62 Obvious Signs A Female Coworker Might Like You

Does she break into a huge smile or mirror your body language? Here’s what to look for.

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It is best to stay away from office romance. But, do you think there are signs that a female co-worker likes you? You may feel it in your gut but are not very sure about it. Yes, she is warm and friendly, but does that mean that she likes you?

Instead of embarrassing yourself and possibly ruining a friendship, it is best to first do a closer inspection. After all, you don’t want to end up in an awkward situation where you ask her out, and she refuses because she is not into you. It can also harm the workplace dynamics and disrupt the harmony of your office life.

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We know that workplace romance can be exciting. However, try to read the signs correctly and be doubly sure that she likes you and is not merely looking for a work spouse.

Read this post to learn about all the signs to look for to figure out if a female colleague is interested in you as more than just a friend. Scroll down!

62 Signs A Female Coworker Might Like You

  1. She smiles at you whenever she sees you – morning, afternoon, or evening. If you find that she is always greeting you with a big smile on her face despite having a bad day at work, know that she is truly into you.
  2. She keeps enquiring about your work, even though her work profile is nowhere related to yours.
  3. She always makes it a point to initiate communication and send you funny emails or messages that she thinks you might like.
  4. She is interested in knowing you at a more personal level and talks about things outside of professional work. This includes talking about your romantic history, family members, close friends, and personal likes as well as dislikes.
  5. Be it for professional tasks or personal favors, she is always ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.
  6. She offers genuine advice every time you need to blow off some steam. You notice that she is actively listening and giving you the space you need to vent or air your concerns.
  7. She asks you to have lunch with her every single day. She may even take the effort to cook your favorite food for you and bring it to lunch.
  8. She finds ways to sit next to you in every office meeting or team outing.
  9. You notice that there are too many accidental touches. She finds ways to stroke your hair, touch your shoulders, and so on.
  10. You find her looking at you from time and time, and she immediately looks away once there is direct eye contact. You can also sense a hint of shyness and see her blushing.
  11. She does not care what others think about your friendship and if the gossip mills are running around you two.
  12. She seems to be working hard on her sense of humor to impress you.
  13. You find her engaging in some light-hearted flirting from time to time, and she also compliments you at every opportunity she gets. This includes complimenting you on your appearance or your day at work during a big presentation.
  14. She remembers even the most trivial things about you – from your pet peeves to your favorite go-to snacks and TV shows. Even if you might not remember a lot of things, you notice that she does.
  15. She helps you solve your work problems and navigate challenges you might be facing in your personal life. You feel as though you can count on her to be there for you.
  16. She follows you on every social media handle you are active on and comments on your posts openly and frequently.
  17. She tries to initiate conversations with you whenever she gets the chance because she is genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say.
  18. She treats you with extra care and gives you special treatment as opposed to your other colleagues.
  19. She actively invites you to hang out together – not just after work but also on weekends. She makes plans for camping, going for a brunch, or simply spending more time together through shared interests.
  20. She teases you for comeback fights and tests you to make the relationship more engaging.
Engaging in a friendly banter is a sign your coworker likes you
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  1. Her tone of voice changes immediately as you walk in.
  2. Her eyes start to twinkle each time you are around.
  3. She has started leaning towards you more and more while conversing.
  4. She dresses up more than usual and puts effort into her physical appearance. This could be by wearing more makeup or trying a new hairstyle. It may also include a drastic makeover from head to toe.
  5. She seeks little favors from you, even outside of work.
  6. She does not always like it when you talk to other female colleagues. She could be jealous. This is a classic sign that she likes you a lot.
  7. She laughs at your jokes and is always cheering you on, no matter what.
  8. She leaves you cute notes, small presents, or surprises every now and then – like an “All the best” note prior to a big meeting or a “Get well soon” card if you are feeling under the weather. She also orders in your favorite food to cheer you up when you are having a terrible day.
  9. She shares inside jokes with you and loves spending time with you. There is an exhaustive list of jokes that only the two of you seem to get.
  10. She makes it a point to let you know that she likes you more than the other coworkers.
  11. She says ‘Hi’ to you every morning and makes it a point to meet you before she leaves. In other words, her workday literally starts and ends with you.
  12. She enthusiastically enquires about how your weekend was or how your work seems to be going, even if she is having a hectic day herself.
  13. You find her asking for help even for the most simple and mundane tasks just so that she can spend some quality time with you. This may include installing a VPN on her laptop or setting up her conference phone.
  14. She sends you reminder texts about upcoming meets and important deadlines that you might have forgotten about.
  15. She volunteers to make boring presentations for you without you asking.
  16.  She checks up on you when you do not show up for work. A subtle hint of a female coworker liking you is when she fills you in about the week’s activities without you asking her for any updates.
  17. You notice that she knows your office schedule inside out – be it the time you head off to the office gym or when you have back-to-back meetings arranged.
  18. She can intuitively tell when you are having a rough day at work and encourages you to speak your heart out or simply go for a coffee break.
  19. She is always grateful and thankful every time you do a little something for her.
Expressing gratitude for even small things is a sign your coworker likes you
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  1. She offers to stay back when you have late nights at work or on a Friday.
  2. She brings breakfast for you every now and then and comes in early (even though she does not need to) just so that she can spend time with you.
  3. She could be seen getting chicken soup post-work or buying you medicines if she thinks you need an extra hand. In short, she worries about you when you are unwell or are going through a tough phase.
  4. You find her singing your praises to coworkers (which you hear about later, of course).
  5. She always defends you and takes your side in front of the team members, be it during a heated discussion or during normal office banter.
  6. She calls you by a nickname no one else knows about. You two have unique names for each other and love the bond that you share.
  7. She notices when you make tweaks to your appearance and makes sure to compliment you about it. No change goes unnoticed – from growing a mustache to changing your workwear style.
  8. She requests you to walk her to her car or drop her at home just so that she can spend more time with you.
  9. She volunteers to work with you on every joint project so that you two can learn from each other and spend more time together.
  10. She wants to be connected to your family and friends, whether directly or indirectly. For example, she may make them a cake on Christmas or offer to drop by for Thanksgiving.
  11. She brings you tickets to your favorite game/movie on a boring Tuesday to cheer you up.
  12. She makes it a point to communicate with you through words or non-verbal cues, particularly during meetings.
  13. She is genuinely interested in the kind of video games you play and the sports you like.
  14. She is always looking for opportunities to be around you – be it around the water-cooler or next to your bay. In short, everywhere you look, there she is.
  15. She offers to help redecorate your office space.
  16. Her feelings for you have not changed despite a decent passage of time.
  17. She always remembers your birthday and may even be the first one to wish you. If she is thoroughly comfortable with you, she may even go out of the way to plan a surprise with other colleagues and office friends. Her enthusiasm is clearly visible and contagious, and everyone seems to notice so.
  18. Along with birthdays, she remembers and celebrates your work milestones and achievements with much gusto and enthusiasm. This includes work anniversaries, big promotions, and so on.
  19. You notice undeniable chemistry between the two of you.
  20. She talks about you with her colleagues in the hope that they will come and tell you about her feelings towards you.
  21. She wants to know what drives you to work, what your ambitions are, and what your future plans look like.
  22. She engages in boring IT work such as system maintenance, installing a new operating system, etc., just so that you do not have to do the dirty work.
  23. She subconsciously mirrors your body language and actions because her feelings are deep, real, and intense.

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She also checks on you if you’re late for work or she offers to deliver soup if you have been sick for a few days. These also are important signs to watch out for.

Can you identify any of these signs? Then your female coworker probably likes you. But what do you do next?

What To Do If A Female Coworker Likes You?

Maintain professional boundaries in office even if a coworker likes you
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If you like your coworker and recognize some of the signs stated above, you may feel the urge to ask her out. But you should consider the risks first.

Reading signals from people is complex. Since body language is a particularly complex field, some gestures and expressions can easily be misunderstood. One may also misinterpret some signs for harmless, friendly behavior. If you confess your feelings and she is offended, you may find yourself embarrassed or making frequent trips to the HR department.

Moreover, if she rejects you, it may put a strain on your work relationship. One of you may even need to quit your job if it is too awkward to work together after the incident.

However, if there is chemistry between you two or you both are close enough, you can certainly let her know that you like her. But how?

How To Respectfully Tell A Female Coworker You Like Her

Approach your coworker in private to express your feelings
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Asking your female coworker out on a date can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. But if you really like her and want to ask her out, the following pointers will help ease the process and calm your nerves:

  1. Speak to your HR representative and/or read the employee’s handbook about the company’s dating policies. If there are no issues with coworkers dating, you can work towards asking her out.
  2. Make sure to cross-check if she is single to save time and embarrassment for both of you.
  3. Look out for the right opportunity before you pop the question.
  4. Ask her out in a place where you are both comfortable. A good place is your ’favorite spot’ in the office – it could be next to the water-cooler, at the cafeteria, and so on.
  5. Be yourself and speak to her normally.
  6. Make sure that you are polite, warm, and respectful at all times. You do not want to look pushy or needy at any cost.
  7. Start by making small talk and ease into the conversation instead of rushing things and spoiling the vibe.
  8. When you ask the big question, ensure that the transition is smooth.
  9. Finally, if your coworker says yes, you can ask for a preferred date and time.
  10. If she says no, be cordial and polite, and diffuse the situation in humor. Always be ready for what you are going to say if the answer is a ‘No’.

If she says yes and the date goes well, you can consider starting an office romance! However, you should keep a few things in mind before dating your female coworker.

What To Consider Before Dating A Female Colleague

Think about all pros and cons before dating a coworker
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If your female coworker is really into you and you also like her, you should not give up on the chance to build a beautiful future together. But you must keep certain things in mind to prevent your relationship from getting in the way of your career. So, before beginning an office romance, it is essential to clearly understand what to expect, because as well as company dating policies, you must consider the work environment with its “untold rules” and cultural level.

  • Do Not Ignore Company Policy

Office romances are often considered unwelcome or unpleasant from the management’s perspective. If you go against corporate rules and date each other anyway, your jobs could be in jeopardy. Speak to your organization’s HR team before taking things forward so that neither of you ends up in trouble.

Remember – sneaking around is not a good idea, and your best bet to prevent getting fired is to be transparent from day one. In case the policies are keeping you from seeing each other, one of you may consider getting a new job at a different company.

  • Expect Complicated Dynamics At Work

Even if dating is not explicitly against company policy, jumping into an office romance headfirst without setting a few ground rules is not recommended.

Dating someone from your office is opening up the door to extra distractions that can affect both of your careers. Fights in your romantic relationship can affect your work relationship, and vice versa. Moreover, if one of you is on a senior level, it may have a different set of complications to deal with. There are several “dangerous” situations that both can meet in the work environment, like seeing the other one be scolded by the boss without having the chance to intervene, or being the person who has to give a bad notice to your partner.

Thus, it is necessary to have some boundaries in place to separate work from dating and not let colleagues or work situations affect your relationship. Once you learn to keep things professional, pursuing a relationship with your female colleague is possible.

Infographic: Top 10 Green Flags To Notice When A Female Coworker Likes You

Workplace romance can be exciting. You already know 62 signs to check whether a female coworker likes you or not. But, it can be overwhelming for you to notice all 62 signs at a time. Check out the infographic below to know the top easy green flags to notice whether she likes you or not, more than just a colleague.

top 10 green flags to notice when a female coworker likes you (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

You need to pay attention and be on the lookout for the above signs if you want to know if a female coworker likes you. To gain a wider perspective of the scenario, you must take into account nuances like body language, behavioral indications, intentions, etc. If you don’t consider the above factors, you may risk embarrassment or even lose your job. However, if you decide to ask your coworker out, remember that both of you must be on the same page. You can date your female coworker as long as you can separate work from romance and do not break any corporate guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you determine if a female coworker is comfortable with physical touch and proximity, and if that’s a sign of attraction?

If your female colleague moves back when you try to hug them or steers clear of making any physical contact with you, they are uncomfortable with it. If they welcome hugs, handshakes, or side hugs then they are comfortable with you. If you notice them acting shy after a hug or continued eye contact, then they may like you.

Can you tell if a female coworker likes you by the way she interacts with you on social media or outside of work?

If she responds to your messages immediately or likes your posts often, it could mean that she likes you. However, social media can sometimes be misleading. Have an open conversation with her to really know how she feels.

How do I attract a female coworker?

You can attract a female coworker by just being you. Always try to be presentable and respectful towards them when talking to them. Make sure you try to make her feel comfortable and are honest and open while interacting with her.

Key Takeaways

  • Women are mysterious creatures! But, there are clear signs that let you know if your female coworker is crushing on you.
  • If she tries to spend a lot of time with you or to get to know you on a more intimate level, she probably likes you.
  • Once you get to know that your coworker likes you, you need to figure out whether you want to pursue anything more with her and look up what the company’s rules regarding dating a coworker are.
signs female coworker likes you

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Crack the code of workplace romance in this intriguing video. Learn to decipher the subtle signs she displays when she’s interested in you. Check it out!

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