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Does Running Result In Weight Loss?

Does Running Result In Weight Loss? April 11, 2018

Running is a means of terrestrial locomotion for humans to move rapidly from one place to another on foot. The early ancestors of modern man developed the function of running four million years ago, perhaps as a means to chase prey down for consumption. Running as a competitive sport came out of religious festivals in various civilizations.
Earliest records of competitive racing go back to Tailteann Games in Ireland in 1829 BCE, while the first known Olympic Games took place in ancient Greece in 776 BCE. Running refers to a different variety of speeds ranging from jogging to sprinting. Done with a little trivia about running, let us move on to the topic at hand which is running to lose weight.
Running effectively results in weight loss, there are no doubts about this simple fact. Hence, no explanations needed. However, read further to know why running is the all important component of a weight loss exercise routine.

Running For Weight Loss

1. Running Works For Weight Loss Even When You Are Not Running


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No! The statement above is not a cryptic riddle and Yes! It is true for exactly what it says. Let us explain – running and other high-intensity exercises stimulate more “afterburn” (the process of energy consumption). To explain further, this simply means a high-intensity exercise like running would result in more weight loss than walking because even after a vigorous run your resting energy expenditure remains at an elevated level. Research shows that running leads to 90% more calories burned than that achieved by walking.

2. Running Saves Time

Running does save time, not only when you are late for work but in fact it does save time going from chubby to the lean and trim body you desire. Aerobics, lifting weights, yoga, Pilates, and other exercise routines need your time to effectively show results in terms of weight loss. However, with the same amount of time, you could run more and burn more calories.

3. Convenient And Hassle-Free Or Just Simply Free


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Running is convenient and hassle-free or just simply free. Unlike most weight-loss programs nowadays running is convenient in terms of time, effort and money. With running, you do not need to make your way over to a gym or get yourself an overpriced personal trainer. No membership fees involved, no strict timings to stick to, no gym shoes, no swimming trunks, and no special and usually overpriced gym wear, just a good pair of running shoes and an ample dose of enthusiasm and you are ready to fly with the wind and lose some weight in the bargain. Who said nothing is free!

4. Happy Feet

Yes! Running feet are happy feet. With any exercise routine, it’s imperative to enjoy it to be able to stick to the program and achieve results from your efforts. Studies back up what runners call a runner’s high. Running can get you high. Scientists have linked moderate to high-intensity exercise to elevated levels of morphine-like naturally occurring chemicals in the brain called endocannabinoids apart from endorphins. The fact that running can elevate mood does help with people who take on running for weight loss to be able to stick to the program to finally achieve desired results.

5. No Special Diets Needed

Most often, the challenge most difficult to overcome when it comes to achieving weight loss is sticking to a diet one is not accustomed to. However, to achieve weight loss via means of running, no special diet is needed. In other words, you are not required to starve yourself. Eat whatever you normally eat in moderate quantities and with other health issues apart from weight gain in mind and run regularly. The more you run, the more calories you burn.

How To Start Running


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  • Start your routine with a warm up. Take a brisk walk while you enter your neighborhood park. Try to look around and enjoy the green sight.
  • Go for a trail running or jogging. Take a full round. If possible, change your regular path. Do it for five to eight minutes.
  • Next is to tone your legs. Find a bench. Put your right foot on it and using your leg muscles try lifting your body up off the ground. Push it forth and back and try to engage your abs too. Repeat the same for left leg too. Go for 10 times before switching from one leg to another.
  • Run for 5-7 minutes again
  • It is fun to listen to your favorite fast soundtrack or song, while running or working out. So don’t forget to carry your IPod or MP3 player with you. And don’t forget to update your playlist regularly.
  • Now again look for a bench. With your hands placed on that bench, go for 20 good push-ups. If you don’t mind taking a little dirt on your clothes, do push-ups on the ground instead.
  • Now run for minimum 10 minutes.
  • It is very important that you carry a juice bottle or a water bottle with yourself.
  • Look for a good companion. He or she may be your neighbor, your friend, colleague, or just a workout friend whom you have met in the park. It is good to have a company while running.
  • It is important that you maintain the speed of your running. Over-speeding can make you exhausted.
  • You love to run straight, try going few steps backward. Or just turn around and start running the other way.
  • It’s good to change your track once in a week. Try going to a nearby school running track or another park. Try to maintain the variety which is, of course, the spice of life
  • After running for 30-40 minutes, halt and take a deep breath. Aim for a goal which is approximately a mile away from the point you are standing. On the count of 3, run! Run as if you are running for your life, run as if you’ll miss your train. Here, you may go for over-speeding.
  • Ending your running regime with this fast run is really fun. You end up smiling as you have achieved your goal.
  • If you take running as your institution, you will surely not find it fun. After all, who loves going to the school, especially early morning. But if you take running as your favorite activity, your hobby, you will surely love spending this me-time every morning with full zest and zeal.

Running and weight loss clearly go hand in hand! Time to begin that race towards a fitter and slimmer body.


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