The Telltale Signs And Traits Of A Scorpio Man In Love

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

If you are dating a Scorpio man and having a tough time deciphering his complex love language, we have got the deets. While astrology is often not on the cards when looking for a potential partner (for most of us), knowing your man’s zodiac sign can often help you understand his traits and behavior. This is especially helpful when you are dating a Scorpio – the complex, intense, mysterious, and most guarded signs of all. Keep reading to get the deets on the personality traits and telltale signs to learn how your Scorpio boo may show he cares.

Before reading ahead, let’s learn a few basic facts about this zodiac sign.

Scorpio: Know The Basic Details

Birth Dates: October 23 to November 21
Represented By: Scorpion
Element: Water
Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars
Compatible With: Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo

Scorpio men love a woman who is in tune with herself. They easily fall for someone who knows to stand for themselves and their beliefs. If you fantasize about a Scorpio man and want to make him fall for you, the following tips might help you.

How To Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love

How To Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love


1. Be You

While you may feel tempted to find out his ideal type and mold yourself likewise, it’s not going to work with a Scorpio man. Instead, be proud of who you are, be confident, and be you. It is easier to win a Scorpio man’s heart when you keep it real as they appreciate genuineness.

2. Trust Is A Factor

Trust and loyalty take the top spots on the cards of any water sign, including Scorpio. If you want to make him fall for you, focus on building trust and be loyal to him. Scorpio men cannot tolerate lies and usually do not open up to people they cannot trust. They are deeply committed and expect the same from their partners.

3. Be Patient

Scorpio men are shrouded in an air of mystery and tough to understand initially. They have multiple layers, and it will take a lot of patience and commitment to understand and unravel them. Scorpio men fall for women who they find interesting and feel attracted to. And patience is the key to get him interested and attracted.

4. Never Control Them

Scorpios dislike being controlled and do not prefer submissive women. Rather, they prefer to set their own pace. So, to woo your Scorpio guy, you have to let him lead the way. They are not dominating, but they prefer to take independent decisions. So, avoid being desperate and forcing your emotions on him.

5. Reassure Him

Among all zodiac signs, Scorpio takes the longest time to trust someone. They are jealous and insecure. So, to make your place in a Scorpio man’s heart, your words should be backed by action. Never say anything for the sake of it or to please him and make him feel good. Rather, show him with your actions that you love him and genuinely care for him.

Once you are inside his core circle of trust, a Scorpio man can enthrall you with his love, passion, and commitment towards you. However, the people belonging to this zodiac sign are insanely deep. So, even if they are passionately in love with you inside, it may not show outside. How do you know what’s happening beneath the surface and if he is in love with you? Find out in the next section.

10 Signs That A Scorpio Man Is In Love With You

1. He Is Protective Of You

He Is Protective Of You


Mars, the God of war, rules Scorpio. So, you will feel his protective nature when he is around you. For instance, when you walk side by side on the road, he may move you towards the pavement to protect you from the vehicles. Likewise, there will be multiple instances when you feel that he genuinely cares for you and tries to protect you. A Scorpio man in love is deeply drawn towards his partner.

2. He Loves Spending Time With You

Scorpio men may not be expressive and make grand plans to profess their love to you, but they will not shy away from letting you know that they like you. If you have made your way into a Scorpio man’s heart, he will do everything to spend time with you and know you better. You can expect a lot of calls, random texts, dinner or coffee dates – not to the extent to appear clingy, though!

3. You Have Become His Confidant

This is a sure-fire sign that the Scorpio man likes you. Scorpio does not trust anyone easily, and if he has let his guard down in front of you, be assured that you have a permanent place in his heart!

4. He Is Always There For You

And by this, we mean he would be your go-to guy. Scorpio men take time to fall in love, but when they do, they are all in. Whether you need a helping hand for some household work or someone to pick things up for you – they will always be available. A Scorpio man in love is the most caring and helping soul. However, if he senses that you are just using him, he will definitely escape!

5. You Will Always Have His Attention

You Will Always Have His Attention


With a Scorpio guy, you don’t have to worry about wandering eyes. If he is truly into you, he will direct all his attention toward you. He will make an effort to maintain eye contact while talking, and you can sense the warmth in his gaze. Conversations with him will feel like the world doesn’t exist for him at all. From the way you talk to your hand gestures, he will notice everything and take a deep interest in you.

6. He Gets Jealous Easily

If you notice the Scorpio guy getting possessive about you, be sure that he is in love with you. Jealousy is a trait of Scorpio, and when it’s about his lady love, he will definitely not let anyone win your attention! While he may not make a big deal about it, you can sense his possessiveness.

7. He Will Connect With You Emotionally

If the Scorpio guy you are dating starts to open up about himself and shares his insecurities, likes and dislikes, and childhood memories, he is falling for you. Scorpios usually open up emotionally to people they connect with at a deeper level.

8. He Will Show His Sensual Side

Scorpios are extremely sensual and passionate lovers and adore their partners. So, if he is truly into you, expect a lot of seduction, sensuality, and passion. This comes naturally to Scorpio men, and they try to attract women they care for. However, if they sense infidelity, Scorpio men may flee from the relationship.

9. He Responds To Your Flirtations

He will do it only if he is attracted to you and interested in you. Scorpios are passionate and sensual, so, if he responds to your flirtations, be sure something is brewing.

10. He Will Share Everything With You

Scorpios love their personal space and never let anyone encroach on it. However, you can tell he is into you if he lets you touch his stuff. He won’t mind sharing his clothes, lending you his things, and letting you share his food. It is a hint that you are exclusive.

Scorpio is the most misunderstood zodiac sign. They may appear intimidating and manipulative, but you will understand how intense, passionate, loyal, and trustworthy they are once you know them. If you are crushing on someone belonging to this ever-elusive zodiac sign, keep a note of their basic personality traits to avoid complications.

Personality Traits Of Scorpio Men

Personality Traits Of Scorpio Men


Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning Scorpio men are persons you can rely on. They always got your back, are loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy. However, it is dominated by their element water. So, Scorpio men brim with emotions and are extremely passionate. They cannot hide what they feel, and while they may come off as snarky or manipulative, Scorpio men are determined and will never stop if they have been wronged.

Their cool and calm demeanor gives them have an air of mystery and secrecy, but there is always a lot going on beneath the surface. They will reveal themselves to persons they commit to, and before committing, they will make sure they know you well and can trust you.

While Scorpio is the most trustworthy friend, they can also be the worst enemy you can imagine making. They are courageous and will not go down without a fight only if they feel they have been wronged. Scorpios hate being restricted. They can be wild and untamed and extremely caring and loving at the same time. Scorpios are extremely indulgent. They may appear a bit of control freaks and power-loving, but they also respect healthy boundaries.

In A Nutshell

No one is as loyal, dedicated, passionate, and fiercely protective as a Scorpio man in love. If you want to find a way to his heart, you have to keep it real because he hates superficiality. He may initially appear self-absorbed, but once he trusts you, he will leave no stone unturned to make you feel his love deeply. However, you have to be extremely patient. We hope that the tips shared in the article will help you find your way to a Scorpio man’s heart and understand his way of saying ‘I love you.’

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