15 Sure Signs Someone Does Not Want to Be Your Friend

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Friendships are essential, and there are moments when no one can boost you up like a friend. But unfortunately, not everyone will want to be your friend.  The fact that someone does not want you as a friend can be disappointing, and nobody wants to experience the rejection that comes with it. However, it will help if you recognize when someone has grown apart and is no longer your friend. This article discusses 15 clear signs that someone does not want to be your friend. Keep scrolling.

15 Sure Signs Someone Does Not Want to Be Your Friend

1. They Disregard Your Limits

All of us maintain some boundaries while forging healthy relationships and interactions. Someone genuinely interested in being your friend will not repel by these boundaries. Instead, they will work within acceptable limits while presenting their opinions.

Those who are not eager or capable of good friendships will have difficulty dealing with this. Healthy limits and assertiveness may either elicit positive responses or serve as warnings of potential conflict. Therefore, never spend your time arguing about limits that you have full power to set.

2. They Are Not Reciprocal

Friendship is based on mutual love and connection. If you care for someone, you must demonstrate your love by treating them properly. And it is reasonable to expect the same treatment in return. However, if you are routinely putting in more effort or performing very imbalanced acts of love, it means your companion views your interactions as something less than a friendship.

3. They Only Contact You When They Want Something

When you contact your friend, they are usually busy. They only involve you in excursions when they need a ride or ask you to join when they need your assistance with a project. On the other hand, when you make plans, they always cancel beforehand. If this becomes a pattern, it is clear that someone isn’t interested in your friendship.

4. They Lack Curiosity In Your Life

When in a gathering, your friend is busy with their phone than with you. They do not seem interested when you talk and do not inquire about your personal life. Their behavior seems distant, and you feel something is off. If you feel something has changed, believe your intuition and move on.

5. They No Longer Communicate With You

Is your buddy not responding to your messages and phone calls, or do they reply in an unusually long period? If this is the case, the individual does not want to be your friend. Do not try to befriend someone who is not interested in your friendship. Surrounding yourself with people who appreciate and reciprocate your relationship will benefit you in the long term.

6. They Exclude You From Important Events

The significance of this becomes even more apparent when the two of you have common acquaintances who were invited, but you did not receive an invitation.

7. They Keep The Discussions Short

They have no interest in getting to know you, and they have no interest in you getting to know them. Therefore, they will pass up chances to do so. You often get one-word answers or no talking at all. They never listen to what you try to express or show any sign of interest.

8. They Avoid Your Gaze

If the two of you happen to run into each other, they keep the discussion short and find an excuse to depart soon. They look off in the distance or do not keep the conversation going.

9. They Do Not Appreciate Your Efforts

They do not answer your calls or respond to your messages. If they respond, it will be a concise answer since they do not want to continue the discussion. They never make any attempt to contact you. You are the one who always keeps in touch with them and communicates regularly.

Moreover, they do not even seem to appreciate your efforts to maintain the relationship. If they lack real enthusiasm when they hear from you, it is clear they are not interested in this friendship.

10. They Try To Ghost You

Watch how long it takes your buddy to reply when you send them a message. Do you ever feel that you are ‘blowing up their phone,’ even after several messages? It is a subtle indication that your supposed companion is trying to ghost you.

When your friend suddenly disappears into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again, it may leave you perplexed. However, do not tolerate this cruelty and try to get over such a toxic relationship.

11. They Never Respond To Your Questions

Even though you reach out to them continuously, there are instances when they do not attempt to answer. They may not reply unless you are asking a specific question. You will also find them disinterested in getting engaged in a conversation.

They may initially regard you as a friend but try to avoid your company if they feel you are not linked. This serves as a reminder that they do not want a true relationship with you. Therefore, it is best to accept and let them go.

12. They Do Not Appreciate Your Accomplishments

If your ‘so-called buddy’ frequently makes disparaging comments about your efforts and accomplishments, they consider you a competitor. But, on the other hand, if you get a promotion or save up for your vacation, your real friends will be pleased. People who do not want to be your friend may shut you down or pass nasty remarks about your career, appearance, and life choices.

13. They Cancel Plans In A Short Period

You and your pals are planning a get-together, and you cannot be more thrilled about the prospect. But unfortunately, some of them cancel their plan a day before hangout, and the situation has never progressed beyond that point.

It is a sure sign that they are avoiding to meet up. Moreover, they always manage to come up with justifications that get repeated over and over again. Such companions tend to frame lame excuses regarding why they are unable to attend the event.

14. They Don’t Keep Up With You On Social Media

Is your buddy yet to follow you on social media? You might follow and message them, but the notice of a new follower never includes their nickname. While this may not always indicate that a person does not want you as a friend, social media engagements can reflect the true state of your relationship.

If they ignore your posts and comments, it means they do not want to be seen with you on that platform. Although snapping connections on social media may seem trivial, you can measure how a person feels about you. They may not be interested in what you are up to and

There are various reasons why friendships end – maybe you had a fight that you could not get over, or perhaps you just grew apart. Don’t get disappointed! You will be able to get through this, no matter what the circumstances are.

What You Need To Remember About Someone Not Wanting to Be Your Friend

  • Take time to process your feelings.
  • Remember that not everybody can be your friend forever.
  • Avoid contact with the person.
  • Get rid of all the memories related to the person.
  • Work on yourself and practice self-love.

A true friend will be there for you in good times and provide a helping hand when things are not going well. Therefore, you must stop pushing something that isn’t there. Identify the signals and distance yourself from individuals who are not interested in being your friend. It is better not to waste your efforts on a friendship that was never meant to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you react if a person does not want to be your friend?

If someone does not want to be your buddy, acknowledge that they have every right to choose whoever in their life, and no explanation is required. You should wish the best for that person and step back from the situation.

What to do if your best friend does not want to be your friend anymore?

You should approach your best friend and try to understand the reason behind such a decision. Make an effort to resolve any misunderstandings. If they do not want to be with you simply because they have someone new or you no longer matter in their lives, leave the situation as it is.

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