Everything You Need To Know About The Ring Bearer At A Wedding

This little head-turner carries out one of the most significant parts of the nuptials!

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Christian or traditional wedding ceremonies of exchanging vows and rings are elegant in their own ways. The wedding processional order maintained in the ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most eye-soothing views. The ring bearer is one of the members of the processional order. The inclusion of flower girl, ring bearer, maid of honor, or best man enhances the temperament of the wedding party to a great extent.

Are you planning a wedding ceremony? Do you want it to be a grand one? Then you definitely must have arranged a ring bearer for the occasion. Ring bearers play a pivotal role in the marriage ritual. The functional role and the tempting adorability of the ring bearer can make your wedding ceremony worth remembering! Want to explore more? Dive into this post to know more about a ring bearer.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Make the ring bearer wear outfits of their choice, as you do not want a crying child walking down the aisle carrying your ring on an auspicious day.

Who Is A Ring Bearer?

Who is the ring bearer?
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The ring bearer is the direct name given to the person who carries the engagement rings to the altar. Ring bearers tend to be young boys starting from the age group of three continuing up to ten. It is the basic tradition of any wedding processional order to have a child as the ring bearer. They actually steal the show before the bride makes the grand entry. Ring bearers are usually close relatives of the couple. There is a notion that young children shall carry the rings towards the aisle. It signifies innocence and love to the future of the newlywed couple. The wedding traditions have been varying since Ancient Egypt. Previously, the ring bearers used to dress up as the groom and carry the rings. The modern wedding ceremonial procedure involves the ring bearer carrying placards or fake rings – just to maintain the processional order of the wedding.

A blogger shares an adorable story when her cute little son was made ring bearer at his aunty’s wedding. She shares photos from the ceremony where he is holding on to the ring box tightly and she says, “He took his role very seriously and it’s all he could talk about the week leading up (i).”

protip_icon Quick Tip
It is not ideal to time the background music with the ring bearer as kids will take longer to reach the end of the aisle than expected.

What Does A Ring Bearer Do?

A little girl carrying the rings
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A ring bearer walks down the aisle in a wedding just after the groom or groomsmen. They tend to carry a ring for either the groom or both, according to the ritual. He is one of the youngest members of the wedding ceremony. However, the presence of a ring bearer is not mandatory.

The most important responsibility of the young boy is to deliver the rings for the couple at the altar. He is responsible to hand over the rings to the best man or the officiant at the altar. He also carries a pillow on which the rings rest. He can also bring the jewelry in a ring box or a dish. Often a ring bearer carries cute banners down the aisle denoting special notes for the couple. As ring bearers are young, they need to carry a banner in order to keep from losing the rings on the way.

How To Choose A Ring Bearer?

A little boy as the ring bearer for a wedding ceremony
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Selecting kids can make your party look exceptional. However, you may face a dilemma in choosing a ring bearer. You can consider your close relatives. It can be the son of your cousin or a friend as well. You can also break the gender roles and select a girl as a ring bearer. You can still make them stand on the proper side and represent the role perfectly. You can even choose the ring bearer from the kids who are attending the ceremony if you don’t have any kids from a close relative.

How Old Should The Ring Bearer Be?

A little boy is the perfect ring bearer
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Traditionally, the ring bearers are kids between the ages of three and eight. They can be teenagers as well, depending on the requirement. Modern wedding ceremonies also include toddlers or infants to make a distinguished appearance. Their outfits should be designed accordingly as they highlight the aisle of the wedding processional order. Generally, young kids are taken into account for such roles to describe the virtuousness of the wedding and the future life of the couple altogether. As the ring bearer is too young, you can hand them fake rings just to maintain the order. If you want to make it funny, use one of the groom’s mates. Just make sure he makes a spectacular entrance

Ring Bearer Signs

A girl carrying a beautiful box with rings under a Mr. and Mrs. sign
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The cutest member of the wedding ceremony should lead the procession for sure! It’s an honor for the young kid to hold the duty of a ring bearer as they overload the ceremony with adorability. Despite carrying rings, the ring bearers can also hold some signs and placards for a photo-worthy moment at the wedding ceremony. This will be a surprise for the guests present at the party as well. Few classic romantic signs can be used to add the romance factor. These can include the following:

  • Handmade wedding ring bearer signs

DIY beautiful handmade placards can show off the dynamic side of the wedding theme. You can print them on handmade cards or linen surfaced frames as well. Add on some colorful ribbons for an enhanced look!

  • Scarlett wedding signs

As the ring bearer will be leading the bride, signs like ’The Bride is going to arrive soon’ can be a banner. Design it in a vintage style to give it a traditional look. Top it off with matching streamers and glitters for a more elaborated shine!

  • Birch and tides wedding banner signs

You can make use of some leftover wooden pieces, carve them out, and give them a rustic feel with some cursive handwriting. Host it as ‘Here comes the Bride’, which can give your entrance a sophisticated appearance. This perfect banner is appropriate for any sort of outdoor wedding ceremony.

  • Pennant flag sign

Make the young boy or girl take upon a pennant flag sign beautifully decorated with poster colors on the sandwich board. The ring bearer can use it to swing it back and forth to catch the attention of the guests.

  • Oversized balloon sign

Arrange some printed balloons announcing the arrival of the bride and the commencement of the ceremony. Decorate them with faux leaves if you want, which should definitely match the theme of the occasion. The ring bearer will carry a bunch of oversized balloons announcing the arrival. Isn’t that pretty innovative?

  • Pet ring bearer sign

Is your ring bearer four-pawed? Decorate a sweet sign saying, ‘My humans are getting married finally’. This cute initiative of bringing your pet on to the aisle will leave your guests feeling overwhelmed! Make sure this sign is used for the pets to carry.

  • Acrylic ring bearer sign

Brush on some acrylic paints and incorporate them onto a fabric plate. The would-be bride will be elated with such decorations.

  • Chalkboard sign

You can use this idea if you have two ring bearers for the occasion. One can carry a chalkboard with words stating ‘Bride is about to arrive,’ while another ring bearer can walk during the recessional period with a board carrying the message, ‘Just Married’ after the proposal and ceremony. Keep the handwriting in retro style to attract the attention of the guests quickly.


The traditional custom of the presence of ring bearers at the wedding ceremony is followed by many. You can make it innovative by introducing a recessional process as well. Involve your pets in the wedding processional order and give it a modern look. The roots of the wedding traditions are not yet clear, as different religions follow different patterns of rituals. But when it comes to symbolism they signify love, commitment and unity, Ring bearers function in all types of wedding ceremonies, though. Including children in the wedding and occasions are cultural procedures. You might not follow that if you want to keep the whole process simple.

Make sure the rings are secure with the children. Use pillows or glass boxes to ensure the security of diamond rings. You can also hand the rings to the best man or officiant, if necessary, keeping the ring bearers in their own position with fake rings and placards for the order. Also, don’t forget to figure out the traits of kids and whether it really matches the vibe of your wedding! You don’t want it to be chaotic, do you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog be a ring bearer?

Yes. Your dog can be a ring bearer. But they need the right training to hold the rings and to walk in a cue. They also need a cute dress.

Can adults be ring bearers?

Yes. Adults can be ring bearers if there are no kids (but traditionally, kids may be the norm) available for that role.

What if you don’t have a ring bearer?

It is OK not to have a ring bearer. The bride can carry the groom’s ring, and the groom can carry the bride’s.

Key Takeaways

  • The ring bearer is the name given to the person who carries the rings to the altar.
  • Traditionally, a wedding processional order should have a child between three and eight years as the ring bearer.
  • The responsibility of the ring bearer is to walk down the aisle just after the groom or groomsmen, carrying a ring for either the groom or both.
  • It is common to hand the real rings to the best man or officiant and keep the young ring bearers in their position or walk down with fake rings and placards to maintain the ritual and order.
Ring Bearer

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Planning a wedding? Get your flower girl and ring bearer to stick to the plan with ease! Follow the simple tips in the video below for a smooth and stress-free wedding.

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