23 Signs A First Date Went Well

Written by Harini Natarajan

Whether you were set up or met online, the only thing worse than being anxious on a first date is figuring out if it went well. You may end up sitting with your friends, trying to dissect every action and conversation just to figure out if you will get a second date. You may even break your head wondering things like, “Did they lean in? How much did they lean in?” It can drive you insane! It’s high time that we put an end to this anxiety. Here are 23 signs that your first date went well.

23 Signs Your First Date Went Well

1. You Shared A Lot Of Laughs

If you both were laughing and generally having a good time, the date definitely went well. Even when something awkward happened, you both laughed it off instead of sitting there in silence. This means you both have a good rapport.

2. Easy Conversation

A good sign on a first date is when both people converse equally and eagerly. You both take turns asking each other things to get to know the other person. Sometimes, you both may speak at the same time, leading to a fun, laughable moment. Instead of it becoming quiet, you both fall into easy conversation, almost like you have been friends for ages.

3. Eyes Locked And Loaded

One sign of a date going really wrong is if your date didn’t look directly at you. We all know that you can have unspoken conversations with your eyes. Just by looking at someone, you can feel an instant connection. If your date looked at you eye-to-eye, you guys have a good thing going. When your partner looks directly into your eyes, you can feel the heat. And when you look into their eyes, there’s a playful sparkle. Things are looking good!

4. The Date Went On For Longer Than Expected

When you first set the date, you may have thought it would last an hour or two. Cut to three hours later, and you both are still laughing and talking. This is a good sign. Some dates end badly, with one or both parties trying to stage an early exit. But if you spent longer than expected on the first date, it’s a clear sign that you both had fun.

5. There Were No Awkward Pauses

You set up a date, and you’ve got your trusty list of questions in case there are any awkward pauses. But this time, it felt like you didn’t need any help from the list. A date where conversation flowed easily definitely went well. It also means that both of you are open to getting to know each other.

6. You Both Clicked

You Both Clicked


Maybe at first, it was a tad awkward and silent, but as you hung out more, you both just clicked. Maybe it’s because you both have similar interests. It could also be the mysterious spark everyone chases when they meet someone for the first time. Whatever it is, if you both instantly connected on the first date, it’s thumbs up all the way!

7. They Called You After The Date

After the date, if you immediately get a call or message from your date, it is a clear sign that things went well! You left a good enough impression on them to not have to wait for a few days before hearing from them.

8. You Got To Know Each Other

Usually, first dates are tough. You never know how much to share. But if you both were comfortable enough to ask each other deep questions and provide answers on the first date, it’s a good thing. Maybe once you reached home, your date messaged you asking even more questions so they can get to know you better. There is definitely a connection here!

9. Positive Body Language

Body language is key in knowing if your date was interested in you. Did they lean in close to you? Did they try to sit closer to you? Were they having conversations with you while looking you in the eye? Maybe you both even played a flirtatious game of footsie under the table. All these are signs that you both have chemistry and are interested in each other.

10. No Distractions

When we hang out with our closest friends, we always have our phones out. But if you both were so engrossed in each other that no gadgets made an appearance on your first date, not only is it a sign that the date went well, it’s a miracle.

11. They Made Sure That The First Date Goes Well

Say you have this amazing friend, and finally you both decide to take things up a notch and go out on a date. If they took the time to find out what food you like, which is your favorite restaurant, what you like to do, what music makes you happy, etc., they clearly like you. Either they asked you or your close friends for that information. It shows that they are serious about you. And if your first date was filled with everything you love, clearly things look good!

12. They Paid Attention To You

Was your date paying attention to you? Not just the conversation – did your date look at you while talking? Did they answer your questions and ask questions in return to show interest? If yes, then your date went well. If someone is not interested in you, they will seem distracted when talking to you. They will look elsewhere and maybe even yawn. So if your date was focused on you, it’s all good!

13. You Hit Each Other Up On Social Media

Honestly, if a date didn’t go well, they won’t make an effort to add you on social media. Did your date try to friend/follow you on any social media? If yes, they are definitely interested in getting to know you more.

14. You Already Made Plans For The Next Date

While on your first date, were you both already making plans for where to go the next time you meet up? This is a definite sign that the date is going well. If your date calls you to make plans for future dates, it’s on!

15. They Called You To Confirm The Second Date

While on your first outing together, did you both joke about doing something on a second date? If they call you to confirm that second date, they are definitely interested in you. Sometimes, plans for a second date are made, but nothing really materializes afterward. So if they are calling to confirm that second date, it is on, girl!

16. They Cancelled Other Plans

There may be cases where you both had a spark on your first date but whenever you try to make plans to go out again, nothing materializes because your schedules don’t work out. If your date is willing to cancel something from their schedule to meet you again, they clearly thought the first date went really well.

17. Walking You To Your Door

Walking You To Your Door


So the date is done and your partner is dropping you home. Did they walk you to the door? Maybe even lean in for a hug or a kiss? It’s clear they are attracted to you, which obviously is a good sign. On the other hand, if they dropped you home and drove off once you got out of the car, the date may not have been that great.

18. What Do Your Friends Say?

We all do this! Once the date is done, we sit and talk to our friends about everything that happened. Often, by their reactions, we can tell if a date was good or not. If your friends are giving you the thumbs up, then it’s a good sign.

19. Sexual Chemistry

You do not have to sleep with your date on a first date, but you most certainly will be able to tell if you were attracted to each other. Maybe there was a light touching of hands or brushing of shoulders here and there. Maybe there were some not-so-sneaky stares at each other. If there were sparks, the date can be considered a success.

20. They Took You Home

A first date can go really well, with both parties feeling an instant attraction to each other. The entire date may have become a long game of foreplay with sneaky touches and playful kicks. You both didn’t want the night to end, so you went to their place (or vice-versa) for a nightcap. Clearly, it went great. While most societal norms dictate that you shouldn’t sleep with someone on a first date, you should really do whatever feels comfortable to you. If you both were willing and consenting, there is no shame in having slept with someone on a first date.

21. Vulnerability

Most first dates are not very personally eye-opening. But if your date was comfortable with talking about their family and other aspects of their personal life, it can be a good sign. If they openly revealed or discussed intimate details of their life with you, they are interested in taking things further.

22. They Liked The Disastrous Date

Look, not everything is under our control. You may have wanted the date to go perfectly, but no matter how hard you tried, it was a colossal disaster. Maybe you both got food poisoning, or you dropped wine all over your date. Basically, your first date was bad, and you got home thinking, “Well, that’s the end of that!” But then your crush called or texted you and laughed about the entire thing. Clearly, they are still giving you a fighting chance, and despite the terrible night, they thought the date went well because they like you.

23. They Introduce You To Their Friends

If, after a first date, they call you over to hang out with their friends, it’s a big deal. Most people don’t introduce someone they are not serious about to their close friends. This shows that the date went so well, and the chemistry between you both is so strong that they want you to meet their friends.

Going on a first date can be nerve-racking. But, remember to be yourself! Instead of pretending to be someone else, just be yourself. It will make any date you go on 100% better. It also takes off a lot of the pressure and shows how comfortable you are in your skin. And if your date shows any of the aforementioned signs, you know they are interested in you for being you!

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