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10 Short Blonde Hairstyles To Inspire You

10 Short Blonde Hairstyles To Inspire You April 25, 2018

What do you do when you want to go a shade bolder and completely transform your look? Go BLONDE! From Miley Cyrus, Carey Mulligan to Rita Ora and Cameron Diaz, we list out our ten favourite short hair celebrity fashionistas to get a little inspiration.

Here are some of the hottest short blonde hairstyles! Read on to find the hue that’s perfect for you!

1. Platinum Quiff:

Platinum Quiff Pinit

Image: Getty

Be an ethereal beauty like actress Carey Mulligan by wearing short blond locks that are quirky and lovely. To recreate the quiff, gather hair from the sides and pin it back. Tease the rest of the hair at the crown, and use light-touch hairspray to keep it cheerful and standing up. Finish off this look with light pink lippy and a big, sweet smile.

2. White-Hot Platinum Blonde:

British Pop singer and actress Rita Ora could wear a plastic bag on her head and still be an elegant beauty. She chose a pared back make-up and creamy nude lip to keep her appearance polished, sophisticated and clean. The best thing is that this sleek and short blonde hairstyle works well against a paler skin tone and is suitable for all face shapes.

3. Dark Blonde With Gold Streaks:

Dark Blonde With Gold Streaks Pinit

Image: Getty

Don’t be afraid to experiment with blond hues like Malin Akerman. The actress shows off her enviously perfect wispy locks that fall about her face in soft curls. Cleverly placed golden highlights in dark blonde accentuate Malin’s face, making it appear more oval. For the perfect sheen, use shine serum after styling.

4. Pixie Blonde:

Pixie Blonde Pinit

Image: Getty

Kaley Cuoco looks stunning with her short layered pixie chop. We love the wheat blonde and dark golden streaks that liven up her layers, and the perfect balance between the two hues. Kaley’s kept her tresses reasonably long, but the way her hair is swept to the side makes it look shorter.

Tip: When choosing highlights and lowlights combination, ask your stylist to find colours of the same family and intensity.

5. Blonde Bob:

Blonde Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

Actress Elisabeth Moss looks radiant with her classy-but-sweet light-ash blonde bob. We love the healthy shine of Moss’ romantic, vibrant, and feminine locks. This blonde hair colour is very flattering for fair skin tone, and it’s particularly striking when paired with subtle make-up and rich pink lipstick. Wear your hair in a side parting for maximum impact.

6. Platinum Blonde:

Platinum Blonde Pinit

Image: Getty

Charlie’s Angels actress Cameron Diaz’s nonchalant platinum blonde wavy style is super-chic. This retro bob hairstyle creates the illusion of fuller and thicker locks, and the subtle dark highlights at the roots give Diaz’s fine hair extra depth. The key to the look, well, apart from the hair colour, is the extra volume at the cheek level which makes the face look less long and narrow.

7. Blonde Curls:

Blonde Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

This is by far one of our favourite blonde short hairstyles and we are sure you’ll agree with us too! Actress Julia looks beautiful here, thanks to her strong curls. The best part about curls is the way they emphasize your highlights. Curls really help to add volume and texture look to your hair – and we simply love that!

8. Icy Platinum Blonde:

Icy Platinum Blonde Pinit

Image: Getty

Like a G6 singer Dev is so striking with her graceful, icy platinum blonde side-parted bob. This hot, monochrome hair colour shows off her confidence and elegance with the slightly flipped bottom. To get long lasting texture and shine, ask your stylist for a texturing spray and a glossing wash after your colour treatment.

9. Retro Curled-Up:

Retro Curled-Up Pinit

Image: Getty

Nicole Richie’s 1920’s-inspired hairstyle benefits greatly from the dark blonde tones… and, of course, the soft pink blusher. This hair colour is incredibly flattering for pale complexions, as it gives light skin a warm and healthy glow. If you have short bob like Nicole’s, opt for a bold contrast between the dark on the roots and the light at the bottom, and the perfect balance between the two hues.

10. Platinum Blonde Bouffant:

Platinum Blonde Bouffant Pinit

Image: Getty

Rocker-Chic Miley Cyrus looks smoking hot with her teased bouffant, lots of natural texture, and cool platinum blonde hair colour. To get perfect, voluminous short waves like Miley’s, invest in some volume boosting mousse and a texturizing gel to enhance your flyaway hairs for a perfect finishing touch.

So there you have it – our favourite dream shades! Whether you wear your hair in a pixie, or a vintage curled updo, we’re sure that you will look fabulous with your new short blonde hairstyles. Do tell us how you found this post. Please comment in the box below!

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