Shades Of Brown Hair Color – Which One Is Perfect For You?

Vibe to the brunette aesthetic with this comprehensive hair color guide with images.

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Brown hair signifies intelligence. Picture any favorite intellectual character, and most of them are brunettes. But there are so many shades of brown hair color that it is hard to box this versatile hue to one personality. If you thought that brown was only differentiated into three colors – light, medium, and dark, you are in for a lovely surprise. There is a tone of brown for every personality, be it quirky, sophisticated, or fierce.

“I love brunettes! Brown hair always seems to look thick and glossy, healthy and happy,” says Nick Arrojo. “In my experience, brunettes get their best results by going a shade or two lighter than their natural color. It adds an extra dab of warmth, richness, and luster. Caramels, chestnuts, and light coffee browns are excellent options.” Scroll down and have a gander at the 30 best brown hair shades taking the internet by storm, flood, and landslide.

30 Best Shades of Brown Hair Color

1. Golden Brown Hair Color

Brown never looked better! If you have a warm skin tone, then this color will look fabulous on you. If you have gray or blue eyes, flaunt them with this hair color.

StyleCraze Says
The best thing about this hair color is the dimension it adds to your tresses. It is light near the ears but gets darker at the back. This makes your hair look thicker.

2. Golden Honey Brown Hair Color

Loose waves of golden brown hair not only look good but also give the illusion of volume to the hair. This color also accentuates gray and hazel eyes.

3. Caramel Brown Hair Color

This warm shade gives you the perfect look for all occasions. Caramel brunette hair is the best look to sport in summer!

4. Toffee Brown Hair Color

This hot color adds a lot of spice to your look. A toffee brown bob hairdo is sure to turn heads and bring out that subtle hint of hazel in your eyes.

5. Neutral Brown Hair Color

This color adds softness to your look. Curls in this color will make the hair look even more voluminous. This is the go-to option for anyone who wants to get global highlights and then maybe add a few vibrant warm or cool highlights.

6. Bronze Brown Hair Color

This lovely shade is #hairgoals! Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can never go wrong with bronze brown hair.

7. Deep Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Deep chestnut brown hair looks terrific on people with green or gray eyes. It also adds more volume to your look. Deep chestnut brunette highlights look beautiful if you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your mane.

8.Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut brown hair looks gorgeous, especially if you have long flowy hair. If you have warm toned skin, then go for bright streaks. It brings out the gray and green in your eyes.

9. Dark Chocolate Hair Color

This color is the perfect shade of brunette as it looks incredible on any skin tone. Pair it with a teal scarf, and you’ve hit gold!

10. Ash Brown Hair Color

If you have pale or olive skin, ash brown hair is the color for you. This color adds a contemporary artsy twist to your everyday look.

StyleCraze Says
Ash brown hair suits all eye colors, from brown to green and blue. If you have hazel eyes, then ash brown hair can bring out the gold or green flecks in them.

11. Nude Brown Hair Color

This look adds a playful vibe to your ensemble and looks stunning with any eye color. Try an ombre with light brown tones to add some magic to your mane.

12. Reddish Brown Hair Color

Reddish brunette hair blends well with darker and medium skin tones. If you’re looking to add an edge to your look while not going for something too bold, then this is the right color for you.

13. Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

Calling out to all Cheryl Blossom fans! Subtle highlights or a balayage of chocolate cherry brown hair look amazing on the fair skinned. This hair color adds the perfect amount of spice to your essence.

14. Sweet Cola Brown Hair Color

A sweet cola brown balayage brings out your fiery side. This color just adds so much more flavor to everyday life.

15. Dark Platinum Brown Hair Color


This color is the perfect match for cool toned or olive skinned people. Nothing can go wrong with dark platinum brown highlights. Pair it with a royal blue necklace, and you are ready to conquer anything!

16. Dark Brown Hair Color

Wavy, straight or curly, long or short, summer or winter, dark brown hair always looks good. Blue eyes work well with this shade of brown.

17. Rich Dark Brown Hair Color

If you have a warm medium skin tone, this is the color for you. Whether you highlight your hair or just go completely rich dark brown, it is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

18. Mahogany Brown Hair Color

This color is the perfect shade of brown to bring out your playful side in the summer. Wavy soft curls add volume to this look. This shade of brown works magic when paired with gray.

19. Light Brown Hair Color

Light brunette hair sends a playful but here-for-the-business vibe. Add highlights depending on your skin tone to give it an edge.

20. Medium Brown Hair Color

This short wavy medium brown bob adds flavor and style to your look. It accentuates hair volume as well. It also pops gray and green eyes.

21. Medium Ash Brown Hair Color

This color, also called medium violet brown, spells out rebel with a capital R. This color works well with olive skin and brings out the blue and gray in your eyes.

22. Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Cinnamon brown hair is the best choice if you want a new look, but work at a conservative workplace that frowns at colored hair. This shade of brunette makes the green in your eyes pop!

StyleCraze Says
This hair color is ideal for those with a warm skin tone. It suits fair, wheatish, and olive skin tones.

23. Medium Golden Brown Hair Color

Medium golden brown is all about comfort. If you want an edgier look, try a nude brown ombre. This medium brunette hair color shade looks fantastic on warm and medium skin toned people. If you have hazel, green or brown eyes, consider this hair color to add a touch of sass to your look.

24. Light Beige Brown Hair Color

Light beige brown hair pairs well with red, dark gray, and teal colored clothes. This color works well with warm and cool skin tones and adds drama to dull brown hair. Try it with an ombre or a balayage to get the best of this shade of brunette hair.

25. Auburn Brown Hair Color

Auburn brown hair looks terrific on lighter and medium skin toned people. If you have a little bit of gold in your eyes, this is the hair color for you. It also works well with black eyes. Auburn brown streaks add texture and spark to your usual hair look.

26. Platinum Brown Hair Color

Platinum brown looks stunning on olive skin. It pairs even better with blue and gray eyes. Whether you get streaks on straight hair or an ombre on soft waves, your hair will look fabulous in this color.

27. Blonde Brown (Bronde) Hair Color

Blonde brown hair, also known as Bronde hair, is perfect for fair and medium skin tones. If you have green or blue eyes, this is the color for you.

28. Ginger Brown Hair Color

Ginger brown hair is the perfect winter hair color. If your skin tone is medium, then consider streaking it ginger brown rather than going completely ginger brown. This hair color looks fantastic with gray and black eyes.

29. Espresso Brown Hair Color

This espresso brown hair color adds freshness to your hair. If your hair color is dark, consider coloring your mane with espresso brown highlights. This color looks good on all skin tones.

30. Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Burgundy brown hair looks fantastic in the sunlight. This color blends well with ginger hair, in case you were looking to get streaks done. Burgundy brown hair works wonders for gray eyes.

Infographic: Top 10 Unique Brown Hair Shades

Brunette hair shades are a classic, and nothing can go wrong with them. Moreover, there are multiple shades and hair color trends out there for you to experiment with. We have compiled a list of unique brown hair color trends in the infographic below. Check them out now!

top 10 unique brown hair shades [infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Contrary to the notion that there can only be three shades of brown hair color— dark, medium, and light, there are plenty. Whether you go for coffee brown, chocolate brown, toffee brown, bronze brown, golden brown, deep chestnut brown, or any other shade of brown, it’s going to look fantastic in natural light. The best part is that although most browns complement warm skin tones, there are brown shades that even cool-toned people can pull off easily. When it comes to coloring your hair, care is essential for keeping your color looking attractive. So, take care of your hair, use reputable color brands, and don’t be afraid to go brown!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ash brown color shade warm or cool?

It is a cool-toned shade. Ash brown hair is a mixture of warm brown and silvery gray. It looks great on warm skin tones.

How do you keep your brown hair shade from turning brassy?

Avoid sun exposure and heat styling tools to keep your brown hair from turning brassy. Choose a neutral hair dye with a gloss treatment and use a purple toning shampoo.

Is chocolate brown shade a warm hair color?

Yes. The chocolate brown color is suitable for most skin tones but suits warm skin tones best as it flatters the undertones of bronze and gold.

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