37 Chic Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces

It would be a shame not to sport a trendy style that frames your face perfectly.

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Oval faces are blessed with perfect symmetry. So any hairstyle looks amazing on an oval face – bangs or not, layers or straight cuts, and long or short.

That’s right; if you search for short hairstyles for oval faces, you will find an ocean of incredible haircuts.

Depending on the hairstyle you choose, some of your facial features can be accentuated. The right hairstyle can also sharpen or soften your face outline. But with so many hairstyle options, how do you choose the right one for your oval face?

Keep reading to check out which hairstyles are the best for oval faces. Scroll down now.

Do You Have An Oval Face?

An oval face is perfectly symmetrical from top to bottom. It resembles the shape of an egg. If you were to divide your face down the middle, the two halves would match perfectly. It is a common misconception that oval faces are always slender. It is just that because your face is so even, you can get away with having wider cheeks.

To know more on how to determine your face shape, check out this article.

If you have an oval face and love short hair, scroll down to check out our top 35 picks for stylish short hairstyles.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Short hair may provide an illusion of volume to your mane. So if your hair is fine or thin, short hair can be an excellent option for your oval face.
  • Short hair tends to get frizzy quickly. So, sleep on a silk pillowcase to tame down your flyaways.
  • Get regular trims to maintain the length and shape of your short hair.

37 Chic Short Hairstyles For Oval Faces

1. Curly Side-Parted Bob

Curly Side-Parted Bob
Image: Shutterstock

A chin-length side-parted bob is a terrific option for someone with an oval face shape. It’s simple to style up with loose curls or waves for a casual look or flat-ironed for a more formal appearance.

2. Textured Highlighted Bob

Textured Highlighted Bob
Image: Shutterstock

This short, textured wavy bob hairstyle looks fabulous with or without bangs. The middle parting accentuates the layers and different textures. The warm blond highlights in the front brighten the face, while the dark brown roots add depth.

3. Wispy Bob With Layers

Wispy Bob With Layers
Image: Shutterstock

The delicate and effortless aesthetic of this wispy layered bob can never go wrong. The razored ends add texture to fine hair and prevent it from appearing flat. Set the hair with some mousse for a fuller look.

4. Cropped Pixie

Cropped Pixie
Image: Shutterstock

If you are bold enough to go for the big chop, nothing screams chic and contemporary as this cropped pixie. The wispy front layers are parted to the side and the choppy ends soften the face, adding a feminine touch to the overall look.

5. Curly Lob

Curly Lob
Image: Shutterstock

A well-styled curly lob can do wonders. The shoulder-length locks beautifully frame an oval face and let your curls shine. You can simply use a curl cream and finger coil to define your curly locks.

6. Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob
Image: Shutterstock

Not everyone can rock a sleek “bowl” bob hairstyle like Naomi Campbell! Her hair is combed down from the crown and the sharp, razored, asymmetrical ends create a light texture. You can straighten the hair for a polished look like Naomi or keep it unstyled for a casual appearance.

7. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie
Image: Shutterstock

A textured pixie cut accentuates your cheekbones and eyes while still being relatively easy enough to style. With just a little bit of product (a mousse or hair gel), you too can mimic this well-known Halle Berry look.

8. Rooted Undercut

Rooted Undercut
Image: Shutterstock

If you have angular features and prefer sharp lines in your silhouette, go for this edgy and bold look. You can also play with the color and length of your hair to better suit your aesthetic.

9. Retro Waves Bob

Retro Waves Bob
Image: Shutterstock

Retro finger waves look classy and glamorous without being too dramatic. They softly frame your face and help highlight your makeup. However, you will require a strong-hold hairspray to keep the waves in place for long.

10. Asymmetrical Bob Undercut

 Asymmetrical Bob Undercut
Image: Shutterstock

If you want to add more edge to your appearance, pair your asymmetrical bob with an undercut. Here, Miley’s hair is flipped to expose the undercut. The sharp, asymmetrical layers cover her temples for maximum impact and provide balance.

11. Choppy Bob With Bangs

Choppy Bob With Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

A great fit for oval shape faces, this choppy bob with heavy bangs helps accentuate your eyes. It requires minimal styling and can be worn in loose waves to give an effortless feel.

12. Side Parted Short Bob

Side Parted Short Bob
Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, changing the hair parting can dramatically change the look. It immediately gives a volume boost and draws attention to your cheekbones and jawline, which is quite evident from Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair.

13. Layered Bob

Layered Bob
Image: Shutterstock

Layered bobs are very versatile and work with almost every face shape. They look fantastic flat-ironed, or with twisted loose waves. You just have to figure out which style best fits your aesthetics.

14. Blunt French Bob

Blunt French Bob
Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a major hairstyle change try out the blunt French bob. With the ends resting above your chin, it offers a sharp and edgy aesthetic, while drawing attention to your jawline.

15. Long Feathered Pixie

Long Feathered Pixie
Image: Shutterstock

A long feathered pixie with highlights is excellent for adding dimension to your look. However, if your pixie is grown out, you can recreate this style to avoid that phase and camouflage the awkward-looking hair ends.

16. The Deep Side-Sweep Tuck

Deep side-sweep tuck short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

While oval faces can be long and (sometimes) wide, they are also very symmetrical. This means that you can pull off the ‘hair tucked behind the ear’ look pretty well. Comb your hair down with some lightweight mousse and part it deeply on one side. Finish off the look by tucking the hair behind your ear on one side.

17. Classic Highlighted Bob

Classic highlighted bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

If your short bob is growing out, add some highlights and let it shine. Opt for a slick bob cut like this one. The best thing about growing out hair is being able to add layers to it. Also, don’t forget those long side-swept bangs!

18. Beach Bob

Beach bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

While bangs do look great on oval faces, you can also pull off a no-bangs look. Go for a blunt bob that ends below your chin. To make it look beachy (like Jessica Alba’s look here), color it in a nice balayage or mini highlights.

protip_icon Quick Tip
It is recommended to enhance the beach bob hairdo by dying it with soft caramel highlights and mahogany lowlights.

19. Shadow-Root Bob

Shadow-root bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

If you have an oval face, you can pull off the above-chin-length bob. To be honest, this haircut does not look good on all face shapes. Wide cheeks can look wider with this cut, but it accentuates an oval face. Feather out the ends to draw attention to your jawline.

20. Classic Curly Bob

Classic curly bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

The curly bob is a versatile hairstyle. Usually, it is styled with bangs. But if you have an oval face, you can rock a curly bob without them just like Charlize Theron. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

21. Blunt Bob

Blunt bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

Not all face shapes can rock this bob. The issue with a blunt bob is that since your entire hair is cut at one level, it can over-accentuate your face shape. But if you have an oval face, you can flaunt this look with no worries. However, I would recommend getting it cut above your lips to avoid disrupting the natural contours of your face.

22. Classic Pageboy Pixie

Classic pixie short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

The pixie cut is trending everywhere right now. However, it has actually been around since the ‘60s, when it was called the elfin cut. If you have an oval face, I’m sure you’ve been told you can pull off bangs better than most other face shapes. So, rock this thick side bangs look with a classic pageboy pixie.

23. Short Pixie With Baby Bangs

Short pixie short hairstyle with baby bangs for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

If there’s one face shape that can nail a baby bangs look, it is the oval. Pair your short pixie with some baby bangs and leave it unstyled to shine bright like a diamond!

24. Grunge Pixie

Grunge pixie short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

This hairdo looks so badass! The finger sculpted bangs here are super on point. If you love grungy styles, go for this hair look. It will not let you down. And you don’t need to worry about messing up the top of your hair because it still looks cool!

25. Big Kinky Curls

Big kinky curls short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

If you have thick hair, I’m sure you want to flaunt your voluminous locks. I would recommend you opt for this stunning curly lob. It draws attention to your jawline and cheekbones while also displaying the length of your hair. Use velcro rollers overnight to get these perfect curls.

26. Wet Look Bob

Wet look bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

If you have a wide or short face, you know how difficult it is to sport the “drenched” look. But, people with oval faces don’t have to worry about that. Apply lots of wet-hold gel, mousse, or foam to your hair and scrunch it up with your hands to get this look.

27. Layered Lob

Layered lob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

This look suits all face shapes, but it looks especially great on an oval face. Get it cut in layers to draw attention to your facial features. The layers draw the eye sideways, which brings out your eyes, lips, and cheekbones.

28. Curly Ended Lob

Curly ended lob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

This hairstyle is extremely cute. While it can make other face shapes look wider, it shows off an oval face really well. The slightly messy parting adds an effortlessly chic touch to this whole look.

29. Sleek Short Hair

Sleek short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

That’s right! You can flaunt a slicked back look without a care. How awesome is that? With this hairstyle you don’t have to worry about your hair looking too flat because it still works.

Award-winning hairstylist, Alicia Igess Jones remarks, “The best part of wearing this hairdo is you can wear it with volume or wear it without volume like she is doing in the picture.”

30. Classic ‘20s Bob

Classic'20s bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

Deep side parting, curled ends, and a stunning dress – that’s how they rolled in the roaring ‘20s. You too can look that fabulous! So what’re you waiting for? Take all the hair inspiration you need from Olivia Munn.

31. Neat Pixie

Neat pixie short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair needs to have its own Instagram account, it looks that good. She’s known for experimenting with edgy looks with her hair. But, when she was faced with hair loss issues, she handled it extremely well. She chopped off her locks and rocked styles like this pixie. Queen!

32. Choppy Pixie

Choppy pixie short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

If you like sharply cut layers, this hair look is for you. The messy, choppy and heavy layers of this pixie cut can be flaunted very well on an oval face. It draws attention to that chiseled jawline and cheekbones.

protip_icon Quick Tip
There are different varieties of choppy pixie cut to experiment with such as punk short, sleek short,flicked short, feather, shaggy, ruffled, lumberjack, and bed head.

33. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob short hairstyle for oval face
Image: Shutterstock

Looking for a hairstyle that shows off your face shape and your hair texture? An angled asymmetrical bob is your answer. No matter how steep the cut, this bob will look good on an oval face. You really are so lucky!

34. The Monica

The Monica short hairstyle for oval face
Image: imdb.com

Remember when Phoebe cut Monica’s hair? Hairstylists all over the world hissed in fear at the outcome. But once it grew out a bit, Monica styled her hair like a pro. So, it’s only fair we call this look ‘The Monica’!

35. The Rachel

The Rachel short hairstyle for oval face
Image: imdb.com

This list could never be complete without this hairstyle, a true celebrity inspiration. When Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist created this look, I’m sure he never thought about what a crazy trend it would become all over the world. Cut to 15 years later, women still want this look.

36. Short Messy Bob

Jessica Alba in a short messy bob hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Jessica Alba made this messy bob hairstyle popular in 2010. However, the hairstyle has stood the test of time and looks extremely chic even today. It is quite low maintenance and looks best on people with a wide forehead or those who have a diamond-shaped face.

37. Shaved Edges

Keri Hilson with sporting a hairstyle with shaved edges
Image: Shutterstock

You have short hair and you want to look edgy. Well, you can opt for shaved sides to completely change your look without having to grow out your hair. From short and soft to tough and sexy, this hairstyle allows you to transform your appearance, especially if you are someone who loves to experiment with their hair.

Infographic: Top 8 Short Hairstyles That Work Well With Oval Faces

If you have an oval face and short hair, you have come to the right place. Oval faces are one of the most versatile face shapes for short hairstyles. From an edgy pixie cut to a sleek and sophisticated bob cut, you can sport any hairstyle. Wondering which one is the best for you? We got you covered. Scroll down and check out the infographic for a roundup of our personal favorites!

top 8 short hairstyles that work well with oval faces (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Short hairstyles for oval face shapes look stunning and perfect. The deep side-swept tuck, classic highlighted bob, beach bob, shadow-root bob, blunt bob, classic pixie, short pixie with baby bangs, grunge pixie, big kinky curls, and neat pixie are some of the short hairstyles you can try for a perfect look on an oval face. If you select the right hairstyle, you can also accentuate your facial features. In addition, the perfect symmetry of oval faces is enhanced with these hairstyles. Choose a hairstyle that suits you for a charming look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wolf cut good for an oval face?

A wolf cut suits any face shape if styled the right way. This cut is a mix of a mullet and a shag. It is layered around the face and has choppy layers on the top. This haircut can work for anyone. However, the length, texture, and type of hair should be considered before doing this cut. If you have an oval face, you are lucky as you wouldn’t need any adjustments to rock this cut.

Is mullet good for an oval face?

Yes, a mullet cut looks good on an oval face. However, it must be cropped near the chin and have lots of bangs. It works really well if it is top-heavy.

Is step-cut good for an oval face?

Yes, a step-cut is nearly perfect for an oval face. It frames your face just the right way and highlights your facial features.

Key Takeaways

  • You can rock a curly bob without bangs on an oval face.
  • If you love messy hairdos, the grunge pixie with finger-sculpted bangs looks super on point on oval faces.
  • Sharply cut layers can accentuate your jawline and draw attention to the cheekbones. The messy, choppy, and heavy layers look good on an oval face.
short hairstyles for oval faces

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Check out this video for the top 40 short hairstyles for oval-faced women. If you have an oval face, watch this video to find inspiration for the best you can look!
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