Relationship Building Activities For Couples

Reignite the spark in fun and exciting ways to bring you closer to the love of your love.

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Relationships need passion, commitment, and constant effort from both partners. However, in the long run, you may often feel bored and face challenges in sustaining your relationship. This is where relationship-building activities for couples help. They bring the lost spark back into your life and strengthen your bond. We have listed 17 such activities that you can indulge in with your significant other. Take a look.

Top 17 Relationship Building Activities For Couples

1. Practice Active Listening Skills

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Active listening in a relationship means allowing your partner to speak their minds freely. It does not involve emailing, yelling, texting, or speaking while your partner is talking to someone else.

Practice some active listening exercises and ensure not to interrupt them in between, look distracted while they talk, or rush them to complete. Such couple activities aim to give your partner their due importance, listen carefully to what they say, and make them feel that you heard them. You can express yourself only when your partner has finished talking.

2. Discuss Each Other’s Goals

Discussing future goals is an efficient trust-building exercise. Talking about each other’s goals helps build trust between couples. Communicating your dreams, goals, and needs to your partner effectively brings greater happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.

It can be anything from your goal to enroll for a new skill, set up your own business, or change your current profession. If couples discuss and understand why their goals are important, it will help make the relationship strong.

3. Pursue A Hobby Together

Whether working out in the gym or attending an art class together, picking up a hobby that you both enjoy can be a great activity for couples. The aim here is to spend time together, do something as a team, and create a strong bond. This will not only bring excitement to the relationship, but it can also help you connect better with your partner.

4. Create An Appreciation List

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Appreciate each other from the heart and express your feelings vividly. You can also make a list of all the things that you love about your significant other. Write down various things you would like your partner to do to make you feel more loved, secure, and appreciated in the relationship. This will not only make the other person feel valued but also take the relationship to another level.

5. Digital Fasting Exercise

Go for a digital fasting exercise and include it in your daily or weekly routine. It will ensure that overindulgence in social media platforms does not hamper your relationship.

All you need to do is to set aside a few hours with no digital distraction. You both should stay away from phones, iPads, TV, and social media. Instead, spend this time exclusively with your partner to plan, share, talk, cuddle, or engage in any activity that you both find interesting.

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You can also exercise together to keep your mind and body happy and healthy. Thus, working out together and experiencing the same endorphin rush strengthens “chemical” ties.

6. Indulge In The Game of Honesty

It is often one partner at the giving end and the other at the receiving. The game of honesty can be a great way to figure out the real situation in your relationship and enhance trust between the partners. It is an excellent opportunity for you both to reveal your true desire without the fear of being judged.

Partners can tell each other how they feel about certain things while being respectful to each other and without taking it personally. This helps you both to compromise easily and understand each other better.

7. Prepare A List Of Fun Activities You Both Can Do Together

Deepen your bonding with fun activities
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One of the best ways to spice things up in a monotonous relationship is by participating in team building activities. All you need to do is sit with your partner and prepare a fun list.

Include those activities you have always wanted to do with your partner but never had the time or opportunity. It can be anything from hiking, traveling, cooking, gaming, or camping with your partner.

8. Confess And Apologize To Your Partner

Committing mistakes is quite common in any relationship. However, you also have to make things correct and reduce the hurt caused to your partner. Even if you know your partner might become upset knowing the truth, always come out clean and tell them everything honestly.

While the hurt and pain may be there initially, it will help you build trust and keep the relationship healthy. Take turns to confess, apologize for your mistakes, and make sure not to repeat the same.

 9.  Keep A Detailed Journal

Words have the true power to mend hearts and create positive vibes in a relationship. And there is nothing more special than praising your partner with sweet and loving words. So, keep a journal and write love messages for each other.

Other than complaints and judgments, include everything from appreciation notes, gratitude quotes, or love letters. The idea here is to make your partner think of you and feel good about it.

10. Ask Questions To Each Other

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Asking meaningful questions to each other is a great bonding activity that couples can do together. There are tons of online resources to guide you on the type of questions you can ask your partner.

Asking these questions is a form a part of an intimacy-building activity and helps partners bond better. However, make sure that both of you answer them honestly with transparency to get closer to each other and build a lasting relationship.

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Playing the truth game is a great way of strengthening your relationship with your partner. Ask them about their greatest fear, regrets, or the person who inspires them.

11. Practice Eye Contact With Each Other

Looking into each other’s eyes and making promises mostly happens in the dating phase. Once you are in a relationship, it may become a rare occurrence. However, making eye contact with your partner eases tensions and is a way of communication. Thus, it is best to move it back to the priority list.

Eye contact will make your partner feel that you are interested in what they have to say. It is also a form of respect and helps you rekindle the intimacy as a couple.

12. Volunteer Together For Things That You Care About

Volunteering together is one of the best activities to establish a secure bond. It allows you to feel the satisfaction and reward that comes with helping others.
You can pick anything from a cause close to your heart, charity, or voluntary services you and your partner are passionate about.

Volunteering can also help couples change their perspectives, see the more significant issues in life that need attention, and let go of bickering.

13. Rekindle Your Intimacy

The idea of intimacy is not just a sexual relationship. It includes cuddling, kissing, touching, massages, and just being there for each other intimately.

These activities help rediscover closeness as a couple and give a new meaning to your relationship. Do not think much if your body has changed or aged. Instead, explore each other through intimate physical connections.

14. Binge-Watch Your Favourite Show Together

Watching shows together can be a good relationship building exercise
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Choose any movie or show that you both wanted to watch and spend some quality time watching it together. It can be a great bonding idea for couples, as it takes minimal effort and helps renew your relationship.

15. Offer Massages To Each Other

There is nothing better than getting a nice massage from your partner after a hard day. Couple massage therapy is a great way to feel a different kind of touch. You will experience a rush of hormones when your partner is working on your body gently.  This activity allows both of you to spend quality time together and feel fresh and energized after the session.

16. Plan A Trip Together

Explore a nice, small hill station near your location and plan a trip there with your partner. You and your partner can go hiking and experience nature in its true form. But be careful not to hurt yourself, as sprained ankles or a broken knee can take over the feeling of love and romance in no time.

17. Walk Down The Memory Lane

It’s a great idea to take out some time and review your life with your partner. Revisit the old places and memories and scroll through your camera, Facebook photos, or Instagram shots to take a look at the beautiful time you both have spent together. Reminisce about the places you have visited together and the life-long memories. It will help renew your bond and give you new hope for many more to come.

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Infographic: 6 Relationship-Building Activities

We all tend to view our world with rose-tinted glasses on, especially when it comes to our romantic relationships. I hate to burst this bubble, but not everything can go well in your paradise, always. Thus, it’s extremely important to nurture your relationship and foster your bond. If you are someone who feels the spark in your relationship is gone, worry not! Check out this infographic below to know how to rekindle your relationship through some exciting relationship-building activities.

6 relationship building activities (infographic)

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Relationships require endless love and compassion to thrive. Unfortunately, couples these days are so preoccupied with their jobs, children, and household tasks that they have little time for one another. As a result, the relationship may deteriorate. Indulge in some problem-solving exercises for the development of mutual understanding as well as work on a few communication exercises for the better conveyance of emotions and feelings. Pick up the things you both enjoy doing and have some fun doing them together to help your relationship improve. All of these activities such as gratitude exercises, forgiveness exercises, and more will assist you and your spouse in becoming closer. On the other hand, some activities may necessitate proximity and understanding before being attempted. So, have a conversation with your partner, engage in shared hobbies and interests, and then make a strategy together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a relationship activity?

Relationship activities focus on building teamwork, coordination, and understanding between couples. Such activities improve communication and empathy between couples and help strengthen their connection.

What skills are needed to build relationships?

Communication skills, listening skills, interpersonal skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, and patience are some skills essential for building relationships.

How can couples use creative activities like crafting, to enhance their connection?

Activities like crafting provide the best relaxation, helps increase your sense of self-esteem and achievement, allows you to express yourself, and help you connect with your partner intimately while you indulge in creating something together.

What activities can you do in a long-distance relationship?

Some relationship-building activities for long-distance couples are-

  • Stream a movie together
  • Have virtual dinner dates
  • Take up a hobby together
  • Play online games
  • Ask for some help and set up a scavenger hunt

Do relationship-building activities have to be expensive or time-consuming?

No, relationship activities do not have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can engage in these activities in the comfort of your own home over a cup of coffee or a home-cooked meal. A simple activity can include talking and listening to your partner, even if it is for a few minutes; or you can indulge in a cuddling session before the day starts.

Can relationship-building activities help repair a damaged relationship?

Yes, they can help repair a damaged relationship by helping you interact and communicate with each other. These activities can help you build trust over time and rekindle the passion in your relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • There are activities that a couple can take up together to ignite the spark again and strengthen their relationship.
  • Simple activities such as practicing active listening and discussing each other’s goals go a long way.
  • Intimacy can be rekindled by planning some romantic date night ideas and reminiscing memories.
  • Some fun activities to do together are cooking classes, frequent trips, and binge-watching your favorite shows.
relationship building activities for couples

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