35 Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You

Written by Harini Natarajan

Want to know if the girl you have been crushing on likes you too? You like her and want to ask her out but are not sure about her feelings. You do not want to make any wrong move and ruin what you have.

Women have unique ways of expressing how they feel. By observing certain signs, you can be sure that she likes you but keeping it a secret. Here’s your cue list about 35 clear signs that a girl is hiding her feelings for you. Read on.

35 Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You

1. She Makes Plans With You

Does she take the initiative to plan and watch a movie with you? Does she let you know that she is free to hang out after work? If yes, it means she likes spending time with you but is hiding her feelings for you.

2. Her Friends Know About You

If her friends know details about you, it is clear that she has been discussing you with them. Unlike men, women are more transparent in their friendships with their female friends. It is their circle of trust that they reach out to for opinions and suggestions. By bringing you up, she is giving a hint that you are special to her. It is a clear sign that she considers her relationship with you more than just casual.

3. She Wants To Know About Other Girls In Your Life

Is she curious to know about the girls you have dated in the past? Does she ask about the girls that she sees with you? Has she asked you who your favorite girl is? This might be her way of learning more about your love life. Perhaps she wants to know if there is someone in whom you are interested.

4. She Is Available For You

Does she drop hints that she is currently single and available? Does she tell you how she will spend Valentine’s Day or the long weekend because she does not have anyone else in her life? This can be her way of asking you out for a date without letting you know about her feelings.

5. She Looks For You

Do you catch her stealing glances with you? It can imply that she cannot get enough of you. If you are not sure, try to see if her eyes seek you out in a gathering. If she looks at you frequently while in a deep conversation with her friends, it means she is preparing herself to talk to you.

6. She Knows Every Detail About You

Do you feel that she knows more than you have let her on? Perhaps she has been stalking you on social media or gathered information from your mutual friends. She might have spoken to your associates, cousins, or colleagues and asked about you. If she knows more than you have shared, it is a sign that she is interested in you.

7. She Shares Her Personal Information With You

If she shares about her past relationships and drops her guard down, it is a hint that she is letting you enter her personal space. She trusts you and wants you to know about her dreams, struggles, and plans. Perhaps she is expecting a similar response from your side. She wants to measure your response, and this can mean she is hiding her feelings for you.

8. You Notice A Difference In Her Behavior

Have you noticed a difference in her behavior lately? You have been friends for a while, but suddenly she has become a little uncomfortable around you. It can mean she has developed feelings for you and wants more than just a friendship. She is afraid of losing the bond she shares with you, and therefore, hiding her feelings for you.

9. She Cares For You

She Cares For You


It is hard to ignore the motherly side of a woman. And when a woman is in love, this aspect of her personality always comes out. When a woman develops feelings for you, she will care for you and look after your needs. She might even go out of her way to make things possible for you. This implies she is in love with you but hiding her feelings.

10. She Blushes Around You

Blushing is a giveaway that a woman has developed feelings for a man. So the next time you find your crush blushing a lot around you, take it to be your hint. If her face turns red, or she tries to hide her face out of shyness, it is a clear sign she likes you.

11. She Constantly Wants To Know About You

When a girl likes a guy, she wants to know what he is doing or where he is going. If you constantly receive texts from her asking about these details, she is looking for more.

12. She Is The First Person To Wish You Everyday

Is messaging you the first thing she does in the morning and the last thing before she goes to bed? It means you hold a special place in her life, and she is always thinking about you. If you are the one who usually sends these messages, stop doing so for a while. She will miss you and come back asking about it. You can take this as a sign that she is hiding her feelings for you.

13. She Asks You About Herself

When a woman likes a man, she wants to know how he feels about her. If you find her asking you about how she looks or dresses up, take it as a sign that she is fishing for compliments. The fact that she’s directly asking you can mean she has feelings for you.

14. She Is Not Interested In Other Guys

She has been single for a while, and her friends have tried setting her up with other guys. However, she does not seem interested. She says she is ready to date but is never interested in the guys she meets. You are her go-to guy, and she calls you in her hour of need. Well, what more hints do you need? She is obviously into you but not disclosing her feelings.

15. She Replies To Your Calls And Texts Immediately

She Replies To Your Calls And Texts Immediately


If the girl you like is always prompt with answering your calls and replying to your texts, it means she cannot get enough of you. She is missing you and looking forward to have a conversation with you.

16. She Likes Hanging Out With You

Does she often make plans to hang out only with you? Does she frequently cancel plans to meet her friends only to go out with you? She will do it only to spend quality time with you.  This is a clear sign she likes you secretly.

17. Her Body Language Tells You So

She may not tell you explicitly that she likes you, but her body language gives it away. If her body language is warm and open and not cross, she likes you. If your girl has square shoulders and turns them towards you, it is a sign that she has her attention on you. If she touches her hair frequently while talking to you, take that as another sign.

18. She Flirts With You

Flirting is harmless and can be her way of nudging you to ask her out. Look at her previous texts and see if they are subtly or outrageously flirty. Does she have a pattern of teasing you with her words? If yes, she is looking forward to taking the next step with you.

19. She Is There For You

When a girl likes a guy, she will always be around to offer her emotional support. She will be there to pick you up when you are in the dumps or during a stressful day. She will try to lift your spirits in her cute little ways. When you are sick, she will be the first one to turn up with chicken soup.

20. She Remembers Details About You

Does she remember tiny details about you? Does she know that you like eating your pizza with ketchup? Did she call your mom for the recipe of pancakes that you miss so dearly? When a girl is in love, she pays extra attention to the guy and likes to do little things that matter.

21. She Engages With You On Social Media

When a girl likes you, she will make sure that she is up-to-date about your social media activity. She will like and comment on your posts and never miss your stories.  What you may not know is she may visit your profile when she misses you. These are all signs she is hiding her feelings for you.

22. She Looks Into Your Eyes

She Looks Into Your Eyes


When she does, you feel as if she is looking for something. She is trying to understand if you feel the same as she does for you. When you share your problems with her, she looks into your eyes, trying to assure you that it is all going to be fine. It is her way of showing you affection.

23. She Values Your Opinions

When a girl likes a guy, she will seek his opinions on issues that matter. If your girl has been crushing over you, she will ask for your views. She will want your opinion on everything, right from which dress to buy to which company she should apply for a job. She will include you in the major decisions of her life.

24. She Sends You Her Pictures

Does it not feel good when she sends see her picture in the middle of the day? Perhaps she wants to show you her new hairstyle or share her current vibe. Sending photographs is her way of staying connected with you. She might want to stay connected with you when you are not physically near her. If she asks you to send your picture, she is missing you.

25. You Make Her laugh

If the way to a man’s heart is through food, the way to a woman’s heart is through jokes. Women like men who can make them laugh. So when a girl is into you, she will find you funny even when most people do not. She will laugh at your cracks and find them hilarious because she is in love with you.

26. She Jokes About Being A Couple

Well, there are several ways she can do it. She can tell you how crazy her friend is to think that you are a couple. In a game of “What-if,” she may want you to imagine the two of you together. Or she may tease you about how you behave like her boyfriend. These are naughty ways of putting the idea into your head and discerning your reaction.

27. She Is Always Willing To Resolve Matters

It is challenging to accept when you are in the wrong. People find it tough to admit their mistakes and apologize. However, when a girl is in love with you, she will be willing to cross that bridge. She may not express it openly, but she will find ways to make up for it. She will not mess up what she has with you.

28. She Dresses Up For You

Looking like a million bucks takes time and effort. Have you observed a change in your crush’s outfits, hairstyles, and looks when she comes to meet you? If yes, it is a sign that she is craving your attention.

29. She Tells You What She Likes About You

By saying what she likes about you, she wants to confess her feelings for you indirectly. It can be the way you gobble down your fries or how you focus on your fitness goals.

30. She Behaves Differently With You

Does her behavior changes when she is with her friends and when with you? Does she become conscious about the way she carries herself when you are around? Consider it as your clue that she thinks of you more than a friend.

31. You Heard A Rumour That She Likes You

Well, there is no smoke without fire. Have you heard from your friends that she likes you? It might be because she has let her secret out, and now it has reached you. Why has she not told you directly? She might be hiding her feelings for you because of fear of rejection.

32. She Is Always Ready To Meet You

If she makes an honest effort to meet you, there is a good chance that she wants to connect with you on a deeper level. However, she may feel shy or awkward when you are together. It is because she is trying to hide her feelings from you.

33. She Tries To Impress You

When a girl likes you, she will want to get your attention. She may subtly try to tell you of her achievements. She will also make an effort to try out things that you like. This is her way of arriving on the same page with you and strengthening the bond that you share.

34. She Is Possessive About You

Does she get jealous when you talk about other girls? Does she try to show other girls that you are off-limits? It is because she wants to have you only for herself.

35. She Is Your Best Cheerleader

Is she always there to cheer you regardless of your accomplishments? Is she helping you look at the brighter side of life? She is proud of you and wants to celebrate every little win. She may hide her feelings but wants to be with you in your moments of success.

Knowing what goes through a girl’s mind can be tricky. However, you can get an idea with these signs and prepare yourself for the next move.

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