10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water From A Copper Pot

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Copper pots were an inseparable part of our ancestral culture. But have you ever asked your elders why these pots were prioritized over clay pots? It is because drinking water from a copper pot offers many health benefits. Today, our modern culture is trying to realize the science behind these traditions. Want to know more about the benefits of drinking water from a copper pot? Continue reading.

Reasons Why You Should Drink Water From A Copper Pot

1. Copper Synthesis

The human body cannot synthesize copper on its own. Copper is essential for certain metabolic functions. We need a steady diet of copper to synthesize the element in our body. Thus, it is advised that one regularly drink water stored in a copper vessel (1).

2. Eliminates Bacteria

Though Ayurveda has documented the health benefits of copper pots for centuries, the world has caught on recently. The drinking water supply pipes and household taps were usually made of copper, whose anti- germ properties were recorded. Water stored in copper pots can eliminate E.Coli within 24 hours. It also helps combat water borne diseases like Salmonella, typhus, Shigella spp., cholera and viruses such as, Enterovirus and Hepatitis A (2).

3. Regulates Thyroid Function

Copper is one of the few trace minerals essential to the human body. The correct functioning of the thyroid gland depends on the amount of copper you have in your system. Thyroid problems can be caused by different things, but copper deficiency is a major reason. Having a glass of water stored in a copper jug right before a meal can help you strike a balance and help combat thyroid problems.

4. Combats Arthritis

Since ancient times, copper has been used to help combat arthritis and other joint pains. It boasts of extremely effective placating properties. It is especially good for joint pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis (3).

5. Combats Anemia

Copper has many medicinal abilities. Perhaps the most understated is its role in the prevention of and the fight against anemia. Copper deficiency can also lead to anemia, and having a glass of water stored in a copper vessel can help you raise the levels of hemoglobin in your bloodstream (4).

6. Heals Wounds

Copper peptides are slated to be one of the best healing agents. There are a number of medical products that contain copper peptides to treat wounds and skin damage. Copper peptides usually fuel collage production. They are also said to improve the efficacy of antioxidants. Drinking water stored in a copper jug can thus help you heal wounds quick. The other option involves getting your hands on expensive medicines that contain copper peptides (5).

7. Curbs ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD is the bane of our generation. It manifests itself in many forms and can lead to other neurobehavioral disorders. Drinking water from a copper vessel can help curb the effects of ADHD. Scientists have determined that people with ADHD have an imbalance of copper in their diet. Copper rouses the diencephalon, or the old brain. The old brain is responsible for our animal responses. Copper imbalance may tilt our cognitive functions towards the old brain. Therefore, drinking water stored in a copper vessel can help you curb ADHD (6).

8. Anti Carcinogenic

Cancer is a killer. The disease is like the end of the world for most people who contract it. But then, copper has excellent antioxidant characteristics. This is why it is such an important element in the fight against cancer. It helps curb the development of new cancer cells and helps repair the body. Drinking water from a copper vessel can thus help curb cancer and provide antioxidants necessary to the body (7).

9. Slows Aging

Copper has excellent antioxidant characteristics; it helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy skin. Drinking water from copper pot can thus help you look younger and fitter. It helps slow the aging process by repairing and preserving the connective tissue present in the skin, heart and arteries (8).

10. Helps Pregnant Women

Nutritionists swear by the efficacy of copper for pregnant women. Copper is important for the production of RBCs. It boosts the production of red blood cells (RBCs), and helps repair tissues and digests sugars. Pregnant women need copper as it helps in the formation of the unborn child’s heart, blood vessels, skeletal and nervous system. Copper also helps the skin and hair look healthy. For pregnant women, having a glass of copper pot water is extremely essential. We hope that reading this article reiterates the reason behind storing water in  copper pot. So, don’t waste time and get a copper jug today! Please tell us how it helped you, or simply leave a comment in case you think we missed something!

Drinking water from a copper pot offers an array of health benefits. It helps in copper synthesis, eliminates bacteria, helps in regulating thyroid function, helps combat anemia and arthritis, eases wound healing, helps manage attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and has anti-carcinogenic properties. The water stored in a copper pot also helps delay the signs of aging and is beneficial for pregnant women. However, it would be best to clean the copper pots or jugs in which you store the water to avoid the unpleasant smell.

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