Top 50 Amazing Rose Tattoos On The Chest

Adorn your chest with these stunning blooms!

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If you are looking to make a bold statement with your body art, it’s time you got a rose tattoo on the chest. The timeless allure of this striking bloom, whether inken in vibrant or monochrome hues, can speak volumes about your individuality. Embrace the power of this classic emblem, etched boldly on your chest, to make a statement of strength and sophistication. A rose chest tattoo, positioned daringly, can add an element of subtle rebellion to your aesthetic. You can easily design a tattoo that holds meaning to you by including other elements, such as birds, butterflies, skulls, or other flowers. You can also play around with different fonts and scripts to add text to your tattoo. This article lists 50 rose tattoo designs that you can get inked on your chest to elevate your style. Check them out!

Meaning Of A Rose Tattoo On The Chest

A rose tattoo on the chest symbolizes deep and enduring love, passion, and strength. Placed prominently over the heart, it signifies a commitment to love and the resilience to overcome challenges. The rose, with its thorns and delicate petals, captures the dual nature of life’s experiences—beautiful yet complex. The placement on the chest re-establishes its significance, making a powerful statement about your emotional depth and unwavering dedication to love’s intricate journey. As you add your touch to the design, it comes to represent your thoughts, feelings, and memories that you wish would stay with you forever.

protip_icon Trivia
Sherri DuPree-Bemis, a musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Texas has a chest tattoo of a rose and the words “up all night”. She got them to remember the all-nighters she pulled as a mother.

Since the rose has always held different meanings to different people, it is a good idea to play around with it while designing your chest tattoo. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the designs below.

50 Rose Tattoos On The Chest

Dive into a world of floral beauty as we explore 50 rose chest tattoos that redefine elegance. These captivating designs intertwine on the canvas of the chest, creating a symphony of petals, thorns, and your personality.

Small Rose Tattoos On The Chest

These subtle and small designs are suitable for you to get on your chest area without much pain. The designs are artistic and delicate, capturing the beauty of the rose petals and their vibrant hue.

1. Small Moon Rose Tattoo

Embrace celestial grace with a small black and white moon rose tattoo on your shoulder and chest. The crescent moon with the rose intertwined in the design symbolizes cycles of growth and renewal. A script on the side extends towards the chest and captures whispers of inspiration or a meaningful phrase, seamlessly blending lunar mystique and floral beauty. This intimate design adorns your skin, a personal ode to the ever-changing phases of life and the enduring bloom of inner strength.

2. Small Pink Rose Chest Tattoo

This small pink rose tattoo delicately placed on your chest and near your shoulder adds allure to your look. The cute design features a soft pink hue for the petals with a delicate green stem and realistic leaves. The subtle bloom is a symbol of feminine elegance, whispering tales of love and resilience.

3. Tilted Red Rose Tattoo

Captivate attention with a tilted red rose tattoo beneath your clavicle, an alluring adornment for your chest. The carefully angled red bloom with its shaded petals, darker leaves, and the stem exudes a sense of whimsical grace, symbolizing love and vitality. This artful placement underlines and draws attention to your collarbone, adding a touch of mystery and color to your aesthetic.

4. Miniature Red Rose Tattoo

Accentuate your allure with a miniature red rose tattoo adorning the side of your chest, near the shoulder. This tiny yet vibrant blossom symbolizes passion and love, adding a touch of sophistication to your body art. Its subtle placement enhances your natural charm, telling a captivating story of intensity and beauty. This inked masterpiece serves as a chic statement of individuality.

Cover-Up Rose Chest Tattoos For Females

Embark on a transformative journey with cover-up rose chest tattoos, where art conceals past mistakes and reinvents your ever-changing sense of being. These designs weave a narrative of renewal, blending over past chapters with fresh petals.

5. Black And Red Upside Down Roses

An edgy transformation is exactly what you need! The upside-down roses in black and red are a dynamic cover-up tattoo stretching from your shoulders across the chest. This is a great way to cover up past visible mistakes. These rebellious blooms, intertwined with black filled-in and shaded leaves, stylishly conceal the past, symbolizing resilience and strength. It represents the literal breaking of the traditional use of black and white while you grow as a person.

6. Small Butterfly Tattoo With Blue Roses

If you have a small, old tattoo on your chest that you wish to cover up, this elegant and intricate butterfly tattoo with blue roses might be the best solution. The blue ink of the rose effectively helps cover up the previous ink while the delicate flutter captures the essence of transformation. This elegant design is as chic as it is meaningful, adding a touch of grace to your body ink.

7. Intricate Black Rose Tattoo

This intricate black rose cover-up tattoo boasts bold yet thin borders and delicate shading. This artful design seamlessly conceals the past, exuding an air of mystery and resilience. The dark allure of the black rose, adorned with meticulous details, symbolizes strength and beauty. It creates a captivating narrative etched boldly on your skin, a striking declaration of renewal with added mystery.

8. Rose With Water Droplets

Transform your canvas with a large, full-bloom rose cover-up tattoo, accentuated by water droplets and beautiful black and gray shading. This artful masterpiece conceals the past with grace. The petals are so tightly packed in the middle that they can hide any past ink without any problem. The intricate details capture the delicate balance between strength and beauty, making it a captivating centerpiece on your chest—an elegant declaration of resilience and transformation.

Black Rose Tattoos On The Chest

Indulge in the mystique of black rose tattoos on your chest. These bold, enigmatic blooms etched into your chest are a symbol of strength and intrigue. Each petal whispers tales of resilience while making you stand out due to the bold designs and ink.

9. Black And Gray Rose Tattoo With Two Blue Roses And A Cross

Rose tattoos never go out of style! A black and gray rose tattoo featuring two full blooms in blue, a cross in bold black, and the background imagery of heaven is a great choice to get on your chest. Meticulously shaded, this artful masterpiece exudes elegance and strength. Each petal tells a nuanced story of your religious beliefs etched into your skin by a skilled artist who pairs bold black borders with delicate gray shading to add life to your tattoo.

10. Black Rose Tattoo On Shoulder And Chest

A full-bloomed rose inked over your shoulder and chest in black ink is the best way to turn heads! The mix and match of different borders, from delicately thin to thick and bold, and the shading make the rose appear realistic and appealing. The meticulous artistry captures the essence of mystery. Each petal of this tattoo tells a story, a striking declaration of strength and sophistication etched into the fabric of your skin.

11. Rose Tattoo With Thick Borders

Command attention with a full-bloom rose tattoo, complete with stem and leaves, adorned with thick borders on one side of your chest. The bold design elegantly accentuates your presence, symbolizing both strength and beauty. The rose, leaves, and stem are beautifully shaded to make them appear real and bold even without the usage of any other color except black.

12. Linework Rose Tattoo

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This linework rose tattoo, featuring a filled-in stem and leaves, is strategically placed in the middle of your chest to accentuate your cleavage and collarbones. This artful masterpiece enhances your natural beauty, embodying a harmonious blend of elegance and subtle sensuality. The intricate details create a captivating focal point, etching a refined statement onto your canvas to compliment your bold style.

Name Chest Tattoos For Females

Step into the intimate world of rose chest tattoos adorned with names. While each petal delicately etched on your canvas tells a story of personal connections, the names add a more meaningful touch that remains etched into your skin forever. These inked blooms are a timeless fusion of love, sentiment, and the artistry of meaningful expression.

13. Black And Gray Rose Tattoo

Grace your chest with a black and gray rose tattoo with lightly shaded leaves on the background to add more focus to the rose, while a name in elegant cursive floats above the bloom. Meticulously shaded, this artful masterpiece blends the allure of nature with the personal touch of a loved one’s name, creating a captivating narrative etched onto the canvas of your skin.

14. Shaded Rose Tattoo On The Side

Wish to include a name to a rose tattoo but wondering if the name is too long to include? Well, you can use this design to do just that. Be it a long name or a phrase that is meaningful to you, you can include it in your chest tattoo for a beautiful design. The black shaded rose and leaves look simple yet eye-catching with realistic shades and adorn the side of your chest, a little below your collarbone. This will give an artistic flair and contrast to the simply written name below, drawing attention to the same.

15. Dotted Rose Tattoo

A blooming rose with a thin stem and elegant leaves is quite a common tattoo design, but this one is a bit different. Done in black ink, the shading makes this rose stand out. Rather than just spreading the ink under the skin, the shading is achieved using dots scattered across to make it appear real. The added touch of using cursive to tattoo the name of your loved one is a great way to remember them for a long time.

16. Small Red Rose Tattoo With A Name Stem

Placed right below the shoulder area, this tattoo features a beautiful red rose with green leaves and the name of a loved one intertwined with the flower to replace the stem. The name features a beautiful script and adds an elegant touch to an already elegant flower tattoo design. This design forms a chic and intimate emblem of enduring connection and understated beauty.

17. Minimalist Rose Lettering Tattoo

This minimalist rose lettering tattoo in red and black is a simple yet elegant way of including the name of a loved one in your body art design. The slender lines of the rose and the elegant lettering blend seamlessly, creating a refined emblem on your chest. This understated design is chic and timeless, whispering the tales of personal significance while adding to the style.

Rose Tattoos In The Middle Of The Chest

These inked blossoms, carefully placed, serve as a focal point of beauty. If you wish to make full use of the middle of your chest, then these designs will give you the best inspiration!

18. Rose Tattoo With Purple Blooms And Crescent Moon

If you are not scared of bold and bright tattoos, then this is the one for you. The captivating rose tattoo features red roses, purple blooms, vibrant green leaves, and a crescent moon that covers the expanse of your upper and middle chest. This artful masterpiece becomes a celestial narrative etched onto your skin. The harmonious blend of colors and symbols infuses the tattoo with a mystical charm, creating an eye-catching symbol of beauty and cosmic allure on your chest.

19. Intricate Butterfly And Purple Rose Tattoo

Add an intricate butterfly and purple rose tattoo to cover your chest and shoulder area. The design is entwined with an elaborate black grid design that looks artistic and adds a bit of geometric feel. This design captures the delicate dance of nature intertwined with human designs. The vibrant purple blooms and the butterfly seamlessly create a harmonious fusion of elegance and complexity. The design stands out as a captivating symbol of beauty and transformation.

20. Rose Tattoo With Neon Butterflies

This design is quite big, bright, and comes down to the middle of your chest from one of the shoulders. This design breathes life into your plain chest with its vibrancy and color play. The vivid colors, namely red, pink, blue, and green, create a dazzling spectacle symbolizing the lively dance of nature. This electrifying fusion of flora and fauna becomes a radiant emblem and adds a burst of enchanting energy.

21. Neo-tribal Red Rose Tattoo

If tribal designs catch your eye, then you should not shy away from this one! This neo-tribal red rose tattoo features an intricate and bold black ink design that covers the expanse of the chest right below the collarbones. The dark and bright red rose with a thick black border stands out against the thick black tribal design that commands attention.

22. Rose Chest Tattoo With Birds

This tattoo covers the middle of your chest perfectly! The red roses, flowers, and birds inked in black have hints of yellow and orange on the flowers and leaves, and blue-colored birds just add to this beautiful portrait of nature. This artful fusion of flora and fauna captures the essence of freedom and beauty. It tells the story of elegance and the enduring connection between nature and the spirit, etched in ink.

Upside Down Rose Chest Tattoos

Defy convention with upside-down rose chest tattoos, a unique twist on traditional floral ink. The inverted blooms challenge your perception, creating an intriguing statement. If going against the current sounds like a thrilling idea to you, then these tattoo designs are definitely your thing.

23. Upside Down Rose Tattoo With Skulls

If your metal heart is in need of some skulls and roses, then this is the one you should get. imagine an upside-down rose stem connecting a full bloom rose to a flower on top with skulls on either side. The inverted bloom challenges norms, merging elegance with edginess. This daring tattoo weaves a narrative of contrast, an inked statement defying convention and embracing the unexpected. The rose stands for elegance, whereas the skulls add a bold flair to the art.

24. Upside Down Roses On Vine Tattoo

It is time to let the unexpected bloom on your chest with upside-down roses on a winding vine, stretching from your shoulder to the middle of your chest. The inverted blossoms and leaves challenge the norm, creating an alluring visual narrative that defies convention. This daring black ink tattoo embodies an essence of uniqueness, etching a captivating story on your canvas.

25. Upside Down Realistic Pink Rose Tattoos

Adorn your chest with the unexpected allure of three realistic upside-down pink rose tattoos, delicately shaded with hints of blue and yellow. These floral blooms stretch from your shoulder to your chest and add brightness to your personality due to the usage of bright inks. This captivating floral cascade defies tradition, etching a unique and vibrant painting on your skin.

26. Upside Down Red Poppy And Rose Tattoo

A delicate yet intriguing design that adopts two flower types, a poppy and a rose. Both done in red ink, this tattoo begins at the shoulder and expands towards the chest, connected through a vine. It also features a new bud and green leaves that add more color to the tattoo. While we know that two different flowers do not appear in the same vine, this tattoo defies the laws to add a creative and personal twist to a conventional rose tattoo.

27. Blackwork Upside Down Rose Tattoo

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This blackwork upside-down rose tattoo features two roses with stems and leaves coming down from the shoulders from both sides towards the chest. It creates a symmetrical design featuring bold black lines and artwork even if the blooms look a bit different than one another. It is an eye-catching choice for those who are not afraid to stand out!

Full Chest Rose Tattoos For Women

Getting a tattoo that covers the expanse of your chest with intricate blooms is like creating a masterpiece, a garden of enduring elegance. Given the area, you can be as creative with the design as you can, adding elements to make it personal for you.

28. Heart And Roses Tattoo

Command attention with a twist on tradition—envision an ornate perfume container in a heart shape boldly centered on your chest, surrounded by roses and other details that make the ornamental element appear more real. This dynamic fusion symbolizes allure, passion, and fragility, painting an arresting narrative on your skin.

29. Roses With Spider Webs, Flowers, And Script

Picture roses entwined with spider webs, blossoms, and elegant script, creating an intricate fusion of nature and symbolism on the whole of your chest, neck, and shoulders. This design is intricate and well thought out, making it a personal art project that holds meaning. An art piece like this will take hours of work, but the result always helps overcome the pain.

30. Moth And Red Roses

Envelop your chest with the bold presence of a detailed moth in the middle of your chest, surrounded by large rose tattoos. The intricate design spans your torso, making an arresting emblem of ethereal beauty and inevitable decay. Roses are carefully shaded to make them appear as real as possible using black and gray ink with some red roses scattered around. It may signify a million things based on individual interpretations, but it captures the transient feel of nature perfectly.

31. Ornamental Florals With A Skull

The vibrant ink blends elegance with tradition, creating a striking visual narrative that features a skull in the middle of a floral neckline arrangement. The timeless beauty of the roses and blooms with the addition of the skull represents that mortality embodies the cycle of life or the acceptance of both the positive and challenging aspects of our human experience.

Elegant Rose Tattoos On The Chest

These elegant rose tattoo designs are unique and elegant. If you are tired of looking at the same old tattoo designs, then maybe you can give these a try. There is more to getting roses tattooed on the skin than mere aesthetics!

32. Colorful Rose Tattoo

If you want your tattoo to look like a colorful necklace of roses and other colorful flowers that cover the top part of your chest, spanning from one shoulder to the other. It also features two paw prints in black that add a bit of a quirk to your tattoo. This tattoo makes use of multiple colored inks like red, pink, blue, purple, green, and black to bring out the vibrant nature of flowers.

33. Three Roses With Little Flowers And Leaves

Ink your skin with the simplicity of three roses, little flowers, and leaves, skillfully rendered in black. The tattoo gracefully stretches from one shoulder towards the chest, featuring intricate and detailed elements that make it an elegant work of art. This design makes use of thick and thick black lines, along with skillful shading to make the design appear real.

34. Rose Tattoo With Blue Gem Heart And Black Pearls

Embrace the bold elegance of a red ink rose tattoo over your chest that features a realistic blue gem heart in the middle and draped in black pearls. This elaborate yet impactful design graces your canvas with organic elegance. It almost covers your chest and makes use of multiple colored inks to make the roses pop. It is a timeless emblem of strength and beauty, etched on your skin with precision.

35. Roses And Skull Chest Tattoo

While you may not associate skulls with elegance, this piece can be considered in a class of its own. Making use of black and gray, it certainly has a way of catching the eye of others. The skull is covered in elements like roses, spider webs, bones, and leaves along with patterns that add to its vibrancy.

36. Elegant Pink Roses With Buds

Adorn your shoulder and chest with the delicate beauty of elegant pink roses and buds connected by a graceful vine. It is delicate, comparatively small in size, and yet looks attractive against your skin. If you are a fan of floral pieces that look real, sophisticated, and bright, then this is the perfect choice for you.

protip_icon Did you know?
Cara Delevingne has a watercolor rose tattoo on the side of her chest that she got with Selena Gomez to celebrate their long friendship and being co-stars on the TV show Only Murders in the Building.

Eye And Rose Tattoos On The Chest

Invite mystery onto your chest with eye and rose tattoos. While the rose stands for beauty and enduring love, the eye may symbolize spirituality, wisdom, and insight. The combination of these two elements in a tattoo not only adds to its beauty but also has more meaning to it than meets the eye.

37. Realistic Eye And Roses Chest Tattoo

Immerse your chest in realism with an eye and roses tattoo. The vivid details showcase an eye encapsulated in a heart-shaped jar, surrounded by intricate roses. While the eye may be a symbol of protection, this tattoo art piece may also represent the need to protect one’s love from all evil. The heart shape in the middle, surrounded by the roses adds more to it.

38. An Eye, A Heart, And Two Roses Chest Tattoo

This chest piece may not take a lot of space and sit in the middle, but it sure does catch the eyes. While the use of black ink may make it seem common, the design is genius. It features a flaming heart with two roses nestled in and the eye surrounded by the flames. This striking composition captures the fusion of passion, beauty, and watchful allure, etched onto your canvas with fiery precision.

Goat And Rose Tattoos On The Chest

A goat and rose tattoo is not as common as it may seem. Goats, like rams, symbolize power, fertility, vital force, and libido. The juxtaposition of the goats’s strength and the rose’s elegance creates a captivating narrative.

39. Elaborate Goat And Rose Tattoo With A Grim Reaper

It is time to craft an enigmatic masterpiece on your chest—picture an elaborate tattoo featuring a goat, entwined with roses and other flowers, and accompanied by the presence of a grim reaper. This inked artwork tells a unique story, merging the untamed spirit, delicate beauty, and an element of mystery etched onto your canvas with intricate precision.

40. Black And White Goat With Two Roses

While this tattoo may feature a Baphomet or the Devil Goat, it still manages to look mysterious, cradled between two fully bloomed roses. This tattoo is strategically placed below the collarbones and spanning the middle chest. The piece embodies the fusion of darkness, symbolism, and floral beauty with striking precision on your chest, making it stand out and apart from the others.

Heart And Rose Tattoos On The Chest

The perfect rose chest tattoo design captures the essence of love on your chest. The intertwining symbols create a visual poem, etching a narrative of passion and beauty. These tattoos are a good way to proclaim your undying passion and to commemorate the intense feeling forever on your skin.

41. Intricate Heart Tattoo With Roses On The Side

Embrace an intricate heart tattoo on your chest, flanked by delicately shaded roses on each side. The meticulous details weave a captivating narrative, symbolizing love and timeless beauty. The tattoo seems to combine two types of patterns, one is modern for the roses, while the heart takes inspiration from a traditional design. This fusion captures the essence of emotion and elegance, making it difficult for you to take your eyes off it.

42. Heart-Shaped Hole In The Chest

An enigmatic design for an enigmatic you! This heart-shaped black hole tattoo at your chest’s core looks terrifyingly beautiful. A purple rose and a real heart in shades of blue and red emerge from its depths. The twisting green and black vines make the design appear alive and real. This intriguing fusion of a cosmic void and organic life etches a captivating narrative, creating a visually arresting and powerful tableau on your skin.

43. Crowned Heart With Blue Roses Cradled In The Palms

If a heart is what you want to be championed over your chest, then look no further, this is the one. It is elegant and looks as delicate as it is crowned by the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, if a bit bigger in size. The heart is intricate with the use of different colored inks cradled in the palms. The blue roses on the side only make it look more ornate. It is a great piece if you can manage to handle the pain and sit still for a long time.

44. Sacred Heart Tattoo With Yellow Rose

Let a sacred story on your chest shine with a vivid Sacred Heart tattoo, adorned by a solitary yellow rose at its center. This powerful ink design symbolizes divinity and warmth, etching a unique narrative onto your canvas that radiates with the singular beauty of the golden-hued bloom amidst the sacred symbolism. This colorful tattoo makes use of several colored inks to make it stand out against your skin.

Lock And Key And Rose Tattoos On The Chest

Unlock an enchanting narrative on your skin with a lock and key and rose tattoo. This trio of symbols weaves a story of mystery, intrigue, secrecy, and the delicate beauty of a rose, creating an inked masterpiece that captivates with every detail.

45. Large Rose And Key Tattoo With A Clock

This tattoo certainly commands the attention of onlookers and tattoo admirers alike! Executed in black and gray ink, this tattoo is inked on one side of the chest and features a large rose and key tattoo, with a large clock in the back. The added symbolism of time to mystery, love, and secrecy paints a unique picture with several ways to interpret its meaning.

46. Colorful Rose And Lock Tattoo

Let your chest become an artful canvas with a tattoo featuring two vibrant red roses, accompanied by two singing birds, and an ornate lock in the middle. This intricately detailed and colorful tattoo unfolds a harmonious narrative, capturing the essence of nature, melody, and the need to preserve them in a striking composition etched onto your skin with precision.

47. Black And White Lock And Rose Tattoo

Imprint a striking image on your chest and collarbone with a black and white lock and rose tattoo, with the lock in the middle surrounded by the full blooms. This simple yet powerful design captures the timeless duality of strength and delicacy, etching a commanding visual narrative onto your skin. The stark contrast creates an arresting emblem that embodies elegance with bold clarity.

Banner And Rose Tattoos On The Chest

Embellish your chest with the timeless fusion of banner and rose tattoos. It is nothing new, but it is a good way to make a proclamation that you can wear on your skin, loud and proud.

48. Red And Black Design Rose Banner Tattoo

For a bold statement—envision a red and black design featuring a banner tattoo with a fully bloomed rose on top. The vibrant hues meld seamlessly, creating a striking tableau of elegance and power. The best thing about this tattoo is that the banner features not only the name but also dates, commemorating an important person forever on the wearer’s skin.

49. A Red Heart And Red Rose Banner Chest Tattoo

A red rose banner chest piece that looks amazing on the chest, despite its considerably smaller size. The borders are done with black ink, making smart use of negative spaces, while the tattoo as a whole champions black and red ink for the major parts. The banner features the name of a loved one in a graceful cursive font. This design captures the essence of classic beauty and simplicity.

50. Large Shaded Rose With A Banner

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Imagine an expansive, shaded rose adorned with an elegant banner that spans over your shoulder and goes down towards your chest. This design is loud and screams for attention, but the fact that this tattoo is dedicated to a mother adds to its meaning. The banner may feature anything personal, but the word “mom” stands out against the delicately shaded rose.

Cory Stumpf, a blogger, shares his experience of getting a rose tattoo on his chest with a banner that features his wife’s name on it. He writes, “That whole time of trying to decide what I should get permanently imprinted on myself, I often considered the advice of my many inked peers (i).” Despite getting several feedbacks on avoiding banner or band tattoos, he continues, “So I finally did go for it. And I got, as my very first piece, a band tattoo with my lover’s name in it. But I doubt I will regret the choice, despite such warnings from my friends.”

These inked masterpieces weave an interesting tapestry of elegance, symbolism, and individual expression. From vibrant blooms to intricate designs, each tattoo tells a unique story on the canvas of your body. Bold, delicate, or a fusion of both, these rose tattoos command attention with their timeless allure. Whether it’s a single rose, a whole garden, or coupled with symbolic elements – they turn your chest into a living canvas that speaks volumes about your style and identity. Choose a design that resonates with you, and let your chest bear the enduring beauty of these blooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chest tattoos attractive?

Chest tattoos can be incredibly attractive, accentuating your physique and adding a bold, personal touch to your style. They draw attention, making a powerful and captivating statement about you.

Do chest tattoos hurt if I am skinny?

Yes, chest tattoos may be more painful if you are skinny due to the proximity of the needle to the bone and less padding. Thinner skin can intensify the sensation of getting tattooed.

Key Takeaways

  • Rose chest tattoos symbolize enduring love, life’s complexity, and personal strength.
  • Chest placement enhances the impact of a bold and symbolic rose tattoo design.
  • Opt for elegant and delicate rose chest art pieces or go for bold and large tattoos that make use of other elements to add more meaning.
  • The tattoos showcase the symbolic richness of roses, while also conveying emotions like protection, strength, and mystery.
Top 50 Amazing Rose Tattoos On The Chest

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Now that you have a rose chest tattoo done, you must take good care of it to avoid any mishaps. Check out the video below for some tips to ensure that the hours of pain getting your body art are worth it.

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