Top 10 Shamrock Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Shamrock Tattoo Designs November 3, 2017

Shamrock refers to the low-growing young sprigs of clover (a herb from the pea family) or trefoil (an European plant of the pea family) and is the national emblem of Ireland. Shamrocks are symbolic of faith, hope and love and are often considered to be a good luck charm that brings peace and prosperity into a person’s life.

Shamrock motifs have been popular in tattoo art for decades now, and these top ten shamrock tattoo designs could very well inspire you into letting some shamrock induced good luck in to your life.

Top 10 Shamrock Tattoos

1. Forearm Shamrock Tattoo:

This shamrock tattoo made on the forearm stands out for its vibrant green color and attractive conceptualization. It’s best to have this tattoo replicated by an experienced tattoo artist, the way it is depicted here. You could also position it on your wrists, ankles or on the nape of your neck.

2. Miniature Shamrock Tattoo:

Small, subtle yet so attractive and vibrant, this miniature shamrock tattoo is the perfect piece of art if you are looking for tattoos that are bright and vibrant without going over the top. This tattoo is best replicated by a seasoned tattoo artist as depicted here. However, you can have this inked on your ankle, wrist or even the nape of your neck.

3. Behind-The-Ear Shamrock Tattoo:

Small and subtle yet attractive and bright, this behind the ear miniature shamrock tattoo is a style statement that will serve to accentuate your feminine charms effectively. Its best to keep this concept intact while having it inscribed on your skin by an experienced tattoo artist.

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4. Shamrocks and Stars Tattoo:

Definitely two shamrocks are better than one and if you add stars to the equation it’s just a case of more-the-merrier, and this behind the ear shamrock tattoo proves just that. Have this replicated on your skin as it is depicted here by a seasoned tattoo artist. However, there is ample scope for experimenting as to where you want this inscribed on your body. The ankle, the wrist or the nape of your neck are all good options.

5. Wrists Shamrock Tattoo:

This simple yet attractive abstract shamrock tattoo is the perfect embellishment for your wrists. Keep it small and keep it black and make sure you have this inscribed on your skin by a tattoo artist who knows the art well, to avoid any mess ups.

6. Shamrock Tattoo with Power Words:

It’s hard to beat a shamrock tattoo which comes with its fair share of good luck and inspiring power words and this fine piece of art is just that. Have this tattoo replicated as it is depicted here with profound words that hold significance for you and the values you cherish.

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7. “Live, Laugh, Love” Shamrock Tattoo:

Yet another shamrock tattoo with a message that is bound to inspire you or all who see it inked on your skin: ‘To live more wholesome lives filled with joy and adventure.’ However, you are also free to inscribe other profound messages that have deep significance along with the shamrock motif for a fair share of good luck in life.

8. Shamrock Tattoo in White Ink:

This tattoo is mostly just an example for those looking for shamrock tattoos that are not the traditional green. Try this shamrock tattoo in white ink for a subtle tattoo that brings along its share of good luck too.

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9. Irish Blessing Shamrock Tattoo:

This beautiful tattoo with a traditional Irish blessing simply says “May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.” This tattoo is a great idea for an inspirational tattoo gift for a loved one.

10. Miniature Waist Shamrock Tattoo:

Simple and subtle yet so attractive, it was just imperative to add this to our list. Make a note of how this miniature shamrock tattoo so effectively accentuates this slim waist. Stick to the concept as depicted here while having this tattoo replicated for maximum impact.

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With so many lovely tattoos depicted here, which one do you think you’d like to go in for? Do share your views.

Mark your good luck with innovative and appealing shamrock tattoo art.

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