16+ Best Scary Games To Play With Friends At A Sleepover

Make your pajama party an event to remember with these spooky but fun distractions.

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Playing scary games with your friends and siblings is a different experience altogether. It leaves a tale of memories, which isn’t found in other games. So, if you are planning a get-together and looking for scary games to play with your friends, you have landed on the right page.

Scary games were part of everyone’s childhood. It was all about experiencing something new and different. This article lists some great scary games, both online and offline. Keep scrolling!

Roblox Games To Play With Your Friends

Roblox games to play with your friends
Image: Shutterstock

Roblox games might look exciting and colorful, but they can get spooky as you dive deep and get stuck. Roblox’s custom content has a game for every player. While they may look childish in the beginning, these frightening games on Roblox can give you eerie nightmares and chilling scares Here is a list of some of the best scary Roblox games to play with friends:

1. Geisha

You might be an ardent horror lover, but Geisha has “Teke-Teke” from Urban Legend to scare you out. If the horror music and the ominous sounds of feet tapping as you walk in your suspenseful ‘childhood home’ to find your family are not enough, the constant feeling of being watched and followed while solving puzzles and trying to avoid encountering the geisha is terrifying enough to give you chills. This intriguing game is sure to take your sleep away!

2. Dead Silence

Group of friends playing Dead Silence
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If you are not new to the arena of Roblox scary games, you surely know the master of all: Dead Silence. It is based on the popular supernatural horror film, and players investigate the legend of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist. The fear of her haunting the local town is immense. The dimly lit corridors and the unsettling ghostly background music keep tossing in your mind While the floors and windows creak now and then and the doors squeak, your focus has to be on finding Mary Shaw.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Create a similar setup while playing this game. Dim the lights, close the curtains, and close the doors for a better effect.

3. The Mimic

Remember all those times when you imagined a haunted house filled with your missing friends? Well, The Mimic turns this into a reality. This survival horror game has amazing designs. It leads you through four chapters to find your missing friends lost in a world of horror. As you try closing your eyes at every nook and corner, the spooky music, light effects, and jump scares will keep you wide awake. It can be played with up to 10 people for more fun and horror scares.

The first word we recall, when we think of scary games to play in real life, is a dark setting. While audio and effects can be secondary, a darkroom is all we need for starters. Listed below are some of the best scary games to play with friends in the dark.

4. Haunted Mansion Escape

Imagine entering a dark and eerie mansion, its creaking floors and flickering lights setting the spine-chilling atmosphere. You and your friends are trapped, and the only way out is by working together. Solve intricate puzzles, decipher cryptic clues, and watch out for hidden traps as you explore the haunted mansion’s rooms. Ghostly apparitions might try to thwart your progress, so stay vigilant! The adrenaline rush intensifies as you inch closer to the thrilling escape, making it a perfect game for fans of suspense and teamwork.

5. Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Picture a world overrun by relentless zombies, with crumbling buildings and scarce resources. In this game, you and your friends must band together to create a safe haven. Work on constructing fortifications, gather essential supplies, and coordinate your efforts to fend off waves of approaching zombies. The tension rises as night falls, and the undead become more aggressive. Strategic planning and cooperation are essential for your survival, making it an exhilarating experience for fans of horror and teamwork.

6. Ghostly Hide And Seek

Step into a supernatural world where you and your friends engage in a spine-tingling game of hide and seek. One player becomes the ghostly seeker, armed with eerie abilities to detect hidden players. The others must stealthily find hiding spots throughout a maze-like map, trying not to get caught. The ghost’s haunting presence adds an extra layer of suspense as you communicate with your friends to outwit and avoid the lurking specter. It’s a heart-pounding game that combines strategy, stealth, and a dash of supernatural fun, making it a chilling delight for fans of horror-themed games.

Scary Games To Play In The Dark

Scary games to play in the dark
Image: Shutterstock

1. Murder In The Dark

This interesting game can be played with five or more people in a dark room. Gather some paper slips and write “Murderer” and “Detective” on two slips and “Victims” on the rest. As the slips are tossed, everyone should pick one.

The detective must leave the room and turn the lights off. Next, the murderer should tap each person thrice to murder them. When someone is tapped, they must scream and lie down on the floor — to show they have been killed. When someone screams, the detective must turn on the lights and come into the room while others freeze in their positions.

By asking questions like, “Where were you when you heard the scream?” the detective should try and find the murderer. If the group is large, the detective gets to have two to three guesses. If they guess wrong, the murderer wins the game.

2. Touch And Tell

This is a simple game that can be made scarier with imagination. Have two or more people join the game in a dark room. Keep handy items in the room that might feel creepy to touch but can make up for body parts.

For example, almonds can be fingernails, grapes can be eyes, wet sponges can be brains, tortillas can be skin, etc. Of course, you can always have someone else sneak up behind the person and scare them. You can also make up stories with each item getting discovered. However, remember to keep the items undercover.

Scary games to play with friends at sleepovers are always fun. Many like gossiping and sharing crazy stories during a sleepover. However, some of us prefer watching heavy horror or playing something scary. Keep scrolling to know about the three best scary games to play with friends in real life to make the sleepover memorable.

3. Shadow Tag In The Woods

Venture into a moonlit forest or a dimly lit backyard. One person is “it” and wears a spooky mask or costume. The rest scatter into the darkness, using trees and bushes as cover. “It” must tag the others by “touching” their shadows with a flashlight. The tension mounts as you dash through the shadows, heart racing, with the darkness concealing your next move.

4. Ghostly Glow Hide And Seek

Turn off all the lights and let darkness engulf you. One player becomes the “ghost” armed with a dim yet glowing object. The others must hide in the absolute darkness. The ghost will seek out the hidden players with their eerie glow, sending shivers down spines as they draw closer. The thrill intensifies as you hide, feeling the goosebumps in the chilling darkness.

5. Séance Of Whispers

Gather in a dimly lit room with a circle of candles. Players form a circle, holding hands, and begin a simulated séance. Someone takes on the role of the medium, attempting to communicate with spirits. The eerie part? Players take turns sharing ghost stories or secrets in hushed tones. As the tales unfold, the room seems to come alive with mysterious whispers and unexplained chills, creating a truly spine-tingling atmosphere.

Best Scary Games To Play At A Sleepover

Scary games to play at a sleepover
Image: Shutterstock

1. Sandman/Sandbags

This game is all about you lying down on the floor while your friends try and make you feel like your body is made of sand. It does sound funny as you read, but when it works, it does wonders. You will wake up slowly and tired, feeling you are filled with sand. The amount of time it takes to feel normal again is quite tricky. You would basically beg for a fresh ‘injection’ to return to your normal state.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Your friends can narrate violent and gruesome stories to scare you and make you feel you are being attacked and filled with sand.

2. Blue Baby

Woman terrified after playing the Blue Baby game
Image: Shutterstock

This game works on your senses. Stand in a dark bathroom, keep staring at the mirror, hold your arms out (as if you are holding a baby), and repeat, “baby blue, blue baby.” As this goes on, you will feel your arms getting heavy as the growing baby suddenly starts to grow on you. It feels filling and heavy, and all you will want to do is flush the baby to get rid of it. Voila! Flush the baby, and the mother pops out of the mirror to get you! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

3. Three Kings

This game might not be very well known but is gut-wrenching when played. Basically, you will have to go down to the basement and sit down with three chairs. While you sit on one and call it “The Throne,” the other two chairs hold mirrors. One mirror is for the “Queen,” and the other is for “Fool” for spirits to enter by.

Once you are done summoning the demons, you have an hour and a minute to ask all your questions. It could be all stupid and absolute fun, but you need a partner to call you and help you return to the real world once your time is up. After all, there is nothing like getting hypnotized and lost in an unknown world of horror. So, get ready to admit to your friend that you want therapy to recover from demons.

4. Haunted Mirror Game

This game is hair-raising! As you and your friends gather in a dimly lit room with a mirror in front of you, one among you starts chanting, “Haunted mirror, show me your secret.” With each passing moment, the room gets quieter and more eerie. The mirror may reveal subtle, ghostly images, eerie shadows, or even unsettling figures behind the player. The tension mounts as you wait to see what the mirror will unveil next, making it a chilling test of nerves and a thrilling addition to any sleepover.

5. The Midnight Séance

This ghostly game requires a circle of friends, a dimly lit room, and a makeshift ouija board. One player takes on the role of the medium, sitting at the board with their fingers lightly touching a small object in the center, preferably a coin. With candles flickering and the clock striking midnight, you embark on a journey to communicate with the spirit world. The medium asks questions, and if the spirits are willing, they’ll respond by moving the object to spell out answers. As the questions get more daring, and the atmosphere more charged, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, awaiting eerie messages from beyond the veil.

6. Whispers In The Dark

This game is sure to send shivers down your spines. Everyone lies down in a circle in a pitch-black room, heads close together. The first storyteller begins by whispering a spooky tale into the ear of the person next to them. As the story weaves its way around the circle, each person adds their own twists and turns, making it even scarier. But beware—the storyteller has the power to suddenly stop, leaving the last person in spine-chilling suspense. For an added thrill, you can introduce ghostly sound effects, like a whisper or a distant howl, to keep everyone on edge. It’s a game of storytelling and suspense that’s bound to leave you wide-eyed in the dark.

Infographic: Top 5 Spine-Tingling Games For Your Next Sleepover With Friends

Even if you hate horror games, you cannot deny that a sleepover is incomplete without them. These games have been around for ages and are a sure-shot way to have unlimited fun with your friends during sleepovers. If you are planning a sleepover and looking for scary games to play, we have you covered. Check out the infographic below and prepare to shriek your hearts out!

top 5 spine tingling games for your next sleepover with friends (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We have all looked up online for scary games to play at sleepovers with our friends and family. It is one of the craziest things you can do during any get-together. These games may sound funny when you first hear about them, but the trick is to play and experience them. They will play with your mind, sending shivers down your spine. So, if you are ready for this challenge, gather some of your friends or cousins and iced beverages (to cool yourself down after the game). Start with a game from the above list and experience the goosebumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most realistic horror game?

By popular internet opinion, Infliction is the most realistic horror PC game with its sinister visuals and blood-curdling sound effects.

What is a good horror game for a beginner?

For a gamer who is a beginner at horror games, Layers of Fear is a game recommended by many veterans of this genre of games.

What is the scariest online game?

Regulars gamers suggest games like Little Nightmares, Limbo, Dead Space, etc., to satiate your need for the creeps.

Key Takeaways

  • Scary games can be pretty immersive. They give an adrenaline rush and a sense of excitement.
  • Roblox games like ’The Mimic’ lead you through four chapters to find your missing friends lost in a world of horror.
  • Murder in the dark is an interesting game to play with five or more people in a dark room.
  • Sandman is all about you lying down on the floor while your friends try and make you feel like your body is made of sand.

Are you brave enough to handle the terror? Check out this video for 10 spine-chilling games that will leave you trembling with fear. But beware, these games are not for the faint of heart!

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