25 Signs He Wants To Start A Relationship With You

Learn to decipher the subtle hints he may be giving you about taking the next step.

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You just started seeing someone, and you like them, but you aren’t sure how they feel about you. So you’re now wondering about those subtle signs he wants a relationship with you but aren’t sure what to look for. Every guy drops little hints that he is head over heels smitten with you. Here, we break down all the tell-tale hints that your guy wants to go deeper with you. Continue reading.

Does He Want To Date Me Or Just Hook Up?

In today’s day and age, finding a guy who wants to date you is difficult. His attention towards you may be indicative of wanting to know you genuinely or something more casual.So, how do you know? A guy looking for a hookup will focus more on immediate physical gratification than building emotional connections. A lack of effort to spend time together in non-intimate settings may suggest a more casual and non-committal interest on his part. Therefore, it is essential to communicate openly about expectations to ensure both parties are on the same page and comfortable with the nature of the relationship.
On the flip side, a guy showing his interest towards you may be indicative of him wanting to get serious with you. S o, how do you know for sure? Find out in the next section.

25 Undeniable Signs He Wants A Relationship With You

1. There’s No Chasing

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Men looking for a fling will not invest their time in you. If a man wants a relationship, he will make plans to meet you and will not ghost you or leave you without any response. If he is interested, you will not have to seek his attention continuously. If you are doing so, it means he is not into you.

If he is interested in you, he will constantly check up on you, try to maintain effective communication with you, stay in contact throughout the day via calls or texts, or just drop in to say “hi” at your workplace.

2. He Opens Up To You

A man will open up to you if he is interested in you and comfortable being himself. A big part of developing an emotional relationship is to be open and vulnerable with each other. If he shares his past heartbreaks, insecurities, childhood stories, and little details about his everyday life, it may mean he trusts you and is comfortable confiding in you.

Alternatively, if the man you are dating doesn’t open about his life and keeps the conversation limited to the weather or the latest movie he watched, the chances are high that he is just looking for something casual.

3. He Respects Your Boundaries

Every relationship has its own pace. If he has not moved faster than you have wanted him to, he respects you, the pace you have set, your needs, and the boundaries. This means he sees a future with you and does not want to force you into hasty decisions.

protip_icon Quick Tip
The best way to communicate your boundaries to the man you are dating is to be honest about how you feel when he unknowingly crosses them instead of being aggressive or judgemental about it. If he takes into account your feelings of discomfort or need for space or time and adjusts his actions accordingly, he is very likely serious about you.

4. He Plans Dates For You Two

A man who is genuinely interested in you will want to spend quality time with you. He will take the initiative to plan dates and find ways to spend time with you. With him, you will not feel like the one taking all initiatives. A successful relationship frequently hinges on compatibility, so a man looking for a long-term relationship will probably want to take the time to get to know his partner on a deeper level.

Also, he will try to include you in his existing plans, or if he can’t include you, he will adjust the schedule in a way to make you feel included. This is another sign that you are a priority for him.

5. He Doesn’t Shy Away From Labels

He wants a relationship with you if he doesn't shy away from labels
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A man who wants to keep things casual will avoid labeling the relationship. Usually, men are open about what they want. If a man emphasizes that you both are just friends, believe him.

On the other hand,  a man who is serious about you will not shy away or avoid being labeled as your boyfriend. He will rather enjoy being called your boyfriend.

6. He Thinks About A Future With You

Does the man you are dating talk about his plans with you? For instance, does he have a bucket list of activities he wants to do with you? Does he talk about visiting some exotic destination with you or discusses the designs of your future house? If yes, he is thinking of a long-term relationship and wants to spend his life with you. And that is why he is trying to gauge your choices and preferences.

7. He Introduces You To His Family And Friends

If he has already done so, be assured that he wants to be your man! Introducing you to his friends and family is a sign that he is looking at a future with you. It means he is getting serious about you and knows that there’s no going back. No man will want to introduce a new person to their family if they do not want them to be a part of it.

8. He Is Honest With You

A man who is very serious about you will be transparent and honest about every aspect of his life. Be it his everyday activity or things about his past – he will prefer to keep everything out in the open instead of making you wonder about his actions.

He will also be clear about his feelings for you. It takes a lot of courage to admit true feelings. If he has done so, trust his words. However, remember, not all men will be honest with their true feelings right away. He will definitely do that once he feels comfortable around you.

9. The Relationship Is Not Toxic

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With him around, you will never feel insecure or paranoid. While it feels good to be a priority for someone, other things may sometimes take precedence on a few occasions. However, if you are important to him, he will surely let you know and  not leave you guessing.

On the other hand, if he abandons everything in his life to spend time with you, it may lead to toxic co-dependence and is unhealthy.

10. Makes Room For Your Stuff Around His House

This small gesture is a big sign that he wants to start a serious relationship with you. Making space for you in his apartment is a way of telling you that he likes spending time with you and is not afraid of sharing his space with you. Even more, if he buys things to make your stay comfortable – like buying your favorite coffee brand or an extra toothbrush – chances are he wants you to feel comfortable in his space.

11. He Invites You To Every Event In His Life

Are you his plus one to his sister’s wedding or office parties? Does he invite you for Thanksgiving dinner with his family? Do you often find yourself a part of his family road trips? If yes, it’s a sign that he has accepted you as his significant other.

A person who is not sure about you would not make you feel inclusive. Another happy thing to note is this may be his way of telling others that he is taken!

12. He Values Your Opinion

If he includes you in every big or small decision, it means he values your opinion and wants to make decisions that will benefit both of you in the long run. This also means that he is thinking about a relationship.

13. He Shows Affection Like A Real Couple

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Does he randomly kiss your forehead? Or give you wildflowers during your walks?  These are a few signs of affection, and if he does so, he interested in you.

14. You Have Shared Hobbies

Many couples have shared hobbies. It is a way of spending time together while doing something productive. If you two are finding hobbies that can keep both of you engaged, and if you see him taking an interest in these activities, he is super into you.

15. He Is Supportive

A man who wants to be with you at every step will also be your biggest supporter. If he supports your career and life goals and tries you help you out with them, he is interested in you. In such case, he will invest his time to learn about your career objective and help you find a way to meet your goals.

16. The Relationship Doesn’t Feel Fragile

Some relationships may feel like walking on eggshells. A small disagreement seems to break them apart. However, if the man does not allow small issues to affect the relationship and is always trying to resolve issues with patience, it means he will not give up on you. If being around him gives you a sense of assurance that the relationship will not be affected by small and irrelevant fights – your heart already knows that he is meant to be there in your life.

protip_icon Quick Tip
The proof is in the pudding – observe how both of you respond to disagreements or even minor arguments. Does he attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible? Does he give you space to explain and express what you mean or feel during an argument? Knowing how he tackles disagreements is crucial to figuring out how much he values and respects you.

17. He Spends Time With Your Friends And Family

He wants a relationship with you if he spends time with your friends and family
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If he takes out time to mingle with your family and friends, it means he is interested in you and everything related to you. This is an obvious sign that he is into you. On the other hand, if he is not interested, he will not be too keen to spend time with your family and friends and even make excuses to skip such gatherings.

18. He Is Always There To Help You

Life is a never-ending roller coaster ride and has its highs and lows. If you hit rock bottom and need someone’s hand to get back up, you will always find him there to help you up. Whenever you have a crisis, and he shows up to help you out of it, he is genuinely into you and cares for you.

19. He Never Cancels A Plan With You

A man who likes you and loves spending time with you will make arrangements to keep the plans he made with you. Unless the circumstances are unavoidable, he will always try not to cancel the plan. If he has to cancel the plan (due to emergencies), he will definitely try to find some other way to adjust the schedules and not randomly call and cancel.

20. He Makes You Laugh

Does he constantly try to make you laugh? Do his eyes light up seeing you smile? Does he try to cheer you up whenever you are sad? If yes, it means it breaks his heart to see you down. This is a clear sign that he is super serious about you.

21. He Shares His Past Relationships With You

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If he opens up about his past relationships (be it good or ugly), he wants to be truthful with you. He wants to show you that he has matured through all this. It also shows that he does not want to hold back.

22. He Is Protective Of You

Does he always call you to check if you have reached home safely? Does he wait for you to enter your home before leaving? If yes, it means he is genuinely interested in you and is also concerned about your safety.

23. He Splurges On You

If he is serious about you, he will do anything to make you smile and feel special. Even if it means splurging a bit, he will do it. So, if you have been noticing that he surprises you with your favorite bunch of flowers, or has just gifted you the watch you always wanted, or reserved a table for two in your favorite restaurant, he is into you!

24. He Will Be Loyal

Loyalty is one of the most important qualities in a relationship. If he is dead sure about you and the relationship, he will not spend his time flirting or meeting new women. He will also not entertain any woman (other than you) who will show any romantic interest (desire for romance) in him.

25. He Says “I Love You.”

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He will not feel shy declaring his love for you if he likes you. If he does not miss any single chance to let you know how much he loves you, you can be sure that he wants to share his life with you.

In addition, when a man is looking for a relationship, there are several signs that can indicate his desire for exclusivity and intimacy with his partner.

Infographic: What To Do When He Wants A Relationship With You

So, the guy has dropped hints that he wants to be in a relationship with you. What next? How do you respond to that, or where do you go from here? Do you simply accept him? Or is there more you should consider, like your future plans?

Check out the below infographic for tips on what to do when he drops signs that he wants a relationship with you.

what to do when he wants a relationship with you (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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These are just a few signs that will help you understand what he feels about you and how he envisions your relationship. Moreover, when you are around a person, you can get a hint about their intentions by observing their body language and the way they treat you. Follow your gut feeling, and if you are still unsure about his feelings, pop the question and have a heart to heart Conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take a man to know he wants to be with you?

The time a man takes to realize that he wants to be with someone depends on his state of mind. If he is clear-headed, he will know it soon. But if he has some unfinished business from the past and is yet to heal, he might be confused and take longer.

What makes a man want to marry you?

Marriage is all about commitment and stability. If a man feels safe with you and can see your commitment to the relationship, he would like to marry you. He would also like some trust, honesty, care, affection, and love to tie the knots with you.

How do you know he will propose?

The first thing he would like to do is confirm if the timing is right. He might act a little unusual sometimes and go all-out to make you happy. He might also seem a bit weirdly nervous around you, as popping the question can be pretty intimidating for him.

Key Takeaways

  • When you are dating a person and starting to fall for him, look for certain signs to know what he feels about you.
  • Respecting your boundaries and introducing you to his friends and family are all undeniable signs he wants a relationship with you.
  • Observe his body language, trust your gut, and have a heart-to-heart conversation with him to figure out if he wants a serious relationship.

Curious about his intentions and if he’s ready for a relationship? Then watch this video to uncover the 15 telltale signs that indicate he’s prepared for a meaningful commitment.

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