37 Rose Brown Hair Shades That Will Inspire You To Visit The Salon

Smokey tones, deep shades, intense colors, and dark highlights - color your hair rosy this season.

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Heavenly chocolate with a beautiful rosy shine – that’s what the rose brown hair color looks like.

This surreal hair color is for all you brunettes who have been going green with jealousy over the rose gold trend for blondes. If you wonder what makes this shade of brown so popular that it has been clouding your insta feed for days, let us explain. The rose brown shade is so versatile that it goes well with all skin tones and personalities. Another bonus point is that you do not have to bleach your lovely brown locks. So, embrace ‘la vie en rose’ and love your dark locks with a hint of rose.

Scroll down to learn more about this rose brown trend and quick tips to make this hair coloring adventure more interesting. Keep reading for more information!

Tips For Picking Your Rose Brown Hair Color And Coloring Your Hair

  1. Pick your shade of rose brown based on your skin tone. Rose brown is a versatile hair color and suits almost all skin tones, but the undertones play a key role here. Get a cool-toned shade if you have a cool undertone and a warm-toned hue if you have a warm undertone. You can go for any shade if you have a neutral undertone.
  1. Talk to your hairstylist. This is very important! Take time to discuss the exact color you want for your hair. When it comes to rose brown, stylists can mix a bunch of colors to give you the exact hair color mix you want. It’s best to carry a reference picture to show them exactly what you want. Also, be open to their suggestions as they’re professionals and know what colors will and will not look good on you.
  1. If you’re dyeing your own hair, take the needed precautions to keep your hair and skin safe. Wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting stained. To protect your skin, apply petroleum jelly all along your hairline and around your ears.
  1. If you have really dark hair, you might have to lighten it a bit. Make sure your hair is healthy before you bleach it.
  1. If you do bleach your hair, make sure to oil your hair regularly to restore its health. Even coloring your hair rose brown requires daily care. Oiling your hair regularly will nourish it and leave it lush and glossy.
  1. Coloring your hair rose brown isn’t as damaging as you think it is. Just condition your hair regularly to maintain its health.
StyleCraze Trivia
Getting your hair dyed rose brown generally involves the combined use of bleach (for those with very dark hair), Olaplex treatment, and red and brown hair dyes.

Check out these 37 surreal rose brown hair shades that are sure to inspire your next trip to the salon.

37 Incredible Rose Brown Hair Shades

1. Rose Brown With Blonde Highlights

Rose Brown With Blonde Highlights


Be bold and beautiful and go for a blunt lob with blonde highlights. The fierce and jaw-dropping mix of blonde highlights looks mesmerizing and accentuates your rose-brown hair and makes it look shiny and voluminous.

2. Light Rose Brown

Light Rose Brown


If you want to make changes to your hairstyle without making any major, add light pink tones to your brown locks. They will add dimension, depth, and vitality to your gorgeous locks.

3. Classic Rose Brown Hair

This has to be the perfect mix of rose and chocolate. You can see the rosy hue and the lovely rich chocolate blend oh-so-beautifully. The waves that this hair look has been styled in raise its oomph factor to a million. Love!

4. Deep Rose Brown

Not everyone loves drama unless it’s on their hair. This deep burgundy hue is so enticing that you can feel it hypnotizing you. I love how this rose shade blends with brunette hair seamlessly. It looks flawless.

5. Smoky Rose Brown

Mystery meets drama in this rose brown hair look. There’s something very intriguing about this cool-toned rose brown hair color that takes mystique to a whole new level.

6. Purple Rose Brown

The purple rose flower was created by man. It symbolizes enchantment at the very first glance, which aptly describes this blend of purple and rose brown hair color. Isn’t it super enticing?

7. Warm-Toned Rose Brown

By adding blonde to the mix, you can convert this generally cool-toned hue into a lovely warm-toned blend. This rose brown hue is perfect for anyone with a warm undertone to sport during the winter.

8. Intense-To-Light Rose Brown

My friend got a brown-to-blonde ombre done a few months back and was recently complaining about how lifeless her hair looks now. I suggested she spice up her hair with this stunning rose brown mix, and she loves it!

9. Smoky Mix

Lavender or pink? Why not both? This blend of rose brown and lavender works well for all skin tones. I’m not kidding! Book an appointment with your hairstylist now. You won’t regret it!

10. Dark Rose Brown Highlights

Start off small. If you are not sure about this color, go for partial highlights to see if you like rose brown and if it matches your skin tone. You can also check if you want to go for a lighter or darker shade.

11. Rose Brown With Yellow Undertones

Don’t panic if you forgot to buy toner. Sometimes, the yellow undertone that is left behind by hair color can be worked to your advantage. Since yellow is a warm color, it can lend a warm or neutral undertone to your rose brown hair shade.

12. Deep Brown

If you are looking for something subtle, I present to you this lovely shade of rose brown. You can see the reddish hue clearly standing out in those brown locks. It looks wonderful!

13. Suave Rose Brown

Need to channel your inner princess? Opt for this suave pink rose brown hair shade. Light pink looks incredible when blended with brunette locks. This hair look makes me want to break out in song!

StyleCraze Says
Suave rose brown is best suited for those with cool undertones. Olive tones and warm tones should avoid this particular shade of rose brown.

14. Wine Rose Brown

Wash your worries away with this wine rose brown hair color. It’s an extravagant color that is flawlessly intense. Style this hair color in waves to make your hair look voluminous and lush.

15. Rose Brown Ombre

Ombre is one hair color trend that looks like it’s here to stay. So, of course, you need to try it out in a gorgeous rose brown shade. It adds tons of depth and dimension to your hair.

16. Bright Rose Brown

In movies, when they’re trying to be dramatic, deeper hues are used to make things look sadder. Brighter hues, on the other hand, are used to depict happiness. Showcase your happiness with this superb bright rose brown shade.

17. Auburn Rose Brown

Auburn and brown are the perfect fall colors. They’re earthy and bring warmth to an otherwise cold season. Adding rose to the mix just makes this hair blend all the more enviable.

18. The Blossom Topaz Mix

If Cheryl Blossom ever sported Toni Topaz’s hair color (can you tell that I love Riverdale?), this is probably what she’d go for. It’s a subtle reddish shade of rose brown. It’s lush, and it adds dimension and volume to your hair while making it look super shiny.

19. Red Rose Brown

Innumerable songs have been written about roses. Why? Because not only are they the symbol of love, but they also look downright perfect – just like this rose brown hair color mix.

20. Grungy Rose Brown

I present to all you blonde ladies this tastefully playful rose brown mix. Though it’s a girly shade, it can bring out anyone’s grungy side. I like how though this hair look is light, it still has a deep and intense vibe to it.

21. Rose Brown Color Melt

Sometimes, all you need is a dash of pink to spice up your locks. Take a look at this stunning rose brown color melt. It is warm-toned and soft. You can see the rose brown blend into a rose gold towards the end.

22. Fall Rose Brown

This hair color mix is perfect for fall. Rose brown and copper blend together to create this wonderful warm-hued hair look. It brings you warmth on cold and rainy days. I also like that the rose brown is more subdued in this look. It is a great example of how you can use it in little ways to spice up another hair color.

23. Dark Rose Brown

This rose brown hair blend runs as deep as your soul! I can almost feel the intensity bleed from the screen. If you have dark, medium, or olive-toned skin, you need to try out this color blend. It becomes lighter towards the middle and end, but still remains predominantly dark. This multi-shade blend adds dimension and texture to your locks.

24. Candy Pop Rose Brown

Women are naturally colorful beings. We love bright colors that speak to our personalities, much like this candy pop rose brown hue. Also, note how the contrast of straight hair at the top and wavy hair at the bottom brings dimension to this hairstyle. I also love the candy pop red hints that are peaking through. This is a vibrant way to beat the heat during those blasted hot summers.

25. Pastel Rose Brown

Pastels are THE color trend of the century! While most trends tend to die down over time, the pastel rage seems to keep picking up. These subtle shades are so mesmerizing, you’ll want to try them in a heartbeat, just like this warm-toned pastel rose brown mix.

26. Intense Medium Rose Brown

You don’t always need to use dark colors to create an intense hair look. If you have medium brown hair, leave it be instead of making it lighter or darker. This way, when you color your tresses rose brown, you get a wonderful pink tint that is darker in a few areas and lighter in others. This gives your hair a dynamic look.

27. Ultraviolet Rose Brown

You must be thinking that rose brown doesn’t fall under the vibrant category. Though you’re absolutely right, it is important to note that rose brown is one of the perfect shades to blend a vibrant color with. Look how well it blends with violet to bring you this exciting hair color mix.

28. Smoky Lavender And Intense Rose Brown

I’ve often heard that pink and purple are color pairs. They both are feminine shades that embody energy and grace. If bright colors are not your cup of tea, opt for smoky hair colors. Try this smoky lavender blend with a deep rose brown. It’s sure to leave everyone stunned.

29. Rose Brown Balayage

It is truly stunning what hairstylists can achieve. Take a step back and think about it. Not only can you get incredible hair colors like this rose brown balayage, but you can also volumize your hair by styling it wavy. Doesn’t it call for a round of applause?

30. Rose Brown And Pink Ombre

If you’re looking for a way to let your inner unicorn shine, this is it. Look no further. This gorgeous mix can be achieved by adding rose gold to your brown locks and bleeding it out with lilac at the ends.

31. Mahogany Rose Brown

There’s a reason women love mahogany so much. The color is as intense and deep as your thoughts. Why not make it playful to match your personality? Add a nice rose brown hint to your mahogany locks to get this surreal blend. Perfect, right?

32. Denim Rose Brown

If there’s one trend that will never fade, it’s denim. It’s no shocker that we’ve taken the denim feel to hair colors as well. It looks rad! When paired with wavy hair and choppy ends, you’ve got yourself a winning hairstyle.

33. Rose Golden Brown

One of the most sought-after hair shades is rose gold. It inspired the rose brown trend. If you have a brown-blonde hair situation and feel that it lacks luster and life, try this hair mix! It will not let you down.

34. Metallic Rose Brown

Metallic shades bring the gloss back to your locks. And, they look totally stunning. Try this metallic rose brown hue and restore the shine to your hair.

35. Pop Rose Brown

A little bit of pop never hurt anyone. In fact, color pops are one of the highest-rated hair color trends of all time. A pop of pink on rose brown hair is all you need to flaunt your locks and grab all the attention.

36. Vibrant Rose Brown Partial Highlights

Highlights are a great way to add a new lease of life to your hair. They also add dimension to your locks while framing your face. If you’re not sure about the highlights you’re getting, opt for partial highlights. This way, you can see how they look before committing to full highlights.

37. Rose Gold/Rose Brown Mix

Rose gold on brown hair looks stunning. This color blend would look incredible during the winter and fall seasons because it is an earthy mix that is warm-toned. It’s neither too light, not too dark nor bright – it’s just perfect.

Don’t all these styles look spectacular! Brunettes have been considered plain and boring for the longest time because there is apparently nothing special about brown hair. It is not deemed as attractive as blonde nor as exotic as black. But one perusal of this article shows how a rosy touch to our plain brown hair can significantly transform its look. A rose brown hair color would do wonders for brunettes. We hope you got some inspiration from the above list of our top 37 rose brown hair shades. Try them out to find the perfect ones for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does rose brown hair fade quickly?

Yes, rose brown hair will eventually fade to a shade of brunette and tends to fade faster than other colors. If you want to maintain that beautiful pink hue, visit your hair salon every 6 to 8 weeks to make it look fresh and bright.

How do you keep rose brown hair?

Maintain your rose brown hair by avoiding hot showers and heat styling tools. Additionally, invest in hair masks and the right hair care products to keep your brown hair shiny and beautiful.

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