Relationship Goals Quotes: Radiate Love With These Heartfelt Quotes

Written by Sushmita Barman

That “hashtag-Relationship Goals” has been trending for quite a while and trending bid time, no? From lovebirds of high school, young folks involved in college romance, newly married couples to old peeps while popping the champagne to mark their relationship milestones, everybody is almost obsessed with this trend. And why shouldn’t anybody even be? For love is all that makes one happy and hope for a better life further. And while this trend is everywhere now, people also scour for great relationship goals quotes that go into their social media posts or even cards. So, we felt like shouldering the responsibility to help you have these quotes right away, so you can plan the celebration even better, without having to worry about what to write. Let’s find out what we have in store for you.

35 Best Relationship Goals Quotes

To give you all the feels, we have made a list of these quotes that can cater to your needs in the best way possible. You want cute couple quotes and quotes that suit your long-distance relationship too? Also, you wanna thank the Almighty too in those words? You got them all below. Go ahead and give it a read.

Quotes For Relationship Goals Perfect For Couples

  • It is not just the idea of being loved that makes me so happy. It is also that unexplainable feeling I get from showering you with my life that gives me the world.
  • It has been ages since we have been together. From childhood to adulthood, you and I have loved each other more and more and have also been able to withstand life’s ups and downs together. In the days that shall come, I would want you just the same. With me. Holding Hands. Being Strong Together.
  • You and I have always been destined to be together, is what I have always believed to be true. After years of us tying the auspicious knot still, I know I would have never wanted anyone but you. And only you. Forever. For the lives after death too!
  • I look at you and always wonder how I got so lucky! But I did. And I love it more than anything in the world now!
  • For years and years, I was made to believe that I was inadequate and imperfect. And growing, I think I even let it impact me negatively a lot. But when you came along and made me feel like I’m on top of the world, I realized how those people’s harsh opinions should have never even mattered, to begin with. I have you and my heart’s content.
  • For I always believed that love is beyond physical appearances. You are unquestionably the most beautiful woman to me, but it’s your loving heart that still gives me those butterflies in my tummy!

Lesbian Relationship Goals Quotes

It has indeed been a difficult journey for you to finally express your feelings to the world or even to the girl of your dreams. But today, the celebration of lesbianism is no longer a hush-hush event but a full-on joyous occasion. So, to help you put all of your feelings into words, we have prepared a list of quotes that have been crafted with immense love exclusively for your community. Also, if you are among those who didn’t have to really fight too hard a battle to achieve your freedom in this, you can use these quotes too! Read them and celebrate your beautiful love story.

  • Our love never deserved to be hidden inside that society-constructed closet. Our love needed to be right out there, everywhere…..flaunted, for more such hidden stories to shine!
  • I always loved the rainbow. But being a lesbian and then finding the love of my life made me understand that rainbow!
  • What is gender in love? And what is that closet in love? Love is free. Free of all unacceptable boundaries. Free like you and I, individually and together!
  • We don’t fall for a gender; we fall for a person. I fell for you and my heart’s content.
  • For me, my happiness triumphed over societal norms and expectations. You’re my happiness, and you are all I want!
  • You are my happy place, my home, my world, and everything beyond. And society cannot change this for me!

Gay Relationship Goals Quotes

With toxic masculinity taking a toll on most males’ mental and physical health, the gay community has undoubtedly suffered massively too. But accepted or not, we say, you do you, boys. Because it’s your belief and acceptance that matters the world. To this end, we are presenting some of the coolest quotes suitable for your relationship. Find them out below:

  • We don’t have this easy, true. But with you beside me, I can transcend all worldly matters. You make me literally so “Gay.”
  • To‘gay’ther we can run the world and make it a happier place. To‘gay’ther we can be so gay and joyful!
  • My Mr. Right was the sole human to pull me outta my closet. And I am so glad he did!
  • If it weren’t for you, I would have never known what loving someone and being loved felt like!
  • As I chose my love over society, I saw happiness.
  • You are my happy pill, no matter what society says!

Long-Distance Relationship Goals Love Quotes

Separated by the borders, seas, or oceans? We mean, are you in a long-distance relationship? Then you are in just the right place. We understand the difficulties you encounter while maintaining a relationship of this kind. It is not just the dates that you miss out on. If the time zones differ, even chatting becomes difficult because probably the moment you switch your lappy off after work and grab your cell to speak to your man, he’s already sleeping like a baby, smiling as he dreams about you. In this chaos, kudos to you when you manage to keep up with everything and flourish in your relationship. So, keeping your efforts in mind, we have listed some of the most swoon-worthy quotes that should make both of your days and give you further hopes to meet soon. Let’s dive in and check out these sweet quotes for relationship goals.

  • If those oceans couldn’t keep us apart, what else will? You and I are meant to be together no matter the distance.
  • When I know that I can meet you again, though, after months or years, I feel safe and content. Distance is painful, but hope keeps us alive!
  • Going about my routine without you beside me is painful. But knowing that I can soon fly back to you keeps me cheerful!
  • Knowing that you are not the first witness to all of my achievements hurts. But when you still make that call to congratulate me, I feel complete.
  • Parting breaks my hurt, but meeting you again heals that heart too.
  • The play globe is my favorite thing now. I can locate you there, and it brings a smile to my face. I know it’s very childlike too!

Cute Relationship Goals Quotes

Going gaga over your cute relationship with bae. We have some cute quotes for you. Especially if you are a teenager and still at the stage where you feel weak in the knees before asking your girl out for the high school dance night, then you should definitely read these quotes. These call quotes for teenage relationships should help.

  • Affections, care, support, a little bit of silly adorable fights—ahh! An apt recipe for a cute love story!
  • I love him. And that’s both the beginning and the end of everything else for me.
  • We meet a gazillion people in life, but nobody touches our hearts. Then we stumble upon that one human, and our lives are changed forever!
  • It is as though we are one soul, though two bodies. We are one unique entity together.
  • She is the greatest embodiment of beauty, and love and I don’t know how I landed her!
  • I have fallen in love with her hopelessly, and she loves me back too. Together, we don’t need no saving!

Relationship Goals And Quotes Thanking God

Looking for quotes that carry your gratitude towards God along with flaunting your relationship goals. Say no more. We have just that for you. Find them below:

  • For me, my love story is God’s conspiracy because finding true love is no less than a miracle.
  • It was my deep faith in God that today, I am content with celebrating our years of togetherness. Could I ask for more?
  • Dear God, I cannot thank you enough for saving the life partner for me. I feel blessed!
  • After several heartbreaks, I still believed God had a gem in store for me. Today, I found that gem, and I don’t need anything more!
  • As I look at my wife, I see love and compassion that the very Almighty is a possessor of.

So, dear people in love, now that you have these amazing quotes about relationship goals with you, go ahead, flaunt your love, and make your own sweet relationship goals. This will not only bring a new charm to your love story, but at the same time, it will also motivate all those people around you to fall in love, go crazy, make sweet little efforts to see their loved ones smile. So now take the inspo and write your stories!

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