40 Clear And Passionate Signs He Is Making Love To You

Is it only hot and steamy sex triggered by hormones or something more intimate and special?

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If you think that making love and having sex is similar, you are wrong. They are very different aspects of your body and mind. You make love with a person you have an emotional connection with, whereas sex is to satisfy a physical desire without any emotional attachment. Love-making goes beyond an attraction that is limited to bodily desires. Romantics would call it a divine union of souls! Although it might be challenging to understand the real motives of your partner, we have narrowed down some clear signs he is making love to you. In this article, we have discussed some key differences between love-making and sex to help you understand whether your man is trying to make love with you or merely wants to fulfill his physical desires. Scroll down for more information.

What Is Love Making?

A romantic couple making love
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“Love-making” describes intimate, spiritual, or romantic sexual intercourse. It is different from “having sex” where the partners involved engage in sexual intercourse without a deeper emotional connection. While the term initially meant traditional courtship, today lovemaking holds different meanings for different people. It is seen as a way of emotionally and spiritually connecting with one’s partner through sexual intimacy.

What does making love to your partner feel like? Find out in the next section.

What Does Making Love Feel Like?

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The feeling is extremely fulfilling and profoundly romantic between the souls. It involves a strong emotional bond, heightened physical sensations, and a sense of deep affection for one’s partner Communication, consent, love, and mutual respect contribute to a memorable love-making experience.

Lovemaking and sex are both enjoyable. But how do you know if your partner is having sex or making love to you? Find out in the next section.

Clear Signs He Enjoys Making Love To You

1. Eye Contact

He is making love with you if he makes eye contact with you
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The eyes never lie and can reveal a lot about a person. They are said to be the window to one’s soul. Eye contact communicates trust, presence, and vulnerability. If he is really into you and develops physical intimacy out of love, he will exchange glances with you and maintain on and off eye contact while making love. On the contrary, if he is there to satisfy physical needs, he would ignore eye contact while having sex. In this personal blog, the author, a happily married woman recently widowed, reflects on a recent intimate experience, realizing that a deep satisfaction came from the skin-on-skin contact and profound human connection. She says, “It wasn’t the orgasm that made me satisfied but rather the intimate contact I had with another human being, as for several moments we truly were joined body and soul, and that is what I crave. (i)”

2. Cares About Enjoyment For Both

Love making satisfies your soul, and it is not just physical needs. If you both are equally enjoying the moment, it is because he loves you and cares for your needs. If your man ensures that you enjoy while getting involved physically, he is making love to you. He will be attentive to how you physically respond to him and your arousal will be his priority. But if he directly reaches there without considering foreplay, he is just there for the sole purpose of sex. When the priority is only his needs, he is surely not making love to you.

3. Covers You In A Shower Of Kisses

If your partner kisses you a lot while making love, it indicates that he is totally into you and values you a lot. The way he kisses you also showcases the intensity and the depth of his love.

4. Has Deep Conversations

Honest and transparent conversations can help strengthen the bond between couples. If your partner gets involved in deep and insightful conversations in bed and shares his personal life experiences, he is really into you and likes having private talks with you.

5. Is Vocal

Making love involves being vocal about what you like or enjoy during lovemaking. If your man asks you what you like the most in bed, it means he cares for your needs and desires.

6. Takes Your Name

If your partner takes your name while making love, it means he loves you and is happy being with you. Calling each other’s names while getting involved in bed adds more passion to it and uplifts mood. You can also call out your partner’s name to make him realize that you are thinking about him while making love. This would leave you both with a pleasurable experience.

7. Sets Up A Romantic Environment

He is making love with you if he sets up a romantic environment
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Considerate romantic gestures are solid green flags. If your partner makes an effort to create a romantic environment by decorating the room, playing soft romantic music, and dressing up the way you like, it indicates that he cares for you and is looking for a more meaningful, intimate relationship. He believes in the chemistry you both share, does not take it for granted, and wants to please you as he trusts that will be more rewarding than the act of sex itself. He is also trying to make it new for you every time.

8. Applies No Pressure For Making Love

Sometimes, it can happen that your partner is not in the mood to make love and vice versa. If he doesn’t force or pressurize you to make love, it means he respects you and your feelings and doesn’t want to go against your will.

9. Does Not Doze Off Immediately

Most men turn around and sleep in peace after having sex. But if he is really in love with you and enjoyed every moment of love making, he would not do it. Rather, he will hold you closer to him or give you a kiss to show how much you mean to him.

10. Maintains Hygiene

Bad breath and smelly armpits can turn off things. If your man likes to keep it clean and maintains adequate hygiene, it is a sign that he cares for your likes and dislikes and doesn’t want you to feel awful while making love.

11. Appreciates You

If your man is truly, deeply, and madly in love with you, he will appreciate you. He will not walk his own way after having sex. He will express his feelings and how much he enjoyed making love to you.

12. Establishes Connection

If the guy forgets you after sex and shows up only when he wants to have sex, it means that he is there just for one purpose. His commitment is towards your body and not towards you. But if he keeps in constant touch with you, calls or messages you regularly, it implies he is into you and enjoys making love to you.

13. You Will Feel It

You are biologically designed in a way that you will know your partner’s intentions when he is involved with you. Your mind and body can feel whether he is making love to you or just having sex.

14. Keeps You Happy

He is making love with you if he keeps you happy
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If your partner cares for you and is deeply into you, he will keep you pampered and try to make you feel special. He might do that by playing or singing your favorite music track, ordering your favorite food, or taking you out on a romantic date.

15. Spends Time Together

If your man likes to spend time with you, listens to you, or pampers you, it means he genuinely loves and cares for you. He is also likely to get deeply involved with you in bed. But if he goes his way or gives himself more priority over you, he is there only for sex.

16. Makes You Feel Special

If your man appreciates you and calls you beautiful despite your flaws, he cares for you and likes making love to you. You are the most beautiful girl in the world for him, no matter what. But if he talks about your blemishes or how fat or thin you look, he is there for nothing but to fulfill his physical desires.

17. Experiments In Bed

If your guy enjoys making love to you and truly feels for you, he would like to try different things in bed to make you happy and satisfied. He would like to go beyond physical pleasures and enjoy more in your company while making love to you.

18. Is Happy With You

If the guy looks happy and content after lovemaking, it means you mean a lot to him, and he enjoyed every bit of time while making love with you. But if he goes off to sleep or gets busy with his phone immediately after the act, he is probably there just for sex.

19. Keeps You Relaxed

Some women may have their fears and anxieties when it comes to making love. If your guy understands that and talks or discusses with you about the same, it means he is not with you just for fulfilling sexual desires. You mean a lot more to him, and he respects that.

20. Respects Your Limitations

You might have some boundaries and limitations when it comes to bed. If your man respects and values that and doesn’t force you to go beyond those boundaries, it means he cares for your feelings and is not looking to conquer his physical needs.

21. Has A Hero Instinct

He is making love with you if he has a hero instinct
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If he is the one for you and truly loves you, you will feel safe, secure, and protected in his company, even while making love. That’s the ‘Hero instinct’, which ensures that the guy takes you seriously and is always willing to be by your side.

protip_icon Quick Tip
If your man truly loves you, he will be honest with you and make you feel loved while making love.

22. You Open Up To Him

You can’t open up carelessly with any guy in bed. But if you can do that easily, it means that you mean more than just a sex partner to him. He is not there to meet bodily needs but enjoys making love to you with deep involvement.

24. He Wants To Stay More

This is with respect to the couple staying at a distance. If your guy doesn’t feel like leaving after making love to you or whenever he is in your company, it means he truly loves and cares for you. But if he insists on leaving right after the physical contact, it means he was there for the sole purpose of having sex.

25. Explores Your Fantasies

If he asks you what your desires and fantasies are and tries to fulfill them, he is truly in love with you. But if he only cares about his desires, he is there just to accomplish his physical needs.

26. Keeps A Check On You

Your man makes sure to call you and check on you whenever he is away, it means he cares for you and misses being with you. But if he forgets you and doesn’t bother to check on you, it shows that he thinks of you only when he wants to get physical.

27. The Second Round

It’s not so easy to please girls in bed, but if your guy makes attempts and is ready for the second round even after being drained, he is making efforts to satisfy your desires. On the other side, if he dozes off or looks for his way after fulfilling his needs, he is there just for sex.

28. Has No Complaints

Has No Complaints
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If your partner did not have an orgasm but continues to be happy and treats you the same way without nagging or complaining about the same, it is a sign of a healthy and satisfying relationship. It implies you mean more than just a sex partner to him.

29. Confesses His Love

Your partner says those three magical words while in bed to showcase his love and respect. However, if he focuses more on reaching the climax without making any eye contact or uttering a single word, he is there to fulfill his sexual needs.

30. Is There For You

He doesn’t mind going down on you and arouse you. If there are no limitations for him while getting physical, it implies he loves making love to you. But when he expects you to do more and focuses mainly on intercourse, his prime concern is having sex without any intimacy.

31. Not In A Rush

He likes to take it slow and nice, and there is no hurry or rush to get things done. He talks to you, makes you feel comfortable, and listens patiently to you. These signs indicate he is really into you and enjoys making love to you. On the contrary, if he is there for a quickie and is ready to leave immediately without considering your feelings, he wants you for sex.

32. More Than Just That!

Who doesn’t mind spicing up things with sex toys? If your man is fine with you taking your stuff in bed, he cares for your idea of enjoyment and fun. But, if he gets offended and rejects your idea of adding more fun in bed, he is only bothered about his feelings and sexual needs.

33. Cares About Your Emotions

He listens to you and understands your mind. Your emotional needs are important to him. If your guy doesn’t ignore your emotions, helps sort out things for you, and makes you feel better, he loves you unconditionally. But if he ignores you, cuts you in between, and only focus on laying down for sex, he is concerned about his physical satisfaction and needs.

34. Respects Your Take

If your guy truly loves you, he won’t be able to see you in pain. If he stops immediately after you want him to, he respects you and understands the situation. On the other hand, if he continues without understanding what you want, he doesn’t respect your dignity.

35. Your Consent Matters To Him

There is nothing that should be done without one’s consent! If your guy asks for your consent before getting physical, it’s his love and respect. But if he forces you or shows that your relationship would weaken without getting in bed, he is there to have sex.

36. You Can Tell From His Expressions

You Can Tell From His Expressions
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Just like the eyes, your facial expressions and smile tell a lot about you. If you see the smile of contentment and happiness on your partner’s face after making love, it means he is deeply in love with you and enjoyed every moment in bed. However, if he walks out with a straight face after fulfilling his desires, he is not affectionate towards you.

37. He Asks For Your Choice Of Positions

Alright, you love your man and want to see him satisfied in bed, and therefore, following no questions, you are open to trying out whatever he says. But, if he doesn’t bother to ask about your favorite position and priorities in bed, he isn’t doing justice to you.

38. Is Open About His Vulnerabilities

Just like you, he might also have his insecurities in bed. If he openly discusses all that with you to make this more comfortable and clearer, it means you are more than just a sex partner for him. He is sharing the most vulnerable part of his life with you because he considers you more than anyone else.

protip_icon Quick Tip
If he shows his emotions and looks at you tenderly while making love to you, it is a clear sign that he is connecting with you emotionally.

39. Makes You Smile

His idea of fun and making love isn’t boring. He likes to keep things alive by teasing you and making you smile. However, if only his motives concern you, he is definitely not right for you.

40. It’s Not Always About Sex

You don’t meet or spend time with each other only for getting involved in bed. He comes and visits you to care for you and talk to you rather than indulging in sex every time.

Infographic: Ways To Maintain The Spark In Your Relationship

If the signs discussed in this article are familiar to you and you can see them in your relationship, congratulations! However, you need to be aware that conflicts in relationships are inevitable. With time, that “new love” charm tends to vanish. But a healthy amount of effort put in by the two of you can bring back the spark and make your relationship exciting again.

Check out the infographic below to learn about some activities you can indulge in to reignite the honeymoon period in your relationship!

ways to maintain the spark in your relationship(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

While sex is simply an activity to satiate physical desire, love-making is based on an emotional connection, making it a much more meaningful act. You can make love to someone only if you care for them as a person and think about their pleasure. Thus, it helps to know whether your man is trying to make love to you or is only interested in sex. For instance, he is all for love-making if he makes eye contact in bed, respects your wishes and limitations, and cares about your pleasure as much as his own. However, beware of a partner who doses off right after engaging in sexual intercourse and doesn’t make an effort to comfort you or establish a connection. Finally, you should trust your instincts and look for signs that he loves spending time with you outside the bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when he shows increased physical affection around me?

Physical touch might be his love language. If he looks for chances to physically connect with you outside of sex, by cuddling, kissing on your forehead, or holding hands, he is into you.

What does it mean when he teases me or makes playful comments?

A man teases the woman he is completely comfortable with. Thus, if he teases you, chances are he is very comfortable around you and attracted to and interested in you.

Does it imply something when he tries to impress me with his stories or accomplishments?

When a man tries to impress you, it is usually a good sign. Men who are genuinely interested in someone usually share their accomplishments because that person’s appreciation is important to them.

What does it mean when a guy is attentive toward me?

If the guy is more attentive to you then it is a clear sign that he is interested in you. When people are attentive toward you, it means they want to be a part of your life and support you through thick and thin.

How to understand if he is protective or jealous?

There is a fine line between being protective and being jealous. If he is protective of you, he will be concerned about your safety and well-being and will try to be supportive. However, jealous men are driven by their insecurities and failures and try to control their partners.

What to understand when he compliments me or makes me feel special in any way?

Men notice their significant other and often compliment them when they are interested or attracted to the person. So, if he compliments you or makes you feel special, he is interested.

His body language changes when we are together. Is that a good sign?

When he is really into you, he won’t have to act to be nice. He will share his deepest secrets and future plans. He would hold hands and look into the eyes when having a conversation.

How can couples prioritize quality time together to maintain a strong connection?

Maintaining a strong connection in a relationship requires intentional effort and time. Some tips for couples to prioritize quality time together are to schedule regular date nights, make a conscious effort to disconnect from phones, social media, and other distractions during your time together, plan a trip or vacation together to create new memories and experiences, share interests and communicate openly and honestly.

How can you balance your own feelings and desires with the signs he shows to ensure that you are both on the same page about your relationship?

Balancing your own feelings and desires with the signs he shows requires open communication and a willingness to understand each other’s perspectives. Some steps you can take to ensure you are both on the same page about your relationship are to communicate your feelings and expectations, listen actively, be willing to compromise and adjust your expectations as necessary to ensure that you are both happy and fulfilled in the relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Making love is all about emotional connection, whereas sex is to satisfy physical desire without any emotional attachment.
  • Caring about each other’s emotions and having deep conversations in bed is good for your body and mind.
  • Since making love and sex are not the same, certain signs from a man are enough to figure out whether he is into you or just hanging around for sex.

Recognize the unmistakable signs of when he wants to make love, and learn the art of seduction to ignite your connection. Unlock the secret language of desire with this video.

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