24 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

If you spot him doing these subtle things around you, he might have the hots for you.

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Isn’t it beautiful when friendship blooms into something more? Finding a romantic partner in your friend is the best thing to happen. But, it is difficult to spot the signs that he likes you more than a friend. Luckily, there are some ways to figure out if the friend you are hanging out with so much has a crush on you. It’s the feeling and the emotion he feels that pushes a man to abandon his own doubts and insecurities to take a jump toward something different, exciting, and engaging. Desiring to pass from a friendship to a relationship also means getting involved in something valuable that is perceived as absolutely worth it. Read on to learn the 27 signs to look for to know if your friend is in love with you.

24 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

1. Builds Communication

If a guy often initiates a talk, hits your line, or checks on you via texts, maybe you are on his mind.  Men can turn into great conversationalists when they feel connected and attracted to you. They engage in deep conversations and show interest in your daily life to understand you better and strengthen the emotional connection.

2. Lets His Guard Down

He likes you more than a friend if he lets his guard down

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One of the green flags that a guy is possibly looking at you more than a friend is when he confides his vulnerabilities and struggles with you. If you find your love interest sharing his problems with you, it is clear that he wants you to listen, bond, and understand him. Listening, bonding, and understanding are the foundations of a healthy relationship, and building them in the initial stages can be a sign of high attraction and trust.

3. Displays A Healthy Jealousy

Jealousy in moderation is a sweet factor in a relationship. It is also an indication of whether a man intends to be your partner or not. If he gets a little jealous when you mention other guys or innocently questions about them, he is probably displaying his protectiveness around you.

4. Appreciates Your Presence

He likes you more than a friend if he appreciates your presence

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If a guy wants to show what he likes about you, he would be specific while complimenting you. He may talk about your looks, personality, or the way you smile. Men will find different ways to charm you, either through their words or actions. Verbal compliments and non-verbal efforts are synonymous with a higher level of attraction.

5. Observes Even The Small Things About You

When a man decides to invest his feelings into you, they remember every minute detail about you. If he notices your new haircut, a change of mood, or an important date, it might indicate that he considers you more than a friend. A guy who notices small changes in you or your daily life is making an effort to build a deeper connection with you. It also shows that he cares deeply about your well-being.

6. His Eyes Talk

Our eyes speak the real love language of love. Signs like staring, gazing, and maintaining eye contact show that a man is in love with you. If you notice him staring at you throughout your presence around him, he is focused on you.

7. He Is Playful Around You

He likes you more than a friend if he is playful around you

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Who does not enjoy a playful relationship? Men usually exhibit goofy, funny, and flirty behavior with their potential partners. He will try to make you laugh, ruffle your hair, tease you with touch, or crack jokes to make you laugh. If you notice this pattern and his interest in being with you, he might like you.

8. He Goes The Extra Mile For You

Men will go to any extent to charm their partners, even if at the cost of their inconvenience. If he brings flowers for you to see you happy, offers his help when not asked, or gives you a ride back home, it indicates his care and love. These small gestures speak volumes, and a man will only stretch so far if he has an eye on you.

8. Changes His Body Language

Body language can predict a lot about the future of a relationship. Next time you catch up with your man, see if he is sitting near you, keeps his feet towards you, looks you in the eye, or listens attentively while you speak. If you find him displaying such body language, it is a cue that he is attracted to you.

Quick Tip

If he hugs you goodbye, touches your hand, or tucks your hair away while talking to you, it is a sign that he definitely likes you.

9. Acts A Little Lost In Your Presence

A man who displays nervous impulses, shy and introverted initially does not imply low confidence. Rather, it may indicate he is in love with you but not ready to accept it. Give him some time to come to terms with his emotions while you enjoy him being awkward around you.

10. Takes An Interest In What You Like

He likes you more than a friend if he takes an interest in what you like

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Men will take your likes and dislikes seriously if they look along the way to form a deep connection with you. If he takes an interest in things and hobbies you like, he is trying to find common grounds to be with you. He will also cultivate and share his interests to help you know him better.

11. Prioritizes His Time With You

One of the biggest hints of him showing his interest in you is by making time for you. A man will make time for you if he wants to know more about you. He will prefer hanging out with you alone rather than with a group of friends. If you find him offering you to assist him for shopping or take you out on a dinner or movie, it might indicate he wants to spend quality time with you.

12. Keeps You Updated

Men who see you as their romantic interest will update you about their day, send you pictures, show curiosity to know about your day, and send wishful texts. These subtle nuances of love men keep throwing around when they like someone.

13. His Texting Habits

The one way to check his passion for you is by checking his texting habits. If he replies instantly to your messages, he is interested in you. He will also tend to shower compliments on texts and send thoughtful messages rather than dry and non-engaging replies.

Quick Tip

You can also keep a lookout for these signs over text like texting you first, texting you multiple times a row, and texting you about important events in his life. If he does all these, then he likes you.

14. Acknowledges Your Efforts

Putting efforts in terms of time and energy conveys that you like being around that person. Men appreciate and acknowledge every effort you make to sustain and develop your relationship with them. If your efforts touch his heart, and he is grateful for your trying, you can expect a connection. Showing gratitude and acknowledging your value is an important factor in any relationship.

15. Introduces You To His Inner Circle

He likes you more than a friend if he introduces you to his inner circle

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If his inner circle knows about you, take this as a big sign that you are heading for a relationship. Men introduce their potential interests only when they are sure about them. Introducing you to his circle suggests that he wants you to connect with the people close to him – best friends and immediate family members. Being teased by his friends or siblings also proves that he is probably head over heels in love with you.

16. Wants To Know Your Story And Future Plans

If he questions you about your past experiences, relationships, and future moves, the chances are the guy is into you. Men usually dig into history to know what you are forecasting for your future. This helps give them a space to make their move.

17. Initiates “The Talk”

One of the most direct and easy ways to know if he likes you is when he tries to initiate a relationship talk with you. He might confess his feelings by talking about how you play an important role in his life or influence him to become a better person. Look out for such cues to know whether he is into you or not.

18. Changes His Talking Style

The way he holds a conversation with “you” versus “others” can communicate a lot about his interest in you. Men usually change their way of talking when they are present with their significant other. They tend to show high levels of attentiveness, have gentle responses, and less rough tones. If you find these traits, chances are he is not ready to throw it in the towel yet.

19. Shows Protectiveness

He asks you to text him once you reach home safely, drops you home, or gets furious over an incident that hurt you? If yes, maybe he is into you. Men usually feel the urge to protect their loved ones, especially when faced with some danger. If a guy shows extra care and protectiveness towards you, it is a sign of his love and interest in you.

20. Trusts You Blindly

Men usually tell you about their secrets and dark past and do not camouflage their feelings when they fall for someone. Another major sign to know he trusts you is when he remembers you in times of crisis. These actions indicate he is open and possibly in love with you.

21. He Is There For You

Men will show an extra willingness to be there for you on your darkest days and assure you their love and support when they like you. If he makes you feel protected and gives you space, he is the one. It indicates his care and concern about you; and implies that he is in love with you.

22. Craves For Your Attention

We all crave attention from the person we like or adore. Men are secret “attention-seekers” for their crushes. They will grab your attention by calling your name, cracking jokes, and maintaining a rapport during your conversation. Hence, a man who likes you will feel the urge to seek your attention constantly.

23. Looks Forward To Seeing You

Has your guy friend asked you, “when are we meeting next?”. It might indicate that he is hung on your love. Men think about having plans with you shortly if they love your company or genuinely find you an interesting person. They are excited to meet you every time and prefer heart-to-heart conversations to texting or calling.

24. Finds Every Conversations With You Interesting

A guy will lend his ear to your conversation, even if it is the silliest statement when he is in love with you. Listening should not always be mistaken for being respectful to what you had to say. Rather, he may want to hear you more because they are into you.

The signs that he likes you more than a friend may not be obvious every time. But if you see that they pay attention to your likes, dislikes, and opinions and feel eager to know more about you, your day, and your family, chances are they are more invested in you than you might think. However, while you may be tempted to take the next step forward, you should not rush anything and give it ample time before making any move or decision based on your observations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if he thinks you’re the one?

If he thinks you are the one, he will be enthusiastic in any conversation with you and listen patiently to everything you say, even the minute details. He will try to introduce you to his family, friends, and colleagues. He will also talk about a future with you.

When can you say a man is sure about you?

A man is sure about you when he often talks about his future plans with you, helps you in difficult times, and makes you his priority. He also checks up on you and does thoughtful things for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Friendship lays a strong foundation to any relationship beyond it.
  • It is important to gauge your partner’s feelings to know whether they like you more than just a friend.
  • Involving you in key decisions of their life and discussing future plans may be few of the many things that hint at a relationship above and beyond friendship.
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