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17 Fiery Red Hair Highlights Ideas

17 Fiery Red Hair Highlights Ideas Hyderabd040-395603080 October 4, 2019

Red is the color of love and danger. More often than not, redheads are known to be fiery, much like the color itself. Remember those days when red highlights would deem you a rebel? When you felt like you could conquer the world and everything you wanted was within grasp? Relive those days with these stunning red highlights! Here’s what you need to know to pick the right shade of red.

How To Pick The Right Shade Of Red 

There are many, many shades of the color red. So, how do you choose one? You need to keep your skin’s surface tone and undertone in mind, along with a few more factors. To find out more, check out this article.

Now, let’s get into the trending red hair colors that you should consider! You’ll fall in love with red all over again.

17 Fiery Red Hair Highlights

1. Shocking Red

1. Shocking Red Pinit


One of the reds that is always trending is shocking red. It is one of those shades that works wonders when paired with the right hair color. Shocking red works best as partial highlights instead of full highlights.

2. Dimensional Red

2. Dimensional Red Pinit


Dimensional red highlights help accentuate your hair by adding depth and dimension to it. They also frame your face beautifully. Another bonus is they add incredible shine to your natural hair shade.

3. Classic Red

3. Classic Red Pinit


When in doubt, go with the classics. Classic red has never failed us – and it never will. This shade of red works well with all colors, so you don’t have to nitpick every morning on what clothes will look good with your highlights.

4. Warm Red

4. Warm Red Pinit


If you have warm-toned skin, opt for warm-toned hair colors. Warm-toned red has become a big trend this year, with many cool-toned women using makeup to appear warm-toned to sport this shade.

5. Wine Red

5. Wine Red Pinit


Let the wine get to you! Wine red is an intense shade. While it is more of a cool-toned color, you can find it in warm tones to match your skin tone. Wine red blends well with brown hair and gives it a dimensional look.

6. Venetian Red

6. Venetian Red Pinit


Venetian red is a blend of orange, red, and brown. If you have kinky hair, take a cue from this picture and get some Venetian highlighted tips. If you have a small or round face, consider getting these highlights from midway to your tips.

7. Pink-Red Tints

7. Pink-Red Tints Pinit


Red and pink are two fiery yet graceful feminine shades. They work well together, especially as hair colors. Relive your teenage years with this stunning blend of bright hair colors.

8. Titian Red

8. Titian Red Pinit


Blend your dark roots with a stunning titian red. This shade of red works really well with intensely dark hair. You can find shades of this color that work great with blonde hair as well. The key is to make sure it blends in well with your hair tone. So, if you have intense or deep blonde hair, opt for a darker titian shade.

9. Bright Red With Purple Tips

9. Bright Red With Purple Tips  Pinit


Red and purple make for a great combination. Accentuate your red locks with some deep purple tips. Choose shades that are similar in tone. This combination looks great on both thin and thick hair. It adds a nice vibrant touch to your look.

10. Cherry Red

10. Cherry Red Pinit


Cherry red is a fiery shade that many women love. It brings out your eyes and accentuates your skin tone. Make your cherry red hair pop by adding pink and blonde highlights to it.

11. Orange Red

11. Orange Red Pinit


Orange symbolizes creativity and encouragement, which goes well with red that symbolizes love and fierceness. Opt for this ginger-tinted shade that is sure to make your summer pictures look top-notch.

12. Burgundy Red

12. Burgundy Red Pinit


Burgundy red is a stunning color. Do it up in highlights, keeping the top of your hair dark. It makes the colors flow more naturally while keeping the burgundy red shade vibrant and in focus.

13. Muted Red

13. Muted Red Pinit


Soft red is coming back with a bang. But to be honest, it never really went away. It is moving forward from simply being a rebellious hair shade. It is a wonderful shade for women of all ages!

14. Red-Tinted Brown

14. Red-Tinted Brown Pinit


If you don’t want to plunge headfirst into the red hair trend but still want to try it out, this hair color is for you. Simply add a light touch of red to your brown locks. If you like how it looks, you can take the full plunge.

15. Auburn Red Balayage

15. Auburn Red Balayage Pinit


Summer is the season we all mentally and physically prepare for. We plan to get in shape and pick the perfect vacation spot just so we can get stunning Instagram-worthy shots. Keep in mind that your hair can make or break those pictures. So, go for an auburn balayage this summer that will give you that perfect sun-kissed, breezy look.

16. Red Hints On Blonde Hair

16. Red Hints On Blonde Hair Pinit


Blonde hair looks glorious. So, instead of going full red, here is a better option. Add a slight hint of red to your blonde locks. This will add texture and dimension to your locks. Style your hair in waves to make it look more natural.

17. Bright Red Bangs

17. Bright Red Bangs Pinit


Bangs can make, break, or save your hairstyle. But if your style is more grungy, use your bangs to go rock n’ roll. Get your hair cut in layers and color your bangs a bright red. Don’t forget that black eyeliner to go with it!

Get in touch with your inner goddess with some stunning red highlights! Which one of these red highlights looks can you not wait to try out? Comment below and let us know!

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