Scary Yet Fun Games To Play In The Dark

Written by Harini Natarajan

Horror stories and scary games formed a major part of our childhood. Whether we were scared or not, it was always about embarking on a mysterious journey to fight the demons. Now that you are all grown up, do you miss the spine-tingling fun you had?

Well, we have listed some scary games to play with your friends that will bring back the adrenaline high. Take a look and get ready for some spooky fun!

Roblox Games To Play With Your Friends

Roblox Games To Play With Your Friends


Roblox games might look exciting and colorful, but they can get spooky as you dive deep and get stuck. Roblox’s custom content has a game for every player. While they may look childish in the beginning, these scary games on Roblox will give you nightmares and chilling scares. Here is a list of some of the best scary Roblox games to play with friends:

1. Geisha

You might be an ardent horror lover, but Geisha has “Teke-Teke” from Urban Legend to scare you out. Horror music and the sounds of your feet tapping as you walk in your childhood home to find your family give you a chilling experience. The constant feeling of being watched over and followed while solving puzzles while trying to avoid encountering Geisha gives you chills. This intriguing game is sure to take your sleep away!

2. Dead Silence

If you are not new to the arena of Roblox scary games, you surely know the master of all: Dead Silence. It is based on the popular supernatural horror film, and players investigate the legend of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist. The fear of her haunting the local town is immense. The dimly lit corridors and the unsettling background music keep tossing your mind. While the floors and windows creak now and then and the doors squeak, your focus has to be on finding Mary Shaw.

3. The Mimic

Remember all those times when you imagined a haunted house filled with your missing friends? Well, The Mimic turns this into a reality. The game has amazing designs. It leads you through four chapters to find your missing friends lost in a world of horror. As you try closing your eyes at every nook and corner, the spooky music, light effects, and jump scares will keep you wide awake. It can be played with up to 10 people for more fun and horror scares.

The first word we recall when we think of scary games to play is a dark setting. While audio and effects can be secondary, a darkroom is all we need for starters. Listed below are some of the best scary games to play with friends in the dark.

Scary Games To Play In The Dark

Scary Games To Play In The Dark


1. Murder In The Dark

This interesting game can be played with five or more people in a dark room. Gather some paper slips and write “Murderer” and “Detective” on two slips and “Victims” on the rest. As the slips are tossed, everyone should pick one.

The detective must leave the room and turn the lights off. Next, the murderer should tap each person thrice to murder them. When someone is tapped, they must scream and lie down on the floor — to show they have been killed. When someone screams, the detective must turn on the lights and come into the room while others freeze in their positions.

By asking questions like, “Where were you when you heard the scream?” the detective should try and find the murderer. If the group is large, the detective gets to have two to three guesses. If they guess wrong, the murderer wins the game.

2. Touch And Tell

This is a simple game that can be made scarier with imagination. Have two or more people join the game in a dark room. Keep handy items in the room that might feel creepy to touch but can make up for body parts.

For example, almonds can be fingernails, grapes can be eyes, wet sponges can be brains, tortillas can be skin, etc. Of course, you can always have someone else sneak up behind the person and scare them. You can also make up stories with each item getting discovered. However, remember to keep the items undercover.

Sleepovers and scary games make a super fun combination. Many like gossiping and sharing crazy stories during a sleepover. However, some of us prefer watching heavy horror or playing something scary. Keep scrolling to know about the three best scary games to play with friends to make the sleepover memorable.

Best Scary Games To Play At A Sleepover

Scary Games To Play At A Sleepover


1. Sandman/Sandbags

This game is all about you lying down on the floor while your friends try and make you feel like your body is made of sand. It does sound funny as you read, but when it works, it does wonders. You will wake up slowly and tired, feeling you are filled with sand. The amount of time it takes to feel normal again is quite tricky. You would basically beg for a fresh ‘injection’ to return to your normal state.

2. Blue Baby

This game works on your senses. Stand in a dark bathroom, keep staring at the mirror, hold your arms out (as if you are holding a baby), and repeat, “baby blue, blue baby.” As this goes on, you will feel your arms getting heavy as the growing baby suddenly starts to grow on you. It feels filling and heavy, and all you will want to do is flush the baby to get rid of it. Voila! Flush the baby, and the mother pops out of the mirror to get you! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

3. Three Kings

This game might not be very well known but is gut-wrenching when played. Basically, you will have to go down to the basement and sit down with three chairs. While you sit on one and call it “The Throne,” the other two chairs hold mirrors. One mirror is for the “Queen,” and the other is for “Fool” for spirits to enter by.

Once you are done summoning the demons, you have an hour and a minute to ask all your questions. It could be all stupid and absolute fun, but you need a partner to call you and help you return to the real world once your time is up. After all, there is nothing like getting hypnotized and lost in an unknown world of horror. So, get ready to admit to your friend that you want therapy to recover from demons.

Scary stories might sound funny in your head, but the real trick is to play them. They will play with your mind and your body, sending shivers down your spine. Up for this challenge? Gather some friends and ice (you might need it later to cool yourself down) and begin a game from the ones mentioned above. Worst case scenario– play one alone and witness the horror!

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