How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight? Top Secrets Revealed!

Eat a healthy diet, hike, and jog regularly to shed weight like this stunning actress.

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Everyone loves Rebel Wilson! The multi-talented Australian actress with her 1000-watt smile and sense of humor can brighten even the gloomiest days. However, the talk of the hour is Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secrets. Yup! She has lost 35 pounds in just a few months. And we are loving her new avatar. Her size or shape never mattered to her fans; it never will. You do you, girl! And today, we are going to talk about how Rebel lost the pounds. Talking about her weight loss is important because many of us struggle to lose weight. Wondering how did Rebel Wilson lose weight? Let’s take inspiration from this beautiful human being and learn to lead a healthy life. Read on to know more!

What Motivated Rebel Wilson To Lose Weight?

Reasons behind Rebel Wilson's weight loss

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey began in 2016. In 2015, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Rebel had disclosed, “Being unique and different was a really good thing. I walked into my agent’s office for the first time, they looked at me and said, ‘Wow, we have nobody on our books like you’. And they signed me on my second day here…I wouldn’t ever want to compete with what I call ‘the glamours’ – the really gorgeous people. I’m about the brain, the heart and what’s on the inside. I feel really lucky to be the body type I am.”

In the same interview, Rebel revealed that the hormonal imbalance in her body makes her more prone to weight gain. Food is her drug, meaning that she loves to eat when she is feeling happy or sad. She said, “I love me some ice cream or dessert, and it comes at times when I’m happy or sad. So when I have an incredibly stressful day, I want to celebrate and reward myself with food. If I’ve had a sad or stressful day, food is also comfort. You would probably describe it as emotional or stress-eating…eating is my one vice. I wouldn’t ever want to totally give it up.”

Rebel Wilson did not want to change her looks just on the outside; she decided to shed the extra inches to be fit and healthy. Emotional eating or stress eating is something that most of us struggle with. So, you must take it seriously and make an effort to get rid of this habit. How did Rebel do it? Find out next.

 Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet

Rebel Wilson's weight loss diet
Image: Instagram

Rebel Wilson had to tweak her lifestyle to lose weight. She talked to a few of her friends in Hollywood, who had lost weight or had sound advice for her. And here’s what she did to lose 35 pounds:

  • No Counting Calories

Rebel stopped counting calories and started counting the amount of dietary fiber she was consuming per day. Counting calories (a) is not an accurate when it comes to caloric and nutrition value of certain foods, and (b) can prevent you from consuming foods that are good for your body just because the calories are on the higher side.

  • Consume Veggies And Fruits

Veggies and fruits are loaded with dietary fiber and are great for those trying to lose a few pounds. The vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients also protect you from diseases, inflammation, hair loss, etc.

  • Consume Healthy Fats

Healthy fats help reduce inflammation and inflammation-induced weight gain. Rebel consumed healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds to keep her hunger cravings at bay and reduce the stress state of her body.

  • Have Healthy Snacks

Rebel Wilson loves to eat. But to lose weight, she had to ditch her regular high-fat, unhealthy snacks. She included one or two of the following healthy snacks in her diet:

  • A handful of cashews, almonds, or Brazil nuts.
  • Celery and apple cider vinegar.
  • Celery, carrot, and almond butter.
  • Chicken breast with olive oil and guacamole.
  • Zucchini chips with vegetable hummus.
  • Carrot and cucumber with guacamole.

Kayla Nelson, a YouTube blogger, tried Rebel Wilson’s weight loss diet and shared her experience in her vlog. She states, “I can’t believe I am saying this but this past week actually went very well, whatever Rebel Wilson is doing actually seems like a very sustainable and realistic way to ‘diet’ or to just kind of eat better and be the healthier version of yourself. It wasn’t over restrictive which is something I highly commend Rebel Wilson for…. I weighed myself on the last day after following Rebel’s diet for an entire week and I ended up losing three pounds (i).”

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also have other healthy snacks such as berries, dark chocolate, freshly-pressed juices without sugar and salt, kale chips, hard-boiled eggs, and whole-grain crackers.

These are pretty basic but highly effective ways to lose the initial few pounds. And by a few, I mean up to 30 pounds, depending on your current body weight, medications, medical history, and adherence to the plan. But just a diet plan change is not sufficient. Rebel Wilson knew it, and here’s what she did to lose weight rapidly.

Rebel Wilson Workout Plan

Rebel Wilson's workout regimen
Image: Instagram

In April 2015, Rebel posted this Instagram photo and captioned it, “OMG just finished 4 fantastic days at #TheRanch4.0 … so challenging but very rewarding! Not to mention I lost 8 pounds from marathon hiking over the 4 days! Thanks to the amazing staff and masseuses (free daily massages are part of the program)!! Feeling great!!”

The progress record shows that Rebel Wilson worked out regularly to keep the fat from clinging back to her body. She also loves playing tennis, jogs, and frequently goes on hiking trips. When she is not indulging in any outdoor sports activity, she works out at the gym 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes.

Rebel Wilson's workout plan
Image: Instagram

The trick is to keep yourself active. When you burn the calories you consume, you will automatically lose weight.

Yes, Rebel Wilson lost weight, and you can too. But the real problem is motivation. Scroll down to know how this 37-year-old star keeps herself motivated and what she to say to all those who are struggling to lose weight.

Best Rebel Wilson Tips For Weight Loss 

Best tips by Rebel Wilson for weight loss
  • Adhere To The Plan

Rebel loves to eat, and she loves to have dessert every day. But she also shifts gears from desserts to celery and hummus. And this is what you should be able to do for the diet to be a success.

Of course, you can enjoy a cheat day every week, but you have to earn it. When you adhere to healthy eating for six days a week, the seventh day will feel like the best day of your life. Not only will you be able to consume more calories, but your confidence will also get a boost.

  • Drink Water

To lose weight and prevent yourself from mindlessly consuming calories, you must drink water. A lot of times, when you are thirsty and do not drink water, your brain misreads the signal as hunger. As a result, you consume more calories. So, make it a point to drink a cup or two of water every hour.

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According to one study, the optimal total daily fluid consumption for men is 3000 mL/day and 2200 mL/day for women (1).
  • Be Confident Of Your Body

You can be in shape and still not exude positive energy if you are not confident about your body and how you look. And confidence doesn’t come with expensive clothes or jewelry. It only comes when you do the right thing and do not take yourself for granted. Love the body you have, take care of every inch of you. Eat healthily, sleep well, take less stress, groom yourself, go on a trip, and learn a few new skills.

Infographic: 6 Things Rebel Wilson Did To Lose Weight

Losing weight is an ongoing journey, and Rebel Wilson achieved her weight loss goals through unwavering commitment. Her followers have had deep admiration ever since she shared her weight loss journey on social media. The infographic below details the six most important things she did to transform her lifestyle and lose weight. Take a look and get inspired.

6 things rebel wilson did to lose weight (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secrets have captivated many of her followers who can relate to the struggles of emotional or stress eating. Being true to self, Rebel Wilson has customized her weight loss plan to count dietary fiber intake instead of counting calories. Increasing the amount of dietary fiber you consume can increase your satiety, blood glucose levels, and gut health, which in turn translates to more energy and increased weight loss. In addition, Rebel has taken to hiking and sports to shed the calories and burn up the fat. In truly unique style, this gorgeous and beloved star has shown the world that you can do anything you put your mind to and pursue with discipline, and have fun doing it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact has Rebel Wilson’s weight loss had on her health and overall well-being?

Rebel Wilson said in an interview that she is proud of herself for being able to undergo this transformation and continue the process for a year without giving up.

How has Rebel Wilson’s confidence and self-esteem changed since her weight loss journey?

Rebel has always been a confident woman and doesn’t associate her self-worth with her weight regardless of her body image. However, being healthier has definitely made her feel better about herself.

What role did technology, such as fitness trackers or health apps, play in Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey?

Wilson had some of the best high-tech equipment for weight loss but she says that it’s the little changes that make the bigger difference like determination of eating right and motivating oneself for regular exercise.

What is Rebel Wilson’s long-term plan for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle?

Wilson plans on continuing her health and wellness journey without being too harsh on herself. She has never deprived herself of any kind of food but now she focuses on limiting junk food to a minimum and regular workouts.

Key Takeaways

  • Stop counting calories. Instead, count dietary fiber and nutrition to lose weight.
  • Fix your sleeping habits and routine; lack of sleep and stress can cause weight gain.
  • Focus on portion size and avoid drinking high calories beverages like milkshakes.
  • Opt for healthy snack options like celery, cashews, and almonds.
how did rebel wilson lose weight

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Searching for Rebel Wilson’s inspiring journey on how she lost over 70 pounds? Look no further than the video given below. Get motivated and learn how to make lasting lifestyle changes!

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