Top 65 Rose With Stem Tattoo Ideas

Elevate the look of this bloom by getting it inked with its stem.

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A classic rose with stem tattoo is a timeless emblem of beauty that symbolizes romance, grace, exuberance, intrigue, and aspiration. This enduring motif has been a staple in the world of body art, where the incorporation of the stem in the design adds a dynamic element, emphasizing growth, strength, and the journey of life. Whether delicately inked on the wrist or boldly displayed on the forearm, this tattoo embodies grace and resilience. The intricate detailing of the petals, thorns, and the curve can all be customized to create visual poetry that speaks of the complexities of human emotions. Beyond its aesthetic allure, a rose with stem tattoo makes a personal statement, capturing the true essence of the wearer’s sentiments and experiences. If the popular tattoo has been on your mind lately, and you have been looking for some good design inspiration, you have landed on the right page. Check out our list of rose with stem tattoo designs for inspiration and learn about their meaning below!

Symbolism Of The Rose With Stem Tattoo

The rose with stem tattoo design symbolizes resilience, gentleness, love, and growth. While the delicate petals portray enduring beauty, the stem and thorns represent life’s challenges. It is truly a timeless and personal narrative etched into skin. Now that you are aware of the symbolic meaning behind the rose with stem tattoo, check below for our top 65 amazing tattoo designs for your reference!

65 Rose With Stem Tattoo Designs

We have divided the inks in four different sections to allow you to easily choose your favorite tattoo type and design. On that note, scroll down to view our first variation below.

Long Stemmed Rose Tattoos

While the classic rose with stem design looks ever-so appealing, a long stemmed pattern adds a touch of elegant and edgy allure to it! Check out some amazing tattoo references below.

1. Rose With Long And Black Stem Design

The sleek design adds a touch of mystery and elegance to the classic rose flower motif. The thick stem pattern in rich black hue embodies resilience and strength and acts as a reminder to the wearer to be persistent in dealing with life’s many hardships. This traditional monochromatic rose with a long stem design is one of the most popular yet meaningful pieces you can adorn if unconventional patterns are not your thing.

2. Rose With Cascading Stem Tattoo

Here is an alluring rose design with its stem flowing gracefully. The cascading nature of the rose stem portrays the natural movement and highs and lows of one’s life, and how the journey can be enjoyed whilst retaining beauty and grace inside and out. The stem exudes resilience and the overall design can be a great choice for those seeking a blend of nature’s charm and personal symbolism.

3. Rose Stem Tattoo In Black And Yellow Hue

If you have been wanting to get matching tattoos with your friend or any family member, then we can confidently recommend this! This simple yet attractive rose with stem tattoo adorns the forearms of the two wearers, and makes for a vibrant minimalist piece that is bound to suit everyone. The touch of yellowish-green hue in the design and the black outline further makes the tattoo stand out. The yellow tone is another great choice that you can go ahead with as it symbolizes happiness, friendship and togetherness.

4. Rose With Long Stem Hand Tattoo


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This stylish hand tattoo featuring a rose with a sleek and long stem exudes timeless charm and elegance. The design symbolizes love and growth with the extended stem adding a touch of flair. The design is a chic expression of personal style and sits appealingly on the hand below the thumb joint. The subtle highlights with white ink is another reason the tattoo is one of our top choices for a hand placement.

5. Colorful Rose With Long Stem Hand Tattoo

If you are not a fan of simple black ink tattoo designs, then we are sure you are going to adore this one. This colorful rose with long stem tattoo covers both the popular tattoo placements, the forearm and the hand, and looks nothing but gorgeous. The gradient shading and hues of the rose blend seamlessly and give the tattoo a realistic touch.

6. Purple Rose With Long Stem Tattoo Design

While the majority of individuals go for the classic red rose with stem design, if you want to add a twist to the idea, then opt for a unique color like purple right here. The combination of purple rose petals with an elegant green stem and gorgeously shaded leaves make the tattoo design instantly enchanting, oozing feminine charm and natural allure that can be rocked by anyone.

7. Rose With Stem And Butterfly Tattoo Design

Incorporating all the beautiful elements of nature, this rose with a long stem and butterfly design is one you definitely can not skip. The rose symbolizes timeless love and passion, while the butterfly represents gradual transformation and freedom. The sweet harmony of the two symbols together create a meaningful piece of body art. So, if you are a nature-lover, you can look to this design to express your passion!

8. Minimalist Rose With Stem Back Tattoo

This simple yet elegant rose with a long stem tattoo design features a blooming rose and slender stem symbolizing steady growth leading to beauty. The minimalist tattoo captures the true essence of how love is both a part of nature and nurture, making it the perfect choice for those seeking both a delicate and meaningful design for their upper back.

9. Rose With Stem And Barbed Wire Design

This rose with a long stem and barbed wire design seamlessly combines beauty and toughness. While the delicate rose exudes elegance, the barbed wire adds an edgy touch and represents life’s challenges and individual resilience in the face of it. The red color of the rose also offers vibrancy to the overall black-hued design. The blend of natural femininity with strength is one tattoo design you can undoubtedly bookmark for that future tattoo appointment.

10. Colored Rose With Stem And Statement Tattoo

If you feel like your realistic colorful rose with a stem tattoo may look lonely standing solo, then you can go ahead and add a meaningful phrase and instantly spruce up its overall aesthetic. The “I love you” message represents deep affection and enduring love. This heartfelt ink captures the spirit of human emotions and acts as a meaningful declaration of endearment permanently on the skin.

11. Gradient Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

Another gradient rose with a long stem design we are adoring at the moment! The seamless blending of hues on the petals add a touch of mystique and depth to the overall design. The tattoo is guaranteed to be the one to stand out and fetch you endless compliments. Moreover, it is something perfect for individuals who love humble patterns and nothing too overpowering.

12. Black And Gray Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

While the majority of the rose with long stem tattoo designs depict a thick stem symbolizing resilience, the rather fine stem here represents flexibility and the natural tactness of the wearer in dealing with what life throws at them. The soft hues of black, gray, and highlights of white add dimension and further make it appear striking. So, definitely go ahead with this one if you like subtle highlighting details.

13. Simple Rose With Stem Tattoo

By now we can confidently say that a rose with a long stem tattoo design looks best in its simplest of forms, especially when it is a black line tattoo, where the shading is key. Check out this modest and timeless pattern that exudes minimalistic allure and is ideal for anyone seeking a subtle tattoo design that showcases its presence without being overwhelming.

14. Outline Rose With Stem Tattoo

Talking about minimalist tattoo designs, here’s another one that hits the right notes! While the gradient and black rose with long stem patterns hold good popularity and appear bold, the silhouette and outline design above portrays the true essence of the flower sans any hue or embellishments. The intricate line work is also done beautifully and neatly, we definitely recommend a design of this kind for someone who is into soft aesthetics and is a newcomer to body art.

15. Black And Red Rose With Stem Tattoo


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Another edgy rose with stem design you are bound to instantly like! While a lot seems to be going on here, everything comes together seamlessly to offer an appealing design and cool aesthetic. From the shaded flower, rich black stem and leaves, to the crimson swaths in the background, all the design elements make the tattoo one of a kind and truly abstract with the color element.

16. Vibrant Rose With Stem Tattoo


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This colorful and lively design of a blooming red rose with a slender green stem and fresh leaves is one that instantly caught our attention. The erect and vibrant green stem symbolizes steadiness and strength, the flower’s gorgeous petals represent love and the fleeting nature of life, while the thorns portray hardships that one has to deal with in the journey of life. All of these elements come together to symbolize the grace in being resilient.

17. Intricate Rose With Stem Design

We are in complete awe of this rose with a stem tattoo design! The intricate detailing of the pattern is something praise-worthy and clearly showcases the artist’s expertise. The blooming petals capture your attention and the spirited leaves further add an energetic vibe to the overall design. Each element is carefully crafted, using fine clean lines highlighting the complexity and grace of the rose.

18. Abstract Rose With Stem Tattoo Design


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A post shared by Lance Steele (@steele_ink)

If simple and minimalistic tattoo designs are not your thing, then definitely look at this stunning piece! The abstract design features a unique and artistic depiction of a rose and its slender, curving stem. The subtle splashes of red around the rose add a whimsical touch to the design. It also incorporates a modern flair, making it a stylish and visually-appealing tattoo that is a timeless choice.

19. Below The Rib Rose With Stem Design

Here’s another rose with a stem link work tattoo design placed delicate right below the ribcage. The large body area works as a spacious tattoo canvas to successfully capture all the intricate details of the design. The flower, stem, and leaves together offer a simple yet distinctive appearance. So, if you don’t wish to go for the classic tattoo spots for this design, then we would definitely recommend the area below the ribcage as a great option.

20. Collarbone Rose With Stem Tattoo

The collarbone has always been a popular spot for tattooing, whether you witness flying birds on it or fluttering butterflies. The rose with stem tattoo design can now be considered another example of amazing tattoo designs that you can adorn it with! The delicate flowers and the sleek long stem perfectly rests on the bone and gently emphasizes its shape to appear as one with your body.

21. Sleek Line Work Rose With Stem Tattoo Design


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Line work designs surely seem to be a hit amongst tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. The rose with its petals delicately outlined, appears modern and refined. The streamlined design adds a touch of sophistication to the classic flower design. The clean lines here along with the minimalistic approach capture the true beauty of the rose but in a sleek and simple manner.

22. Realistic Rose With Stem Design

For all the bold souls out there, this realistic rose with a long stem in rich hues is an ideal design. The lifelike portrayal of the rose is completed with intricate details of the flower petals, stem, leaves, and thorns. The length of the stem along the calf and leg adds authenticity, making it appear as if freshly-picked. The stunning design captures the true beauty of nature, promoting it as a timeless symbol of love and elegance.

23. Black Ankle Rose With Stem Tattoo


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The stylish black rose with a thorny stem design on the ankle is another great example of great linework and shading and tattoo placement. The elegant tattoo can be chosen for its simplicity and classic beauty. The ankle placement makes for a chic and meaningful choice for those looking for a simple, graceful tattoo. If you’re looking for a dainty design and love intricate shading, you can opt for this one.

24. Bold SIde-stomach Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

This refreshing and bold rose with a stem tattoo design on the side-stomach is another popular choice for placement. The stomach area makes for a prominent and daring spot, and the perfect accessory for summers, when you can flaunt it in crop tops. The rose design bestows a sophisticated elegance and the stem with one curved leaf symbolizes turning a new page in life with strength. Overall it is a striking tattoo design ideal for everyone.

25. Rose With Stem And Falling Leaves Design

A beautiful blooming rose with slender stem and delicate falling leaves make this a meaningful tattoo design. The flower petals showcase nature’s elegance, while the stem exudes poise. The falling leaves create a gentle and whimsical atmosphere, symbolizing the fleeting beauty of seasons and life. Its intricate design and timeless charm is what captured our attention and we are guaranteed it will become one of your favorite pieces too.

protip_icon Trivia
Popular singer Lady Gaga got a stunning rose with stem tattoo on her back as a homage to her movie, A Star Is Born. The design beautifully cascades from her neck and down to the spine. The phrase, “la vie en rose” (meaning: seeing life with rose colored glasses) also embraces the main design.

26. Crescent Moon And Rose With Stem Design

The crescent moon and rose with stem design create a lovely design here. The moon in the background looks truly witchy and whimsical and like a curved slice of the night sky. The rose with its gentle blooming petals and slender stem and outward leaves is minimalistic and shows being open to possibilities. Together, the elements form a charming image, blending the soft glow of the moon with the vulnerability of a rose.

27. Gradient And Black Rose With Stem Arm Tattoo


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The upper arm has always been a good tattoo spot as it allows for the designs to showcase their detailing and enhances their aesthetic. The black rose with stem inked in a gradient effect here is ideal for individuals seeking a simple yet alluring tattoo design. The only black hue allows the tattoo design to truly stand out on its own with elegance and sophistication, symbolizing how standing tall is your greatest strength when carrying thorns.

28. Gothic Rose With Stem Tattoo With Moon Design

This wrinkled rose with stem and falling leaves tattoo design offers an old and decrepit vibe, a truly gothic aesthetic. The dark features of the flower along with the crescent moon in the distance together play around to make the look forbidding yet enchanting. The design exudes love and mystery and expresses a combination of beauty and enigma, making it a great choice for tattoo enthusiasts who also love the gothic.

29. Monochromatic Rose With Stem And Thorns Tattoo


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The dark colors of this rose with stem design suggests enigma, while the elements of rose and thorns represent resilience and toughness. The design is a powerful choice and can express a person’s ability to endure life’s challenges with grace. The gradient effect created by the artist for the leaves is solid blending and is another attractive point of this design.

30. Black Rose With Stem Back Tattoo Design

The back is another great tattoo spot you can decide on when planning on getting a rose with stem tattoo inked. The stem gently traces the spine and instantly makes the large back canvas beautiful tenfold. The blooming rose along with the adorable flower bud below speaks of how everyone starts off as buds in life and then grows into blooming beauties. The black shading on the other hand exudes strength, independence, and a dash of rebellion, adding a touch of elegance to the entire piece.

Traditional Rose With Stem Tattoos

Modern and abstract designs surely attract immense attention, but nothing beats a classic and traditional tattoo. On that note, we have curated numerous simple roses with stem tattoo designs below, so check them out!

31. Subtle Rose With Stem Neck Tattoo Design

The neck is indeed a daring tattoo spot as the placement oozes confidence and style like no other. The minimalist rose with stem tattoo design on the neck makes for a charming piece, with its slender stem and blossoming flower. Moreover, the shading and overlapping loop detailing in the petals offer the design a much-needed dynamic touch that really brings the piece alive behind the ear.

32. Black And White Rose With Stem Hand Tattoo

Numerous rose with stem tattoo designs can be found using white ink to highlight the piece and create depth, which is what we see here as well. The trick allows for a neat and sharp design with a touch of realism. And, the hand tattoo placement also offers a spacious base to capture details of the simple yet complex tattoo design.

33. Double Rose With Stem Forearm Tattoo

If a single rose with stem tattoo design is not enough for you, then definitely take inspiration from this double rose with stem pattern above. The two beautiful roses here have their independent stems but can be seen crossing each other, emphasizing the thought of joining hands in tough times. The double flower design signifies the abundance of love and passion in one’s life as well.

34. Subtle Red And Black Rose With Stem Tattoo


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The contrasting red and black colors create a dynamic tattoo design and offer a majestic appearance. While the stem and leaves have a minimalist approach and remain humble in their black hue and realistic shading, the blooming rose in its streaky crimson shading is reminiscent of veins carrying blood. The tattoo design also appears like a fine sketch encapsulating realistic passion.

35. Minimalist Black Rose With Stem Neck Design


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A post shared by Amy Penny (@amypennytattoos)

Another rose with stem neck tattoo design that we are loving at the moment but this one has its own charm and elegance. The tattoo plays on the line work technique that gives the design a touch of sleekness and sharpness. The neck placement as always is great and allows the wearer to showcase their new piece clearly and with confidence.

36. Red Rose With Black Stem Tattoo Design

This red rose and black stem and leaves tattoo design is one that we definitely had to add to the tattoo references list. The design is the true definition of minimalistic allure and sophisticated patterns. The subtle white outlining against the vibrant red of the rose petals makes the design stand out by adding depth and making it more realistic. The long colorless stem also ensures to completely cover the forearm and dominate the area beautifully.

37. Rose With Stem Nape Tattoo Design


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While you may have come across many roses with stem neck designs, witnessing one across the nape is rare. The horizontal tattoo design allows for capturing the details of the leaves and petals with the shading, and the thorns look especially realistic in this one. The placement is smart as you can offer a peekaboo effect when you showcase it by lifting your hair up, or it can be just the motivation you need to keep a short crop.

38. Cute Rose With Stem Arm Tattoo

This tattoo design exudes true sweetness and charm with its animated flower aesthetic. This adorable rose with stem adorns the arm and appears playful and is the perfect cartoon ideal. The design is also inked in the alluring black line that lets you know that monochromatic looks do not have to be boring or dull. If you have been looking for a cartoony rose design, then this is it!

39. Rich Black Rose With Stem Tattoo Design


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A post shared by SNORKY™ (@tattoosnorky)

This absolutely rich black rose tattoo design with gradient effect and a sleek sturdy stem and leaves has us mesmerized. The flower petals are done in an extremely realistic manner, and its overall intricate detailing is something the tattoo artist should definitely be praised for. Moreover, the use of the skin as a negative space to highlight the shading and add depth is a smart move, and more artists should take note!

40. Dark Rose With Stem Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is considered one of the least painful tattoo spots and is ideal for first-timers or individuals with low pain tolerance. Moreover, this gothic style rose, with a particularly sharp stem that almost looks like a dagger, carries a mysterious vibe. This is the perfect design for anyone seeking a delicate and modest tattoo design that exudes a threatening aura.

41. Black Gradient Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

The upside down black rose with stem tattoo with gradient effect looks truly modish and edgy adorning the hand. The spaced-out black shading that comes in from the outer ends to fade near the center adds depth and elegance, symbolizing strength and mystery. The detailed petals showcase beauty, while the sturdy stem represents resilience. The timeless design captures sophistication and contrasts strikingly against the skin.

42. Large Blooming Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

This large, realistic, and bold rose with stem tattoo design is definitely one for the books! The blossoming flower inked here along with its upright stem and outward leaves sits confidently on the upper arm, making good use of the breadth of the canvas. The subtle shaded work further makes it appear realistic and enigmatic, allowing you to appreciate the timeless beauty of the popular rose flower and tattoo design.

43. Rose With Stem And Sleek Leaves Tattoo Design

One thing about this rose with stem tattoo design that stands out to us is the subtle detailing of the leaves. While the leaves lack any intricate line work, they successfully capture everyone’s attention by adding a touch of simplicity to the overall detailed look of the petals. The fragile stem with thorns represents both the weakness and strength of an individual and how one can create balance in life.

44. Alluring Black And Gray Rose With Stem Design


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A post shared by Sarah (@sarahabigailtattoos)

Similar to other rose with stem tattoo designs, the artist has worked seamlessly with black and gray hues and highlighted certain parts with white color. The combination of soft and deep colors help in emphasizing all the details of each element, from the petals to the leaves and stem. The forearm tattoo placement is also a comfortable spot to get inked on and allow the tattoo to be displayed uninterrupted.

45. Dull Rose With Stem Thumb Tattoo


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A post shared by Jazzy (@jazzyphe.tatts)

Petit tattoo designs are always a hit due to their convenient size and for offering numerous placement options. The black and gray rose with stem tattoo is another design you can opt for if you are planning on getting a minimalist design inked in a slightly unusual placement scheme. The above pattern also looks more alluring with a date inked, giving the tattoo a personal touch and customization.

46. Black Rose With Stem Chest Tattoo


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A post shared by Artist (@adrians_ink)

This stunning rose with stem tattoo in black ink work on the chest is definitely not one for the timid-hearted. The tattoo placement on the sternum is forever a tricky and painful spot, but is also known for exuding sultry charm and mystery. Moreover, this placement ensures you control who sees your tattoo, while also allowing you to experiment with your wardrobe. The black color further ensures the design remains bold and catches everyone’s eye instantly.

47. Black Watercolor Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

Here is another one of our favorite rose with stem tattoo designs we simply had to include! The watercolor tattoo work along with flowy line patterns is what draws you in and captures you in an instant. All the abstract elements seamlessly blend to offer a botanical masterpiece that also symbolizes the fleeting nature of beauty and enduring love. Adorn your back with this popular design if abstract is your thing.

Small Rose With Stem Tattoos

Minimalist designs are all the rage at the moment and the same goes for rose with stem tattoo designs. So, if you are into humble patterns, then check out the section below featuring small rose with stem tattoo designs!

48. Small Rose With Stem Bicep Tattoo

The above small rose with stem bicep tattoo design is a charming blend of simplicity and elegance. Gracefully adorning the bicep, the delicate rose petals feature intricate detailing, while the stem complements the popular arm spot. This minimalist tattoo design whispers timeless beauty and exudes modest charm, ideal for anyone looking for a sophisticated and subtle tattoo design.

49. Small Vibrant Rose With Stem Tattoo

The small rose with stem design packs a lot more than is instantly apparent; the tattoo’s pure vibrancy is what draws you in first and then comes the minimalist style that is ideal for any and everyone who is a fan of subtle tattoo designs. The delicate tattoo with bright red petals and a neon green stem is a symbol of love and finding joy in fleeting moments and successfully blends simplicity with vigorous energy.

50. Dark Rose With Stem Foot Tattoo

The dark and bold rose with stem tattoo on the foot exudes mysterious charm. Its deep black hue creates a striking contrast against the skin, thereby making a confident yet subtle statement. The eye-catching design inked on a daring spot like the foot is surely to fetch you endless compliments and aid in portraying your true intrepid soul and fire spirit.

51. Rose With Stem And Dots Tattoo Design

The tattoo design combines contemporary flair with timeless elegance. The little rose with stem pattern exudes witchy vibes with its crooked design, and the small dot work adds a cute touch to the overall tattoo. The subtle design on the flower petals as well as the leaves create a sweet harmony between dark mystery and enchantment. The charming design can be a stylish and symbolic choice for those wanting a classic yet unique tattoo.

52. Neo Traditional Black Rose With Stem Tattoo


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The above rose with stem tattoo design is an outline design of a rose, which honestly shows how steady and great at linework the artist actually is. The intricate linework makes this rose stand out with how realistic it looks, and the design evokes sheer elegance and allure. The tattoo merges floral symbolism with modern design to give birth to a captivating and enchanting piece.

53. Small Rose With Long Stem Tattoo Design

While a huge blooming flower looks truly appealing, the above small rose with long stem tattoo design is another subtle variation you can opt for. The slender stem is attached to a petit flower almost completely in bloom, together offering a minimalist approach and elegant artistry. The design exudes a sense of enduring romance without appearing overpowering, and rather than playing with the size of it, the shading is the real aesthetic of this glamorous rose.

54. Colored Watercolor Rose With Stem Back Tattoo

The above colored watercolor rose with stem tattoo is indeed a vivid masterpiece. The dynamic hues blend seamlessly, creating a vibrant bloom that stands out. The flower design mimics nature’s grace, while the stem adds an elegant touch. The minimalist body art perfectly complements the back and is ideal for anyone seeking an alluring and delicately colorful rose tattoo design.

55. Petit Rose With Stem Tattoo Design

Tiny tattoo designs are a favorite of the majority, owing to their minimalist nature and subtle allure. Furthermore, they are easy to hide, if need be. The designs also promote versatility, like the petit rose with stem tattoo design above that can be tattooed anywhere and will grace the body part perfectly. The fine lines and intricate details highlight the subtlety of this tattoo design and is best recommended for individuals looking for a dainty floral piece.

protip_icon Trivia
Another top celebrity-singer, Justin Bieber got a prominent rose with stem tattoo design on his neck that symbolizes beauty and resilience.

56. Dynamic Colored Rose With Stem Tattoo

The intricate watercolor technique breathes life into each petal, creating a mesmerizing look and blend of red hues. Flowing gracefully along the collarbone with the stem and leaves, the dynamic colors evoke a sense of fiery energy. This vivid design sits beautifully below the collarbone to captivate and inspire everyone to get one for themselves.

Rose With A Name As Stem Tattoos

Here’s our final section that definitely could not be skipped! The rose with name as stem tattoo design has recently become quite popular, allowing the wearer to flaunt the timeless flower as well as the name of their loved one. So, scroll down for some amazing design inspiration.

57. Bold Rose With A Name As Stem And Butterfly Tattoo

This colorful and bold tattoo design features a vibrant and blooming rose with its stem elegantly transformed for a personalized touch with the name of a beloved in gorgeous calligraphy. A captivating addition to this design is the yellow butterfly that is gracefully hovering nearby, and thus offering a whimsical touch to the entire composition. The tattoo design acts as a unique expression of both individuality and natural beauty.

58. Rose With A Name As Stem Design With Line Work


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The above rose with stem tattoo design seamlessly intertwines nature and personalization. It features a meticulous line work in black hue with a delicate blooming rose and its stem modified into a name. This fusion of organic beauty and individual significance promotes a meaningful piece. If you are not a fan of bold vibrant designs, then this can be the ideal fit for you!

59. Red Rose With A Name As Stem Tattoo Design

Here’s a small rose with name as stem tattoo design featuring rich crimson petals that gracefully unfurl along a sturdy stem turned name. The name adds a touch of sentimental charm and value to the overall design and the cursive font takes its aesthetic to another level. The tattoo design embodies love and individuality and offers a visually-striking piece and meaningful statement.

60. Colored Rose With Full Name As Stem Tattoo

A burst of vibrant hues animates this rose with stem tattoo design and instantly breathes life into the pattern. The fine line artwork along with the italic font of the name further add an appealing touch to the tattoo design to effortlessly spruce up its look. The dark script of the name with the tinted stem and leaf elements in the background lend it a dynamic feel for a mesmerizing inked piece.

61. Vibrant Rose With A Name As Stem Neck Tattoo

If you wish to showcase your eternal love for your special someone or anyone dear, then this rose with name as stem neck tattoo design is perfect. The tattoo adorning a daring spot like the neck displays the sheer dedication and passion of the wearer for their significant other or a family member. It is an open and bold celebration of love and identity, adding a touch of flair to one’s personal style.

62. Striking Red Rose With A Name As Stem Tattoo

This absolutely bold and realistic tattoo design features a gracefully winding stem holding a name in an elegant yet thick font, making it a unique and expressive piece. If you are someone who does not shy away from getting daring designs inked and can keep your composure through intense shading, then surely bookmark this masterpiece. This piece is all about being your most authentic self, and loving with your heart open.

63. Soft Watercolor Rose With A Name As Stem Tattoo


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A post shared by Pina Majkut (@pina_ink)

The soft watercolor rose with name as stem tattoo design here is a delicate masterpiece that blends the red hues like a dream. The petals inked in subtle red ink with layers of shading are attached seamlessly to a personalized stem bearing a loved one’s name. This tender design not only captures the essence of a blooming rose but also intertwines it with sentimental significance and elegance.

64. Gradient Rose With Stem And Numerous Names Tattoo Design

A little variation from the classic rose with name as stem tattoo, the above design is ideal for individual’s who wish to incorporate the names of many of their loved ones and not just one person. Whether you are a mother who wishes to get names of her children inked or someone who wants to cherish their bond with their friends and commemorate by getting permanently tattooed, this design with the stem as scrolls carrying names is a standout.

65. Rainbow Rose With A Name As Stem Tattoo Design

Here’s a unique rose with stem tattoo design you simply cannot skip! The vibrant and playful design offers a burst of color with subtle personal flair. The tattoo is perfect for anyone with an intrepid soul who does not have the word “boring” in their vocabulary. Each petal showcases a spectrum of hues, creating a lively and whimsical effect. The stem elegantly incorporates a name at the end, thereby bestowing the design with a touch of personal significance that is not loud about it.

Cory Stumpf, a blogger, talks about his personal experience with getting a rose with stem and name tattoo inked on his chest. He states in his blog, “Mine, a classic style akin to the cover of the album that contains the tune that was its inspiration, with “BRITTANY” emblazoned across it in a banner (i).”

A rose with stem tattoo serves as a poignant statement, a testament to the enduring power of timeless beauty and symbolism in body art. It encapsulates the essence of deep affection, development, and resilience, thereby mirroring life’s intricate journey. The humble yet empowering motif etches a personal narrative onto the natural canvas of the wearer’s skin. This tattoo design not only invites adoration for its elegance but also for resonating with the universal themes of life’s highs and lows and the unwavering strength of an individual through it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different styles or variations of rose with stem tattoos?

There are numerous styles and variations of rose with stem tattoos that one can adorn. Styles like realism, minimalism, traditional, or watercolor and variations like rose with name as stem and additional elements are more options you can choose from.

How much does a rose with stem tattoos typically cost?

The rose with stem tattoo costs may vary depending on the size, intricacy of the design, tattoo artist expertise, and location of the tattoo studio but generally you can expect a range between 60 to 250 dollars.

What are some common placements for a rose with stem tattoos?

Common body areas for a rose with stem tattoo include wrists, forearms, shoulders, ankles, hands, and rib cages.

How painful is it to get a rose with stem tattoos?

While the pain threshold depends on the body area, the intricacy of the design, and the wearer, it is typically considered moderate in terms of pain.

What factors should be considered before getting a rose with stem tattoos?

Some common factors like artist expertise, tattoo placement, tattoo size, one’s pain tolerance, and symbolism should be considered before getting a rose with stem tattoo inked.

Key Takeaways

  • The popular rose with stem tattoo design symbolizes love, resilience, and growth.
  • It can be adorned in numerous styles like realism, traditional, minimalism, and watercolor.
  • It is commonly tattooed on body areas like forearms, wrists, shoulders, hands, and ankles.
  • The tattoo can be personalized by getting a rose with name as stem design or even a significant date around it.
Top 65 Rose With Stem Tattoo Ideas

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

The alluring rose with stem tattoo design is one anyone can adorn. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the video below as it showcases several design ideas. Go ahead and bookmark your favorite design!

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