Relationship Tarot Spreads To Enhance Your Love Life

Harness the power of your subconscious and deepest desires to transform your love life.

By Harini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Relationship tarot spreads have become a popular way to look for insights into your love life and relationships. It is a divination practice that has been around since the Middle Ages when people wanted to learn more about the status of their relationship. Tarot card spreads are believed to help people introspect and understand their deepest desires and needs. They are a tool that can be used to improve relationships if used wisely. Scroll down if you want to learn more about how to read, use, and understand tarot spreads for relationships.

Relationship Tarot Spreads: How To Use And 4 Powerful Spreads Explained

Shuffle the tarot cards with a clear mind and lay out one, three, four, or five cards in a row. Look up each card’s meaning as you reflect on the specific questions you have in your mind.

A physical tarot deck usually comes with a detailed booklet explaining each card’s meaning. However, if it is not available, look up the symbolism of tarot cards in an online glossary.

If you are ready to shuffle the deck and spread the cards, scroll further to understand the most powerful relationship tarot spreads you may come across.

1. Future Relationship Card Spread

Future relationship tarot spread


If you are unsure about the future of your relationship, this one-card relationship tarot spread will give you insight into what to expect next.

Whether you have specific questions in your mind or want a general insight into the future of your relationship, this tarot card spread will help.

How To Interpret

If you have been wondering about asking your partner to move in with you, and you pick the Four of Wands card, it reflects success, passion, and unity.

Since there is a lot of positive energy attached to this card, it suggests that you and your partner may lead a happy life. So, you may ask your partner to move in with you.

2. New Relationship Tarot Card Spread

If you just met someone and are curious about the relationship, this four-card tarot spread for new relationships may help you discover what lies in store. The first card you pick refers to your feelings, and the second reflects your partner’s feelings.

The third card focuses on the positive aspects of your relationship, and the fourth one explains the future of the bonding.

How To Interpret

Let us understand how to interpret this relationship tarot card spread. For instance, if you get Strength for the first card, it shows your feelings in your new relationship. It reflects that you have the patience, courage, and strength to pursue your heart’s desire.

Moving on to your partner’s feelings, if you draw the Hermit for the second card, it reflects your partner’s spiritual growth and wisdom. It might mean that your partner considers you as a guide, helping them navigating their lives and allowing them to grow as an individual.

If you get the Wheel of Fortune for the third card, it reflects destiny, chance, and fate. It indicates that the two of you have come together because you are meant to be, and the relationship stands a strong chance to grow.

The final card in this spread reflects the future of the relationship. If you turn over the Sun card for this one, it signifies success and happiness, and you can be assured of having a great time with your partner in the future.

3. Breakup Tarot Spread

Breakups are painful. However, you need to remember that everything happens for a reason and focus on understanding it. The breakup tarot card spread is an excellent way to get a clear picture.

This is a three-card relationship tarot spread. The first card refers to the things that went well in the relationship, the second shows why it did not work out, and the third refers to the things that you can learn from it.

How To Interpret

Let’s assume you take out Three of Cups for the first card here. It suggests that you and your ex did have a great time together. So, what was wrong with the relationship, you wonder?

You get the answer when you pull the second card. For instance, if you pull the Seven of Wands card, it suggests there were invisible emotional walls between both of you, which may have led to commitment issues.

What can you learn from this relationship? To understand that, pull the third card. For instance, if you pull Temperance card, it refers to harmony and balance. It indicates that perhaps your relationship was way more intense, causing an emotional imbalance.

4. Compatibility Tarot Spread

Compatibility tarot spread


In this tarot spread, the first two cards you pull give you an idea of alignment between you and your partner. The third card, on the contrary, reveals your relationship tone. The tone may not reflect the overall status of the relationship but something unique that may influence your relationship at the moment.

How To Interpret

Here, you need to pull the five cards for a basic cross, reflecting your and your partner’s feelings about the relationship, the dominant characteristic of the relationship dynamic, and challenges or conflicts influencing the relationship’s potential.

Similar to most five-card crosses, the fourth and fifth cards here allow you to learn more about the significance of your relationship dynamic – what might be causing or could cause tension in the relationship? How may the relationship impact your life?

When it comes to tarot card reading, intuition is a powerful thing. It is essentially the gut feeling we get about something that sticks with us. Love, light, and intuition can guide us in understanding our love life, sometimes without us realizing it. Let’s understand this in detail.

How To Read Tarot Cards With Love, Light, And Intuition

How to read relationship tarot spread


The key idea behind intuitive love tarot readings is to let feelings guide you instead of analyzing everything with logic. If done right, an intuitive tarot reading can be the key to unlocking the tarot.

Here is how you can do tarot reading with love, light, and intuition:

  •  Understanding What Tarot Cards Represent And How To Interpret Them

Tarot cards are more like guides that help you navigate your inner personal life, including love, relationships, career, and more.

In general, every tarot deck comes with a detailed guidebook to interpret the cards. However, all cards are open to interpretation. It is more about using the moment to flex your inner light and intuition to understand how a particular card applies to different areas of your life, specifically love and relationships.

  •  Keep Going Back To The Card

There is no harm in putting the card back in the deck after the reading. However, it is wise to go back to the card and think about the message the universe is trying to communicate. Since all cards are open to interpretation, try to think over the message, analyze, and understand its true meaning.

Another important thing to remember is to keep the chosen tarot card back into the box face-up on top of the cards, unlike the rest of the deck that stays face-down.

  •  Follow The Ideal Process For Pulling And Addressing The Cards

To start the process, open your tarot box and hold the cards in your hand. Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, use your intuition, and ask your spirit guides to be with you during the reading. You can ask your guides to give love, light, and clear messages that will most benefit your highest destiny path.

As you hold the cards in your hand, tap the pile of tarot cards several times to spread your energy to the deck, give the cards a nice shuffle, cut them into three piles, and put them into one pile again.

Now, you are ready to start the tarot reading. Spread the cards on the floor or table, choose the ones you are drawn to, and consult the guidebook and intuition.

One of the most important things to keep in mind here is not to overthink it. While intuitive messages during tarot reading may not always make complete sense, the point is to trust them anyway.

So, when you receive your intuitive hints, thank your inner light and soul for the information and request some more. If you keep following your intuition, you will be surprised with the kind of love, trust, faith, openness, and willingness you will develop to do your tarot card readings.

Relationship tarot spreads are ideal for getting insights into your relationships and love life. If used correctly, these cards can be an amazing tool to enhance your love life and keep it on the right track. Primarily, they enable you to grasp several aspects of the relationship and understand what is required from you and your partner to strengthen it. They can also help you get answers to the questions you worry about and help you get more clarity on steering your relationship. Moreover, they can make you aware of what to expect going ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ask tarot cards about your relationship?

Yes, you can ask tarot cards questions about your relationship.

Should I pursue a relationship tarot spread?

Yes, you may pursue a relationship tarot spread if you want deeper insight into your present, past or future relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Using tarot cards wisely can help you understand and improve your relationship.
  • You can gain insights into your relationship, breakup, and compatibility with a tarot spread.
  • You must follow the right process to pull and address cards and learn how to interpret them the right way to understand what they are saying.

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