Does She Love Me? 21 Signs You Should Notice

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Gone are the days when one would pluck flower petals, thinking whether the girl of their dreams loves them or not? There are now some pretty easy-to-notice signs she loves you to help you understand her feelings, thanks to psychological and behavioral studies. Love is a beautiful feeling. But, understanding a woman is not. It needs some expertise to understand what exactly her feelings are. In this article, we have listed 21 signs that you can look for in a woman to understand if she loves you or not. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into it.

21 Sure Signs That She Loves You

1. Does She Remember Small Details About You?

Does She Remember Small Details About You?


When we are in love, we take a sudden and intense interest in everything related to the object of our affection. So, when a woman loves you, she will remember the tiniest details about you. When she recalls something you shared during a casual conversation, like your childhood pet’s name or your first car or job, she wants to know you deeper. She will also pay attention to your likes and dislikes – from that obscure band you like to your favorite type of beverage. All these actions show she is invested in you.

2. Does She Flirt Exclusively With You?

Does She Flirt Exclusively With You?


Flirting exclusively with you is a sign that she is attracted to you and wants you to reciprocate. She will make eye contact and drop hints that she is interested in spending time with you. She will smile often and be open to converse with you anytime.

If you find her staring at you or look away shyly, she likes you a lot. Non-verbal communication such as gently touching your arms or brushing your hand are reflections of her interest in you. You will have her attention, and she will not encourage other men if she loves you sincerely.

3. Does She Always Speak Highly Of You?

When she talks about you to her friends and family, she will lift you high, sharing your best traits and accomplishments. She will brag about you to her close ones because she sees the best in you. Her words will indicate how proud she is of you.
Another way to ensure whether she loves you or not is when she has your back. She will defend you when people say negative things and talk bad behind your back. These actions show that she admires and loves you too much.

4. Are You Her Best Friend?

Are You Her Best Friend?


If a woman shares everything with you, she loves you truly and is comfortable opening up about her life to you. You will be her confidant, someone she can share her deepest desires, dreams, and fears with. If she considers you her best friend, she trusts you, and you are an important part of her life. If she pulls your leg, teases you playfully, shares fun memes or inside jokes, you both have a great connection, and she is fond of you.

5. Does She Go Out Of Her Way To Make You Smile?

Does She Go Out Of Her Way To Make You Smile?


When a woman tries to cheer you up or make you feel better, she cares and loves you. She does not want to see you sad or unhappy. Appreciate the extra effort she puts in to see you smile. She will try to cheer you up with small but thoughtful gestures. Cooking your favorite meal, impromptu dates, or surprise gifts are all signs she hates to find you down. She makes you laugh and dotes on you, so your mood uplifts immediately.

6. Does She Worry About You?

We wish that the person we love is safe and secure. So, if she is concerned about your safety and well-being, you are there in her heart. She will make sure that she is there for you when you are hurt. This is an obvious sign – if a girl loves you, she will care an awful lot about you.

Another sign is she takes care of you when you are sick. Preparing soup, taking you to the doctor, making sure you are taking your medicines on time are all signs she cares about you tremendously.

7. Does She Show Interest In Your Personal Life?

If she pays attention to your friends and family, it means she values you and the people who mean a lot to you. She will be interested to know about your childhood, best friend, and other personal details. She is the first person to know how upset you are at the family dinner or how you avoid that annoying cousin.

8. Does She Prioritize You?

Does She Prioritize You?


The way a person treats you shows how important you are to them. So, if she makes time for you and sets you at the top of her high priority list, she really loves and values you a lot.

She will always be there for you in times of need. You will never feel ignored, taken for granted, or as an option. If you find her put her phone away when she is with you, she gives you all her attention and does not want any distractions.

9. Does She Respect You?

Does She Respect You?


Respect forms the crux of any relationship. Little things like how she gives you space when you need to unwind or understands when you need to hang around with your guy friends, show she values you. This means she is not insecure and respects your boundaries.

10. Does She Include You In Her Life?

Do all her close friends know about you? Are you often in her social media posts? Are you friends with her pets? If yes, you are an integral part of her life. If she loves you, you will be invited to important events and introduced to her pets, friends, and family.

Her friends will always be giving hints about how much she likes you, or they will tease her about you. If she is serious about you, she will introduce you to her parents. This is a huge milestone and a way of letting them know you are important to her.

11. Does She Take The Initiative?

If a woman loves you, she will respond quickly to your texts or check on you randomly. It is a subtle way of showing how important you are or how much she misses you. Sharing funny memes or leaving cute post-it notes around the house are signs she loves you.

She will initiate conversations, and plan dates and vacations to spend time with you alone. She will give her inputs about what she wants to eat or where you both should journey for a vacation.

12. Does She Support You?

Does She Support You?


When a woman loves you, she is there for you emotionally. She will let you vent and rant about what is upsetting you. She will not judge and will believe in you even when you have given up. She will comfort you when you are going through a rough time. She will be a solid rock you can lean on when everything is crumbling.

She will always encourage and support you to chase your dreams and goals. She will be your biggest cheerleader when she loves you. She will want the best for you and do everything to help you achieve your goals.

13. Does She Seek Your Counsel And Valuable Advice?

If she asks you for advice regarding her personal issues, it means she values your opinion. She will seek your guidance in big decisions such as buying a house, shifting to a new city, or quitting her job. This shows you are important to her. She will also share private details of her life when she loves you. She will trust you until the core and will be open with you.

14. Does She Tell You When You’re Wrong?

Does She Tell You When You’re Wrong?


Those who love us truly will gently but firmly reprimand us when we are in the wrong.
A woman who loves you will never back down from correcting you when you are going astray.
It can be the bad company or any addictions you might have.

She will try to help you by talking about these shortcomings openly. She may even organize discussions with your family and friends. When a woman loves you, she wants you to be happy and not suffer the consequences of a wrong decision.

15. Does She Hate Being Away From You For Long Periods?

Does She Hate Being Away From You For Long Periods?


No one likes to stay away from the people we love. A woman who loves you will miss being away from you, especially for long durations. She will express that she longs for you and wants to get back to you soon. You will always be on her mind. She will text or call you to let you know that she is missing you.

16. Does She Celebrate Your Victories?

Does She Celebrate Your Victories?


If she appreciates and celebrates your achievements however trivial they may seem to you, she wants to see you succeed in every sphere of life. She will try to motivate and encourage you to do better always. Words of encouragement, gifts, or dinner parties to celebrate your victories are sign that she adores, admires, and loves you.

17. Does She Accept You For Who You Are?

Does She Accept You For Who You Are?


When a woman loves you, she will accept you for who you are. That is true love. She will not try to change your habits and behavior and understand you without judging. Your weaknesses and quirks will not come in her way of love for you.

18. Does She Talk About Future Plans That Include You?

Does She Talk About Future Plans That Include You?


If a woman includes you in her life plans and goals, she loves you truly. It can start as going to weddings as her plus one or moving in together. She can be talking about trips she wants to go together, like dream vacations, the house she wants to live in, or the number of kids she wants. These suggest that she considers you will be a part of her life for a long time.

19. Does She Show Signs Of Jealousy?

Does She Show Signs Of Jealousy?


This is a subtle sign and has to be considered with caution. If a woman loves you, she will be jealous when you flirt or pay attention to other women. She wants to be the center of your affection and attention. You will notice that she may get a little nervous while you speak to other women. It is natural for people to get a bit jealous or upset when they see their potential partner with someone else.

20. Does She Blush A Lot When She Is With You?

Does She Blush A Lot When She Is With You?


If she blushes or gets shy when she is with you, it is an indication that she likes you. She may avoid eye contact with you out of coyness or feel nervous or awkward around you. She may even become fidgety or clumsy initially in your presence.

21. Does She Mirror You?

If a girl is interested in you, she will mimic your behavior. She will subconsciously follow your movements. So if you reach for a glass, she may be doing the same thing. Test this next time you both hang out together. Shift your weight or change your posture and observe if she follows the same.

Women have unique ways to show love and affection. She will go out of her way to make you happy, care for you, and pay attention even to the minor details of your life. The best way to be sure is to hear her confess it directly to you.

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