21 Amazing Signs A Coworker Likes You

Office romance is tricky territory, and you must tick off all the signs before making a move.

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Office romance is generally discouraged, but who can rule in matters of the heart? If you like a colleague but aren’t sure about their feelings towards you, you can notice some signs a coworker likes you if you pay attention.

The idea of workplace romance can help you keep going to work despite boredom and deadline pressure. Especially today, when real life and virtual collide and tinder dates have made us reconsider the idea of marriage, it can be wonderfully nice to have someone to grab lunch at the office canteen with or even go out for coffee.

We are here to ease your mind as you imagine the possibilities. A coworker having a crush on you is not a problem. You just want to put an end to the barrage of ‘are they usually this polite or am I special?’ and ‘was that a sign or am I overthinking?’ thoughts! You can determine if your coworker likes you by looking at these 21 signs. Check them out!

1. No Matter Where You Go, You Bump Into Them

 No Matter Where You Go, You Bump Into Them
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Was it just a coincidence that you ran into him four times a day, five times a week in a row? Darling, he has probably calculated all the probable times you get up from your desk and grabs those opportunities to bump into you.
You would often wonder how he needs to get printouts just when you need to do the same, or what made him walk out for a cup of coffee just when you were craving it. If he has a crush on you, he will always find reasons to walk past you and exchange smiles.

2. They Go Out Of Their Way To Help You

They Go Out Of Their Way To Help You
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It is always a blessing to have a friend who helps you out when you are in a fix at work. But what about more than a friend? Have you noticed that he puts your work first and tries to pull you out of any trouble?

Any person who cares that much definitely has a major crush building up. Helping you out and keeping you happy make him the happiest.

3. Any Talk Of You Quitting Your Job Upsets Them

 Any Talk Of You Quitting Your Job Upsets Them
Image: Shutterstock

You must have griped at least once about how frustrated you are with the monotonous work schedule and how much you want to quit and be on your own. Noticed someone twitch at the idea of you leaving the office? Well, he is the one.

You are probably the reason he makes up his mind to come to the office every day, and that implies that the office is no fun for them without you. Such a genuine crush-holder will not only stop you from quitting, but will also send you a list of pros for hanging on to your job.

4. More Compliments!

 More Compliments!
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A little appreciation for the new dress you wore is common. However, if someone finds new ways to compliment you on a regular basis, he is probably madly in love with you. Compliments are not only an outward expression for liking but also a chivalrous way to win your heart.

Notice the one person who never goes away without a good morning wish or telling you look as fresh as ever, and it’s wonderful having you there. The best way to find out would be a sweet compliment back and then notice the cute pink blush returning to your crush-holder’s face.

5. A Lot Of Special Treatment

A Lot Of Special Treatment
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We all crave a little extra attention, don’t we? Someone to hold the door open for us, someone to walk us to our cab, someone to accompany us to the driveway. It would be really nice if someone brought you a cup of coffee when you yearned for it the most.

Well, guess what? A colleague who likes you is always looking for things to do for you. If he is crushing on you, get ready to be pampered thoroughly by this man.

6. Will Give You A Cute Nickname

Will Give You A Cute Nick Name
Image: Shutterstock

Observe anyone who suddenly comes up with a cute name for you and never misses to call you by that. Just to be foolproof, check if he changes that name in his contacts on his phone. If he does, you are definitely someone who is always on his mind.

7. Will Make Fun Of You (A Little)

Will Make Fun Of You (A Little)
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There is no fun without a little teasing. Sometimes, it is easier to grab someone’s attention by getting them mad and fuming at you than just being a supportive sweet talker. He might find new and innovative ways to poke fun at you and wait anxiously for your reaction.

The more you react to it, the longer the conversation goes for him. Notice who sits in the corner patiently, trying his level best to pick a menial fight with you, so he can soothe and comfort you later.

8. Does Not Tolerate Competition

 Does Not Tolerate Competition
Image: Shutterstock

A little possessiveness goes a long way for a crush. It is very probable that there is not one, but many people who like you at the same time. It might make you feel like a queen bee, but the guys will always see it as a gladiator fight to get the girl for himself.

Notice how he fumes when you choose to go out for lunch with some other person, or how he tries to make evening plans with you later that day.

9. Will Try And Keep Contact Outside Work Too

Will Try And Keep Contact Outside Work Too
Image: Shutterstock

A professional coworker will always keep it to the point, and you will never hear from him after office hours. However, a person who has a crush on you will try to keep in touch with you beyond your work schedule.

Ladies, if he insists on being gym partners, calls you after work, or insists on sharing dinner with you, be sure that you are the queen of his heart.

10. Will Bring Coffee And Tea To Your Desk

Will Bring Coffee And Tea To Your Desk
Image: Shutterstock

Work and coffee go hand in hand. Picture this: you are in the middle of a pile of files, and the acute craving for coffee fills you, but you don’t like the idea of getting up from your seat and getting it. Then, an unexpected angel face brings you coffee to your desk.

Amazing, isn’t it? The person who likes you will never run out of opportunities to bring you the food/drink you crave.

11. Will Try To Find Out About Your Likes And Personal Life

Will Try To Find Out About Your Likes And Personal Life
Image: Shutterstock

A professional office life consists of polite smiles, nine to five, then heading home and wishing not to see the same faces until nine the next day.

But, there’s that one person who shows a lot of interest in your life and asks you personal questions. He will stick around, trying to get to know you and make a note of all your likes, dislikes, family, and friends to try and impress you.

12. You Will Be Invited For All Coffee Breaks

You Will Be Invited For All Coffee Breaks
Image: Shutterstock

If you recall any fun moment you had in your office, it will probably be one of the coffee breaks where you sneaked out with a friend, and it took much longer than you intended.

A colleague who ditches his huge pile of work and waits to go out for coffee with you is definitely more than just a friend. He is trying to establish a connection and drop subtle hints for his office-crush!

13. They Urge You To Come On Work Field Trips

They Urge You To Come On Work Field Trips
Image: Shutterstock

We often calculate the pros and cons of going out on office-arranged field trips. Has anyone insisted you come along on a trip so much that you wondered, “Why does he want me there so bad?”

Well, bingo! You have found the person who has a crush on you. He has probably helped arrange the trip, so he can be around you the whole day.

14. Tries To Sync His Shifts With You

 Tries To Sync His Shifts With You
Image: Shutterstock

It started with you just exchanging smiles at the reception, and now, he is on the same project and shift with you. Coincidence, you ask? No, he did the proper groundwork of appeasing your seniors and shuffling his schedule just to be in the same shift as you.

Of course, he likes you and will go to any lengths to see you for longer stretches through the day.

15. He Stares At You (Even In Group Meetings)

 He Stares At You (Even In Group Meetings)
Image: Shutterstock

Group meetings are no place for romance. They usually involve verbal knockouts, brainstorming for ideas, and minimal conclusions. But if you find someone staring at you and supporting all your ideas that are rejected by everyone else, you have found the one who is interested in you.

Catch him staring at you among a whole bunch of people, and you will know he has his eyes set on you.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Do not be surprised if you find your ideas challenged by someone who has a crush on you. As much as they like supporting your ideas, at times, they may challenge you and engage you in banter just to make space for more conversation or to see you passionately defend your views.

16. Tries To Move Out Of His Desk For Lunch Only When You Do

Tries To Move Out Of His Desk For Lunch Only When You Do
Image: Shutterstock

A lunch partner is the epitome of friendship. But, often it gets difficult to sync your lunch timings to make it to the canteen together. A true man never leaves his crush behind. He will probably ditch his work for the opportunity to dine with you.

17. You Catch Him Looking At You Secretly – A Lot!

You Catch Him Looking At You Secretly – A Lot!
Image: Shutterstock

The eyes speak more than the lips! What about the times you looked away and felt his gaze still on you? The classic nonverbal cue of a crush is to look at you as much as possible to help him make a slideshow of you in his mind when he goes to sleep. Feel loved yet?

18. Sends Signs Through Body Language That He Likes You

Sends Signs Through Body Language That He Likes You
Image: Shutterstock

Still finding it difficult to spot the one who has a crush on you? Well, observe closely.

Does he lean in to you while talking to you? Does he look at you while you turn your gaze away from him? Does he smile at you more than he does at others? Do they exhibit nervousness, jealousy, or admiration toward you? Body language expresses more than words. Subtle physical touches, like hand brushing or playful flirting, are major signs that a coworker likes you– and these are the little gestures he makes to make you feel loved.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Other gestures that may communicate that a person has a crush on you include holding the door open for you, pulling up a chair for you, smiling across the room at you, and maintaining strong eye contact while talking to you.

19. Protects You From Every Possible Hazard

Protects You From Every Possible Hazard
Image: Shutterstock

A workplace is never devoid of trouble. There are hundreds of ways you can mess up without even knowing you did. Sometimes, it is a work-related problem and you wish someone would have warned you. Well, crusher to the rescue.
He will never let the queen of his heart be stuck in any problem alone. He will be around with a long caution list, which he will insist you follow. He will shelter you against all unwanted attention and try his level best to keep you away from any hazard he sees around you.

20. Tries To Be On The Same Page With You In Every Discussion

Tries To Be On The Same Page With You In Every Discussion
Image: Shutterstock

We would all be more than happy to have a friend who supports us in whatever we say. But, that is not the case with all friends.

Observe the person who agrees with all your opinions. You both somehow always end up with the same conclusions. Feeling lucky already?

21. He Asks You About Your Day Even If It’s A Non-Working Day

He Asks You About Your Day Even If It’s A Non-Working Day
Image: Shutterstock

It is always sweet to have someone ask you about your day and how you are making it through your life. Notice your colleague always asks after you and your dreams? Well, he is the one.

He not only cares about how your workday was, but also how you spent your day outside of work. Such love is just adorable when it comes from a person who gets to spend a larger part of the day with you and still likes you for who you are.

Infographic: What To Do When A Coworker Likes You

Well, to be honest, the heart really just wants what it wants sometimes. Office romances may not be ideal. If your coworker is into you, know what you want and how you want to proceed and act responsibly.

Check out our infographic below and understand how to handle the situation:

when coworker likes you (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Stolen glances, hours of working together, and being the focus of gossip — workplace romance has all the ingredients for an exciting experience. Of course, all this makes the ’forbidden fruit’ even more desirable. However, if you have your eye on someone but are not sure if the feelings will be reciprocated, the above signs if a coworker likes you can be just the thing you need. For instance, chances are in your favor if they go out of their way to help you or give you a cute nickname. So, stop worrying about whether or not they are into you and take the plunge if you see any of the signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unspoken attraction?

An unspoken attraction, as the name suggests, is when a person is attracted to someone but does not voice it out or confess their feelings.A natural compatibility that feels out of the world might also be hinting at the possibility of a great relationship.

Can you feel chemistry with someone?

Yes, chemistry, famously known as “the spark” in films, can be felt by two people attracted to each other. You both get along well, feel happy in each other’s company, share snarky back-and-forths, and the passion is explosive.

Can a coworker’s body language give away their feelings towards you?

Yes. Some signs to look out for include prolonged eye contact, leaning in towards you during conversations and mirroring their colleague’s body language. If a coworker seems a little nervous or fidgety around the colleague or makes an effort to look good and dress up when they know they’ll be around them, it could be a sign that they have feelings towards them. However, the coworker’s body language alone may not be enough to determine their feelings.

What are some potential risks and benefits of pursuing a romantic relationship with a coworker?

The benefits of pursuing a romantic relationship with a coworker could be a shared interest or passion for the work, which can lead to a strong sense of connection and understanding. Being in such a relationship will ensure a built-in support system at the workplace where the partners can lean on each other during stressful times or projects and understand each other’s work-related challenges. Potential risks could be a decline in job performance and tension or awkwardness in the workplace if the relationship ends badly. Other coworkers or superiors may perceive the relationship as unprofessional or inappropriate, harming their reputation and career prospects.

How can you navigate workplace rumors or gossip about a potential romantic relationship with a coworker?

A workplace relationship can be tricky to navigate, but being transparent and open about the status of the relationship, avoiding any public display of affection, keeping things professional and respectful, and not letting the rumors or gossip affect the relationship or the quality of work can help.

How can you tell if a coworker likes you if they are shy or introverted?

If the coworker makes an effort to initiate a conversation with someone, seems nervous around them and avoids eye contact, it could be a sign that they have feelings for the person. They may remember little details about that person, bring them up in conversations, find reasons to be around them and act differently when the person is around. As shy or introverted individuals may take longer to open up and show their feelings, being patient and respectful of their boundaries is crucial.

Key Takeaways

  • An office romance may not always be encouraged but, sometimes, the heart wants what it wants.
  • A crush on your coworker can keep you motivated to keep up with the monotonous work schedule.
  • Giving you a cute name, going out of the way to help you, and other such signs can help you figure out if your coworker likes you back.
signs a coworker likes you

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