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10 Serious Side Effects Of Chasteberry

10 Serious Side Effects Of Chasteberry October 12, 2017

You would have come across chasteberry as an ingredient that has many benefits. Well, it undoubtedly does. But how far are you aware that it has side effects as well?

Would you like to know about the chasteberry side effects? Keep reading!

1. Rashes:

This is not confined to just chasteberry. In fact, many berries contain chemicals that certain individuals are allergic to. If you do have chasteberry allergy, you may have a violent rash breakout. In such a situation, stop eating chasteberry and go to a doctor. He’ll prescribe medicines and histamines that will make your rashes subside.

2. Acne:

If you already have acne and are mildly allergic to chasteberry, ingesting the herb can produce disastrous results. Chasteberry has a considerable effect on your hormones and apart from a lack of hygiene, it is the build-up of toxins in your liver and hormonal changes that lead to acne. Chasteberry may well serve as the trigger in an acne breakout.

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3. Headache:

This is a common problem for many who take chasteberry for medical reasons. The herb has been found to cause headaches, and even aggravates migraines if you happen to have too much of it.

4. Stomach Upset:

If you have stomach problems, it is advised to stop taking chasteberry until you are healed. Chasteberry may further degrade your condition and what was earlier a case of mild indigestion could easily descend into diarrhea (1).

5. Nausea:

Although you may not get stomach problems by using chasteberry, you may still feel nauseous (2). If you are nauseated every time you ingest this herb, its best to stop taking chasteberry and switch to another herb or medicinal alternative.

6. Weight Gain:

Are you aware that weight gain is one of the serious side effects of chasteberry? Chasteberry plays with the hormone levels of your body. Some of these hormones play a direct role in the deposition of fat in your body, which is why pregnant women or women in their periods feel bloated. If chasteberry interacts with these fat deposition influencing hormones, weight gain is inevitable. So, it is best to take chasteberry for a week and if you are bloated or gain weight, it may not be the right fit for you.

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7. Sleeping Trouble:

While chasteberry may not give you full-fledged insomnia, it can easily intervene with your sleep cycles. Again, due to the hormone interactions this herb causes, your brain may find it difficult to ‘switch off’ and slip into sleep. If you are unable to sleep until late in the night, stop taking this medicinal herb.

8. Dizziness:

This is a step down from nausea, but it is still an uncomfortable side effect of chasteberry that many seem to suffer from. It is best to avoid chasteberry if you have vertigo or when you are climbing heights.

9. Hormone Sensitive Conditions:

Hormone sensitive conditions are affected by chasteberry(3). So women with premenstrual syndrome, or pregnant women, or women who are breastfeeding are recommended to stay off this herb. If you require chasteberry for a medical purpose, ask your doctor to prescribe a suitable alternative that will not play with your hormones.

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10. Drug Interactions:

Those who take medication for Parkinson’s disease should not take chasteberry at any rate, because it affects a chemical in the brain that may aggravate their condition. Drug interaction with chasteberry is a serious problem for those who take anti-psychotic medication too.

These chasteberry side effects may produce mild or severe problems in your body. So before you take this herb, it is best to get the doctor’s recommendation.

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