15 Sexy Victoria Beckham’s Bob Hairstyles

Edgy and Posh — no one rocks this short hairstyle like the English singer, fashion designer.

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Victoria Beckham is so classy; they named her Posh Spice when she sang for the Spice Girls. From her fashion tastes to her hairstyles, she never messes up a look. Therefore, we are taking pointers from her in this edition of Victoria Beckham bob hairstyles. From choppy to asymmetrical bobs, Mrs. Beckham has tried it all and added her personal touch.

Scroll down to check out her best bob hairstyles and how you can recreate them!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Victoria Beckham-inspired hairstyles are ideal for those with heart, triangle, and oval faces.
  • The most iconic bob look sported by Victoria has become renowned as the Posh bob. It is defined by a long angular bob with a few choppy layers starting at the cheekbones.
  • If you have fine hair, use texturizing sprays to add volume or mousse to add bounce. Otherwise, holding sprays are great for thicker hair to ensure neat and precise looks like those of Posh.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Before joining the world-famous girl group “Spice Girls,” Victoria Beckham was an active member of a singing group called “Persuasion.”

1. The Wavy Choppy Lob

Midi Wavy Bob

Image: Shutterstock

No one rocks the wavy lob like Victoria Beckham! She makes a statement with her hair, and nothing says cool, modern, and versatile quite like an edgy lob. We love how it’s not too short or too long; the longest layers fall a little below the shoulder, just grazing the shoulder blades. It’s the perfect balance between sexy and serious. Plus, you can style it in a dinky ponytail or a boho top-knot. This wavy choppy lob is our ultimate favorite!

2. Elegant Crop Bob

Elegant Crop Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham has done it again – this elegant and sleek crop bob looks perfect for a night on the town! This hairstyle brings all the attention to her killer cheekbones and subtle but sophisticated make-up. Recreate this edgy, polished celebrity style look with just a bit of serum, hair spray, and pomade.

3. The Smooth Lob

The Smooth Lob

Image: Shutterstock

No matter your style, the classic and elegant lob is a hairstyle that looks terrific on everyone – and Victoria Beckham is no exception! This shoulder-length look is universally flattering, framing her face without the drag of excessive length. The razor-cut jagged ends make this regular lob look sharp and feathered, adding a lot of movement and texture to this sleek style.

4. Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham is an absolute master at reinventing her look, and her curly bob hair is no exception. With subtle curves and no distinct parting, this bob is sure to wow. The asymmetrical cut makes it unique and stands out from the crowd, while the longest hair in the front creates an eye-catching faux-bang. With a few minor style changes, this modern look will transform you into a trendsetter.

5. Long Wavy Bob

Long Wavy Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham has given the classic hairstyle a modern twist. Her waves and center-parting create a voluminous style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The texture and highlights add an effortless shine, while the flyaways have been perfectly intentional to complete the look.

6. Asymmetrical Razor Cut Bob

Asymmetrical Razor Cut Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham is always pioneering new looks, and this edgy asymmetrical bob is no exception. The choppy, uneven front layers give her an edgier vibe and are incredibly flattering due to the sharp angles framing her face. The brown highlights with deeper roots jazz up the layers and give a subtle hint of shine,  adding to her personality. This unconventional style is super versatile and perfect for those with a daring and bold personality.

7. Angled Bob In Caramel Highlights

Image: Getty

We can’t get enough of Posh Spice’s brown-colored bob with caramel highlights, especially when they are glossy and groomed. Contouring her jaw line, the angled bob is sexy and edgy, and it suits most face shapes. Buy a flat iron for this angled cut, which is a bit longer in front to frame her face. So, if you have a heart-shaped face like VB, opt for a side part to soften the forehead. This Victoria Beckham angled bob hairstyle will accentuate your eyes and cheeks perfectly.

8. Choppy Bob

Image: Getty

Posh has us green with envy – thanks to her glossy, messy bob. This hairstyle is incredibly chic with its many choppy layers, subtle dimension, and volume. Add to that, the designer keeps her look laidback and romantic with wispy side fringes. To embrace flyaway hairs, make sure you let your hair air dry for natural texture, and use a light hairspray.

protip_icon StyleCraze Trivia
Born on the 17th of April 1974, Victoria Beckham’s full name is Victoria Caroline Adams.

9. Edgy Bob

Image: Getty

Looking chic with her short, edgy bob, Victoria Beckham lets her natural beauty shine through with this look. With angled choppy bangs, spikes, and a bold chin-length cut, this style takes sass and edginess to pull off. If you have a face shape like VB, get lots of feathered layers to accentuate the angles of your face. Glam up this look with dark eye makeup and nude lips for a fancier occasion.

10. Sleek Long Bob

Image: Getty

Take good care of your bob if you want it to be as sleek and long as Posh’s. We adore her super glossy long bob look. Her poker-straight bob is sophisticated and classy, and she sports a stylish off-center parting and subtle layers. Keep your mane super-straight with some anti-frizz gel and a flat iron, as well as some versatile matte hairspray.

11. Asymmetrical Bob

Image: Getty

Former singer and now fashion designer, Victoria looks chic and trendy with her modern asymmetrical bob. Her long platinum blonde gives her a bold and enigmatic look, emphasizing her brown eyes. For polished and glossy hair like VB’s, keep some texturizing mousse and a good quality flat iron, as well as some strong hold hairspray.

12. Short Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

Victoria keeps her hairstyle dynamic and modern with a deep side parting that reveals her dark blonde roots with spiky textures. We love Posh’s natural, shaggy and laid back locks – making it perfect for a summer beach party.

13. Polished Bob

Image: Getty

We would like to call this look a “high-end polished chic”. Her off-middle parting lets her sleek locks frame her face, accentuating her brown eyes. If you have a heart shape face like VB’s, keep your haircut short from the front, probably just above your cheekbones to make your face look even longer and narrower. The simple no-fuss bob is what we would like to adapt for the formal look – or anything else, for that matter.

14. Messy Bob With A Headband

Image: Getty

Are you looking for Victoria Beckham short bob haircut? Then here you are! The former Spice Girl flaunts a short bob accentuated with choppy layers and ombre highlights. Fun, edgy, and feminine, this undone bob has plenty of personality. We love VB’s touchable layers that are full of texture and brown high-and-low lights that give her hair extra depth.

To get the texture, with the help of the round brush let your hair air dry, work some texturizing serum into your tresses with your fingertips for an edgy, tousled finishing touch. Add a simple ribbon headband to finish the look.

15. Blonde Layered Bob

Image: Getty

A more natural, refined look for the busy fashionista – the glossy lips, light eye shadow and a sophisticated side-swept bob in her signature blonde are a powerful combination. The designer’s face shape is a combination of heart and long-shaped, and her hairstyle is flattering for both these shapes. Her short, side-swept tendrils soften her forehead and facial features; drawing attention to her beautiful eyes and keeping the focus off the middle of her face.

Infographic: Top 5 Victoria Beckham’s Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham runs her own fashion line, so it comes as no surprise that her style is always on point. One of the most striking things about her is her signature bob. In fact, she is single-handedly responsible for turning the sleek bob into the timeless trend that it is today. We have listed some of the best bob hairstyles that she has sported in the last few years that you can also try. Take a look at the infographic below!

top 5 victoria beckham’s bob hairstyles (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Victoria Beckham is the queen of bob hairstyles and never fails to impress her followers with her stunning yet simple hairdos. The hairstyles listed above direct attention toward her facial features. For example, angled bob hair accentuates her cheeks and eyes perfectly. Similarly, a layered blond bob with side-swept tendrils softens her forehead and other facial features. So, pick the best one among these Victoria Beckham’s bob hairstyles according to your preferences and face shape. Complement these hairdos with the right makeup, and you are sure to stand out at any party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Victoria Beckham have extensions?

Victoria Beckham used to sport hair extensions many years ago but she ditched them for her luscious natural locks. Currently, she sports medium-length waves.

What color is Victoria Beckham’s hair?

Victoria Beckham’s natural hair color is brunette. However, she has experimented with different shades of colors over the years to glam up her look.

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