21 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Written by Harini Natarajan

When it comes to understanding the love language of shy guys, it is actually pretty hard to decipher if they like you or not – all because they are so quiet! They are not like other guys who are very loud, outgoing, and straightforward about it if they like someone. But you have to admit it, shy guys are pretty darn cute. You can just tell by their soft nature how caring and innocent they are… maybe not so innocent when they become your boyfriend, but they certainly do care a lot for those they love. Even though shy guys don’t say a lot, they hold so many secrets close to their hearts. After conversing with a shy guy for a while, you may even come to the conclusion that they are not that shy after all!

Is a shy guy giving you signals, but his love language is confusing you? Worry not, we have your back! Take a peek at these signs that will help you to understand whether that shy guy you have been eyeing for a while has been into you or not.

How To Know If A Shy Guy Likes You


1. You Will Find Him Always Close To You

A shy guy who has a liking for you will try to hand around you, under the weirdest of pretexts. While they cannot express their love directly to you, they will give you subtle signs without being obvious or verbal. Whether you are in the classroom, office, playground, library, or canteen, you will often find your shy guy around you. If you are up for it, try and make the first move and have a conversation with him.

2. You Find Him Often Staring At You

Whether a guy is super-shy or not, it doesn’t mean that he can’t express his feelings for you at all. Shy guys have a different way of expressing their love and adoration. They are not too obvious, boisterous, or showy about it. Most of the time, you won’t even get to know about it until a long time. They will never be able to tell you directly about it, but they will reveal it through their body language. You will be attracted to their nervous ways, and you can tell for sure that they like you.

3. You Get Gifts And Cards From Your Shy Lover

If you get some anonymous cards and gifts, be sure it is from your secret lover. He is simply too shy to write his name, but he does these cute things to convey his adoration for you. You may get very confused about this secret guy, but if you read the signs properly, you will surely figure out who your shy admirer is.

4. His Friends Tease And Nudge Him When You Enter The Room

Your shy guy would have told all his friends about his feelings for you. You will notice a group of friends nudging and teasing a guy when you walk by. You may be the last person to know about his love for you, but the entire office or class will know. Perhaps he is just scared of getting rejected or too embarrassed to speak to you directly.

5. You May Find The Guy At Your Hangout Joints


Your shy guy will always be present at your favorite hangout places in the hope of seeing you or bumping into you. Do you notice a particular guy who is always hanging around giving you side looks whenever you go to your favorite pizza place? Gotcha!

6. He May Follow You On His Vehicle

You can tell if a guy likes if you find him following you around on his bike or car after office or class. They may be trying to convey their feelings through these weird antics. You can make things easier for him and ask him out yourself if you like him as well.

7. He Will Try To Talk To Your Friends

A shy guy who has his eyes on you will try to find out all about you from your friends. All your favorite things, your current boyfriend, if any, and your routine will be known to him. You are practically the center of his world. While he can’t talk to you directly, he will ensure he knows all about you from trusted sources.

8. He Will Blush When You Talk To Him

You can tell that a man likes you if he blushes when you speak to him. He may just not believe it that his secret crush is talking to him directly – and this will leave him blushing. If you notice his pupils dilate or find him redden, you can be sure that the guy likes you. The guy will try to make a run whenever you try to have a conversation because he is just too awkward and shy.

9. He Will Get Protective About You

If your shy guy finds any other man misbehaving with you, he will get extremely protective about you. He may even end up having a fistfight with him for you. This kind of behavior mostly comes from a feeling of protectiveness for you.

10. His Body Language Tells You That He Likes You


You can tell by his silly body language that he likes you. He may fidget with something, drop things, or act clumsily if you come near him. He may behave just too awkwardly if you are around. This happens because he gets super-excited if you are near him, and the silly him has no control over his emotions.

11. He Will Do Small Favors For You

Your shy guy will try to please you by doing little favors for you. Fetching books, food, drinks, or reserving a seat are all little gestures he may do to convey his liking for you.

12. He Will Try To Talk To You Often

Your shy guy may try to initiate small talk if he likes you and wants to grab your attention. You can tell by the way he tries to initiate a conversation on small matters. Perhaps you can also ask him about his hobbies and interests if you want to throw him an anchor. The man who is hiding behind his shy mask may be a really interesting person to know – maybe you need to make the first move to get to know him better.

13. He Will Try To Attract You With His Actions

For a shy man, actions speak louder than any words can. They will try to do brave things just to impress you. They may be going through a tough ordeal all the time dying to talk to you, but afraid of rejection and lacking the guts for it.

14. He Is Nervous Around You

You can tell that a shy guy likes you if he gets extremely nervous around you. He may suddenly start behaving awkwardly or clumsily. This kind of nervousness comes from wanting to appear cool and do things right in front of you, but failing miserably at it. So cute!

15. He Might Change His Looks Often


You can understand whether he likes you or not by noticing his physical changes. If he changes his looks and hairstyle too often, he may have something for you. He is doing that to impress you probably, and you should get a hint from it.

16. If He Smiles A Lot, You Know He Likes You

You can tell that he has feelings for you if he smiles a lot at you. He is showing his attraction and interest by smiling because he is just too shy to do anything else. You can ease his ordeal by initiating the talk yourself or smiling back at him. That will comfort him immensely.

17. He Will Share His Secrets With You

You only share secrets with someone when you really trust or like that person. He is trying to attract your attention towards himself with this cute gesture. Maybe you can share a secret of yours, too?

18. He Hates It When You Mention Other Guys

You can tell if a shy guy has feelings for you if he gets too annoyed or irritated whenever you mention the names of other guys. This happens because he feels too possessive about you and gets jealous. He is scared that you talking about other guys means that you like them, not him. He wants you all for himself.

19. He Shows Interest In Your Actions

Whatever you achieve, you will always find him appreciative of your work or your efforts. He likes the stuff you do and shows interest in your actions. You can tell if he has feelings for you if he supports you in the things you do.

20. He Will Try To Connect Via Social Media


He will send you a friend request and will like and comment on your posts. It is way easier to connect via social media because the fear of rejection is way lesser – he may even chat with you on social media! He will talk about a lot to you online but may be too scared to have a face-to-face conversation.

21. He Will Remember Little Details About You

You can tell that a shy guy has feelings for you if he remembers your birthday and other special occasions. There may be days when even you may forget about your special occasion, but he won’t. Other than birthdays, a shy guy will also remember what you wore on a specific day, your outfit the first time he saw you, your little habits, and every little detail about you. Sighhhh, true love!

Wanting to have a relationship with a shy guy can require more powers of observation and patience than normal. Despite all that, if it works out and he grows more comfortable opening up his heart to you, it can develop into a beautiful relationship. You just need to help him out a bit! All the best!

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