33 Signs He Wants To Marry You (What You Need To Look For)

Knowing everything about him to him getting familiar with your family, here’s the checklist.

By Harini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

It is not wrong to wonder if your partner wants to marry you if you both have been dating for a long period. But often, he may not feel like proposing marriage in fear of scaring you away. So, the only way remains is to look for signs he wants to marry you. After all, it would be best if you got an answer to it at some point in time.

However, every relationship is different. The end goal of all relationships may not be marriage. Though we cannot be sure of what your partner feels, there are a few telltale signs that may indicate his intent.

These signs may not be sudden gestures or obvious behavioral changes. But, you may be able to get a hint about his preferences. Here, we have curated a list of 33 signs that show he wants to lead a family life with you. Keep reading!

33 Signs He Wants to Marry You

1. You Know Everything About Him

If you have been dating for a while and he is completely honest with you about everything – his past, his present, and the future – not only is it a marker for a healthy relationship, but also a sign that he may want to marry you.

It takes a lot of effort to open up to another person about your deepest, darkest secrets. Moreover, society’s expectations of men also mean that they are not as open with sharing their emotions either. But if he has still laid his heart bare in front of you, it definitely means something.

Sharing his weaknesses, fears, traumas, and vulnerabilities definitely mean he is extremely committed to your relationship.

2. He Shares His Future Plans With You

Signs he wants to marry you


A major sign that he wants to marry you is that he talks to you candidly about the future. He shares his career and life goals with you and actively tries to understand where you fit in. Whether it is tailoring his decisions based on your goals or considering you before making major life decisions, he has you and your life together on his mind.

3. You Know His Family

You know his family is among the signs he wants to marry you


In many cultures, meeting the family is an important step towards planning your future. If he has introduced you to his family – his parents, siblings, and grandparents – there are chances he wants to marry you.

A person’s family is often the people they are closest to in their lives. By introducing you to them, he is setting an expectation with his family that you will be around long term. In turn, he is making you a part of his family – the people he loves dearly.

The way he talks about you to his family also makes a lot of difference. In an ideal scenario, he wants his family to like you and get to know who you are as a person. Trust me, he will let them know that you are as important to him as they are. If you see that happening, you know he’s a keeper!

4. He Wants To Meet Your Family

Another important sign to watch out for is his keenness to meet your family. If he is the kind of person you see yourself with for the long term, you would also feel comfortable introducing him to your family.

Once he gets to know them, he makes efforts to form a good impression on them. He stays in touch with them and tries to communicate with them without your help. If you see your mom sending him the recipes for your favorite dishes or your dad sharing your childhood photos with him, know that he is trying his best to be close to them for you.

5. He Makes An Effort To Introduce You To His Friends

Much like his family, his friends are often his home away from home or his second family. Their opinion about you means as much to him as his parents or siblings. Therefore, he tries to ensure that you gel well with his group of close buddies and that they like you and care about you. If he sincerely tries to make his favorite people like each other, he is probably doing so because he wants to marry you.

6. He Is Into The Idea Of Marriage

In recent times, not everyone is open to or has faith in the idea of getting married. It could be because marriage only seems to be a legal process for love and affection that already exists.

You have spoken about marriage with him and realized that your views about the idea and institution of marriage are matching at some level. If he believes in the sanctity of marriage and wants to be committed to you both legally and romantically, he is definitely someone who will consider marriage to be the natural progression in a relationship.

7. You Have Discussed Whether You Want Children

A discussion whether you want children is one of the signs he wants to marry you

For most people, being a family involves having biological children. But this is a decision two partners must make together. In a heterosexual relationship, the physical and emotional stress of being a mother is often on the woman, and therefore, having a non-traditional opinion about parenthood is not uncommon in the 21st century.

Based on your professional goals and visions of growth, you and your boyfriend must have had discussions regarding starting a family and having children. Whether you both want it or not, the fact that you have agreed upon a certain expectation about parenthood is a huge step towards the future.

When a man wants to marry you, he will completely respect your decision to become a mother (or not to become one) and be open to whatever you decide is better for your physical and mental health.

8. You Are Invited To His Family’s Events

One of the biggest signs he wants to marry you is that you are now a constant fixture at his family’s events. Whether it is his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, his father’s birthday, or his brother’s wedding, you are invited to take part in organizing the event.

Family events are also a great place to meet his extended family. Therefore, the very fact that he is okay with his larger kin knowing you is a huge indicator that he takes your relationship seriously and wants to be your husband someday.

9. He Values Your Opinion About His Decisions

Being in a mature, adult relationship also means that you are a team. You help each other with difficult decisions and act as a sounding board for the other person’s ideas. More importantly, he values your opinions and suggestions about his life and decisions.

He does not just want you to hear him out but takes your word seriously and reflects upon it to make sure that you feel included in the judgments he makes. It might be about the new appliance he wants to buy or a career move, but the fact that he seeks out your view about it is a great sign that he wants to marry you in the future!

10. His Friends Adore You

Given that he has already introduced you to his friends, you already feel like a part of the group – an indispensable member of the gang. You get along incredibly well with them, have your inside jokes, and they miss you when you are not around.

They view you as their own and want to have you around as much as they want him. You are a part of their text chains, you catch up with them without him, and they are there for you when you need them.

If a man’s friends love you as much as you love him, it could be a definite sign he will marry you someday!

11. He Takes Care Of Your Needs And Preferences

Taking care of your needs and preferences is among the signs he wants to marry you

If he wants to build a life with you, you will automatically notice that he has started taking your needs and preferences into account and accommodating them in his behavior. He remembers what you like and dislikes and makes an effort to address them in his behavior.

If he has made fundamental changes to his schedule and behavior to ensure that you are comfortable and happy around him, he could be thinking about marrying you soon.

12. Staying Away From Each Other Is Not Easy

You miss him if he is away on a trip with his friends or for work. And more than you, he misses you when you are away. He lets you know that your absence is difficult for him and does things to make up for it when you return. Even if it is a night’s gap between seeing each other, you are always on his mind.

If he can express his longing for you freely, he is committed to you in a way that he wants to be with you in the future. The fact that he can’t stay away from you for a few hours means that he cannot stay away from you in the future – and that could be a sign that he wants you to be his wife.

13. You Are His Closest Confidante

You are the first person to get to know whatever is going on in his life. Whether it is something good or bad, he always has you on his speed dial. This is because he knows you will be as happy and excited as him to hear the good news; and when it’s bad news, you will be there to stand by him and hold his hand.

14. He Opens Up To You Easily

He opens up to you easily is among the signs he wants to marry you


He is extremely transparent with you. He talks to you about everything that goes on in his head and is extremely comfortable with you. He can be at his weirdest best around you and still not worry about you being put off by him.

He can also be serious with you and talk to you about his worries, stress, and anxiety without any fear of judgment from you. The fact that he can be himself with you is one big sign that he may want to marry you.

15. He Does Not Show Romantic Interest In Other People

He may have several friends, and he may meet a hundred new people every day, but he makes it known that there is no one else but you on his mind. He talks about you with strangers and mentions you casually in conversation to let people know that he is not available.

He might admire other people and talk about their work or their character, which makes him like these people, but you know for sure that it is never in a romantic way. He makes you feel secure and loved at every point.

16. You Have A Fulfilling Sex Life

Mind-blowing sex life is mandatory for a happy relationship. If your man is making efforts to keep you satisfied in bed, he’s a keeper. Given that he wants you around for much longer than a fling, he is sure to make efforts to know your needs and learn what gives you pleasure.

17. He Plans His Schedule Around Yours

He plans hos schedule around yours is among the signs he wants to marry you


It can be a nightmare to match your schedules and stay updated on what the other person’s day looks like in our busy lives. Despite all of that, he makes an effort to find and spend time with you.

Whether it is staying up late at night to meet you when you come back from work or waking up early in the morning to cook breakfast for you, if he is bending his habits around to be with you, it is one of the major signs that he may want to marry you.

18. You Are The Most Important Person In His Life

You are the first person he considers when he does anything, and he lets you know about that. You don’t feel like you are playing second fiddle to anything else in his life, and if there were a situation where he has to pick you against anything else, he would choose you. Giving you that level of assurance and safety is an interesting way of letting you know that he wants to build a future with you.

19. Most Of His Friends Are Married

When you hang out with his friends, they are mostly couples who are married and are settled. They share the problems of their marital life with you, and even though you are not married, you can identify with them at a high level!

Having married friends creates a certain level of fear of missing out in your boyfriend, and you can almost be sure that he is thinking about walking down the aisle fairly soon.

20. He Wants To Be Married By A Certain Age

You have had the marriage discussion with him, and he has told you that he wants to be settled down and build a family by a certain age. And if he is nearing that age, it is almost obvious that he is planning to pop the question quite soon. If this is not one of the telltale signs he wants to marry you, we cannot tell you what is!

21. He Is Always Excited And Happy Around You

You make him dizzy with happiness. He is excited to see you, and you can see it on his face. He does not make excuses to cancel plans. He does not keep you wondering about when you would meet him next. In fact, he is ecstatic to meet you all the time and makes those plans with you. He also keeps surprising you with dates and presents to make you feel special.

22. He Is Always Taking Care Of You

Did he get you a care package for your last period? Does he sit by you when you had a high fever? Did he come to the doctor’s appointment with you? Does he encourage you to seek therapy for your mental health in a supportive way?

If he wants you to be healthy and happy both physically and mentally, he is not a guy who would not want to be with you for life. He cares for you enough, and that is one of the biggest signs he will marry you.

23. You Have Shared Possessions

You already buy things that are shared. Whether it’s certain appliances at his place or clothes, you make purchases keeping in mind where the other person would fit in. It is an even bigger thing if you have a pet together and have shared custody of them.

24. He Chooses You Over Others

Imagine he has a date with you and his boys make a last-minute plan to watch the game? If he cancels your date without an explanation, it is one of the major signs he will never marry you because he doesn’t prioritize you.

A man who wants to be with you forever will do everything in his power to make sure that he is placing you above everyone else during difficult decisions.

25. He Talks About Growing Old With You

He talks about growing old with you is among the signs he wants to marry you


He talks about being old with you. Even if it is in a joking manner or in a casual conversation, he thinks about the far future with you. If you think that this man is not contemplating marriage with you, you probably are wrong.

26. He Expresses Concern For You

He asks you how your day was and takes a general interest in what’s going on in your life. He asks you how your work has been and tries to understand why you are stressed out or anxious. He is by your side when you are not feeling good and is genuinely concerned about you and your well-being.

27. He Has Brought Up Marriage More Than Once

He speaks about your wedding like it’s an upcoming event. He brings it up in conversation and subtly tries talking of your future together. He is putting off buying things with the explanation that he would like to get it when he’s married.

28. He Has Suggested Moving In

He has brought up the idea that he would like to live with you if you aren’t living in the same house already. Living with your partner before being officially married is a great way to understand each other’s little quirks and habits. It’s a trial before becoming each other’s husband and wife – and if he suggests moving in, it is definitely one of the obvious signs he wants to marry you soon!

29. You Can Sense He Is Planning Something

He has been sneaking around taking secret phone calls, and you have seen him more than once swiping tabs on his laptop as you walked into the room. Your spidey instincts are tingling, and you know he is doing something that is out of the ordinary. And given that you know that he is loyal as ever, you now can be almost sure that he has got a plan under wraps.

30. He Has Been Speaking To Your Family More Than Usual

He has been texting a lot, and his dad has been asking you where he is. Parents are the worst secret-keepers, and when they have been letting some of the pretenses slip, you can be suspicious that he is giving out some signs that he has a proposal brewing in the background.

31. He Has Asked For Your Ring Size

He has tried to sneakily ask you for your ring size. He might even have asked you what your favorite jewel or metal is. If you can remember such instances, that could be a big sign.

32. He Wanted To Know Your Ideal Wedding

Has he asked for your wedding vision board? Has he asked what kind of food and beverages you would like served? If this is the case, then he is sure to ask you to marry him soon.

33. He Has Invited You To An Extra Special Date Without Any Reason

If he has been referring to a big date in the near future when there is no special day coming up, there you have it! It is one of the prime signs he wants to marry you soon and is planning a big proposal for you.

It is a nerve-wracking time when you have been in a relationship for a long time and are now waiting for a marriage proposal or knowing if they want to marry you. It doesn’t help to be impatient in such cases as this might distance your future spouse from you. Instead, focus on the above 33 signs to know what they think about your future together. If they try to introduce you to their family and friends, value your opinions and decisions, and open up to you easily, the chances are bright that they might pop the question soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you?

A man typically takes about 6-7 months of consistent dating to know if he has found the one he wants to marry.

How do you know if he is your future husband?

You know that the man you are dating is a potential future husband if you are fully able to trust him, can work out problems together and can visualize him in your future.

Key Takeaways

  • A major sign that he wants to marry you is that he is completely honest with you about everything – his past, his present, and the future.
  • If he has introduced you to his family, it is a big sign that he wants to marry you.
  • If he has changed in a positive way to ensure that you are comfortable and happy around him, he could be thinking about marrying you.

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