21 Signs A Shy Girl Likes You

Written by Harini Natarajan

You may have developed a crush on a sweet, reserved girl and may suspect that she is interested in you too. But if she is too shy to talk or flirt with you, it can be challenging to gauge how she really feels about you.

Luckily, shy women tend to drop some subtle hints that they want to date you. What could these be? Here, we have listed the different signs that a shy girl likes you and the best way to approach her to express your feelings. Keep reading.

21 Signs AShy Girl Likes You

1. She Goes Out Of Her Way To Help You

Shy people are not very talkative or comfortable expressing their feelings through words. But the best way to tell if a shy girl likes you is to take a closer look at her behavior around you.

Shy girls tend to show their love through actions rather than words. Hence, if you see her offering help more often, it might be a sign that she likes you.

2. She Smiles A Lot Around You

Needless to say, being around the people you love often results in a happy, buoyant feeling. Thus, if a girl is super happy whenever she’s around you, she possibly likes you too.

3. You May Catch Her Checking You Out

No matter how shy you are, when you find someone attractive, you tend to check them out consistently. While an ashy girl might not openly gawk at you, you may find her throwing multiple glances your way when in a group or at work. This could be a sign that she likes you. 

4. She Acts Differently Around You

As is the case with every person, shy girls tend to act differently around the people they like. For example, does she constantly touch her hair or blush often when she is around you? Does she have an unnatural laugh or tend to look at her feet when talking to you? More importantly, does she do these things only when she is with you? If your answer is yes to these questions, then she might like you.

5. She Will Always Lean Your Way

When it comes to the quintessential shy girl, body language is everything. If you see her leaning into your personal space, especially when you are not speaking, it can mean that she likes you.

6. She Tries To Lengthen The Conversation

More often than not, shy girls find it difficult to initiate a conversation. That said, if she likes you, she is probably interested in what you have to say and will try to lengthen the conversation as much as possible.

However, do keep in mind that this is completely based on the person’s level of introversion. Therefore, don’t assume that she does not like you if she avoids taking your chats forward.

7. She Laughs When You Crack A Joke

Shy women tend to drop subtle hints to show they are into you. If you notice your shy girl giggling or laughing at every joke you make, regardless of how bad it may be, you could probably consider it a sign that she likes you.

8. She’s Quite Interactive On Social Media

While this is something that even most friends do, it may indicate that a shy girl likes you. This is particularly true if she consistently sends you pictures and images that remind her of you. In addition to this, if she is interested in you, she is more likely to like and/or comment on all your pictures, even if they don’t naturally pop up on your timeline.

9. She Glances At Your Lips

Consistently glancing or looking at your lips is almost always a tell-tale sign that a shy girl likes you. Thus, if you catch your crush looking at your lips often enough, it could mean that she also has feelings for you.

10. She Touches You Quite A Bit

Body language is generally the love language of choice when it comes to shy women. Hence, consider paying attention to how often she touches you. An excessive amount of touching may imply that the girl is comfortable with you and may even like you.

11. She Always Has Something Nice To Say

After food, compliments are the best way to a person’s heart. A shy girl may compliment all her close mates frequently. But if this is something that she does only with you, it could mean that she likes you.

12. She Blushes Easily

Any person, regardless of gender, may experience uncontrollable blushing when talking to their crush. That said, it is possible for a shy individual to easily blush due to embarrassment or discomfort.

Hence, a great way to tell if a shy girl likes you is to compliment or even subtly flirt with her. If your crush blushes while smiling, it could mean that she returns your feelings.

However, there is a fine line between subtly flirting with someone and coming on too strong. You should always pay attention to a shy girl’s verbal and non-verbal cues. If there is even a slight hint of discomfort, stop flirting immediately.

13. She Asks For More Information About You

When you generally find someone intriguing, what is the first thing you do? You try to find more about them!

Your shy girl would do the same if she likes you. If you notice her suddenly ask more questions about you or attempt to get to know you better, she could be liking you. A shy girl may ask you these questions directly or prefer to learn about you through your mutual friends.

14. She Makes Excuses To Be Around You

Since a shy girl will often hesitate to make the first move, she will find more covert ways to spend time with you. For example, she may try to be on your team for a project or tag along for a group hang-out. Some girls will even find creative ways to try to talk to you, such as asking you for help or advice.

Therefore, if a shy girl is consistently going out of her way to be close to you, it probably means she has feelings for you.

15. She Texts You Back Instantly

Time is money, and as you grow older, you tend to have less of it to spend with your friends and loved ones. Hence, if a girl takes time out of her busy schedule to promptly respond to your messages, it means that you are very important to her.

16. She Asks You About Your Passions

We all want to impress the people we like, and this is true even for the shyest of women. Therefore, the best way to tell if an ashy girl likes you is to check if she has an interest in your passions and hobbies.

Pay attention to the type of questions she asks you. If she wants to know a lot more about what you’re passionate about, she could be romantically interested in you.

17. There Is A Subtle Shift In The Way She Presents Herself

As they say, presentation is everything! You can see this whenever someone tries to woo their crush. The same can even be said of shy girls. If she suddenly changes her appearance when she is around you, it could be a sign that she likes you. 

18. She Remembers Things That Even You May Not

Does she often bring up different, often unremarkable occasions from your past that has meant a lot to her? That is perhaps a hint that she is interested in you.

People tend to pay more attention to someone’s details or stories when they are romantically interested in them. Introverted women, in particular, tend to make a mental note of these instances.

19. Her Voice May Go Up An Octave

While more research is required in this regard, some relationship experts suggest that a higher pitch could be a sign that a shy girl likes you. This generally occurs because they are happy, excited, or flustered.

As such, if you notice her voice going up an octave whenever she speaks to you, regardless of the topic of conversation, it could be because she is interested in you romantically.

20. Her Friends Get Involved

One great way to tell if a shy girl has a crush on you is by paying attention to the behavior of her friends. Are they consistently trying to get you alone with your crush? Do they ask you questions about your love life and if you are interested in anyone? If so, it could be because they are trying to act as the mediator between her and you.

21. Her Pupils Are Dilated

A great way to understand if a shy girl likes you is by looking at her eyes. As per anecdotal evidence, dilated pupils are often a sign of physical attraction. As a result, if her pupils are large when she’s looking at you, there’s a good chance that she likes you.

As you can see from this exhaustive list, there are multiple signs that a shy girl likes you. However, there is only one way to know about her feelings for sure. Read the next segment to know what it is.

How To Ask A Shy Girl If She Likes You

At the end of the day, the only way you can know for certain if a girl likes you is by asking her. But how? The following pointers may help:

  • Start by asking a mutual friend if you can talk to her privately. Ask her when a convenient time would be and try to stick to it.
  • Instead of asking her directly, begin by making small talk before addressing the elephant in the room. This will calm her down and make the overall conversation easier.
  • Calmly express your feelings and ask her if she is romantically interested in you as well. If yes, you can discuss the possibility of a date.

Remember that no one is obligated to return your affection. Hence, if your crush does not feel the same way about you, respect her decision and assure her that it will not affect your friendship in any way, shape, or form.

To Conclude

There are often different signs a shy girl will give you if she likes you. These include helping you out, constantly smiling at you, looking at your lips, instantly responding to your messages, etc.

That said, the only way to know if a shy girl is into you is asking her. Be gentle when you approach her for a date and help her get past the awkwardness. This way, even if she does not want a relationship, you can ensure your friendship is intact.

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