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40 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

40 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair Hyderabd040-395603080 December 4, 2019

Is your hair thin or fine?

Don’t know the difference? Well, you are part of a large majority of women around the world. If you’re one of those women who believe that both those words mean the same, you couldn’t be more wrong. Want to know the difference? Read on!

What Is Fine Hair?

Fine hair refers to an individual strand’s thickness. Is your strand thinner than a thread? Then, you have fine hair.

What Is Thin Hair?

Thin hair refers to the overall thickness of your locks. It means that fewer hair follicles are packed together on your scalp. This can be due to heat damage or hair loss.

Lucky for you, there are hair products out there specifically designed for fine hair to boost its thickness. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Products For Fine Hair

When you have fine hair, you need to be careful with the products you apply to it. Too many chemicals can damage your fine locks. Another thing to consider is that you might want to use volumizing products that make your hair look thicker. Check out the best products for fine hair that you can get your hands on in here.

If you thought styling fine hair is difficult, here’s a list that will change your mind. Check out these 40 short hairstyles that look stunning on fine hair.

40 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

1. The Tomboy Pixie

The Tomboy Pixie Pinit


Soft layers give this tomboy pixie oodles of style. The ends are feathered to draw attention to the jawline. Thin out your bangs to even out this look. The short layers will make you look younger as well.

2. Pointed Pixie

Pointed Pixie Pinit


Edge and style come together to bring you this stunning pixie cut. The layers and bangs are cut with pointed, flicked-out ends. This accentuates your face shape. I wouldn’t suggest this pixie if you have wide cheeks or a harsh jawline.

3. The Deep Side-Sweep Tuck

The Deep Side-Sweep Tuck Pinit


Oval faces, while being long and wide, are also very symmetrical. This is especially true for women with fine hair. This means that you can pull off the ‘tuck behind the ear’ look pretty well. Comb your hair down with some lightweight foam and part it deeply on one side.

4. Moussed Back Pixie

Moussed Back Pixie Pinit


The best way to style a pixie is with mousse. This way, your hair does not look too gelled down. It will look smooth and glossy. Simply apply some mousse to your comb and comb down your tresses.

5. Classic Highlighted Bob

Classic Highlighted Bob Pinit


If your short hair is growing out, trim it to a slick bob cut. Then, add some highlights and let it shine. The best part about having growing out hair is being able to add layers to your cuts. Don’t forget those long side-swept bangs!

6. Shadow Root Bob

Shadow Root Bob Pinit


A chin-length bob is a great way to show off your fine locks without them appearing scanty. But to be honest, not all face shapes can pull off this look. Wide cheeks can look wider with this cut, but an oval face will be accentuated. Feather out the ends to draw attention to your jawline.

7. Flicked-Out Ends

Flicked-Out Ends Pinit


The shag cut was a very big trend in the ‘90s. Here’s a new version of the short shag. This flicked-out pixie is the modernized version of it. The layers are soft and flowy while the ends are cut finely.

8. Classic Curly Bob

Classic Curly Bob Pinit


The curly bob is a versatile hairstyle. It is a bonus that it looks very cute as well! Instead of opting for the classic curly bob with bangs look, try lifting your hair at the front. This will add height to your locks and make your fine hair look thicker.

9. Slick Side Pixie

Slick Side Pixie Pinit


This pixie is all style! I love the ‘wet-hair’ look of this pixie. If your bangs have grown out, don’t chop them off. Overgrown bangs can elevate this look and make your fine hair look thicker.

10. Side Parted Pixie

Side Parted Pixie Pinit


If you are growing out your pixie cut, part your hair on one side and let your hair be. This hairstyle will flaunt your locks’ thickness while adding some style to the overgrown pixie cut.

11.Neat Pixie

Neat Pixie Pinit


Sometimes, a comb can be a girl’s best friend. If your pixie had feathered layers and it’s now grown out, you can neatly comb it down. To keep it in place, spritz on some hairspray all over your locks.

12. Brown Disconnected Gradual Bob

Brown Disconnected Gradual Bob Pinit

jelenafrolovadubai / Instagram

Note how the bob suddenly, instead of gradually, gets longer in the front. I like that the top layer at the back looks lighter, and it gets darker as you reach the final layer. It adds dimension to the bob.

13. The Cute Pixie

The Cute Pixie Pinit


I really like this pixie, sideburns and all. It is the perfect blend of messy style and youthfulness. It’s not often that sideburns are used to accentuate a hairstyle, but it looks good on Katie Holmes!

14. Long Bangs Pixie

Long Bangs Pixie Pinit


If you had bangs with your pixie cut, they’ve probably grown out faster than the rest of your locks and are getting greasy faster. Try this look to handle greasy bangs instead of shampooing your locks every day. Part your hair on one side, from the front till your crown, with a rat-tailed comb. Make sure the parting is opposite to your natural parting. This will add height to your locks.

15. The Wedge Cut

The Wedge Cut Pinit

alyssascottj / Instagram

Okay, as much as we say that fashion is edgier now than ever before, uber stylish cuts like the wedge were around way back in the ‘20s. An A-line angle with a deep hairline cut can take your hair to a perfect ten!

16. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie Pinit


Messy hair is the trendiest look you can sport right now. Comb your locks to the front to make your bangs appear thicker. Then, just play around with your pixie to make it look messy and cool.

17. Long Pixie

 Long Pixie Pinit


If your pixie has grown out, cut it into a choppy lob. A pixie has pointed ends, and once it grows out, these pointed ends can add a nice touch to a lob with defined layers.

18. Upswept Bangs

Upswept Bangs Pinit


Scarlett Johansson is the queen of pixie cuts! She knows how to rock a new pixie with style. Upturn your bangs with a round brush, some mousse, and a blow dryer to mimic this flawless look.

19. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob Pinit


Not all face shapes can rock this bob. The issue with a blunt bob is that since your entire hair is cut at one level, it can make your face shape over accentuated. But if you have fine hair, a blunt cut will make it look thicker.

20. Highlighted Pixie

Highlighted Pixie Pinit


One of the best ways to style an overgrown pixie is with highlights. It can help frame your face well and add depth and dimension to your hair too. Keep your undertone in mind when picking the color for your highlights.

21. Big Kinky Curls

Big Kinky Curls Pinit


If you have curly but fine hair, your curls can look strangly. Opt for this stunning curly lob. It draws attention to your jawline and cheekbones. Use velcro rollers overnight to get this perfect look.

22. Uneven Pixie

Uneven Pixie Pinit


You need edge to pull off an uneven pixie. If you have fine hair, an uneven pixie cut will create the illusion of thicker locks. Also, it draws attention away from any asymmetrical features on your face.

23. Classic Long Pixie

Classic Long Pixie Pinit


Ideally, a pixie is cut short and pointy. So, when your hair grows out, it grows first at the bangs. Embrace the long bangs ‘cause they can really make your pixie look great.

24. Wavy Pixie

Wavy Pixie Pinit


A grown out pixie does not look bad, but it can look unkempt and messy. Adding waves to your hair can accentuate the messy look without making it look bad. In fact, it can give a beachy vibe to your hair.

25. Layered Lob

Layered Lob Pinit


Get your hair cut in a layered lob to draw attention to your facial features. The layers draw your eyes sideways, which brings out your eyes, lips, and cheekbones. They also make your hair look super thick!

26. Feathered Long Pixie

Feathered Long Pixie Pinit


Feather out the ends of your pixie to accentuate your hair. This will add dimension to your locks and draw attention to your hair’s texture. It will also accentuate your face shape.

27. Deep-Swept Bangs

Deep Swept Bangs Pinit


The combed-down hair look is really big these days. But apart from being incredibly stylish, it can also make your fine hair look super chic. It is a great way to style your pixie without worrying about it looking scanty.

28. Curly Ended Lob

Curly Ended Lob Pinit


This hairstyle is very cute, especially with the messy parting. The best part about curls is that they automatically make your hair look more voluminous. They also add texture and depth to your hair without trying too hard.

29. Long Bangs

Long Bangs Pinit


The best way to flaunt your grown out bangs is by applying mousse to your hair and leaving out the bangs. Comb your bangs in a front side parting, leaving the rest of your hair combed down. This gives your bangs a wind-swept look.

30. Tapered Pixie

Tapered Pixie Pinit


Brush down the front and top of your layered pixie to make your bangs look thicker. The different layers will add a tapered look to your bangs. This rock-chic look is sported by the edgy Miley Cyrus!

31. Classic ‘20s Bob

Classic 20s Bob Pinit


A deep side parting and curled ends are all you need to style your fine locks. The ‘20s were a great time for short hair. It paved the way for incredible hairstyles like this one. This hairstyle also adds a nice contrast in hair textures, which adds depth to your tresses.

32. Wind-Swept Pixie

Wind Swept Pixie Pinit


Embrace the wind to let your hair shine. Simply comb your hair and let it fall freely. The best part about having short hair is your hair doesn’t really get messed up and tangled very easily.

33. Pointed Bangs

Pointed Bangs Pinit


If you want to add edge to your locks, get your hair cut in bangs. Instead of feathering out the ends, make them jagged and pointed. You now have a very cool pixie cut!

34. Combed Pixie

Combed Pixie Pinit


If you have thick hair, you can pull off short hairstyles without having to worry about volume. Show off your grown out hair with this stunning comber pixie. It accentuates your hair’s thickness by not letting it fall flat.

35. Full Bangs Pixie

Full Bangs Pixie Pinit


Overgrown bangs cover a large forehead and help in framing your face. Anne Hathaway sported this look with panache and so can you!

36. Grown Out Pixie

Grown Out Pixie Pinit


There are some women who don’t really mind their short hair growing out. The issue is styling it on a daily basis for work without looking messy. I suggest a deep side parting with the bangs covering half your forehead. Spritz on some hairspray or apply some lightweight mousse to keep it in place.

37. Choppy Pixie

Choppy Pixie Pinit


If you like sharp cut layers, this hairstyle is for you. The messy, choppy, and heavy layers of this pixie cut can be flaunted very well on an oval face. It draws attention to your jawline and cheekbones.

38. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob Pinit


Looking for a hairstyle that shows off your face shape and your hair texture? A steep asymmetrical bob is your answer. No matter how steep the cut, this bob will look great.

39. Dark Rooted Pixie

Dark Rooted Pixie Pinit


This blonde and brunette pixie shows us that we can get the best of both worlds. Keep your roots dark as it helps frame your face beautifully. Choose a contrasting shade that matches your skin tone and undertone.

40. Contrast Layers

Contrast Layers Pinit

chloenbrown / Instagram

Contrasting layers look gorgeous. They showcase your hair while adding depth to it as well. Keep your roots dark and opt for a similar undertoned blonde shade. Style your hair in waves to add texture to it.

Those were our picks of some great short hairstyles for fine hair. I hope they make your hair look super fab! Which one of these hairstyles are you dying to try out? Comment below and let us know!

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