45 Rose Back Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Discover some gorgeous and meaningful designs of this vibrant and bold flower for your back.

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A rose has always been associated with beauty, love, and passion. In fact, the brilliance, versatility, and boldness of this flower has inspired many people to get a rose tattoo on their back over the years. Its vibrant hues, delicate petals, and precious thorns turn heads wherever they go. What’s more, adding a quote, name, or number adds a personal touch to the design, helping to narrate that individual’s story.

So, if you are looking for that tiny spark of inspiration, you have definitely come to the right place. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind back rose tattoos and a carefully curated collection of designs to help you choose the design perfect for you! Scroll down to find out.

Meaning Of Rose Tattoos On The Back

Back rose tattoos have always been a symbol of beauty, grace, love, and romance since ancient times. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is often depicted with red roses adorning her head, neck, and feet. Legend has it that the rose bush appeared from a mixture of her tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis, who was killed by a boar during the hunting trip.

In Christianity, the Virgin Mary is often called ‘the rose without thorns’ due to her purity, sorrow, and unconditional love. Saint Ambrose, a saint from the 4th century, believed that the Garden of Eden was full of thornless roses until its fall, making thorns the symbol of the Original Sin.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Legend has it that Cupid gave a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to prevent him from revealing the secrets of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility.

The rose can mean different things to different people, depending on the elements and colors used in the design. Scroll down to the next section for a list of 45 rose tattoos for the back.

45 Back Rose Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

Your back offers a huge canvas for tattoo artists to create beautiful and unique rose tattoos. Explore the list of rose back tattoos below for some inspiration.

Lower Back Rose Tattoos

Lower back tattoos were seen as a symbol of promiscuity for decades. However, many celebrities have sported them in recent years as a symbol of their beauty and empowerment, making them popular among many tattoo lovers today. Here are some lovely lower back rose tattoos given below.

1. Black Rose Tattoo With Falling Leaves

This beautiful rose tattoo starts at the lower back and extends to the side of the waist to create an alluring tattoo. The black rose signifies strength and resilience, while the leaves refer to the constant growth and changes a person experiences in their life.

2. Single Red Rose Tattoo With A Bow

If you want a simple rose tattoo on the lower back, then this single red rose tattoo might be the one for you. The small red rose with green leaves and a bow signifies your journey of self-love and development. The tiny white and red flowers are symbolic of your past learnings and their influence on your growth.

3. Red Roses And A Cat Tattoo

This tattoo is a beautiful way to pay homage to your feline friend and your love for flowers. The tattoo shows the roses in different phases of bloom, creating a beautiful half-crescent shape. The black and yellow cat sitting and trying to touch the rose is symbolic of the healing and love a pet provides in one’s life.

4. Red Roses With A Butterfly Tattoo

This lower back rose tattoo with a butterfly will surely make your heart flutter. The vibrant red roses combined with the delicate grace of a butterfly narrate a story of freedom, new beginnings, and destiny.

5. Delicate Red Rose With A Wheat Stalk Tattoo

A delicate, feminine red rose with a wheat stalk symbolizes beauty, love, and abundance. This rose tattoo on the lower back will help reinforce your belief in love and success as the bow tied around the flower is a symbol of gratitude for the gift of love and life bestowed upon you.

protip_icon Trivia
In the 1930s, sailors often got rose tattoos with the names of their mothers, wives, or girlfriends inked on their bodies as a constant reminder of their love.

6. Single Red Rose With Falling Petals Tattoo

This vivid red rose tattoo makes for realistic body art. The delicate curves and the thin stem highlight femininity while the black leaves and falling petals remind you of the life experiences that changed you and made you more resilient.

7. Multiple Large Black Roses Tattoo

This lower back rose tattoo design beautifully covers the entire area. The black rose can be a reminder of your courage, rebirth, and strength just how it was a symbol of rebellion and strength for the Irish against the British.

Vines are a great way of imbuing your design with colors and great personal meaning. For some interesting ideas and designs, scroll down to the next section.

Rose Vine Tattoos On The Back

You can sport rose vine tattoos on the back if you are not afraid of showing off some bold and beautiful designs. Here are some amazing tattoos you can look through for some inspiration.

8. Red Rose Vine With Butterflies And Falling Petals Tattoo

This delicate red rose vine tattoo with black butterflies and falling petals is symbolic of passionate love, endurance, and the change that comes with it while the falling petals signify the liberation of the soul in love.

9. Rose With Thorns And Leaves Tattoo

This spine tattoo seamlessly follows the natural curve of the back and is symbolic of loving your life even during troubled times and challenges.

10. Large Black Roses With New Blooms Tattoo

The large black roses of this spine tattoo will surely bewitch you. The careful shading and proper detailing of the petals, blooms, and leaves add to the tattoo’s aesthetics and alluring charm.

11. Black Rose On Thorny Vine Tattoo

This beautiful rose vine tattoo on the back depicts the journey of life. It starts from the nape of the neck with a small bud and ends with the bud blooming into full flowers at the lower back. The last rose on the back shows a new bud, signifying the circle of birth and death.

12. Rose With Multiple Flowers Tattoo

This tattoo features a bouquet of lilies, daisies, sunflowers, and roses, reminding one of a beautiful garden in bloom. The dainty flowers beautifully stretch down the back, serving as a visual reminder to cherish ourselves and those we come across in our lives.

13. Red Rose With A Sword Tattoo

The roses combined with a sword tattoo exude an Old English charm. It brings together two contrasting and devastating concepts of love and death. It can signify passion, heartbreak, and the hope for love.

14. Tangled Red Roses Tattoo

The bright green vine slithers down from the shoulder to the lower back, like a vine growing on an old tower. The vine represents strength and courage while the two roses add a feminine charm to the design.

Snakes are seen as a symbol of protection, luck, and fertility across various cultures. Combined with the bold and vibrant beauty of a rose, it makes for an eye-catching and powerful tattoo. Check out some amazing snake and rose back tattoos below.

Snake And Rose Tattoos On The Back

The back provides the perfect canvas for tattoo artists to unleash their creativity and create big and intricate designs. Here are some edgy snake and rose back tattoos you can look through to know more.

15. Double-Headed Snake Wrapped Around A Large Rose Tattoo

This vibrant tattoo features a double-headed tribal snake wrapped around a large rose like a scepter. The design is the perfect way to symbolize the duality within us. While it remains a visual representation of the internal battle, adding a rose to the design makes it a symbol of purity and blinding passion.

16. Snake Around A Rose Stem Tattoo

This design is perfect for those looking for a design with deep meaning and significance. The snake slithering around the rose represents power and strength, making it a badass design for many. The careful shading, precision, and detailing make it a visually appealing tattoo.

17. Monochromatic Snake And Rose Tattoo

The snake and rose in this tattoo make for a deadly combination. The red rose and the leaves merge seamlessly with the snake’s red scales, which gracefully slither down the rose vine, making it a unique design worth spending on.

18. Full Back Rose Tattoo With A Snake And A Sword

This powerful and symbolic tattoo on the back qualifies as a remarkable piece of art. The sword in the vertical position reflects strength and elegance, while the snake coiled around it hints at the chaos inside a person. The two large roses on the sides subtly blend the themes of danger and beauty.

19. Black Snake And Roses Tattoo

This beautifully captivating tattoo highlights the coexistence of pleasure and pain. The black and gray shades of the snake and the bold linework of the roses create depth and contrast, making it seem more life-like.

20. Red Rose With A Snake And Cancer Sign Tattoo

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This could be the perfect rose tattoo for a female Cancerian. The snake and rose combined with the cancer symbol highlight the different aspects of the zodiac sign while adding a personal touch to the tattoo.

21. Black And Gray Rose And Snake Tattoo

The tattoo starting from mid-back and extending to the lower back creates an aura of elegance, mystery, and secrecy. The black rose and the coiled snake symbolize the is symbolic of the mysterious and dynamic nature of life, while the coiled snake symbolizes the changes a person goes through in their life.

Red rose tattoos are the perfect way to pay homage to a loved one, making it a timeless piece of body art across genders and cultures. Find out about some gorgeous red rose tattoos on the back below.

Red Rose Tattoos On The Back

What better way to sport a stunning red rose tattoo than on your back? It provides just the right space for you to get your design. Be it a small, minimalistic design or a large, intricate tattoo, red rose back tattoos will never go out of style. Here are some fabulous designs below:

22. Three-Colored Roses Tattoo

This upper-back rose tattoo is the epitome of elegance. The gradual gradation of the tattoo creates a seamless transition from one shade to another and adds a sense of depth to this stunning piece of body art.

protip_icon Fun Fact
Three roses represent the three guiding principles of love, life, and light in Freemason symbolism.

23. Single Red Rose With Flying Petals And Two Butterflies Tattoo

The icy pinkish-red shade of the rose petals along with the butterflies create a mesmerizing image. The flying petals signify the shedding of old skin and the growth of a new individual. So, if you are looking for a tattoo that serves as a symbol of your strength, growth, and femininity, this rose back tattoo for women is perfect for you.

24. Dali’s Meditative Rose Tattoo

Imitating the world-renowned artist Salvador Dali’s masterpiece requires a lot of talent and courage. The tattoo artist has beautifully recreated the incredible Meditative Rose of Dali on the upper back with vivid colors. The exquisite attention to detail makes it a praise-worthy masterpiece in its own right.

25. Transcending Spinal Red Rose On Fire Tattoo

This spine rose tattoo is a powerful representation of the strength and passion inside a person. The transcending petals burn to form a beautiful, unfurled velvety rose. It is symbolic of the connection between a person’s present and past, respecting the hard work and emotional development that shaped them into what they are today.

26. Red Rose Cover-Up Tattoo

A red rose tattoo is a quick and easy way to cover up an old tattoo that you are unhappy with. The deep color of the petals successfully hides the earlier faded tattoo. The circle from the old tattoo now serves as a prop for the new one, making it seem like a rose is emerging from the moon.

27. Twin Vibrant Red Roses Tattoo

This tattoo uses the charm of roses to cover up a scar. It tells the story of courage, passion, patience, and healing and serves as a reminder of courage and resilience.

28. Single Red Rose With A Quote Tattoo

This minimal rose back tattoo design complements the old star tattoo on the nape perfectly. The Latin phrase “Luce sicut stellae” means “Shine brightly like a star.” Many people sport this tattoo as a reminder to stay positive even during trying times.

29. Traditional Red Rose Tattoo With Spiritual Symbols

The traditional red rose with emerald leaves and Om symbol has a deep meaning attached to it. The Om symbolizes the individual’s spiritual connection and oneness of a soul with the universe.

If you are someone who loves big and bold designs, then you have come to the right place. Scroll down to the next section for big rose back tattoos.

Big Rose Tattoos On The Back

The back is perfect for those who want larger-than-life tattoos that they can proudly show off wherever they go. Here are some amazing tattoos you can look at:

30. Large Black Roses With Pearls Tattoo

This elegant tattoo stretching from the shoulder to the middle of the back looks elegant and sophisticated. The neat linework connecting the roses makes the tattoo appear like a crystal chandelier. The perfect shading on the rose petals resembles the freshly bloomed roses in the garden.

31. Alice In Wonderland Rose Tattoo

This big rose tattoo is for all those who love this classic children’s story. It captures the subtle elements of the hat, the rabbit, the Cheshire cat, the cards, the clock, and the burrow, creating a vibrant and life-like piece of art symbolic of your love for exploring new things.

32. Red Rose Tattoo Entwined With Pearls

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This elegant red rose on the upper back with green leaves looks realistic. The pearls are intricately entwined with the rose to symbolize purity and sophistication. Additionally, it elevates the romantic aura of the rose.

33. Neo Traditional Red Rose Tattoo

This tattoo is the perfect way to pay tribute to your old man. It celebrates the love, memories, and respect you have for your father. You can add a phrase or something of personal significance to you and your dad to make it more memorable.

34. Roses In A Cross Tattoo

This customized cross tattoo makes one think. The Tupac cross represents injustice, faith in god, and the fight for human rights. The vibrant roses within the Cross symbolize sacrifice, strength, and dualism of the world.

35. Dreamcatcher Rose Tattoo

This rose dreamcatcher tattoo is nothing short of dreamy. The crescent shape of the dreamcatcher makes the tattoo cute and stylish. The precious stones adorning the design along with butterflies flying around it make it seem like an entrance to a magical world.

36. Purple Roses In Two Inverted Triangles Tattoo

Purple roses are a symbol of mystery, charm, and opulence. The two inverted triangles overlapping each other add a modern element to the design. The tattoo artist has only colored the portion of the rose inside the front triangle while keeping the rest of the design in black; like looking at the world through a prism.

37. Black-Shaded Single Rose Tattoo

The spine tattoo beautifully amalgamates simplicity with sophistication. In Russian culture, a rose with thorns symbolizes pain and suffering. So, if you are looking for a tattoo that serves as a reminder of all the hardships you have been through and how strong they have made you today, this is the one for you!

Black roses have always been seen as a symbol of change, optimism, and hope. If you are navigating through some dynamic and tough situations in your life, you can get this beautiful and rare flower inked on your back as a reminder that “This too shall pass.” Check out the next section to find out.

Black Rose Tattoos On The Back

If you are looking for something unique, black rose tattoos are an excellent way to pay tribute to your dynamic and special personality. Check out some of these gorgeous back black rose tattoos below.

38. Black And Grey Rose With A Curved Stem Tattoo

This tattoo runs from the middle to the lower back, creating an eye-catching design. The blooming rose represents rebirth and rejuvenation while the curved stem adds an element of elegance and femininity to the design.

39. Black Traditional Rose With Leaves And A Heart Tattoo

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A single rose bud represents the strength to survive on your own. The gray and black whip shading highlights the person’s self-reliance and lets others know that they might be alone but not weak.

40. Geometric Black Rose Tattoo

While a rose represents elegance and beauty, geometry symbolizes structure and order. The two elements come together to symbolize an individual’s dual personality. The clean lines, soft curves of the petals and leaves, and the minimal shading create a beautiful illustration worth waiting for.

41. Sectioned Rose Tattoo

The beautiful black rose tattoo on the back is divided by a zigzag path running through the middle of the rose. The meticulous details and shading manage to create a single flower with a modern twist.

42. Fine Line Rose Tattoo

This fine line tattoo on the back runs delicately down the spine, making it a beautiful, minimalist, and elegant design. The precise contours of the petals and leaves along with the stems intertwined with one another give the tattoo a contemporary yet timeless look.

43. Black Rose With Water Drops Tattoo

A black rose tattoo is symbolic of a tragic ending to a beautiful story or the hope of a new beginning. The four roses embrace the mystery of the unknown within them, while the water droplets on the petals signify the beauty of life. The careful shading and detailing of the tattoo give it a 3D effect.

44. Inverted Rose Tattoo

The rose is a symbol of strength, love, and passion. However, an inverted rose signifies vulnerability and rebellion against conventional standards and norms. The deep black rose tattoo on the back exudes elegance and opulence, while the sharp curves add an element of edge to the design.

45. Roses With An Eagle And A Dragon Tattoo

This full-back tattoo represents the storm brewing inside an individual. The eagle signifies fearlessness, while the dragon means power and strength. Together, they serve as a reminder to fearlessly pursue strength while remaining grounded.

Byrne, a blogger, shared her experience of getting a rose tattoo on her back. She wrote, “I went to my tattoo artist with two different ideas. I knew I wanted a book (books are an integral part of my life and being) and I knew I wanted Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of wisdom, but I didn’t know how or where. It was my artist’s idea to incorporate those two into the piece on my back (i).”

In the world of body art, rose tattoos remain a timeless design. Roses represent love, beauty, passion, danger, and strength. While its meaning may differ across cultures, the flower remains an important symbol in every tradition. You can get a singular rose tattoo or combine it with different elements and colors to create a tattoo with deep personal meaning. Do your research, talk to your artist, and check out this list of back rose tattoo designs to help you find the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular placement options for a rose tattoo on the back?

You can ask your tattoo artist to spread the tattoo across your lower back, along the length of your spine, or on the center or upper back. If you want to get a larger-than-life tattoo, then you can ask the artist to extend it across the upper to the lower back.

How does the size of the rose tattoo affect its placement on the back?

Larger-size tattoos take up more space and extend from one section of the back to the other, while smaller tattoos can be placed anywhere on the back one desires. If you want to keep your tattoo private and low-key, it is advisable to go for medium-sized tattoos on the mid or lower back.

What kind of aftercare is necessary for a rose tattoo on the back?

Once the tattoo is done, follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist. This usually involves keeping the tattoo clean and dry for the first 24 hours. The initial healing phase can be 2-3 days or as long as 10-1 days, depending on the individual’s tattoo healing process. During this phase, apply a thin layer of moisturizer (usually a specific aftercare ointment) suggested by your tattoo artist.

How does the choice of color impact the vibrancy of a rose tattoo on the back?

Different ink colors show different results after healing. Black and gray suit all skin tones and last the longest while white fades the quickest. Deep blue stays for long, while purple and red lose their vibrancy over time. Hence, talk to your tattoo artist about the different colors that suit your tattoo and skin tone before getting inked.

Key Takeaways

  • Rose tattoos have traditionally been associated with love and romance due to their long history with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
  • They are also seen as a sign of strength, growth, and resilience, making it a special subject for body art.
  • You can add elements such as numbers, quotes, or names to make it personal and meaningful to you.
rose tattoo on back

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Rose tattoos are beautiful but the pain of getting inked might scare you. If that is the case, watch the video below to gain some motivation and courage to get that tattoo you have wanted for so long.

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