How To Select And Wear A Waist Chain

Accessorize your waist with this delicate ornament to draw attention to your best curves.

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Do you want to be the center of attraction every time you go to a function? Do you want to be the idol when it comes to wearing jewelry? Then wearing a waist chain for your saree is one of the best things you can do! You wear them around your waist and make an unparalleled fashion statement, whether conventional or modern, depending upon the kind of attire you pair it with or the way you flaunt it!

Conventional waist chains are generally made out of gold and silver. Wearing waist chains is now a fashion statement by not only women who dress traditionally but also by those who wear a variety of modern outfits!

Want to know more about waist chains and how to choose the apt one that suits your needs and attires? Then this article will help you out! Go ahead and give it a read!

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  • Occasion: Be it weddings, functions, casual meetings with friends, or travels, you can wear a waist chain for any of these informal events.
  • Material: A gold or silver waist chain goes well with a traditional look, while a lightweight stainless steel goes well with your casual outfits.
  • Cleaning: Always use a mild diluted soap and a soft cloth to wipe the chain clean. You can store the chain separately in a pouch or soft cloth bag.
  • Clothing To Pair With: The waist chain looks trendy and stylish with tank tops and shorts, maxi dress, and low-waist pants.

Wearing Waist Chains – A Brief

Close up of a golden waist chain with a butterfly motif
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Waist jewelry or ornaments have been popular with women for hundreds of years. While we take a walk down the lane of history, we find that waist chains have been in use for about four thousand years. They have been extremely well-liked in Southeast Asian countries by women as well as by men. Waist chains were a staple diet for feeding fashion, religion, and a mark of prosperity. You may just like to take a look at your old history books that you read at school and flip through the pages of the ‘Indus Valley Civilization’. There too you would get an indication that waist belts were much admired. The frenzy was no more restricted to Southeast Asian countries; these chic waist embellishments became fashionable around the world. European women started to wear belly chains around their abs to create a smart look.

Indian women wear belly waist chains to get a customary look, keeping in mind the cultural associations. Waist beads, which form an offshoot of the famous waist chain tradition, are flaunted by belly dancers with confidence.

A fashion blogger shares her experience of wearing chain belts and how her perception of them has evolved over the years. “I’ve channeled my inner 90s fly girl! Lately, I’ve been obsessing over fashion trends from the late 80s/ early 90s. Maybe the fact that my 30th is less than 2 months away is triggering my walk down fashion memory lane. The funny thing is that growing up, I used to HATE the chain belts. My mom had a crazy collection of chain belts (all of which had charms dangling from them), and she wore them with what seemed like every outfit. Well, like they say, what goes around comes around and this time around, I’m loving the chain belt (i),” she writes.

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In South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, all newborns get a waist chain on the 28th day after birth as a cultural pact.

Why Is Waist Chain For Saree So Popular?

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In African countries, waist chains are also called waist beads and symbolize fertility, femininity, sensuality, and spiritual well-being.
Woman wearing waist chain on saree
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Waist chains are very popular. Women can never be tired of flaunting them. The reasons are not difficult to guess. They are:

  1. Waist chains exude an incomparable feminine charm.
  2. A waist chain is one of the most intricate and detailed body jewelry you can think of and at the same time, wearing them is not a painful affair (as you don’t have to get body piercing done).
  3. You can make it elaborate by pairing it with a waist key chain.
  4. They are available in a variety of designs and ranges.
Woman wearing trendy waist chain on saree
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How To Select And Wear A Waist Chain

Woman wearing waist chain on jeans
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Visit a jewelry store where you get a variety of waist chains.

  1. Choose the one that suits your taste. You might like to take your personality, your outfit, and the occasion into consideration.
  2. Make sure that the waist chain is at least two inches bigger than the measure of your waist (make sure that you have taken measurements of your waist).
  3. Wrap it around your waist and attach the clasp.

Fashion Stylist, Eleonora Fiano, offers her insights, “Remember to consider your budget when selecting a waist chain, as prices can vary depending on the material and design. Consider the materials that want the chain to be made of, like gold, silver, or stainless steel, as well as materials like beads or gemstones. Choose one that matches your style and desired level of durability. They have to be comfortable, so look for smooth edges, adjustable clasps, and chains that won’t irritate or pinch your skin. Most waist chains are adjustable, but it’s important to check the size range to ensure it will fit you comfortably. Finally, a very important thing to consider is the occasion when you decide to wear the waist chain, in fact, chains may be more suitable for casual settings or beachwear, while others may be dressier and suitable for formal occasions.”

Pairing Waist Chains With Sarees And Lehengas

Woman wearing traditional waist chain
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Wondering how to wear a waist chain with a saree? Saree waist chains look marvelous. Sarees bring out the woman in you while a waist chain accentuates your femininity. Next time when you drape yourself in an exquisite chiffon saree or an incredible Banarasi silk, don’t forget to flaunt a beautiful piece of waist chain. Waist chains that go with saree are ethnic and are known popularly as saree kamar bandh. Invest in a single-lined stone sequined waist chain if you want to keep the saree waistband or saree belt simple. Kamarbandh for saree is a heavy accessory during weddings. If you want something lavish, you may wish to get a heavy chain with adornments like huge pendants or Jhumkas.

Infographic: Tips To Choose And Style A Waist Chain

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tips to choose and style a waist chain(infographic)

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Are you a woman who expects to be the center of attraction at every event you attend? Do you want to wear jewelry that adds a touch of glamor to your overall look? Great!! The best accessory to wear is a waist chain! Simply wrap the waist chains around your waist to make a fashion statement in no time! Wearing chains around the waist is extremely popular. They look stylish and can be worn by people of all sizes and shapes. There is no limit to how much women can flaunt them. In addition, waist chains look great with a saree. Sarees bring out your inner lady, while waist chains accentuate your femininity. Follow the steps outlined in the article if you want to know how to wear a waist chain with a saree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are waist chains called?

Waist chains are also called belly chains and kamarband, kamar bandh, or kamar patta (in India).

Can you wear a waist chain with a modern, non-traditional saree?

Yes, you can wear waist chains made of pearls or stones with a modern, non-traditional saree as it adds to the charm and makes your hips look fuller while making your waist look delicate.

What are some unique ways to style a waist chain with a saree?

If you have a simple waist chain but want to make it a bit flashier to amp up your look, you can attach a necklace or some big earrings to the chain on the side where it will be visible.

Key Takeaways

  • Waist chains come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. One can find a suitable waist chain for all informal social occasions.
  • Considering your overall outfit can help narrow down your options. For example, lightweight beads and chains go well with casuals, while heavy gold, silver, or other metal belts complement ethnic outfits.
  • Cleaning your waist chains regularly is a must to maintain their quality. Invest in special cleaning kits according to the material.
  • While purchasing a waist chain, always ensure it is at least two inches bigger than your waist size or has adjustable clasps to ensure a customizable, comfortable fit.
waist chain for saree

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Get the perfect waist chain to go with your outfit and look stunning! Check out this video for the latest and trendiest collections!

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