle and prone to breakage since it dries out the hair. This also causes frizz. Moreover, many brushes also come with balled tips that snag and pull at the hair.

Luckily, wooden brushes are anti-static and prevent tangles and hair breakage. They glide swiftly over the scalp and through the tresses without causing any frizz. Wooden brushes also have smoother tips that do not pull at your strands.

Moreover, wooden combs and hair brushes are also beneficial in removing any existing static in the hair since wood acts as an insulator and absorbs all the charge.

5. Removes Dirt From Your Hair

Your hair can easily attract dirt and foreign particles due to the static charge in it. A wooden brush can get rid of the dirt by removing any existing charge from the scalp and, instead, add more bounce and life to your hair.

6. Nourishes And Adds Shine

Your scalp excretes a natural oil (sebum) that nourishes it and hydrates the hair roots. However, this oil can also make your hair appear flat and greasy while attracting dust and pollution.

A wooden comb is an excellent way to nourish and add shine to the hair since it evenly distributes the oil without making your locks appear lifeless.

7. Better For The Environment

Plastic and low-quality metal brushes are bad for the environment and non-recyclable. However, wooden hair brushes are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Wooden brushes are also longer lasting than plastic hairbrushes, whose components may break apart easily.

So, now you know the benefits of using a wooden hair brush, find out how to use a wooden hair brush in the next section!

How To Use A Wooden Hair Brush

The method of using a wooden hair brush is essentially the same as any other comb or brush. However, getting a set that contains both a wooden brush and a comb is ideal for healthy-looking hair.

If you are considering switching to a wooden hair brush and comb, try this step-by-step guide for a smooth and pain-free combing experience:

  1. Ensure that your hair is completely dry before brushing it. This is because wet hair is more prone to breakage, no matter which hair brush you use.
  2. Use a wide-toothed wood comb to detangle the knots. Remember to start from the tips of your hair and work up to the roots to prevent breakage.
  3. Next, use a wooden hair brush to gently comb the length of your hair. This will distribute the oil in your hair and stimulate your scalp.

It is critical to take good care of wooden brushes and keep them clean to prevent hair damage. We show you how to care for a wooden hair brush in the following section.

How To Clean A Wooden Hair Brush

  • Avoid using water to clean your wooden hair brush since it can damage it.
  • Instead, rub flaxseed oil or linseed oil on the brush. Once it dries, gently wipe the brush with a damp cloth.
  • Alternatively, rub petroleum jelly on the teeth and brush. Wipe it dry with a cloth after half an hour.
  • You can also clean a wooden bristle hair brush by gently using sandpaper between the teeth.
  • Never use detergents or harsh chemicals to clean the brush.
  • Never pre-soak a wooden brush or comb since it makes it lose its durability and grain.


The myriad benefits of brushing your hair with a wooden brush are enough to make you ditch plastic or metal combs for good.

Wooden hair brushes promote hair growth, keep your scalp healthy, and remove any foreign particles that can cause irritation or dandruff. Moreover, they are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic brushes.(1).

However, wooden brushes need extra care and maintenance, so make sure to follow the above wash-care tips, and say hello to shiny and tangle-free locks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a wooden brush?

There are multiple advantages of a wooden hair brush: it reduces static and hair breakage, promotes growth, and nourishes the scalp.

Why is a wooden brush better for your hair?

Wooden brushes are better since they are made of soft and gentle bristles and do not attract foreign particles or dirt.

Why are bamboo hair brushes better?

Bamboo hair brushes are eco-friendly, sturdy, and swiftly glide through your hair, providing a shinier, glossier appearance.


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